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TVD’s Press Play

Press Play is our Monday recap of the new and FREE tracks received last week to inform the next trip to your local indie record store.

The Fretless – Jenny Bear (Live)
Jodee Lewis – Buzzard’s Bluff
Sleepspent – Something
Mickelson – No Such Luck
Echo Bloom – Song For Steven
PBG The Prince – Movie Star
M3tymes – The Life & Tym3z of a Hustla

RF Shannon – Tooth Ache

Marz Money – Lying
Parker Longbough – Jack Ryan
Feverbones – Sleepwalking
Sleepy Zuhoski – Daydream
JOYNER – Welcome to Your Life You’re a Star
Scratch – Newer Things
HI Lo Ha – Thinkin’ ‘Bout A Friend
Indonesian Junk – Tonight

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In rotation: 4/23/18

Vertigo, Dodds and more celebrate Record Store Day: GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. – Local record stores in Grand Rapids celebrated Record Store Day on April 21. Record Store Day was started in 2008 as a way for the staff, customers and artists to come together and celebrate the unique culture of record stores. On the day, there are also special vinyl and CD releases. Vertigo Music recognized the holiday with stacks of new and used records for sale. The store brought out over 800 used records for customers to purchase. Corner Record Shop in Grandville joined in the celebration with live music in the store all day. Also in Grand Rapids, Third Man Records’ Rolling Record Store was parked outside the GRAM in honor of Record Store Day. Third Man Records is a Nashville based record store that has a mobile store.

SLIDESHOW: Atomic Pop Shop celebrates Record Store Day: BATON ROUGE, LA – People lined up early Saturday morning to help a local record store owner celebrate her last Record Store Day in Baton Rouge. The Atomic Pop Shop record store on Government Street, which was set to close after the end of May, will remain open after being purchased by new owners. The store’s previous owner, Kerry Beary, is moving her operation to Charlotte, North Carolina despite the record store’s success in Baton Rouge. “I’m sad to leave, but excited for the opportunity in Charlotte.” Beary said sales at The Atomic Pop Shop, which first opened in 2011, increased by 20 percent each year. She also said 2017 was the shop’s most successful year ever. She hopes to have an operation similar to her colorful record store once she relocates to Charlotte.

Grimey’s celebrates last Record Store Day at 8th Avenue before moving to East Nashville: Hundreds flocked to Grimey’s for the annual tradition of Record Store Day, the last the 8th Avenue staple will celebrate on the west side of the Cumberland River. The day had added weight for many as the store prepares for a move to East Nashville. “It’s good they’re moving. They need the space, but it’s special for me to be here on the last one,” said James Bonomo, a record junkie who waited in line two hours for an exclusive Grant Green vinyl. And the day felt anything but sad. If there’s one thing Grimey’s has been able to create in its time at its 8th Avenue location, it’s a party. And co-owner Doyle Davis said this year’s celebration of the independent record store holiday was meant to be one of the best it has thrown in the last 11 years.

Red Deer record store celebrates its last Record Store Day, The Soundhouse, a guitar and record shop in downtown Red Deer, closes its doors next Saturday: A Red Deer record store celebrated its last Record Store Day a week before it closes its doors for good. Mike Williamson and Davin Kemshed have operated The Soundhouse, a guitar and record shop in downtown Red Deer for eight years. The initial plan was to close the store Saturday, on Record Store Day. But they decided to wait until Saturday, April 28. Kemshed said some people have expressed interest in buying whatever vinyl inventory is left after the store closes. “We haven’t been too concerned about that yet,” he added. Records are still a very popular way people listen to music, Kemshed said.

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Kimbra: In-store
with TVD at DC’s
Som Records

PHOTOS: RICHIE DOWNS | We trust that you’ve heard by now that Saturday, April 21, 2018 is Record Store Day, which is for us less of a “Christmas” and more akin to Thanksgiving—a day to be thankful for the mom and pop, indie record shops that yes, see a spike in sales and foot traffic on this particular Saturday.

Now, if you’ve been paying attention, you’re aware that each year the Record Store Day folks choose an ambassador for the event—kindred souls who live and breathe the culture of both records and record stores. This year RSD has chosen rap duo Run the Jewels as its 2018 ambassadors, following Metallica, Jack White, Dave Grohl, Chuck D, Iggy Pop, and St. Vincent among others have also lent their support. In addition many countries across the globe choose their own special ambassadors.

Which got us thinking…heck, we’re here every day preaching the brick and mortar gospel and singing the praises of the bands and artists who press their music to wax—we might just merit a Record Store Day ambassador ourselves!

And as such, we’re delighted to announce that mega-talented, global recording artist Kimbra is our very own ambassador for Saturday’s shop-a-thon. Kimbra’s brand new release Primal Heart arrived in stores yesterday, April 20, 2018—which means you can snap it right up on vinyl today! She’s also on tour with Beck into June.

Touring earlier this year in advance of Primal Heart’s release, she joined us for a record rummage at Washington, DC’s Som Records, and as you’ll see, she’s as knowledgeable as she is engaging and warm. And she’s got great taste in music too.

So, onward—we’re record shopping with Kimbra at Washington, DC’s Som records!

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TVD Radar: Liz Phair, Girly-Sound To Guyville: The 25th Anniversary Box Set in stores 5/4

VIA PRESS RELEASE | 2018 marks the 25th anniversary of Liz Phair’s landmark album Exile In Guyville and on May 4th, Matador Records will release Girly-Sound To Guyville: The 25th Anniversary Box Set. To whet the appetites of old and new fans alike, Liz has shared another song from the Girly-Sound tapes, “Bomb,” which morphed into the Exile In Guyville track “Stratford-On-Guy.” Liz’s self-directed video for “Stratford-On-Guy,” newly-digitized and upscaled to HD, can be watched on YouTube.

The upcoming release is an extensive, limited edition 7-LP or 3-CD box set to celebrate the anniversary of her classic album. The box set contains the first official restored audio of all three 1991 Girly-Sound tapes from the original cassettes. It also contains the 1993 Exile In Guyville album remastered by Emily Lazar at The Lodge. Also included is a lavish, thick book, which contains an extensive oral history by Jason Cohen, plus essays by Liz Phair and journalist Ann Powers. The vinyl version of the book also contains never before published photos, unseen artwork, and ephemera.

Also set for release on May 4th is Exile In Guyville, a reissue remastered by Emily Lazar at The Lodge, available on CD or double LP. The album has not been available widely on LP in years. Originally released in 1993, Exile In Guyville is a seminal album and a feminist landmark. Its legendary status has only grown over the years. It’s continually included in countless lists…Rolling Stone’s 500 Greatest albums of all time + 100 best albums of the ’90s, Pitchfork’s Top 100 albums of the 90s, etc. Numerous essays and think pieces have been written about it and the number of accolades piled on is endless.

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In rotation: 4/20/18

Record Store Day 2018 all about vinyl, Jack White and keeping indie-shops spinning: As if the craziness surrounding Record Store Day wasn’t enough, vinyl aficionado Jack White will be in Grand Rapids performing during the celebration of independent record stores on Saturday, with a “Rolling Record Store” in tow. In addition to White’s 20 Monroe Live sold-out tour stop on Saturday night, the Detroit native’s Third Man Records will set up shop outside the Grand Rapids Art Museum during the day Saturday, selling merch and exclusive vinyl. The mobile “Rolling Record Store” will be open again near 20 Monroe during and after White’s show. But Third Man’s presence in Grand Rapids Saturday is just the tip of the needle when it comes to Record Store Day.

Adelaide: Record Store Day will see the city spinning out over vinyl: For lovers of vinyl, Saturday is bigger than Christmas. Music collectors will be lining up across Adelaide to get their hands on rare re-issues and special releases being dropped as part of the global Record Store Day. The event, which began in 2008 to support independent music retailers, has been embraced by record labels and grows bigger every year as more people return to vinyl. For Matt Horvath, owner of Clarity Records on Pulteney St, Record Store Day will run for 24 hours from midnight Friday. If history repeats, Mr Horvath expects a line down the street as he prepares to open. “There’s so much coming out,” Mr Horvath said.

Local record shops to celebrate Record Store Day UK: IT’S that time of year again when music lovers flock to support their local independent record store, in a celebration of their unique culture. Over 200 independent record shops across the UK come together, with the chance to sell the special vinyl releases which are made exclusive for the day. Many shops go one step further and host a programme of events for the day, with artists putting on live performances, or DJs taking to the decks. One such store is Fives Records in Leigh’s Broadway, which has handed over the events organisation to the Middle Age Spread DJ crew, something which has now become tradition.

This Saturday is WMG’s Record Store Day Record Store Crawl: Audiophiles, record enthusiasts, and music lovers are invited to join Warner Music Group’s third annual series of official Record Store Crawls, happening over the next few months in various cities in the U.S. and – for the very first time – Europe. The first of this year’s Crawls will take place in both New York City and Berlin on Record Store Day, April 21st, while the remainder of the Crawls will take place from May through October. This year, Record Store Crawl will release exclusive vinyl to coincide with the Crawls. Attendees will be among the first to have access to the limited-edition releases, which will hit shelves at indie retailers across the U.S. during each Crawl. Participants will be escorted by bus to some of each city’s best record stores, with performances from various artists along the way. Tickets can be purchased at

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TVD Radar: Humble Pie On 79th Street vinyl LP available only at UK’s Pie & Vinyl for RSDay

VIA PRESS RELEASE | Immediate Records presents Humble Pie On 79th Street, limited edition vinyl LP—a secret release for Record Store Day UK, April 21.

With Record Store Day fast approaching, you won’t find this special compilation LP by one of the UK’s most iconic bands in any store on April 21st. Except one. Humble Pie On 79th Street will only be available from Pie & Vinyl. Obvious? Or are we bucking the trend of Record Store Day in the manner that Andrew Loog Oldham, legendary founder of Immediate Records and Rolling Stones manager might have done? Or does this one-off LP celebrate the spirit of RSD more than any other release?

Inspired by the beautiful pied-piperess Katherine who led us all to Pie & Vinyl and discoveries that linked her vibrant, musical town of Portsmouth & Southsea, an amazing record store and the timeless sounds of Humble Pie to dramatic events in Southsea over 40 years ago that culminated in a truly local effort to press the LP in Portsmouth and have it on sale in Southsea for Saturday April 21.

Says Immediate Records reissue producer Rob Caiger: “Wouldn’t it be great if by doing all of this, a new fan on Record Store Day discovers Humble Pie – in Pie & Vinyl – and feels the same excitement hearing ‘Natural Born Bugie’ as I did in my own local record shop Downtown Records many years ago. There’s no better place to hear new sounds (however old…) then in a record shop—and that’s just one reason why we should celebrate Record Store Day.”

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TVD Radar: Nocturnal Projections, Complete Studio Recordings and Inmates In Images in stores 4/27

VIA PRESS RELEASE | Formed in Stratford, near New Plymouth, New Zealand in 1981, Nocturnal Projections was the explosive project of legendary and prolific brothers Graeme and Peter Jefferies (who would later form This Kind of Punishment before launching their solo careers), who along with friends Brett Jones and Gordon Rutherford, created some of the most energetic and influential avant-garde punk rock to emerge from the country.

Largely ignored during their tenure (but revered and referenced in the years after their breakup) and often compared to UK contemporaries like Joy Division, Comsat Angels, The Fall, or Wire, Nocturnal Projections stood well apart – never enjoying the luxuries of unlimited studio time, music videos or international fame, Nocturnal Projections possessed a driven, rough-hewn serrated edge that cut through the lot comparisons to the UK post-punk exports of the era. They were ahead of their time, completely singular, and for those that had the benefit of seeing Nocturnal Projections play live – formative, with a dedicated cult following to this day.

As residents of New Plymouth’s Lion Tavern during their first year as a band, they perfected their soaring, impactful live set locally (often as the only band, without an opener and 3 hours to fill!) before heading off to Auckland in January of 1982, performing with bands like The Fall, John Cooper Clarke, and New Order at venues like The Mainstreet Cabaret, The Rumba Bar, and Reverb Room. *The band recorded three EPs at Stebbing Studios in Auckland: The self-titled and self-released 7” single released April 1st of 1982, with the “Another Year” 12” EP following later that year. Their self-titled three song 12” was recorded in 1983, and released by the band posthumously that June, after the band called it quits. The Jefferies would move on and regroup with Rutherford and sound engineer Andrew Frengley shortly after the NPs fell apart to work under the This Kind of Punishment banner.

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In rotation: 4/19/18

Your Austin Record Store Day field guide: Record Store Day is around the corner, and in its 11th year, it’s popularity is ever-increasing. Vinyl album sales in the United States increased by more than 1,000 percent over the past ten years. And junkies line up at stores’ openings to get their hands on rare and special releases from artists spanning all genres. It’s not unusual to be greeted by fellow eager fans, shop owners, music performances, free food and drink and more…“This is a day for the people who make up the world of the record store—the staff, the customers, and the artists—to come together and celebrate the unique culture of a record store and the special role these independently owned stores play in their communities. Special vinyl and CD releases and various promotional products are made exclusively for the day,” organizers of Record Store Day said.

Your guide to Record Store Day Chicago 2018: Put the needle down and let the music flow: It’s time for the 2018 Record Store Day (RSD), held on Saturday April 21. RedEye has your guide for events at record stores around Chicago as well as releases featuring local musicians. For RSD, RedEye talked with Drew Mitchell, the co-owner of Pilsen’s 606 Records. When he opened the store in 2015 with Tim Unsell, Mitchell put his own collection (gathered over two decades) on sale. He now travels the world scoping out record stores and shares his love of music — and the vinyl format — with fans from near and far who stop by 606 Records, which also releases its own albums.

Vinyl Destination: San Diego Celebrates RSD: If record collecting is your thing, your very own holiday is right around the corner: The 11th annual Record Store Day (RSD) touches down at more than 240 independent music shops all across the globe on Saturday, April 21. Here in San Diego, there’s a great selection of stores to find the myriad wax treasures about to be rained down on the masses from both indie and major record labels alike. Hundreds of new, reissued, or exclusive titles will be offered up — many in small, limited pressings. Originally designed to appeal to collectors and support independent stores, RSD now attracts more than its share of resellers looking to make a quick buck…While the environment surrounding RSD has changed over the years, it still represents one of the biggest days of the year for local shops and it’s difficult to criticize an event that helps pay their bills. So, in that spirit, if you’re heading out on Saturday around town, make a point to return to those stores with some frequency throughout the year (if you’re not in the habit of doing that already).

Savannah: Record Store Day 2018–Celebrate indie business and music with some major retail therapy: Record Store Day, the occasion when vinyl collectors rush their local music shops in search of limited edition treasures, is upon us once more. In lieu of Black Friday roughhousing—wouldn’t want to shatter a jackalope antler at Graveface or crack a KISS bobble head at Rody’s—lies friendly competition and communing between musically-minded Savannahians. Best of all, Record Store Day, which was created in 2007 by a group of independent record store owners, literally exists to support small, local businesses and communities. It’s a way to celebrate the way music brings folks together through special events, rare picks, and killer sales. Among the pickers at this year’s participating locations, you’re sure to rub elbows with Savannah’s listening elite: the DJs of WRUU 107.5, Savannah Soundings Community Radio. We asked the station’s spinners to share their top RSD 2018 picks.

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TVD Radar: Cheap Trick, The Epic Archive Vol. 2 (1980-1983) in stores 6/1

VIA PRESS RELEASE | Cheap Trick fans positively inhaled our first batch of rarities, so we’re back with 16 more
 lost tracks from Rockford, Illinois’ finest! Except this time, Ken Sharp’s notes feature track-by-track commentary from Bun E.
Carlos, Tom Petersson, and Rick Nielsen…this collection is a deep dive into the Cheap Trick hive mind!

So let’s jump in… first up are three tracks taken from the 1980 EP “Found All the Parts,” including a live version of The Beatles’ “Day Tripper” with an instrumental nod to The Yardbirds’ “Shapes of Things.” Then comes the single “Oh Boy,” followed by the demo of “Loser,” which was recorded in 1980 but was written by Nielsen way back in 1976, all CD debuts.

Two live tracks, “The House Is Rockin’ (with Domestic Problems)” and “Way of the World,” from a New Year’s Eve 1979 show at the L.A. Forum raise the temperature, then comes the George Martin-produced single versions of “World’s Greatest Lover” and “Everything Works If You Let It.”

Two tracks, “Reach Out” and “I Must Be Dreamin’,” from the Heavy Metal soundtrack and the title song from the Spring Break soundtrack cover the Cheap Trick silver screen legacy, while the demo version of the classic “If You Want My Love” premieres on CD. The “Super New Dance Re-Mix” of “Saturday at Midnight” and “Short Version” of “Dancing the Night Away” also appear on CD for the first time, as does the last track, the b-side “Get Ready.”

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TVD Radar: The Quick, Mondo Deco reissue in stores 6/1

VIA PRESS RELEASE | Power Pop fans, the long wait is over! The Los Angeles mid-seventies post glam, pre-punk, power-pop band The Quick are set to re-issue their 1976 Mercury Records debut Mondo Deco as an expanded edition on June 1 from Real Gone Music. This will be the first time the album has ever been released on CD.

Mondo Deco’s original 10 tracks were produced by Kim Fowley and Earle Mankey (original Sparks guitarist and also engineer) at the Beach Boys’ Brother Studios. The Expanded Edition is now a jam-packed 21 tracks and features those tracks newly remastered by Bill Inglot plus an additional 10 demos (which got them signed to Mercury Records) and an unreleased bonus track. The package also includes a track-by-track commentary by band member Danny Benair, extensive liner notes by The Quick fan-club President (and Frontier Records head honcho Lisa Fancher), a new essay on the bands legacy and never-before-seen archival photos.

“We are really thrilled to be releasing The Quick’s debut album as an expanded edition,” said Gordon Anderson, Co-President of Real Gone Music. “It’s just hard to believe it took this long to be reissued before this as it’s such a key album in L.A. rock history. There is a unique mixture of glam, power pop, and punk…add to that the illustrious achievements of the various band members and Mondo Deco really is the missing link in the evolution of Southern California rock and roll.”

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