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In rotation: 2/12/16

Vinyl showrunner Terence Winter picks his favorite vinyl record: “The first album I ever bought was Goat’s Head Soup,” he says. “It all started there. It came out in 1973, the year the show takes place. I think I bought it with my birthday money for my thirteenth birthday. I’d been buying 45s up to that point. I went to a live show of theirs [recently] and it was so cool that they pulled ‘Silver Train’ out.”

LA store unearths 8,000 record haul of rare soundtrack vinyl: Pre-digital entertainment mecca The Record Parlour has uncovered an unprecedented, lifetime collection of OST vinyl. It’s the largest collection of vinyl soundtracks they’ve ever encountered and likely one of the biggest of its kind in the States. The “world class” collection was acquired from a Long Beach sheriff who was recently diagnosed with leukemia.

Ryerson makes moves to restore Sam the Record Man sign to public view: Years after Sam the Record Man’s neon vinyl was dismantled and stored out of view, the sign’s keepers at Ryerson University are now starting the process of restoring it in earnest…When Ryerson purchased the prominent Yonge St. location — now home to the university’s new Student Learning Centre — council quickly moved to designate the late Sam Sniderman’s sign as city heritage.

Vintage and vinyl reign in Salisbury antique shop: The most notable example of the “sell well” category is the shop’s collection of 1,200 vinyl records, highlighting 1970s-era rock music. “We try to stay with the trends,” Bill said. “It’s a huge trend now people are buying records and record players again.”

Shoals record store could be on its final spin: After nearly 40 years in business, Pegasus Records in Florence plans to close its doors if they can not find a buyer by the end of next month. “Pegasus is just an institution,” said Luke Hunter, local musician and regular at Pegasus Records. “The possibility that it wouldn’t be here is just kind of shocking more than anything.” From records to comic books and everything in between, if you name it, chances are Pegasus has it.

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Vinyl-centric Acme Radio launches in Nashville

Acme Feed & Seed, in partnership with TuneIn, is pleased to announce the launch of Acme Radio. Listeners worldwide will be able to experience the variety and excellence of all things Nashville thanks to TuneIn’s unique platform—an app that provides listeners access to more than four million radio stations streaming from every continent. Tom Morales, owner of Acme Feed & Seed, reopened the doors of the historic, century-old building to bring locals back to downtown Nashville. He succeeded by renovating a building rich with local history and by inviting Nashville’s best players to the stage. 

“If you are one of the best musicians in Nashville, you are one of the best in the world. Acme’s stage gives this talent a live, local platform and Acme Radio will give them an international one. We are creating the opportunity for these artists to be discovered regardless of the genre,” said Morales.

Readers of The Vinyl District may recall that TVD contributor and Nashville editor Tim Hibbs began hosting Tuesday and Thursday lunchtime vinyl sessions on Acme’s ground floor stage in August 2014. The popularity of those sessions led Acme to expand them to five days a week and to feature The Vinyl Lunch as the midday program on Acme Radio. Running Monday through Friday, 11:30 AM to 1:30 PM (CST), Tim spins an eclectic music mix . Old and new, all genres are fair game for The Vinyl Lunch.

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In rotation: 2/11/16

Leading independent record shop shuns Record Store Day: Having played along in recent years, OYE partner Markus Lindner announced today that OYE stores would not take part in 2016, explaining that although responsible for many good things – including increasing awareness of independent shops – RSD has developed in a way that no longer sits comfortably with OYE’s objectives.

Famed California record store may soon sell weed instead: Berkeley residents may be able to pick up hi-fi vinyl, and high-potency OG Kush in one stop this year. The legendary Berkeley record store Amoeba Records is close to securing a new lease on life, as sales of physically recorded music continue to decline. Amoeba is one of three finalists for the city’s fifth medical marijuana dispensary license. Thursday evening, the Berkeley Medical Cannabis Commission selected Amoeba to forward to the Berkeley City Council for final selection.

From broken roofs to broken marriages: meeting some of the most obsessive vinyl hoarders: Like most people, music was always on in my house as a child, but with a small difference: My father was a vinyl collector. Not in the “I buy two or three records a week” way, more in the “I have 13 fucked turntables piled up at my backdoor and you can’t get upstairs” way.

Rush Hour store gets new location, to host opening weekender: Amsterdam’s key record store and eclectic electronic music imprint Rush Hour announced today that it is getting a new location. To celebrate its new home, which will be on the same street as it now is, RH is throwing a three-day weekender in April. After being its home for more than 17 years now, the well-known location on Spuistraat 98, the record store is now moving to a bigger space in the same street, on number 116 to be exact.

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In rotation: 2/10/16

Echo Records debuts this week at downtown Huntsville retail incubator: A new record store likely smaller than Rolling Stone frontman Mick Jagger’s shoe closet is set to open this week in the heart of downtown Huntsville. Matt Wake, an entertainment reporter for, will launch Echo Records at noon Saturday at The Clinton Row Project, a small business retail incubator in the Downtown Storage building at Clinton Avenue and Jefferson Street.

New Billings record store opens with compilation vinyl of Montana music: A new record store opened up shop in Billings and to kick it off, it hosted a record release party on Saturday. Right on the corner of 27th and Minnesota Avenue, Smiling Dog Record store is open for business. “Long Time Coming” is a two record package of Montana music from across the state.

Mumbai’s Rhythm House record shop prepares for its swansong: With music consumption an increasingly online experience, sales at Rhythm House, which has been around for seven decades, have been declining and its owners recently admitted defeat and made the decision to close down. “It has been on the cards for some time,” says Mehmood Curmally, who owns and runs the store as its managing director, while his uncle, Amir Curmally, is the chairman. “Online sales of music, be it digital, streaming or physical sales through e-commerce, mean our sales are going to keep going down.

Canadian company designs new, faster record pressing method: The problem is that manufacturers have to use decades-old machines, which require rare and often very expensive parts. Viryl hopes to change that with their new, modernized vinyl presses, which they said will be available for sale at around $160,000 USD each. The company has redesigned traditional record-pressing technology, they said, making for not only higher-quality records, but a quicker and more efficient process. They’re backed by $1 million CAD in funding from a Toronto-area investor.

6 Tips To Keep Your Vinyl Record Collection In Perfect Condition While In Storage: There is no question that you want to keep your vinyl collection in the best possible condition, considering all of the time and money put into curating your collection. Sometimes it becomes necessary to store the vinyl record collection in a storage unit, especially if you are short on home storage – vinyl takes up a lot of space! However, your collection can quickly become damaged due to heat and moisture if proper precautions are not put into place.

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TVD Vinyl Giveaway: Vanessa Carlton, Liberman

There was a moment during our Som Records in-store shoot with Vanessa Carlton—you can check it out here—when we collectively realized we didn’t have a copy of Liberman, her new and warmly received LP, on premises! A plan was immediately afoot to not only remedy this post haste, but to put the LP in the hands of a few of you. And we’ve got 3 copies of the record to do just that.

We should add that “warmly received” might be an understatement, Popmatters noting last October, “…the record itself is one of the strongest and most consistent of Carlton’s career. Liberman continues further into the reverb laden, dream-pop direction of Rabbits on the Run. At times, Liberman reminds the listener slightly of Nordic dream-pop enthusiasts like the Radio Dept. or Delay Trees, although Carlton never approaches the more noisy excursions of the former.

Liberman’s ten tracks whip by, each track filled with sweet, well-timed melodies and haunting atmosphere. It is over before you know it, compelling the listener to repeated, often back-to-back listens. Opener “Take It Easy” begins with a throbbing, almost danceable rhythmic pulse that would not sound out of place on one of the ‘Italians Do It Better’ records.

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In rotation: 2/9/16

Nottingham record shop The Music Exchange to close: Award-winning record shop The Music Exchange, which supports homeless people across Nottingham, is to close next month. The shop, now based at Stoney Street, has been running since 2009 and was set up as a social enterprise by local homelessness charity Framework.

That old vinyl record collection gathering dust in your attic? It could be music to your ears as some discs now sell for hundreds of pounds: Brigid Harrison-Draper, a vinyl collector and contributor to magazine Record Collector, says: ‘There is no substitute for vinyl. ‘It offers a warmer and more personal sound quality that has the power to give you goosebumps – you rarely get this feeling from downloaded music or CDs. ‘Even the needle crackle and pop can add to the intimacy. From the moment you look at the cover and pull the record out of the sleeve, the experience is more rewarding.’

Rare Rolling Stones collector’s item stolen from record shop: A local record shop says a true rarity has been stolen, a Rolling Stones record never commercially released. “We’re fighting the good fight,” said Doyle Davis, owner of Grimey’s. “We’re an independent record store in an era where that’s supposed to be in the past. The world of the record store is a very small world.” Davis said Grimey’s is meant for those who love, talk, eat, drink and sleep music. That “music is life” attitude is why it stings so much to hear what was just stolen from the shop.

Front door busted at Grimey’s record store: First came a rare Rolling Stones album that was stolen from the store a week and a half ago. Now, Nashville record store Grimey’s New and Preloved Music has gotten its front glass door busted open. It happened overnight Saturday, prompting police to come to the scene on Sunday morning.

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TVD’s Press Play

Press Play is our Monday recap of the new and FREE tracks received last week to inform the next trip to your local indie record store.

Vincent Colbert – Beth (Hold On)
Wanderwild – Optimist
Jon Patrick Walker – Hideous Monster
Gazebos – Just Get High
The Black Watch – Pershing / Harvard Square
Sea Caves – Spanning the River
Gladiola – The Uninvited Guest
Suntrodden – It’s Never Over

Joy Crookes – New Manhattan

Sharks In The Deep End – Shadows In The Sunset
Chris Storrow – A True Christian
Badlands – Echo
Andrew Grant – Slow Burn
Mangoseed – Lucy
Du Tonc – Little Bird (Du Tonc Rework)
Database – PressPlay Mix
Neuman – Scarface (You Need People Like Me)

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In rotation: 2/8/16

Jazz Record Mart Owner Reaches Deal to Sell All His Records, Closing Soon: One of Downtown’s last remaining record stores is readying to close its doors after its owner reached a deal to sell all his records. Bob Koester said he recently accepted an offer to sell all his inventory within Jazz Record Mart, which has peddled vinyl LPs and other records for about 10 years from 27 E. Illinois St. The deal is still pending, but either way, Koester believes his days Downtown are numbered.

10 leaked releases that show Record Store Day needs to get its shit together: As reported today, a list of exclusive releases from Record Store Day 2016 has leaked onto the internet. RSD was quick to respond, blaming Universal for accidentally revealing an inaccurate list of releases that are still subject to change. Well, let’s hope so. In past few years, we’ve taken the time to round up the essential Record Store Day releases, but it’s gotten harder and harder to write. So here’s a different kind of round-up for those 70-odd leaked releases with the hope that none of them end up on the official roster. It’s gone on long enough: get your shit together Record Store Day.

Flashlight Vinyl: New record store brings paradise to northeast Minneapolis: Flashlight’s first floor, carrying its rock, folk, punk, and country selections, has been open since January 4. But the official opening party and second floor banner-cutting (figuratively, we assume) is planned for 6 p.m. Friday. The second floor is home to a wider collection, featuring funk, soul, R&B, and hip-hop records. There are also 5,000 $1 records up there — bargains!

Play De Record gets a move on to Kensington: Trend-spotting: exodus of old-school record stores from Yonge Street. Back in December, Vortex Records announced it was heading straight into the vortex, closing after many decades on Yonge. Now Play de Record is also bidding adieu to the north-south main drag. But crate-diggers, rejoice: rather than shutter, it’s relocating to a spot just outside Kensington Market, at 411 Spadina, as of March 1.

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In rotation: 2/5/16

Pegasus record store to close soon? One of Alabama’s oldest record stores may be closing this spring. Eli Flippen, owner of Pegasus Records, Tapes and CDs, said he plans to close the doors March 31, unless a new owner steps in. The store remains profitable, he said, but with young children at home, the business demands too much of his time.

Halcyon opens permanent vinyl shop and cafe at Brooklyn’s Output: Halcyon has been a pivotal mainstay in New York’s underground music scene for over a decade. The new location’s hours will coincide with Output’s regular programming and special events. With its own private entrance and connections to the Main and Panther Room, the record store’s presence is a symbol of the both brands’ industry progression, fusion and affinity for vinyl culture.

Ryerson loses its neighbouring vinyl store, Play De Record: It’s a sad day for vinyl enthusiasts on Yonge Street as the renowned record store Play De Record announced its departure from their current location on Monday. After more than 20 years in the business, Play De Record will relocate from Yonge Street to the eclectic neighbourhood of Kensington Market. Although the move is an exciting venture for the business, it is a loss for the Ryerson community. Play De Record is the last original vinyl store on Yonge Street.

Record Store Day 2016: How to build the ultimate hi-fi for listening to vinyl: The queues will be long and the music loud as vinyl lovers celebrate the rebirth of a format which was once thought dead. But you shouldn’t just play those lovely records on a rubbish iPod dock. The analogue sound of records is regarded as massively superior to the digital sound of MP3s, so you’ll need to make sure your hi-fi is up to the job.

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Vanessa Carlton:
In-store with TVD at DC’s Som Records

PHOTOS: RICHIE DOWNSBetween two live dates in Washington, DC in support of her very well received and highly regarded new LP, Liberman on Dine Alone Records, we had the pleasure of Vanessa Carlton’s company for a bit of a rummage through the stacks at the District’s Som Records.

If there’s a characteristic trait that runs among those who’ve joined us at Som Records for our filmed feature, Vanessa exemplifies the enthusiasm, genuineness, and appreciation for the flat, black shiny medium that saw over 2,ooo of you queueing in line last weekend at the DC Record Fair. 

She’s warm, funny, ready with the anecdotes, and is most importantly a music fan. So, onward—we’re record shopping with Vanessa Carlton at Washington, DC’s Som Records.

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