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Needle Drop: Morsifire featuring Emily Afton, “Contact”

Frisco-based alt hip hop artist Morsifire is well versed in the art of committing his mental anguish to tape.

He’s experienced an unbelievable amount of trauma in his young adult life, and his honest songs bravely explore the depths of his pain. Yes, his debut LP, Metanoia, is clearly a therapeutic exorcism of his inner demons, but it also shows the boundless promise of an MC who is not afraid to tackle more substantial themes.

“Contact” is about the untimely loss of his younger sister, (one of the several family members he’s lost along the way), and Morsifire succeeds in honoring her by constructing a cathartic memorial of heartfelt verses that delve into the past and project into the future—all weaved together with a beautiful hook from San Fran songbird Emily Afton. It’s an evocative interplay of tones that recalls Eminem’s career high collaboration with Dido, “Stan.”

The forthcoming LP, Metanoia, arrives in stores on October 11, 2019.

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In rotation: 8/21/19

North Carolina has several great independent record stores: …North Carolina has a long tradition of folk and old-time music in Appalachia and the Piedmont, but the state also has a proud alternative music history. It played a huge part in the first rumblings of independent music in the South. Link Wray, who practically invented the power chord and guitar feedback with “Rumble,” was born in Dunn, N.C. Chapel Hill and Winston-Salem, which were breeding grounds for bands like Superchunk and the dBs, have been notable purveyors of the DIY sound since the ‘80s. The roots of alternative music can still be found in the state’s venues, labels, and independent record stores. These vinyl shops are still alive and well in the streaming era, and they remain cornerstones of North Carolina’s cultural landscape. A record store is a great place to shop for new music, get recommendations from knowledgeable staff, and engage with the local music scene. If you’re looking for something new or old to spin, point your feet in the direction of one of these stores.

Seattle, WA | And the Best Record Store in Seattle Is… …As someone who’s been frequenting record shops since the Carter administration, I obviously champion their cause. Sure, shopping for records online can be rewarding and streaming songs can be convenient and weightless/waitless, but the experience of rifling through bins in a brick-and-mortar emporium remains the gold standard of music consumption. Your chance encounters with other patrons, your interactions with clerks (who are not nearly as annoying as pop-culture depictions would lead you to believe; on the contrary, some are downright oracular—and full of kindness, to boot), your ability to check out the condition of the goods with your own damn eyes—all of these factors add up to a real-ass analog experience that’s more fun and vital than clicking an icon on a screen in your home. At their best, record shops are sources of aural pleasure that could last a lifetime and sanctuaries from the world’s bullshit.

New York, NY | The Pain of Losing a Local Record Store: Saying goodbye to a beloved brick and mortar business hurts. My friend Charles told me that June Records would be closing a few hours before the news was made public on the store’s website. June’s building was sold, and the new landlord was terminating the shop’s lease at the end of July. Ever since I spotted the sale sign in late April, I’d had a sinking feeling that this was where things were headed, but the shock of hearing that it was finally coming to pass was immediately replaced by a distinct feeling of sadness. “Damn it,” I told Charles. “That just sucks.” June Records wasn’t the oldest record store in Toronto, the largest or its best known. It was a small place, and opened only in 2012. But it meant the world to me for several reasons: it was a block from my house; the selection was eclectic and sweeping; the prices were fair; and its staff members were the kind of knowledgeable, highly opinionated music geeks that possessed a soulful recognition engine more powerful than any algorithm.

Lost Highway

Rome, NY | Vintage record store opens in village: This past July, Lost Hi-Way Records, a vintage vinyl record store opened in Clinton, featuring several genres of long-playing 33&1/2 vinyl albums to choose from, along with antique books, CDs and DVDs. Located at 32 College St., behind the Subway sandwich shop, store owner Mike Zombek of Deansboro said he hopes to provide entertainment choices not just to the older generation of the 70s and 80s, but to young listeners as well. He’s just trying to offer people something new and unique. “I grew up in Deansboro, spent a lot of time in Clinton,” Zombek said. “And I felt the retail area [of the village] could use a little variety beyond the average gift shop. This has turned into a very hot market right now, so this space became available, I knew the owners and decided to give it a go.” Zombek, who owns the store with his wife, Alicia, said she’s really the brains of the operation. “I’m more acquisitions and inventory and she’s design and administrative,” he said. “She’s also been wonderful with her moral support, I truly couldn’t have gotten to this point without her.”

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TVD Radar: Big Star,
In Space translucent
blue vinyl reissue in stores 10/25

VIA PRESS RELEASE | Vinyl edition to be available on translucent blue with printed inner sleeve with liner notes from original album contributors and the surviving band members.

Big Star formed in 1971, and in its brief four years together, created three albums that consistently make “Best of All-Time” lists. Eighteen years after officially disbanding, original members Alex Chilton and Jody Stephens joined forces with the Posies’ Jon Auer and Ken Stringfellow for a live performance, which led to a tour (documented on Omnivore Recordings’ Live in Memphis), and years of concerts. While the live shows were a joy and surprise, a bigger surprise happened in 2005, after more than a decade playing together: a new studio album. As Ryko A&R’s Jeff Rougvie said, “It was the easiest approval for a project I ever got.”

In Space featured new 12 tracks (10 originals and a cover of The Olympics’ “Mine Exclusively” and French baroque composer Georg Muffat’s “Aria, Largo”) recorded where Big Star began, at the classic Ardent Studios. The new lineup was creating a new chapter for the band while honoring its past.

With original albums going for outrageous prices, In Space returns as an LP on translucent blue vinyl, and expanded CD with six bonus tracks including “Hot Thing” (previously available on the out-of-print Big Star Story) and five previously unissued demos and alternate mixes. Packaging contains liner notes from Rougvie, original album co-producer/engineer Jeff Powell (who also cut the new vinyl), assistant Ardent engineer Adam Hill, and surviving band members Jon Auer, Ken Stringfellow, and Jody Stephens.

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In rotation: 8/20/19

Glasgow, UK | Missing Records to launch new Glasgow city centre store this week: The iconic second-hand vinyl specialists are moving on to bigger and better things. Missing Records will swing open the doors to its brand new shop this week. As reported by Glasgow Live last month, the iconic independent record store is taking on a bigger premises. The new shop will have more stock for customers to check out, including hundreds of second hand CDs, DVDs, Vinyl and collectables, as well as new artwork in the building to continue the legacy of the popular designs seen in the Argyle Street shop. The second-hand vinyl specialists are heading back to where the music started in Oswald Street, which is the site of their original venture back in 1984. And the official opening of the new 51 Oswald Street store (next to Barrhead Travel) will be Wednesday, August 21.

Smart to make the LP disc climate friendly: Interest in the vinyl record is steadily increasing, but the material pvc is hardly environmentally friendly. Now the industry is looking for light and lantern for other materials. “We’re trying to pull our straw to the pile to save the world,” says Pedro Ferreira at Spinroad Vinyl Factory. After living a secluded existence in the 1990s and early 2000s, interest in the vinyl record is now increasing. For a period, the format was mainly kept alive by smaller indie companies and dance music producers, but today more and more new albums are released in at least a limited LP edition and even the music industry’s giants have started to take an interest in the vinyl record again. That’s good news for those who kept their vinyl collections – and for newly started vinyl factories like Spinroad in Lindome outside Gothenburg. However, the panels are made of the plastic Polyvinyl chloride (pvc), which is not very environmentally friendly. But no good alternative is currently available, according to Spinroads CEO Pedro Ferreira.

Dallas, TX | People from all over the world visit this Dallas record store: JFK aficionados get a look at a notorious phone: From London to Papua New Guinea, JFK aficionados have been traveling to Top Ten Records to get a look at a notorious phone. Top Ten Records can’t be more than 800 square feet, but somehow Dallas’ longest-running record shop has welcomed some of pop culture’s biggest names over the years. Most have to do with music, but one notable name does not. “The Jackson Five have come through and according to lore, Selena was here too. We also have a photo with the owner and Stevie Ray Vaughan,” said Lily Taylor, Top Ten Records’ operations manager…But there’s another group of people who come to Top Ten Records and many travel from across the world. They aren’t in Oak Cliff to buy a record. Instead, they’re looking for a phone. “We have the phone that Officer J.D. Tippit used before he was shot by Lee Harvey Oswald,” Mike Polk said, the former longtime owner of Top Ten Records.

These Vintage Vinyl Record Carrying Cases Will Take You Back in Time: In this day and age, all of our music is accessed online. For those who still have their vinyl records, I’m sure you remember what you kept your vinyl albums in. Some of you might currently use a storage cabinet, record shelf, display stand, record rack, or a magazine rack, but you should protect your music in a carrying case. Now, think back to the good ole days. If you had a carrying case, you were probably the DJ at all of your high school and college parties. It’s crazy now that someone just needs Bluetooth or an aux cord to be the person providing all the music at a party. If you need a place for your vinyl records, it’s time for a new LP record carrying case.

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TVD Radar: Western Stars, Springsteen’s directorial debut in theaters this Autumn

VIA PRESS RELEASE | Warner Bros. Pictures will release a cinematic film version of Bruce Springsteen’s latest album, ‘Western Stars’, worldwide, on the big screen. Longtime collaborator Thom Zimny directs together with Springsteen in his directorial debut. The announcement was made today by Toby Emmerich, Chairman Warner Bros. Pictures Group. ‘Western Stars’, which will make its world premiere at the 2019 Toronto International Film Festival, is slated for release this Autumn.

Springsteen’s first studio album in five years, ‘Western Stars’ marks a departure for the legendary singer/songwriter while still drawing on his roots. Touching on themes of love and loss, loneliness and family and the inexorable passage of time, the documentary film evokes the American West—both the mythic and the hardscrabble—weaving archival footage and Springsteen’s personal narration with song to tell the story of Western Stars. ‘Western Stars’ offers fans the world over their only opportunity to see Springsteen perform all 13 songs on the album, backed up by a band and a full orchestra, under the cathedral ceiling of his historic nearly 100-year-old barn.

Emmerich stated, “Bruce lives in the super rarified air of artists who have blazed new and important trails deep into their careers. With ‘Western Stars,’ Bruce is pivoting yet again, taking us with him on an emotional and introspective cinematic journey, looking back and looking ahead. As one of his many fans for over 40 years, I couldn’t be happier to be a rider on this train with Bruce and Thom.”

‘Western Stars’, Springsteen’s 19th studio album, has achieved global success. It has been #1 on the iTunes charts on every continent, including such countries as the U.S., the UK, Belgium, Germany, Spain, Italy, the Netherlands, Australia, India, South Africa, and all of Scandinavia, among other countries. It has also received rave reviews, with critics using words like “hauntingly brilliant,” “beguiling,” “gorgeous” and a “masterpiece.”

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In rotation: 8/19/19

Hong Kong, CH | HMV liquidation sale: massive discounts see hundreds queuing up to buy vinyl records, CDs, toys and more: Hundreds of people showed up much before the start of HMV’s liquidation sale on Thursday morning, eager to get their hands on heavily discounted items. HMV’s two-week long liquidation sale, the largest for a collapsed retailer in Hong Kong for a decade, started at 11am at W Square in Wan Chai. More than 100,000 CDs, DVDs, vinyl records, toys, iPhones and headphones are available at discounts ranging from 50 to 90 per cent. Alex Fasso, a music lover, was among the first customers who patiently waited for nearly an hour in the queue to enter the venue. “It is the last chance to look for a good bargain for vinyl and CDs at HMV,” Fasso said as he browsed some 9,000 vinyl records featuring Michael Jackson, The Beatles, Led Zeppelin, Rolling Stones and David Bowie and local stars like Denny Chan Pak-keung, Leslie Cheung Kwok-wing and Anita Mui.

London, GB | East London Is Transforming Itself Into A New Vinyl Mile: London’s Vinyl Mile is the stuff of legend. Berwick Street in Soho has long been the city’s main hub for music fans, boasting a huge number of record shops. The downturn in vinyl sales around the Millennium sadly trimmed this number, but some key outlets – Sister Ray, Sounds Of The Universe, Phonica – are still going strong across the Soho area. Over in East London, though, a new generation of retailers are fast transforming the area into a new vinyl mile. From Vinyl Pimp in Hackney Wick through to Love Vinyl on the cusp of Haggerston, Hackney can boast some of the finest vinyl outlets in the city. Thankfully, the team at Vinyl Pimp have crafted a handy map, a kind of ‘vinyl walk’ for those who want to spend a solid afternoon digging through those crates. It’s a great list, which moves from left field electronics to metal, soul, house, funk, and more.

A “priceless” 7,000-strong record collection is up for sale: The private collection is valued at close to $1 million. A self-described “1-of-a-kind” record collection has been put up for sale by an anonymous private seller. According to the press release which accompanies the sale, the owner is a music industry insider based in California. Dubbed the ‘VIP RPM’ collection, the 7,000 records include a combination of LPs, 45s and 78s, many of which remain factory sealed. The collection is also said to contain mint condition test pressings (such as The Ramones’ ‘Leaving Home’), 12” DJ-only releases, limited and unreleased material, autographed LPs, coloured vinyl and a range of music merch and memorabilia. While it is said to focus on rock from the ’60s and ’70s, it also includes are jazz, country, classical and comedy records. One particular highlight is the complete 191-record Motown Yesteryear series, the 25th anniversary catalogue of every 45 the soul label ever released.

10 Most Expensive Vinyl Records Ever Sold: The music industry might rely on streaming apps to sell, but until some decades ago, vinyl record sales were essential to defining the success of a single or a musician. Not quite obsolete, many people are still passionate about vinyl records, leading to some seriously expensive records. It is hard to believe, but some records are more expensive than a house. But what makes a vinyl copy expensive? It is not only about the quality of the music, but how rare it is. Usually, records that have a limited number can be worth some thousands and the value can increase depending on how unique it is. Details like a rare cover, a handwritten note, or even a serial number, have a strong influence on the final price. Here is a list of the most expensive vinyl records ever sold.

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In rotation: 8/16/19

Barcelona, ES | 5 Barcelona Gems Music Lovers Need To Close Out Summer 2019: Hit up a record store. The innovative Sir Hotels recently opened their newest Barcelona addition and the chain has brought a special energy to the city. You’ll feel extra chic just walking into the trendy building. With the sleek Mr. Porter steakhouse coming all the way to the Catalonian region from Amsterdam located in the lobby and a dazzling rooftop restaurant, what’s not to love? However, the dining options aren’t even the best part. The hotel also gives guests the chance to visit Barcelona’s oldest and trendiest record stores with a local vinyl expert. Their carefully selected guide will help those on the three-hour tour hunt down vinyl at the popular WahWahRecords and Discos Paradiso. The tour will end with a drink at Curtis Audiophile Café, a cocktail bar with an unbeatable musical selection. It’s priced at 80 euros per person, but is capped at six people making the experience as engaging as possible.

Cardiff, GB | The Trip – Cardiff’s Best Record Shops: D’Vinyl Records. This is one of those shops that I wish I hadn’t come to first on my visit. I could spend a day here, especially as I have turned up during one of the veteran store’s regular sale periods, with everything half-price. This is certainly the Cardiff venue with the widest range of 7″ singles, and there are plenty of collectables up on the walls that catch my eye, including the five-disc 7″ picturedisc set of Spandau Ballet’s I’ll Fly For You. It’s interesting that their big rivals Duran Duran were employing the same chart-friendly tactic at the same time with a multi-member set for The Wild Boys, which I have already picked up over the years. This set had passed me by. There are also some really nice early Cliff Richard EPs in pristine sleeves that are a real bargain, and I spend some time wading through the crates of singles, picking up quite a selection.

Dublin, IE | Record lovers rejoice as Dun Laoghaire Vinyl Festival has returned! Dublin is set to transform into a record lover’s haven as the Dun Laoghaire Vinyl Festival is set to take place. Now back for its second spin, the festival will take place over three days from November 1 to November 3 in a selection of venues around Dun Laoghaire including the dlr LexIcon Library Studio, the National Maritime Museum, the Pavilion Theatre, and the Lighthouse. There will be two live gigs featuring Johnny, Barry, and Jim of Horslips on the 1st and 2nd in Pavilion Theatre and Line of Duty star Vicky McClure’s DJ set in the Lighthouse on the night of the 2nd. …The festival will also see a variety of talks and the line-up includes Leslie Dowdall, Damian O’Neill & Michael Bradley (The Undertones), The Cranberries’ Noel Hogan (discussing the band’s latest and final album, In the End), authors Stuart Cosgrove, Geraldine Quigley and Jennifer Otter Bickerdike, as well as directors Richie Smyth and Kevin Godley examining the relationship between video and vinyl sales.

Kutztown, PA | With Bring Your Own Bag campaign, Kutztown record shop helps teen athletes Niki Nolte and Anthony Myers battle cancer: Like a lot of retailers, Young Ones Record Store in Kutztown encourages customers to reuse bags or go without as a way to reduce their carbon footprints. But the record store, which set up in the borough 29 years ago, took the effort one step further recently by starting the BYOB (Bring Your Own Bag) for Charity campaign. By declining a plastic bag, a customer can choose to donate the 6-cent cost to one of two selected charities. Porter Holt, son of owner Chris Holt and the store’s assistant manager, said many customers dig into their own pockets, giving $1, $10, even $20 to the causes. “Our customers are really good with donating very selflessly,” Holt said. The store changes the charities quarterly and this summer has been raising money for two teenagers close to the hearts of borough residents who are battling cancer. The BYOB campaign money is being distributed to the #NikiStrong Foundation and the Team 17 Strong Foundation.

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In rotation: 8/15/19

Chicago, IL | The Top 10 Vinyl Records of 2019 (so far): See how Billie Eilish stacks up against the classics: August 12th was National Vinyl Record Day, a holiday for music lovers who appreciate the well-worn groove of a good tune. For those that know that the real sound can only be captured once you drop the needle. For those that don’t mind getting up to flip the side. Happy National Vinyl Record Day to you, with your refined taste and extra income, we salute you. According to Neilsen, vinyl record sales are continuing their resurgence this year, already up nearly 10 percent from last year and selling over 7 million copies so far this year. As digital downloads and other physical music declines in sales, vinyl is one of the few areas seeing a rise. …Check out the top 10 vinyl albums of 2019 so far.

St. Louis, MO | New Punk-Focused Record Shop, Wax Rats, Opens on Cherokee Street: Standing out on a wall behind the counter of Cherokee Street’s newest record shop is a particularly eye-catching album. Its cover art features an anthropomorphic beast with the head of a cat and the body of a man, wearing a belt but no pants, and carrying a knife. The band’s name is spelled out in near bubble-letter font across the top: Pantera. “Oh yeah, that’s Metal Magic,” remarks the store’s owner, Gus Theodorow. “That’s before Phil Anselmo. We can listen to it if you want. It kinda sucks.” Theodorow tosses the slab of wax onto a record player. And it’s true: Pantera’s debut studio album does indeed kind of suck. Released in 1983, the record sees the band still in its hair-metal days, back when drummer Vinnie Paul and guitarist Dimebag Darrell were in their teens and plainly obsessed with the music of bands like Kiss and Ratt. Aside from its ridiculous cover art, Metal Magic is a wholly unremarkable affair.

Denver, CO | Twist & Shout Hosts a Free Mumford & Sons In-Store Concert: With three nights booked at Fiddler’s Green Amphitheatre starting Thursday, August 15, folk-rock giant Mumford & Sons could easily zip in and out of Denver without doing much for the local scene. Instead, the band’s management reached out to Twist & Shout, the famous Colfax Avenue record shop, back in May to set up an in-store concert, which will take place at 2:30 p.m. on Friday, August 16. “We had to completely keep everything a secret until yesterday,” store owner Paul Epstein told Westword today, August 13. “That’s hard in a record store. We’re not promoters. We’re used to hyping things up.” Such intimate performances are a rarity for Mumford & Sons. The group played and recorded a show at Bull Moose Music in Portland, Maine, which made history for the business and the group, too. Epstein expects the Twist & Shout concert, which will take place in the vinyl room, to be similarly memorable. The set will be entirely acoustic, with nobody plugging in – a first for Twist & Shout. Instead of a record-signing, the band will offer photo opportunities for groups of fans.

Dundee, UK | PICTURES: Hundreds attend final farewell to Groucho’s owner Alastair ‘Breeks’ Brodie: Hundreds of mourners gathered for the funeral of an iconic Dundee record store owner on Tuesday. Alastair “Breeks” Brodie, the owner of Groucho’s on the Nethergate, passed away in late July surrounded by his friends and family. The 65-year-old sold vinyl records in the city for 43 years. Mr Brodie had been suffering from various health issues for some time but took a turn for the worse in July. His funeral took place at Dundee Crematorium on Tuesday at noon. Mourners were instructed to wear “something colourful” instead of black clothing. Groucho’s has been closed as the funeral takes place. Posting to Facebook ahead of the funeral, staff wrote: “All of us here at Groucho’s would like to take a moment this morning to extend an enormous thank you for the overwhelming response to the sad news of the passing of our long time boss and friend Alastair “Breeks” Brodie.

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In rotation: 8/14/19

Tyler, TX | National Vinyl Record Day: August 12th is National Vinyl Record day, and while many people have moved on to streaming music, Curious Collections in Bryan is hoping change some hearts. August 12th is National Vinyl Record day, and while many people have moved on to streaming music, Curious Collections in Bryan is hoping change some hearts. Vinyl records made their debut in the early 30’s and fell out of use in the early 90’s, but now, shop owner, Mary House says, “vinyl is back.” House opened Curious Collections in 2016 with her dad’s old record collection. “He had a climate controlled collection full of vinyl, and he passed away a couple of years ago, and my brother and I cleaned out all the storage unit and decided that I was gonna bring a 26 foot moving truck full of stuff and open up a record store,” she said. And three years later, the shop is still going strong for a bit more than just general nostalgia’s sake.

Peoria, IL | For some music lovers, every day is National Vinyl Record Day: Monday morning, like every morning, Craig Moore had his turntable spinning. At his Younger than Yesterday record shop, he was grooving to “Arap Saci,” by Erkin Koray, who in the ’60s pioneered Turkish rock. “He is known around the world as the Turkish Jimi Hendrix,” Moore said. “Some of his stuff is worth a fortune, if you can find in it in mint condition.” I knew none of that before Monday, which is part of the wonder of chatting with Moore. He and his shop, at 2615 N. University St., overflow with nuggets of nostalgia and knowledge. But he was unaware of the reason for my intrusion: what, I asked, would he be doing to mark National Vinyl Record Day? “I didn’t know there was such a thing,” he said. Neither had I, until I saw a blurb on a news feed. In 2002 in California, San Luis Obispo County proclaimed Aug. 12 — the date Thomas Edison invented the photograph, in 1877 — as Vinyl Record Day. A not-for-profit organization has since been pushing to get people to recognize the date as National Vinyl Record Day.

Palm Beach, FL | National Vinyl Record Day: Why are there so many record stores in Palm Beach County? Analogopolis Records, Films, Games & Things is a mouthful of a title for a record store. Let owner Tom Procyk explain. “There are all these record stores with crazy names,” he said. “I was looking for something hard to say and hard to pronounce, but once you hear it you won’t forget it.” The 36-year-old music enthusiast opened Analogopolis (rough translation: city of sound) in a Juno Beach shopping plaza last November. His red-walled store is tastefully curated, with over 1,000 vinyl platters presented alongside everything from throwback laser discs to vintage Florida post cards. Of course, Procyk is ready for The Question. Yes, vinyl is hip. Yes, vinyl is making its zillionth comeback. But is it possible for a physical record store to survive and even thrive in an age of online streaming? “Everybody asks that, a couple times a day,” said Procyk, a former film projectionist. “I figured the time was right. I’ve got a strong customer base that comes every week to buy albums. “I’m not going to be rich, but it’s better than punching a clock.”

Hudson Valley, NY | Where to buy vinyl in the Hudson Valley: It was a sad day when I realized that I should have saved my vinyl record collection. Yes, I was one of those who got tired of packing up my record collection every time I moved in the 80’s and 90’s. CD’s seemed to be so much more portable, NOT! Anyway back in 1990 something I sold all my vinyl records at a yard sale. Some nice gentleman with what seemed like a lot of cash at the time loaded up my entire collection in to his trunk and drove off. I was so thrilled until about 5 years ago. Five years ago I realized that I not only missed my records, I missed my record player. My 80’s stereo sold at the same sale as the records. Since then I have gotten a new record player and have started collecting records again. Today, August 12th is National Vinyl Record Day so I am thinking that if you are like me it would be a good day to start building back your collection.

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TVD Live Shots:
Kacey Musgraves
at the Metro, 8/3

WORDS AND IMAGES: JEREMY LAWSON | Kacey Musgraves is in the middle of an insanely successful and busy year, having been on the road with her “Oh What a World” tour practically non-stop since January 9th (and picking up an impressive pile of Grammys along the way).

Chicago has been especially good to her: Kacey performed for a sold out crowd at the Chicago Theater last March and was back in town on August 3rd, this time playing to a packed house at the Metro on the eve of her Lollapalooza set.

The show opened just as her album Golden Hour does, with the lovely, mellow and so, so singable “Slow Burn,” inviting her fans to warm up their vocal chords and perform along with her. The crowd did not disappoint on that front, as they matched Kacey word-for-word on every song throughout the set; a testament to how Kacey’s music has resonated with today’s listeners and a harbinger of amazing performances yet to come.

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TVD Radar: Lakeshore Records’ Les Misérables original series score on vinyl, in stores 9/6

VIA PRESS RELEASE | Lakeshore Records is set to release the original score on vinyl to the critically-acclaimed BBC/PBS Masterpiece limited series Les Misérables, written by composer John Murphy (28 Days Later, Sunshine, Kick-Ass). The vinyl record will be released on September 6th. Pre-order the vinyl release here.

Series director Tom Shankland wanted John to tell a fresh musical story and to ultimately create a raw and uncompromising score to reflect the trials and misery of “Les Misérables.” John described the scoring process as an experimental journey: “My original idea for the score to Les Mis was ‘1816 Velvet Underground meets ’60s French film music.’ Tom [Shankland] was thinking ‘gnarly, down in the dirt, French folk music.’ Producer Chris Carey suggested, ‘let’s try both, but throw in some vintage analog synths.’ I then gleefully tried all of these elements, often at the same time. And we discovered that you can actually mix a hurdy gurdy with a Moog Sub Phatty, and we loved it. And what started out as a musical standoff, became our score for Les Misérables.

About Les Misérables | The six-part drama adaptation stars Dominic West (The Affair, The Hour) as Jean Valjean, and David Oyelowo (Selma) as Javert in this landmark drama adaptation. They are joined in this epic event drama by Lily Collins (Rules Don’t Apply, Love, Rosie), in the role of Fantine.

With a striking intensity and relevance to us today, Victor Hugo’s novel is testimony to the struggles of France’s underclass and how far they must go to survive. The six-part television adaptation of the renowned book will vividly and faithfully bring to life the vibrant and engaging characters, the spectacular and authentic imagery and, above all, the incredible yet accessible story that was Hugo’s lifework.

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In rotation: 8/13/19

Traverse City, MI | MTM On The Road: National Vinyl Record Day at RPM Records in Traverse City: Spin the turn tables today and play your favorite vinyl record. It’s National Vinyl Record Day! And a must-stop shop in Traverse City is ready to help you add to or start your own collection. RPM Records has more than 70,000 vinyl records with all of the classics and modern hits. The store will also repair your equipment or help you find what you’re looking for if you want to buy a new turn table. Join Regan Blissett and Stephanie Adkins as they take a look at how to start your own collection, take care of your records, and more.

Burlington, NC | Alamance has plenty of vinyl lovers: Vinyl Record Day marks a growing trend. Vinyl records have been declared dead many times, but keep rallying, and now there are two local businesses living on vinyl records and a couple of others at least making some money on them. “I’ve had 17-year-old girls ask for Frank Sinatra records and a 9-year-old kid say ‘look dad — Dean Martin,’ ” said Jon Guza, owner of HiFi Records in downtown Graham, which sells new and used records and draft beer. Vinyl sales increased 15 percent in 2018 with record-breaking Record Store Day sales in April, according to Nielsen, amid rapid growth of total music sales, especially streaming, which increased 49 percent. August 12 is Vinyl Record Day, which marks the day Thomas Edison invented the phonograph in 1877. Vinyl enthusiast — if that’s a strong enough word — Gary Freiberg had it designated in 2002 in San Obispo County, Calif., and dedicated a non-profit organization to preserving and appreciating records and having vinyl record parties on the Saturday after Aug. 12.

UK | Premier League referee Jon Moss Q&A: Music and football: The Premier League is back! But spare a thought for the top flight referees, who will be under more scrutiny than ever before. We already know how Mike Dean escapes the pressure of officiating at the highest level – by giving it loads in the away end at his beloved Tranmere Rovers. Now his colleague Jon Moss has opened a record shop in Leeds – wonderfully called The Vinyl Whistle – so BBC Sport went to meet Moss to talk music and football… Guilty pleasure? Take That. We went to see them a couple of years back. Someone gave me some tickets – we didn’t pay for them – what a show it was. Greatest Day. I’m not into that kind of music, but I love that song. And Miley Cyrus, The Climb. What a tune that is! My daughter likes to sing it to me occasionally just to really annoy me. But what a tune… Which grounds have the best music? When we do our pre-match routine we go out for a warm-up about 2.30pm. The best ever soundtrack warming up was at Rochdale. It was all the Indie Classics. You’re trying to do your warm-up and they had Stone Roses, Oasis, into a bit of Joy Division, back to New Order. It was just the perfect soundtrack to warm up to.

Chicago, IL | Oak Park artist chosen to paint Val mural: Mini-mural project to commemorate late local entrepreneur, celebrity. The Oak Park Area Arts Council has announced its second round of winners for its 2019 mini-mural project, and Oak Parker Joe Abboreno was chosen to paint the mural the group is dedicating to the late Val Camilletti. Camilletti was a beloved figure in Oak Park for decades as owner of Val’s halla Records, a music store located at 723½ South Boulevard for more than three decades before moving to 239 Harrison St. in 2006. Shortly after Camilletti’s death in 2018, Oak Park residents aimed to have an honorary street sign installed on South Boulevard for the late record purveyor, but the Oak Park Board of Trustees denied the request, instead choosing to commission a mural. The Oak Park Area Arts Council, which commissions 20 murals per year along Union Pacific Railroad retaining wall along North and South boulevards as part of its mini-mural project, specified that one of the murals would commemorate Camilletti. “She really touched a lot of lives,” Abboreno said in a telephone interview.

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In rotation: 8/12/19

Bridport, UK | Bridport Music could be bought – by the community: There’s hope yet for a beloved town record shop as the community fights to keep it going. Following the news Bridport Music faces closure, should a buyer not come forward, there has been a growing number of interested parties looking into taking over the business as a community benefit society. Two public meeting have taken place, with 31 people having so far pledged to invest more than £50k. Josef Davies-Coates is fronting the campaign, Save Bridport Music, after seeing an ‘outpouring of love’ for the record store when it announced last month that it will close in October unless a buyer is found. “It’s looking very positive,” said Mr Davies-Coates. “The interest is there and we have a core group of interested parties so this could well happen.”

North Adams, MA | North Adams’ Belltower Records to Host Summer Jam II: Belltower Records has settled into the community as a hub for music fans, musicians, and audiophiles alike. It is easy to lose a few hours on the third floor of the Norad Mill digging through the overflowing record crates at the independent music store. “We have just been longtime collectors, my wife and I, and we have been looking to do something for a while and we basically stumbled upon this,” owner Wes Nelson said recently. With news that Hal March, owner of Toonerville Trolley Records in Williamstown, was looking to close and sell his business in 2017, a shockwave rippled through the Northern Berkshire record collecting community. Collectors knew that in the near future they would have to travel farther than Williamstown to satiate their need to fervently dig through crates of records. That day came and a “closed” sign was fixed to March’s door. It was over.

West Yorkshire, UK | Vital vinyl in an age of streaming: One highlight of a busy Saturday at this year’s Bradford Literary Festival was a talk by the music journalist David Hepworth. He was the long-time familiar face from the much-missed TV programme The Old Grey Whistle Test. OGWT, as we used to abbreviate it, was a showcase for the sort of ‘progressive’ music that rarely featured on TV’s Top of the Pops. TOTP was accessible, commercial, and devoted to the singles chart. Whistle Test was all introspective singer-songwriters, extended blues workouts and impenetrable lyrics. A show for those who preferred whole albums to three-minute singles. And that was Hepworth’s subject: the magic of the 12” vinyl long-playing record. It was a perfect package: a luxury purchase but an affordable one, so the discerning music lover had to think hard about which to choose with this month’s pocket money.

Philadelphia, PA | Record store owner keeps the soundtrack of ‘bubblegum pop’ playing: In a small red brick building at the end of an alley, a door opens to a room crammed with records. Light filters through the windows, shining on shelves along the walls packed with vinyl, leaving space for nothing other than a record player, two speakers and a narrow walking area for customers to browse the record collection. This is the home of Afrosynth Records, a vinyl shop, record label and internet blog that specializes in South African music. It is located in the Maboneng Precinct, a redeveloped district located on the eastern edge of Johannesburg that has numerous art galleries, studios, restaurants, coffee shops and bars. David Durbach, whose stage name is “DJ Okapi,” owns Afrosynth. He is also a record collector, a DJ and journalist originally from Cape Town. He grew up on the sounds of American music that local radio stations played, gravitating toward American soul and funk. What he was listening to, what was widely available to him, prompted many questions about music.

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TVD Radar: Oasis, Definitely Maybe 25th anniversary vinyl reissues in stores 8/30

VIA PRESS RELEASE | With today marking 25 years since Oasis released their third single “Live Forever” (voted the greatest British song by Radio X listeners last year), Big Brother Recordings have announced special activity to celebrate the silver anniversary of Definitely Maybe, the iconic Manchester band’s landmark debut album.

To mark the anniversary on August 29, original content from the era will be made available throughout August—visit for details and follow #DefMaybe25. In addition, two limited edition vinyl formats will be released—a picture disc via the band’s online store and a silver coloured LP available at retail from August 30. Originally released on August 29, 1994, Definitely Maybe was the fastest-ever selling debut album in the UK (at the time), and marked the point when Oasis became a cultural phenomenon.

The album went seven times platinum in the UK while selling over five million copies worldwide. The four single’s—”Supersonic,” “Shakermaker,” “Live Forever,” and “Cigarettes And Alcohol” are established classics while songs that were never released outside of the album’s confines such as “Rock ‘n’ Roll Star” and “Slide Away” also remain anthems and radio staples known to every generation of music fan.

Definitely Maybe frequently appears on “best album of all time” polls and is widely considered to be the best debut album ever made. A quarter of a century on from its release, its songs sound as fresh and relevant as they did in 1994.

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In rotation: 8/9/19

Portland, OR | Portland Brewing Collaborates with Music Millennium Owner on In The Groove Black Vinyl Lager: Vinyl junkies and beer collectors have cause to celebrate–Portland Brewing and Portland’s legendary music retailer and owner of Music Millennium, Terry Currier, has announced the upcoming release of In The Groove Black Vinyl Lager. This collaborative beer is brewed in honor of Currier’s substantial contribution to keeping Portland weird and beautiful. Proceeds from In The Groove benefit the Oregon Music Hall of Fame, which Currier co-founded. The beer releases in seasonal on draft throughout the Pacific Northwest beginning August 10, and in 12 oz. 6-pack cans later in the month. In The Groove is the second beer in Portland Brewing’s “Keep Portland Weird” rotating series…

Odessa, TX | Vintage Deluxe ready for large showing at vinyl and comic show: Vintage Deluxe manager Apryl Patino said there’s a rumor floating around that there will be a line of people waiting outside the front door of the shop this weekend. The antique store is expecting between 200 and 300 people to attend its vinyl and comic show from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Saturday and Sunday. Patino said a majority of the vendors will have their own booths set up inside, but depending on the size of those booths some of the merchandise could spill out into the parking lot. “The fact that we are able to host something like this and bring everyone together is pretty cool,” Patino said. “They tend to like everything else that’s in our shop. It all works out.” Vintage Deluxe owner Keith Camp, who lives in Kerrville, plans to be at the store on Friday to help put the finishing touches on the vinyl and comic show. The 52-year-old Odessan said there be two more additional record vendors and more than 1,000 comics brought into the store this weekend. “It should be a really good showing for the people coming out to see us,” he said.

The Beatles revisit ‘Abbey Road’ with special anniversary releases: ‘Abbey Road’ Presented with New Mixes in Stereo, 5.1 Surround, and Dolby Atmos; Expanded with Previously Unreleased Session Recordings and Demos. …This is the first time Abbey Road has been remixed and presented with additional session recordings and demos. The album’s sweeping new edition follows the universally acclaimed remixed and expanded anniversary editions of Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band and The BEATLES (‘White Album’) released in 2017 and 2018, respectively. To create Abbey Road’s new stereo, 5.1 surround, and Dolby Atmos mixes, Martin and Okell worked with an expert team of engineers and audio restoration specialists at Abbey Road Studios. All the new Abbey Road releases feature the new stereo album mix, sourced directly from the original eight-track session tapes. To produce the mix, Giles was guided by the album’s original stereo mix supervised by his father, George Martin.

Burien, WA | New vinyl record shop, print studio & art space Clone Press opens in downtown Burien: Clone Press Studio & Records has opened its doors in Burien as a multipurpose print studio, art and community space. Formerly operating since 2001 as screen printing studio Clone Press in Ballard and Sodo, co-founder and owner Brandon Bay is expanding his business in this new downtown Burien location. Bay is also co-founder of Sinister Torch Records, a reissue record label founded in 2014. The new space combines his longtime passion for sharing great musical finds with his print studio, which has been serving small business clients with t-shirts, garments, and posters for the last 18 years. The carefully curated selection of both new and used vinyl includes the new must-haves and current reissues as well as rarities and hidden gems across genres. You can also peruse an impressive collection of poster art representing a broad span of historic Northwest music and events, featuring some of Seattle’s most prominent graphic artists.

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