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New Macklemore and Ryan Lewis Music Video

Check out the latest and greatest from Seattle hip-hop’s Macklemore and Ryan Lewis.   “Wings” was one of my favorite songs to see live because they brought in the choir to sing live and it was incredibly beautiful and powerful.  This video is awesome, so keep doing what you are doing, me likey!

Macklemore and Ryan Lewis – “Wings”

If you are just as impressed by this video as I am, check out the website to watch behind the scenes footage and learn more about how they filmed this video.

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It’s Finally Here (Almost) – Capitol Hill Block Party!

Another weekend jammed pack with good music is quickly approaching in Seattle.  Capitol Hill Block Party kicks off this Friday, July 22nd, and is going to be a non-stop good time until Sunday, it even looks like we won’t get rained on!

If this schedule doesn’t entice you, be sure to check out what will be happening on Saturday and Sunday.  I’m pretty confident there is going to be something for everyone.

Tickets can be purchased on the official Capitol Hill Block Party website. Who are you excited to see this weekend?

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TVD Seattle Interview with Radar Hair & Records

Radar Hair and Records is definitely one of the most unique record stores you will ever visit, and lucky for us, it happens to be in Seattle. By combining two good things (hair and music) Johnny and Betsy were able to start something great: Radar Hair and Records. I had the chance to ask them some questions about their business and why they are passionate about having a record store. Check it out:

TVD: What is the story behind Radar Hair and Records?

RHR: My wife, (Betsy) has been dreaming this up for about 15 years now. She wanted a place where she could do what she loves, (hairdressing) and mix it with her love of music and collecting other peoples junk. She has been stockpiling vintage clothing since the 90’s just for this purpose. She told me I would be able to have a record  store of my own, but in exchange , I would have to start out as the receptionist for the salon as well. It is actually a pretty sweet deal! We have both been in the music scene for many years and wanted a place to have shows, not as a venue but as a fun place where everyone feels at home. After some fenagiling of money, we made it a reality! We support a lot of small independent labels, we only sell vinyl and tapes.

TVD: What is the best part about having Radar Hair and Records?

RHR: We can have our favorite interests and work at what we love at the same time in one place, and we can have our dogs with us all day!

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Shabazz Palaces at Neumos Today and Friday!

Shabazz Palaces will be celebrating the new album, Black Up, at Neumos today and tomorrow, Friday, July 1st.  The new album, released by Sup Pop, was released a couple of days ago and I can dig it.  Definitely check out the album and the shows this week at Neumos where OC Notes will be joining Shabazz Palaces both nights.

Shabazz Palaces | Swerve…

For more information on Shabazz Palaces, check out Sub Pop.

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TVD Live: Britney Spears Made It Happen!

Well, she made it happen! Britney Spears made my glitter dream come true and I should have never expected any less from her.  All in all the concert definitely fulfilled the experience  that we were looking for and it was good to see her back at it.  The last time she was in Seattle she didn’t use her microphone once (due to some unfortunate city shout out mix-ups earlier on the tour), and she actually spoke to us a bit last night.  We even saw her bust a few free style dance moves and smile a couple times, you go girl! Nicki Minaj opened and put on a great space-themed show that was only a few songs shorter than Ms. Spears’ set.

Well Britney…things may have changed (a lot), but you will always be the Britney Spears we used to make synchronized dances to and for that you will always have a place in my heart.

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Oops…I Am Doing It Again: Britney Spears at Tacoma Dome Tonight!

Britney Spears is coming to town tonight on her Femme Fatale Tour and I thought I would give her some love considering I feel like we go way back. I must preface this short history with the fact that I have attended a large variety of concerts, including the painfully pop ones that are more like seeing a magic or circus show.  I grew up with an older sister who used to shed tears at Nsync concerts if that helps explain anything.

My first concert I ever attended was Britney Spears at the Gorge, which in retrospect is interesting in itself because she seems a bit out of place at an outdoor amphitheater in eastern Washington.  Anyway, mostly I remember the drive being really long.

Time passed and every time she came to Seattle I felt like I was at different milestones in my life: “I can’t believe we can actually drive ourselves to the concert,” and “I can’t believe I’m allowed to drink beer at a Britney Spears concert.” Now it has been more than ten years since that first concert, and I just can’t believe she’s still going!

Britney Spears – “Hold It Against Me”

Please don’t “Hold It Against Me,” but tonight I’ll be at the Tacoma Dome with my partner in pop crime, my older sister, where we will see the princess herself once again.  I imagine we will be singing more than she will be, and that the show will be just as bizarre as the video above (I’m secretly hoping there will be glitter involved). Wish me luck!

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Catch The Clumsy Lovers and The Good Hurt at Tractor Tavern Tomorrow!

If you are wondering what show you should catch this weekend my suggestion would be Canadian Celtic rock/bluegrass band, The Clumsy Lovers who will be playing with The Good Hurt tomorrow at Tractor Tavern in Ballard. Heading south from Vancouver, BC, The Clumsy Lovers will be bringing Seattle a great night of music as they continue on their summer tour. It’s going to be a fun night!

For more information on The Clumsy Lovers and their upcoming tour dates check out their website.  Also check out The Good Hurt’s website for their album naming contest as well as information on their album that is due this August! Happy weekend (almost).

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TVD Live: David Ryan Harris at the Triple Door

Last weekend I got to see David Ryan Harris for the first time at the Triple Door and was so impressed. His voice is smoother than butter and he definitely has the guitar playing to back it up. In addition to being John Mayer’s guitarist, he has played alongside a long list of other musicians and bands, and has also been playing as a solo act for over ten years. Talk about being accomplished! Harris has one of those voices where I’m not sure he could mess up if he tried and makes it look way too easy.

Not only did David Ryan Harris put on an incredible show, but I can’t think of a better venue to have seen him at.  The Triple Door has an amazing ability to enhance musical experiences and give them a very magical feel. Although he was playing solo, the simplicity of his act made me appreciate him as a musician even more and made it easy to focus on his performance.  His stage presence was excellent and he had a great sense of humor that was mainly directed towards his incredibly sensitive nature. Funny and talented, David Ryan Harris definitely put on a great show.

David Ryan Harris – “Turn Around”

I strongly suggest that you give David Ryan Harris a listen if you haven’t already.  Check out his website to check out his music and for upcoming tour dates.

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Blue Scholars Album Release Weekend at Neumos

Seattle hip hop duo, Blue Scholars is giving their city something major to look forward to this weekend.  Blue Scholars will be celebrating the release of their new album both Friday AND Saturday at Neumos. Both nights are sold out so I hope you got ahold of some tickets before it was too late.  Blue Scholars have been such a powerful and influential force in the Seattle music scene and I know they will be getting a lot of love from their city this weekend!

Their new album, Cinémetropolis, is available to download or order online, be sure to give it a listen. The album is very impressive and apparently the time they took away from the scene has only given them more momentum.  If you can’t get your hands on some tickets, you can check out the listening party and t-shirt release/signing they are having today from 5-7 at the Stüssy Seattle store (1108 Pike St., Seattle, WA).

Blue Scholars – “Fou Lee”

Check out Blue Scholars‘ website to learn more about Blue Scholars and what they have been working on.

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The Postelles in San Francisco Next Week

If you haven’t already given The Postelles a listen, now is the time! Their Seattle show was cancelled, so i advise you to become a fan ASAP so you can make it to their San Francisco show next week if possible.  They will be playing Popscene at Rickshaw Stop next Thursday, June 23rd.  Love this song and music video and hope you do too!

Visit The Postelles’ website for more music and information about the band.

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