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In rotation: 9/2/15

Vinyl Records For Sale By The Pound For Pennies, Dusty Groove Offers Discount Bulk Vinyl Records For Set Designers, Decorators, Artists, And Other Creative Uses: “We opened a huge bargain basement a last year to help with overflow, but it’s still not enough to handle the surplus. So we decided to offer large random lots of vinyl at a very low price…”

5 tips for starting your very own vinyl record collection: “There’s nothing finer than putting a vinyl record on the turntable and hearing the crackling sound as the album starts to spin and make you dance like no one is watching. These days it seems everybody has a hobby and I decided that it’s time I find one, so I decided to start a vinyl collection.

Tesco to become the first UK supermarket to sell vinyl records, Would you pick up a vinyl record along with a loaf and a pint of semi-skimmed? “The supermarket giant will trial sales of vinyl this Friday (September 4), beginning with the release of Iron Maiden’s new album The Book Of Souls.”


Tesco’s plan to stock vinyl could kill more independent record stores: “My concern is that the few remaining independent record shops will be hurt by the encroachment. Supermarkets have already driven down the living wages of food producers, and while vinyl won’t be a big proportion of Tesco’s sales, it’s a few less sales that those independent shops will get.”

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In rotation: 9/1/15

Danzig To Release ‘Devil’s Angels’ Single Next Week, “The first single from “Skeletons” will be “Devil’s Angels”, which was originaly the theme song for the late ’60s biker film of the same title. The track will be released on September 4 on seven-inch vinyl, strictly limited to 500 units. The B-side of the single will be a vocal-and-keyboard version of “Satan”, from the 1969 biker flick “Satan’s Sadists”.

The Genre vs. Alphabet Debate: “Do you start by putting everything from one genre together, or do you just alphabetize everything? There are pros and cons to both options…”

Tesco aims to cash in on vinyl records boom by stocking Iron Maiden’s new triple LP: “Tesco is hoping to cash in on the nostalgia for vinyl records by stocking Iron Maiden’s new limited edition triple LP, Book Of Souls. The album, the first studio offering from the British rockers in five years, will be on sale in 55 of the largest Tesco Extra stores, priced at £24.”

Ladbroke Groove! The complete story of record shop culture in Notting Hill: The birthplace of Rough Trade, Honest Jon’s, Virgin Records and Rock On, amongst others, we take an extended look at the evolution of record shop culture in west London’s most vibrant community.

For the record: Vinyl fans spin on, “At 20 years old, Jeremy Murray does not seem to be the typical vinyl record collector. In the midst of times where records, cassette, tapes and compact discs seem to be far removed from the mind of iPod and digital music listeners, he and others still make the time to find the once-popular treasures.”

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TVD’s Press Play

Press Play is our Monday recap of the new—and FREE—tracks received last week, provided here to inform your next trip to your local indie record store. Click, preview, download, purchase.

Merry Ellen Kirk – Lovers & Liars
Hayden Calnin – White Night
Hezekiah Jones – The Dark Heart’s Out
McClain Sullivan – Happy Anniversary
Two Thirds Goat – Young Man
Postcards From Jeff – Modern Language
Pelicans And Their Allies – Just Like July
Jaeger Wells – What It Feels Like
Oryx & Crake – The World Will Take Care Of Me
Ghosts In Pocket – Barberton

Uncle Acid & the Deadbeats – Melody Lane

Nick Pes – California
Moa Holmsten – Tougher Than The Rest
Warning Light – Learn To Curve
Blonde Summer – Blazed
Youth Man – Pigs
Major Lazer ft. MØ – Lean On (TRIBE SOCIETY REFIX)
Frank Trumbauer – Crazy Quilt (Jive Me Rework)
The Jones Family Singers – I Am
Adir L.C. – New City
Patrick Baker – Gone (Berger & Shaqiri Remix)

4 more FREE TRACKS on side B!

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In rotation: 8/31/15

Waxwork Announces ‘Evil Dead 2′ Vinyl: Needs Your Help For Design, “We’re letting YOU, the fans, design the LP release! This is certainly unchartered territory for any record label, but we feel that this film and score is a beloved horror gem, and only the hardest of the hardcore EVIL DEAD 2 fans can come up with the BEST possible LP package.”

Big Birmingham record fair is set to hit right note: For 15 years, the renowned, record-breaking Big Birmingham Record Fair was held at the NIA but this year it has moved to a new venue, Cocks Moors Leisure Centre, Kings Heath.

Critic airs tales of music industry sexism: Jessica Hopper put out a call for female colleagues to tell their stories, which ranged from enduring misogynistic comments to sexual assault, “Brown makes a point of exclusively using vinyl records for her sets. ‘I wanted to find a way to communicate that yes, these are my records, and they might be heavy but I’m the one carrying them, I’m the one doing the work and I’m calling the shots,’ Brown said in an e-mail.”

Canary Wharf’s music lovers can spin Britpop vinyl at W Hotel: “After a busy afternoon of meetings in the West End you can set the music playing at W Hotel Leicester Square. The venue has launched its Britpop vinyl record room service in collaboration with DJ Lauren Laverne to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the iconic chart battle between Oasis and Blur.”

Urban Grinders opens in downtown Greensboro: “The shop offers baked goods, including vegan and gluten-free, from bakeries like Walflour and New Garden Bagels. The shop also retails vinyl toys and vinyl records.

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In rotation: 8/28/15

New Record Store in Fairlawn Set to Open in September: “I’ve been bringing vinyl in since the first of July,” he says. “It’s been so much fun to order records. This is all about the vinyl culture. The CD market is done. Everything has gone digital. When you buy a record now, they throw the CD in it for free. With almost every Black Keys album that you get on vinyl, the CD just comes with it. There’s something about opening up the vinyl album and reading the lyrics and liner notes and seeing who played on the album. It provides an education about the music. Having an art background, I love the artwork.”

Vinyl lives: Scotti’s Record Shop, Summit, NJ: “Any business that stays open for over fifty years safely earns the status of being an institution. Any record store that stays in business for this long earns the status of hero. Nestled between Summit Ski & Sport and the Bow Tie Beacon Cinema along the store-lined Springfield Ave in Summit, New Jersey, Scotti’s Record Shop is exactly what comes to mind when you think about a neighborhood record shop.

Pink Floyd pig in Suffolk pop memorabilia auction: Iconic inflatable stage props – including Pink Floyd’s famous pig “Algie” – are to be sold at auction. Halesworth-based Air Artists is selling 30 years’ of its work, used by the likes of the Rolling Stones and ACDC. The star lot is Algie, which famously halted flights over Heathrow after breaking loose from its moorings over Battersea Power Station in 1976.

Kraftwerk set to release a “3D album” later this year: “Kraftwerk are to translate their visual shows into a “3D album”, set to be released in late autumn on Blu-ray. Speaking to Rolling Stone, sole original member Ralf Hütter said: “We translated our performances to 3D, and in surround sound, kind of like 3D sound.”

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A Badge of Friendship,
The Podcast

It’s a very special Thursday indeed this week as those three kooks at A Badge Of Friendship have hit their 20th episode! Pay no attention to the URL and its lies—there was a double bill a few weeks back.

To celebrate not getting kicked off the air, the gang racked their brains, and the brains of this week’s guests, to create a “How To – Music Industry” special. So, if you want to know how to take your first steps in the music biz, this is as good a place as any to start.

Imparting wisdom on the listeners this week are James Brown from Pulled Apart By Horses, Gigwise editor and full-time legend Andrew Trendell, and Olive Grove Records’ founder Lloyd Meredith. Idlewild’s Rod Jones also sends in some tips and tricks about making the most of life in a band, as well as Torche’s Andrew Elstner.

Music heard live on the show cannot be heard on this podcast but check out the tracks featured on this week’s show below:

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In rotation: 8/27/15

Virginia pressing plant to open after discovering vinyl press “motherload”: “Virginia-based Furnace Manufacturing have been packaging records for nearly 20 years, but now they are ready to expand to pressing vinyl after acquiring 10 pressing machines. It will surely be a great boost to the already stretched vinyl industry and the story of how the company tracked them down is surprising.”

New record store will always be a home to Teds, mods, punks, and rockers: “A record store, which will celebrate its grand opening this weekend, aims to create a fashion archive which will date back to the start of the Second World War. Modus, in Belper, stocks books, vinyl and posters specialising in soul, R’n’b, reggae and more.”

Vinyl Vortex! Record Swap At Volcom HQ Recap: “Sunday August 23rd Volcom Entertainment held the “Vinyl Vortex” in our very own Volcom HQ skatepark! Many vendors showed up with tons of vinyl to sell and trade.”

Record store increases security in wake of thefts: “A Providence record store is making some changes after thieves made off with more than $1,000 worth of merchandise. The owners of What Cheer? say their entire collections of Pink Floyd and Led Zeppelin vinyl albums were taken on two separate occasions.”

Classical Music: Princeton Record Exchange still thriving after 35 years, “For 35 years, Princeton Record Exchange has been a lodestone for music lovers. Its business model of buying lots and selling low has made for a rapid turnover of inventory and a pulse-quickening sense of adventure for treasure hunters of all stripes.”

Pittsburgh record store owner charged in running criminal enterprise that stole $2M from local retailers: “Investigators also executed a search warrant at Slipped Disc, the Pittsburgh used record store that Cicero owns. There they found approximately 1,500 suspected stolen items with a retail value of more than $44,000.”

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TVD Premiere: Oh, Be Clever, “River”

Oh, Be Clever’s latest electro epic is a majestic song about overcoming (sometimes potentially self-made) adversity—and we’re pleased to debut it today along with its free download.

“This song is about seeking validation in all the wrong places,” said Brittney Shields, the band’s singer and lyricist. She expounds on this theme over a booming production orchestrated in tandem with the duo’s other member, Cory Scott Layton. A long outspoken advocate for mental health awareness, Shields is refreshingly open and honest about feelings of depression and anxiety. “When we wrote this I was very insecure. I’d do almost anything to get someone to like me. It’s about the feeling you get when you come to terms your flaws and let go of the baggage holding you back.”

While it was from this place that Shields began composing the words of “River,” she did not want to limit its import with a narrative arc, or worse, with an explicit declaration of meaning. She noted that the song starts from a premise, “River is about accepting your flaws and living happily with them.” The band, however, invites the listener to exercise her own interpretive prerogative. “There are a million different ways a person could interpret this song, and that’s kind of the way we want to keep it. Leave it up to your own life experience and the way you relate to it.”

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In rotation: 8/26/15

Sweet Melissa Records on the Square fueling the resurgence of vinyl records: “A fuller and warmer sound. Something to physically interact with. The ease of discovering something new. These are the reasons why the owners of Antiques on the Square say the resurgence of interest in vinyl records is more than just a passing fad.”

Your vinyl record collection deserves organization: “Have a burgeoning vinyl record collection? It’s time to get serious about organizing. Sure, you could go to Office Max and buy some cheap plastic bin. I think we both know if you’re spending the time to collect, you should make it presentable. Luckily, Jonathan Dorthe feels the same way. He has handcrafted record separators to give all that vinyl a stylish home.”

Quentin Tarantino’s Jackie Brown Soundtrack Set for Vinyl Reissue: “Starring Pam Grier as Jackie Brown, who goes down in our book as one of the most engaging and compelling record collectors on film, the film’s iconic soundtrack will come back to vinyl this autumn courtesy of Rhino. Pressed to heavyweight 180gram vinyl, it’s packed with ’70s RnB, including cuts from Bobby Womack, Bill Withers, Pam Grier, The Delfonics, Minnie Riperton and more, interspersed with moments of dialogue from the film.”

The Godfather Part II score set for reissue on blood red vinyl: “The reissue has been pressed to heavyweight 180g vinyl and comes packaged in a gatefold sleeve. The first 1000 copies of the new run are available on suitably blood red wax. The Godfather Part II reissue will be available on September 21.”

Rare Muse Vinyl LPs now reissued for 2015: Back in stock are these reissued Muse Vinyl LPs. Original limited run copies are now selling for a premium but you can get your hands on these more sensibly or affordably priced reissues, still destined to become emminently collectable in future if retained in a mint condition.

WSIU Seeks Donations for Classic Vinyl & Media Sale: “Carbondale, Ill.: “Wanted! Your gently used stereo equipment, record albums, CDs, DVDs, cassettes, electronic games, and audio books for WSIU Public Radio’s 8th Annual SIRIS Classic Vinyl & Media Sale, coming to the University Mall in Carbondale, next to Kirlin’s Hallmark, on Saturday, September 12 from 10am-9pm and Sunday, September 13 from noon-5:30pm.”

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In rotation: 8/25/15

Vinyl, an old medium, gets new following: “23-year-old Sean Franks said he prefers vinyls over streaming. ‘There is something about the physical side of it, isn’t there? Instead of just surfing through names and titles and all that and actually holding a piece of something that you physically put on, that is better than clicking a flat screen,’ said Franks.” (Ed. note: don’t say “vinyls.” It’s incorrect.)

Watch This! ’80s Car Had A Tiny 3″ Record Player Built In!: “Nissan’s Datsun 810 Maxima had a three inch vinyl record under the dashboard…Believe it or not, the voice was played off a 3″ white plastic record. Tucked under the dashboard, the tiny phonograph record would play one of six parallel grooves each cut with a warning about the current state of your Datsun. There was even a stylus and tonearm of sorts that tracked along the record whenever each command was triggered by the car’s control circuit.”

Acadiana Vinyl Haul’s First Record Signing Party: “Two of Acadiana’s top local artists were at The Grouse Room for The Acadiana Vinyl Haul‘s first ever Record Signing Party on Sunday, August 23rd. Fans had a chance to meet Sonny Landreth and Brother Dege and have the opportunity to ask them some questions, take photos and get records signed.

Thefts of Led Zeppelin, Pink Floyd LPs baffle Providence record store owners: “Thieves this year in at least two separate incidents robbed What Cheer Records on Providence’s College Hill of its entire catalog of Pink Floyd and Led Zeppelin records, a serious blow for the independent record store. ‘It seems like someone really wants to have a big classic rock collection‘…”

The List: 3 places to get your vinyl records,”Much like print journalism, vinyl records and record stores have long been considered dead or dying. But despite the world going digital, three record stores in Eastern Connecticut are keeping the music alive and serving as a lifeline for vinyl records and those who play them.”

Vinyl addicts flock to charity shop’s biggest record sell-off: “Vinyl addicts flocked from miles around at the weekend to a tiny Oxfam store in Chipping Norton which held its biggest vinyl sell-off since it opened five years ago. In May and June the shop received two major anonymous donations of 60s, 70s, 80s and 90s gold – a total of 570 LPs and 340 singles. Staff estimated the sale could net the charity more than £5,000.”

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