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UK Video: The Cadbury Sisters, “Drifting”

Taken from their recently released EP “Sarah,” The Cadbury Sisters are now giving away arguably the best track from the EP, “Drifting,” as a free download. It’s a sumptuous, simmering modern pop song brimming with emotion which teeters on the right side of melancholy.

The video for the track is a play on light and dark images projected onto the girls’ faces like distant memories. The track itself tells the story of a doomed relationship and as the sisters crescendo together in glorious harmony for the chorus, you can feel their sadness and hope entwine with the melody.

This is a departure from The Cadbury Sisters’ previous material released back in 2014, which focussed more on their folk roots. The sisters have found the perfect blend of thoughtful modern pop, filtered through their unique vocal style. Absolutely stunning.

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The Single Girl: Planes, “Hotfoot” EP

Planes’ second EP, “Hotfoot” is six perfectly written indie rock tracks.

“Summer Breeze” feels expansive and open and it’s a strong start for the five piece. Guitarist and lead vocalist, Steve Forrest recently left Placebo to concentrate full-time on the band and it goes in the songwriting.

“Ole” is probably the band’s strongest statement as the chorus breaks into some real toe-tapping moments. However, “Tex” is where the band uncover a more introspective side—much like Maximo Park’s more recent efforts.

It remains to be seen where Planes will go from here, but there are real glimpses of solid promise on this EP.

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The Single Girl:
HAWK, “Glass”

HAWK have released their latest single “Glass” to help raise awareness of the Equal Marriage Referendum happening in Ireland on May 22nd 2015. It’s a beautiful track as well and a welcome return from London’s folk-noir four piece.

Julie has said that they wanted to promote the issue, not only to their fans in Ireland but to those living in the rest of the UK as well. It’s a very worthy cause and one those should be shouting out about not just in the UK and Europe but all over the world.

But back to the release itself—from their single “Hush” to “Clock Hands,” and now this latest single “Glass,” HAWK are a band that keep progressing onwards and upwards. Moving away from the folk inspired tracks we’ve seen before, Julie Hawk’s vocals soar gently over a hypnotic melody. They’ve been compared to Daughter in the past, but “Glass” is more like Kate Bush fronting Bat For Lashes.

It’s great to see HAWK back—and even better to know they’re releasing this to promote such a worthwhile issue.

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UK Video: Urvanovic,
“Open Ground”

Urvanovic are a band who are tricky to pigeon-hole. Their latest free track “Open Ground” is filled with an organically mixed blend of sounds which begins as an anthemic, distortion heavy synth-tastic track, with Tom Irvine and Seonald Stevenson’s vocals coming into play and blending together effortlessly.

There are also a few dynamic surprises hidden inside as well, with a number of mini breakdowns throughout allowing the strings to have their time to shine beautifully.

The video is pretty captivating too as we follow a young girl performing ballet along the streets before she greets the full band and the track comes to a brilliant, dynamic ending.

Urvanovic have managed to create a sound that is both complex and enchanting. Their music is filled with gorgeous layers from all forms of instrumentation which begs you (and us) to catch them in a live arena.

“Open Ground” is available to download now via the band’s Bandcamp page.

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The Single Girl: Broken Boy, “Just To Leave You”

Broken Boy have released their latest single, “Just To Leave You” and it’s an absolute banger.

The track kicks in straight away with Stewart Black’s punchy lead guitar, before being joined by brother Cam Black’s distinctive vocal tone to really carry the track to it’s indie-rock potential. The verse breaks down into a minimalist yet catchy verse you will want to hear on repeat before falling back into that heavy, indie vibe the likes of The Strokes and The Vaccines are famous for.

Lyrically, the boys tackle issues of growing up and taking control of your own destiny while escaping the mundane aspects of everyday life—something we can all relate to, I’m sure.

All in all, this track seems like the perfect comeback for the trio and should definitely be on your radar for ones to watch.

“Just To Leave You” is released on 27th April 2015 via Canvas Records.

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UK Artist of the Week: Holy Pinto

Holy Pinto is a band with an unmistakable indie pop-punk sound and their latest EP “Stenography” is definitely a testament to that.

The lads formed in late 2013 during their final years at college; Aymen Saleh (guitar and vocals) and Ryan Hurley (drums and backing vocals) started writing together in Manchester, inspired by bands such as The Front Bottoms, Death Cab For Cutie, and Say Anything. Already having two EPs under their belt within their first eight months of working together, the duo went on to tour the UK as much as possible before eventually finding themselves in mainland Europe.

Holy Pinto is now ready to release their third EP, “Stenography” which is filled with catchy melodies, sharp, staccato riffs, and some heavy distortion thrown in for good measure. These boys are on a mission to get their sound out and we really hope 2015 will be their year.

“Stenography” will be released on May 5th 2015 via Monkey Boy Records.

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UK Artist of the Week: Broken Boy

Broken Boy are an indie rock trio filled to the brim with anthemic guitar riffs and heavy drum beats that echo the likes of The Strokes and Franz Ferdinand.

Their forthcoming single “Just To Leave You” explodes straight away with that classic indie guitar vibe we all know and love, before breaking down into a more minimal yet still catchy verse and bridge. Lead singer Cam Black’s vocals are on point throughout with low rumbling bass tones which complement lead guitarist Stewart Black’s punchy guitar tabs perfectly.

Broken Boy began in 2013 with brothers Stewart and Cam until, in 2015, the duo joined forces with drummer Fraiser Laing and the rest is history. Fresh out of the studio with Chem 19’s Paul Savage (The Twilight Sad) and having recently played with Catfish and The Bottlemen and Circa Waves, the boys are ready to face 2015 with a fighting force and make this a year to remember.

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UK Video: Piney Gir, “Keep It Together”

Kansas born, London dwelling Piney Gir is about to release the first single from her sixth album (yes, sixth!)—mR hYDE’S wILD rIDE—out June 8th 2015.

The track is “Keep It Together” and the video is heart-warmingly mental. Piney is like a sparkly female-fronted, indie-pop Grandaddy, and this single is a wonderful introduction to the album.

In the video, Piney can be seen causing a lovely mess all over the walls, swinging her arms, dancing as the camera zooms in and out and all around. It’s a glorious DIY, cut and paste effort that encapsulates Piney Gir’s fun, accessible style, which harks back to ’90s US alt indie acts like The Breeders and the Pixies.

“Keep It Together” is out via Damaged Goods on April 27th.

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The Single Girl:
Rag Foundation,”Run”

“Run” is the first single taken from folk five-piece Rag Foundation’s fourth album The Sparrow and the Thief and it’s rather catchy, indeed.

The track is filled with folky goodness that will get your toes tapping and is a wonderful showcase for what we can expect from these guys and the rest of their album. The track overflows with luscious harmonies and boasts an intricate, indie-folk composition not far from the likes of Noah & The Whale and The Decemberists.

The Welsh based five-piece have made a promising start here, and it’s just in time for summer. Combining their folk roots with a sunny, optimistic sound, the album can’t come soon enough.

“Run” is released via Rhondda Street Studio Recordings.

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UK Video: Holy Pinto, “Tooth”

Indie pop-punk duo Holy Pinto have released their latest video for “Tooth” and the animation alone makes this one worth a watch.

Directed by Sam Cox, the video is a colourful cocktail of transforming shapes and faces to be mesmerised by. The track itself fits perfectly with its catchy melodies and sharp, staccato riffs mirroring the colour and charm of the video.

Aymen’s Salah’s colloquial vocal also brings something unique to the track with his ever on point clever and witty lyrics. We don’t think this will be last we see of this pop-punk duo—so, yes…watch this space.

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UK Artist of the Week: Rag Foundation

Rag Foundation are a Swansea-based five-piece band seething with alt-folk goodness. With all five of them coming from working class, traditional roots, the band are comfortable performing classic Welsh folk songs as well as creating their own contemporary, alternative folk sound.

The Sparrow and The Thief is Rag Foundation’s fourth album which they describe as a “narrative album told over 11 songs.” They have created a work that the listener can really get absorbed in and be taken on a journey. The first single is “Run” which is filled with sumptuous vocal harmonies interlaced with an intricate indie-folk composition and clear influences including the likes of The Decembrists and elements of Fleetwood Mac—their album has even been described as an “alt-folk ‘Rumours’!”

With another single due for release in June, followed by The Sparrow and The Thief, the band are going to be rather busy touring throughout 2015 and spreading their magical musical far and wide—so watch this space.

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UK Video: Idlewild, “Every Little Means Trust”

It’s been a long time since Idlewild fans were treated to a music video, so it was no surprise that they had a few aces up their sleeves.

Last month the band announced that Canadian actor/director Jay Baruchel (How To Train Your Dragon, This Is The End, Goon) would star in the video for single “Every Little Means Trust” and it’s a complete departure from Baruchel’s usual output.

Here we see Jay travelling through the Scottish Highlands as snapshots of his time and memories of a beautiful girl fade in and out alongside the music.

The band flew the actor over to Scotland especially to film the video, directed by Oscar Sansom. Jay is a long time fan saying, “Idlewild have been the soundtrack of my life since I first heard them in Bristol when I was 19.” Remarked Jay, “To say that I’m excited would be an understatement. I am proud and honoured and kind of still floored that I get to be a part of their work in any way whatsoever.”

“Every Little Means Trust” is released on April 27th via Empty Words and is taken from the band’s full length release, Everything Ever Written which is in stores now.

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UK Video: Hello Future, “Ideas”

Hello Future are back with a brand new video for their latest single “Ideas,” and it’s toe-tappingly catchy.

“Ideas” showcases the band’s ability to create brilliantly catchy indie-rock filled with some great guitar riffs and hooks that will immediately make you want to get up and dance.

The video for the track also feels appropriately fitting, with a range of clips keeping in time with the music—varying from troops in the trenches, atomic bomb explosions, and failed football games—emphasising some of the (not always great ideas) that have made for some extremely memorable moments in history.

“Ideas” is the latest single from their debut EP “Circular Motion,” released 13th April 2015 via Hold The Line Records.

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UK Artist of the Week:
The Curious Incident

As we head into a new season, winter behind us and the sun beginning to peep its cheery head above the clouds, The Curious Incident is delivering smiles and springtime cheer.

Their EP “Penny Lonesome” is already out but their next single “Please Don’t Say” will be released at the end of March. Their video for track “Money” however is full of cheery up-tempo indie melodies. This band doesn’t take themselves too seriously—they’re four boys who enjoy making music together and are having a great time doing it as well.

Perhaps, in these troubled times with buttoned-up, coiffed indie bands taking themselves ever so seriously, it’s time for a little lightness, it’s time to enjoy music again in a different way and The Curious Incident deliver their message with a large dose of unadulterated fun.

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UK Artist of the Week: Stark

Stark are a powerful three-piece from Brighton who have spent the last three years honing their musicianship and releasing their own music. They are bringing alternative blues/rock into the 21st century with a sound so explosive you may just fall off your chair.

Their latest single “Tunnel Vision” is about modern life and how, sometimes, the freedom that we take for granted can be an illusion. The simple yet effective video for “Tunnel Vision” is filmed in the studio where they recorded the track, giving us a chance to see the trio mastering their instrumentation while having a bit of a laugh at the same time. Some lovely visual shots thrown in there as well.

Although Stark are heavily influenced by early blues artists such as Robert Johnson and Blind Lemon Jefferson, they also admire the energy of bands like Rage Against The Machine and the progressive sound of Tool and Porcupine Tree. This eclectic mix is what makes their sound so distinctive.

Tunnel Vision will be out on March 2nd 2015 via Rusty Shed Records.

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