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TVD Radar: John Lennon, John Lennon/Plastic
Ono Band–The Ultimate Collection
in stores 4/16

VIA PRESS RELEASE | From the haunting, funereal bells and emotional wails of opening track “Mother,” it was immediate—John Lennon’s first solo studio album was unlike anything he had made before.

Recorded in 1970, shortly after the demise of The Beatles, John Lennon/Plastic Ono Band saw John stripping away the artifice and ornamentation for a visceral artistic exorcism that was confessional, raw, painfully honest, and revelatory. Inspired by the primal scream psychotherapy he and wife Yoko Ono had been practicing with Dr. Arthur Janov, John, joined by the minimalist Plastic Ono Band—Ringo Starr on drums and Klaus Voorman on bass, and producer Phil Spector—confronted his demons, professed his love for his wife, railed against false idols and declared the dream was over on his most personal album. Today it stands as the towering achievement of his solo career—the moment the biggest rock star in the world bared his soul for all to hear—as real as it was revolutionary.

On April 16, Yoko Ono Lennon and Capitol/UMe will celebrate 50 years of John’s transformational and influential masterpiece, with the eight-disc super deluxe box set, John Lennon/Plastic Ono Band – The Ultimate Collection, an immersive, deep listening experience and in-depth exploration of what John described as “the best thing I’ve ever done.”

Fully authorized by Yoko Ono Lennon, who oversaw the production and creative direction, and from the same audio team that worked on 2018’s critically acclaimed Imagine—The Ultimate Collection, including triple GRAMMY®-Award winning engineer Paul Hicks and mixers/engineers Rob Stevens and Sam Gannon, the Ultimate Collection puts listeners in the center of the studio and explores the album’s 1970 recording sessions at EMI Studios 2 & 3, Abbey Road along with John’s post-Beatles singles, “Give Peace A Chance,” “Cold Turkey” and “Instant Karma! (We All Shine On)” from inception to the final master through scores of unreleased and rare demos, rehearsals, outtakes, jams and studio conversations, revealing how these beloved songs came to be. Everything in this expansive box set has been newly mixed from scratch from brand new 192kHz/24bit hi-res transfers. In addition to the various new mixes, the set boasts 87 never-before-heard recordings.

This historical, remixed and remastered collection features 159 tracks across six CDs and two Blu-ray audio discs for more than 11 engrossing hours of music and includes two postcards (“Who Are The Plastic Ono Band?” and “You Are The Plastic Ono Band”) a “War Is Over!” poster and a comprehensive 132-page hardback book with lyrics, rare photos, tape box images, memorabilia and extensive notes. Designed and edited by Simon Hilton, the Compilation Producer and Production Manager of the Ultimate Collection series, the book tells the story behind each of the songs and the making of the album in John & Yoko’s words and the words of those who worked alongside them, through archival and brand new interviews.

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In rotation: 3/5/21

Vinyl sales increased in the United States by 30% throughout 2020: Despite streaming’s market dominance, the vinyl revival just keeps raging on. This week, the RIAA released their annual year-end music industry revenue report for 2020, offering an intriguing snapshot of the state of America’s recording industry during the height of the pandemic. Despite the devastating impacts of the virus upon the country, the US recorded music industry’s revenue grew by 9.2%, accounting to $12.2 billion in 2020. Revenues from recorded music at wholesale value increased by 8.9% totalling to $8 billion. While COVID-19 restrictions and retail store closures made an impact on trade, total revenues from physical products decreased by a slim 0.5% in 2020, earning $1.1 billion. Vinyl sales increased by 28.7% to account for a total of $626 million, and for the first time since 1986, revenues from vinyls were greater than CDs. It’s not surprising vinyl sales have increased, considering some albums have limited multiple releases through via records. Meanwhile, revenue continue to drop for CDs, with sales declining by 23% this year to equal $483 million in 2020.

Evanston, IL | A new record store somehow opens in Evanston: On February 20, Michael Dedmon opened Evanston’s newest music store, Black Squirrel Records. Dedmon is a dedicated record fiend who began buying up entire collections a decade ago, and so far all of Black Squirrel’s stock has come directly from his personal holdings. The store’s inventory includes rock, reggae, electronic music, jazz, soul, country, blues, and world music. Dedmon says a neighbor of his owns the 450-square-foot storefront at 1620 Greenleaf Street, and he’s wanted to open a record store there for a few years. When it became available about a month ago, he secured a short-term rental with the hope of transforming it into a long-term endeavor. For now he mostly runs the place himself, with a little help from a friend and his friend’s daughter. “Everyone who walks in has a smile on their face,” Dedmon says. “Or I think they do, because they have masks on.”

Hoboken, NJ | Musical Nostalgia: Vinyl record sales boom at this New Jersey shop: Vinyl records may seem like a thing of the past, but the surge in sales, even through the pandemic, has proven otherwise. At Tunes Hoboken, an independent record store running strong since 1995, the evolution of music and the revival of vinyl records has been witnessed firsthand. “We’ve seen a lot of changes over the years. But by being smaller and independent, we’ve always been able to adapt. We’ve sold more record players and speaker setups since reopening from the pandemic than ever before,” said Chip Heuisle, owner of Tunes Hoboken. According to Heuisle, vinyl’s account for approximately 70 percent of his sales, which can be purchased in-store or online. “When we first had to shut down in March, I remember thinking I can handle a month of being closed. When it turned out to be three months, I was a little nervous, but selling online was part of our business so I knew that I was lucky,” said Heuisle.

Winston-Salem, NC | Earshot Music in Winston-Salem purchased by owner of Hippo Records in Greensboro: Earshot Music in Winston-Salem will reopen on Saturday as Hippo Records, said owner Patrick Lemons. The store has been closed since last Sunday for some remodeling and restocking. Lemons, the owner of the Hippo Records store at 2823 Spring Garden St. in Greensboro, bought the Earshot Music store at 3254 Silas Creek Parkway in Silas Creek Crossing shopping center on March 1. This will be Lemons’ second Hippo Records location. Alan “Phred” Rainey, the previous owner of Earshot Music, died in January after a long battle with leukemia. “I was really sad to hear the news of Phred’s passing,” Lemons said. Lemons, who lived in Winston-Salem from 2008 through 2009, said he had known Rainey since the early 2000s and would shop in Earshot Music, which once went under the name the Record Exchange. Lemons said Rainey approached him about buying the store prior to his death. “In the circumstances, I am definitely honored that he had an interest to want me to come in and continue on the legacy of the store…”

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TVD Radar: Record Store Day drops return for 6/12 and 7/17

VIA PRESS RELEASE | With vaccines on the horizon and a few events being pencilled in for later this year, Record Store Day organizers around the world look forward to the future, but recognize that in 2021, celebrating independent brick and mortar record stores is still best done in the Drops format introduced so successfully in 2020. RSD Drops will take place at participating record stores, globally, on June 12 and July 17.

Throughout the past year, record stores have found creative, flexible ways to operate under changing regulations and conditions, with tremendous support from their local communities. The ongoing worldwide pandemic makes it impossible to predict the status of any stores or locations in the next few months, and brings with it many unexpected side effects, including production and distribution issues that continue to disrupt record store supply chains.

The decision to once again shift the “Record Store Day energy”—usually focused on in-store performances and crowds and the world’s largest single-day music event—to focus on revenue generation for these local independent businesses, as well as for the artists, labels and distributors who play a major role, allows the largest number of stores worldwide to participate. The Lists of specially created titles coming to record stores as part of the RSD Drops dates will be launched soon.

About Record Store Day | Record Store Day, the organization, is managed by the Department of Record Stores and is organized in partnership with the Alliance of Independent Media Stores (AIMS), the Coalition of Independent Music Stores (CIMS) and promotes independent record stores year-round with events, special releases and other fun things. Record Store Day, the global celebration of the culture of the record store, takes place annually. The worldwide pandemic in 2020 required the creation of RSD Drops dates in 2020 and in 2021, RSD Drops will take place on June 12 and July 17 at record stores worldwide.

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TVD Radar: Nelson Riddle: Music with a Heartbeat from
Geoffrey Littlefield
in stores now

VIA PRESS RELEASE | Nelson Riddle, arguably the greatest, most successful and prolific composer and arranger in the history of American popular music, was something of an enigma. Author Geoff Littlefield takes a deep dive into that story with the help of the late composer’s musician son, Christopher, in a revealing new biography, Nelson Riddle: Music with a Heartbeat.

Seeing Riddle as a complex and forlorn genius, Littlefield traces Riddle’s life from the small town of Oradell, New Jersey, through a career that saw him hailed as the veritable king of what came to be known as the Great American Songbook—the canon of the most important and influential American popular songs and jazz standards from the early 20th century.

Riddle collaborated with all the biggest musical stars of his time, including Dean Martin, Peggy Lee, Nat King Cole, and Ella Fitzgerald. But it was his work with Frank Sinatra that made him a household name the world over. By the time his career was winding down, Riddle was working with new names on the scene like Linda Ronstadt, became musical director for The Smothers Brothers Comedy Hour on CBS, wrote music for the Batman TV show on ABC and turned down an offer from Paul McCartney to collaborate on a song. His shelf included Grammy and Oscar awards.

But Littlefield reveals that, like so many creative souls, Riddle was a complex and troubled figure. His marriage to Doreen, with whom he had seven children, was rocky and constantly under threat from his own numerous affairs.

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In rotation: 3/4/21

Miami, FL | Ingenuity, Customer Loyalty Keeps Local Records Store Afloat During COVID-19 Pandemic: A local records store has had to rely solely on ingenuity and customer loyalty to stay afloat during the coronavirus pandemic. Believe it or not, a national trend of nostalgia for vinyl records has helped a local store that counts on customers digging through the stacks to find that long-ago memory. Nationwide, in 2020, the sale of vinyl records increased almost 30% over 2019. The sale of CDs declined, the same for music downloads, like many small businesses, the key during the pandemic has been ingenuity and customer loyalty. Technique Records reopened in June, with five employees back to work, wearing masks and social distancing was just part of the rules of the house. “It wasn’t until we were ordered to shut down when every non-essential business had to close was when I said to everyone, well, that’s it!” said shop owner Mikey Ramirez. Ramirez said he took to his couch, thinking of his employees, his family, his home. “I am not sure what to do, to be honest, I’m lost like everyone else was,” Ramirez said.

Inverness, UK | Kind donations from a city centre record shop will provide 300 displaced families with safe drinking water: Union Vinyl, based on Market Brae Steps in Inverness, posted a message on its social media to say vinyl records they had passed to Oxfam had raised £3407 for the charity’s work. Saying the team behind the shop were staggered by the amount raised said it was delighted the vinyl records that it could not use could be recycled to support the charity’s work. Owner Nigel Graham wrote: “Just to let you all know, I got confirmation by email today of Union Vinyl contribution to Oxfam. “We often get collections in which through sorting fall below our standard for resale, or are artists that are not so sell able for us, so we set them aside in a box for Oxfam in Inverness. “We phone them to collect when it’s full, and some of you know that I recently moved house so a lot of stock needed to be shifted so Oxfam kindly picked them up. And some people randomly drop bags off to us to dispose of for them, they always go into the box. “The total raised by Oxfam through our donations at present is a staggeringly £3,407.00 wow.”

Evansville, IN | Vinyl records make a comeback: Despite the effects of the pandemic, vinyl record sales are jamming on both nationally and locally. This resurgence is shaking up the music industry. “Two years ago, pre-COVID, vinyl sales out sold CD sales in the first time in probably 20 years and not only are older people going back to collecting vinyl, but there’s a lot of teenagers and younger people collecting vinyl as well,” explained Jeff Osborne. He’s the owner of Secret Headquarters who started carrying vinyl records over the summer. “Any record enthusiast that has ever dropped a needle on that record, there’s just something magical about the sound, the highs, the lows,” described Patrick Holl, owner of Space Monkey Records. Holl said the way his customers became interested in vinyl is just as diverse and unique as the age range of the frequent shoppers. “It’s an interesting phenomena with vinyl because I’ve quite a few businesses over the years and I can honestly say that this is the only business where the demographic spans from the youngest people, 12-13 years old all the way to very elderly people.”

Austin, TX | Through Vinyl, Keeled Scales is Defying the Odds: Owner Tony Presley found new life at his indie record label thanks to records and other physical media. “The sky was falling,” says Tony Presley, owner of Austin indie record label Keeled Scales. Following national shutdowns last spring, the company’s monthly financial reports showed album sales down by two-thirds, and with people glued to the news, streaming numbers tanked. In those precarious first months of the pandemic, Presley pondered whether or not the label even had a future. But then the unexpected happened. In June, Presley started to process an inordinate amount of album orders, mainly of vinyl records. Comments were often attached, where purchasers left encouraging notes to the artists (Wish we were seeing you live this year, but this will have to do! said one to Will Johnson). “In the absence of artists touring, their fans and listeners wanted to actually hold the physical record while they’re listening to it,” says Presley.

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TVD Radar: Vans and Record Store Day to release Songs For You, Volumes 1 & 2 to honor the impact of Black-owned record stores

VIA PRESS RELEASE | Featuring music from 6lack, Black Thought, Cautious Clay, Common, Duckwrth, Lupe Fiasco, Roberta Flack, Nubya Garcia, Freddie Gibbs, H.E.R., Amber Mark, Curtis Mayfield, Keb’ Mo’, Otis Redding, Pop Smoke, Esperanza Spalding, Tank and The Bangas, and Summer Walker.

Vans, the original action sports footwear and apparel brand, is teaming up with Record Store Day to release two albums, Songs for You, Vols. 1 & 2, to spotlight and support Black-owned record stores. The limited-edition vinyl releases will be available to purchase at independent record stores on Record Store Day 2021 (June 12th). As a salute to the community power of Black-owned businesses, Vans and Record Store Day will reinvest proceeds from the albums into Black-owned record stores across the United States.

Nineteen tracks from prolific Black artists are featured across the two compilations, including previously unreleased music by Roberta Flack, whose uplifting rendition of Marvin Gaye’s “What’s Going On” pays tribute to the 50th anniversary of Gaye’s groundbreaking LP and song.

According to Flack, a six-time Grammy Award-winning trailblazer and one of the music industry’s most iconic R&B artists, the Black-owned record store experience is as important and influential as ever: “Black-owned record stores have historically served as places where our community has gathered to learn, listen and celebrate. They have been places of political activism, where we find our voices through the music we hear. Marvin’s song that I include in this project is sadly as relevant today as it was when it was released 50 years ago.”

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TVD Radar: The
Frank Derrick Total Experience, You Betcha! first ever vinyl reissues in stores 5/28

VIA PRESS RELEASE | Drummer Frank Derrick III (born 1950) grew up in Harvey, Illinois in a musical family. His father Frank Derrick Jr. was a professional musician and arranger who played with notables such as Duke Ellington and Earl Hinges.

Frank Derrick III began playing the drums when he was ten years old and at the age of nineteen, he was already playing professionally in the renowned Chicago jazz scene. Frank has led a multifaceted national and international music career. He is a virtuoso performer, composer, and educator. Next to his own recordings he has performed and recorded with numerous legends and artists including Stevie Wonder, Quincy Jones, Eartha Kitt, Roberta Flack, Donna Summer and countless others.

Frank Derrick III toured worldwide with Cab Calloway for ten years and was the drummer for The David Letterman Show on NBC. He is also no stranger to symphonic fans around the world (he was a member of many renowned symphonic giants such as The Royal Philharmonic).

As an educator, he served as Chairman of Percussion at Henry Street Settlement in New York, presents master classes, is the respected author of Focus On Technique For Drummers, is a contributing author to various educational publications, and is the Drum set editor for The Percussive Arts Society. Last but not least, he was honored with an A.S.C.A.P. Special Award.

Frank has a WIDE range of musical experience—his precision, driving rhythmic style and “straight ahead” jazz compositions make him unique and a master of his craft. He is a powerfully swinging (yet tasteful) drummer who always makes sure his skills ‘serve’ the music he’s performing.

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In rotation: 3/3/21

Tarentum, PA | Former Jerry’s Records owner now selling vinyl from Swissvale spot: Jerry “Vinylman” Weber owns hundreds of thousands of records. He’s not a fan of acquiring music on digital platforms. “I have never downloaded a song,” Weber said. “I have a flip phone. I am what you call ‘eccentric.’” Weber loves to help others acquire music. He owned Jerry’s Records in Squirrel Hill for 40 years, retiring in 2017 and selling it to employee Chris Grauzer. Weber, 72, an Oakland native, needed two knee replacements. He took a few years to mend. In 2019, he started selling records from his warehouse in Swissvale, Vinyl-Man’s Clubhouse. The space is a former car dealership and light fixture store. He has 250,000 records stored in the large building where 50,000 are for sale, most for $5 in every genre from rock to jazz to country-western. He decided to open more hours to give customers additional shopping time. The record store on Washington Avenue will be open from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. Friday and Saturday.

Atascadero, CA | Traffic Records Moves Twenty Feet to a Larger Location: Those searching for records in Atascadero will be pleased to hear the Traffic Records has recently relocated to a larger space only twenty feet from where it sat before. Traffic Records and Bland Solar Company and Show Room saw their leases come time for renewal and decided it would be mutually beneficial to switch as the record store needed more sales space and Bland Solar was open to a smaller location. During the first week of February, the two businesses made the change, and now Traffic Records sits at 5850 Traffic Way while Bland is at 5870. Due to the tight restrictions placed on businesses based on square footage, Traffic Records owner Manuel Barba was forced to make a decision. “The max number of occupancy that I could have of shoppers at any one time was two to three with people waiting outside. As the store got increasingly more successful and busier, I found myself setting up a lounge area outside in the hopes that people might stick around and wait…”

Marquette, MI | Buy or trade your favorite vinyl records: The Emporium featuring Vintage Vinyl in Marquette is open by appointment. Make an appointment to buy or trade vinyl records. To schedule a visit to The Emporium featuring Vintage Vinyl in Marquette, call or text owner Jon Teichman. The shop holds thousands of records, as well as vintage toys, books and homeware. Teichman constantly adds to the collection, but special orders are available if you don’t find the album you’re looking for. “Everyone’s welcome, all tastes are welcome. And if people have records that they’re not listening to and they’d like to trade them in, and have them looked at by us, they should definitely contact us,” says Teichman. “We love to look at people’s collections. We can come to you or you can bring the records to us, but we’re really interested in people’s records.” The Emporium is located at 317 W Washington St. in Marquette. The shop is currently open by appointment only.

Record Store day and Vans new vinyl supports Black-owned record shops: Vans and Record Store Day 2021 are teaming up to support Black-owned record shops across the country. Together, the two companies are putting out the dual vinyl Songs for You, Vols. 1 & 2 that will specifically benefit Black-owned independent record shops in the United States. Late last year, the United States saw a massive spike in vinyl record sales over the holidays. In fact, Record Store Day’s Black Friday event and Taylor Swift‘s folklore helped the industry sell over 1.445 million vinyl on the weekend before Christmas. Now, Record Store Day hopes to keep the momentum surrounding physical album sales going this year. On June 12, Record Store Day is officially holding its 2021 event. This time around, however, RSD is teaming up with Vans for a special collaboration. Together, the companies are releasing the dual vinyl Songs for You, Vols. 1 & 2. The new compilations feature nineteen tracks from prolific Black artists including Curtis Mayfield, H.E.R., Run The Jewels, Summer Walker, Common, Pop Smoke and Freddie Gibbs among others. Roberta Flack’s recent cover of Marvin Gaye’s “What’s Going On” is also included.

Medicine Hat, CA | Round Again Records sees generations of music lovers come together: At Round Again Records on Third street, the music doesn’t stop playing. From the Rolling Stones to The Beatles, to ABBA. Music is everywhere. Old-fashioned records, CD’s and even cassettes each blanketing the walls of the store. Their colorful covers, a catch to those itching for a musical escape. “I get a lot of people who come down here and it is a trip down memory lane.’Oh I had this or oh I had this and it kind of takes them back,” said owner Pete Rose. That feeling of nostalgia during a period of uncertainty is what some people say keeps them coming back. …But the lure of the store is not exclusive to those wanting to return to the good old days of their childhood or teenage years. “A lot of my customers I would say are between 17 and 25 and some are even younger coming in with their parents you know and It’s not the parents buying the record it’s the kids, or the parents buying the record for the kid,” said Rose.

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TVD Radar: Linda Perry and Sean Penn curate ‘Rock ‘N’ Relief for Charity,’ streaming 3/5 and 3/6

VIA PRESS RELEASE | Artists include Foo Fighters, DeadMau5, Carly Simon, Sheryl Crow, Ziggy Marley, Silversun Pickups, Gavin Rossdale, Juliette Lewis, Macy Gray and more! Amazon Music to stream concert through its app and Twitch Channel, Rolling Stone and YouTube to also Broadcast.

Legendary producer & Hall of Fame songwriter Linda Perry is set to curate and perform at the upcoming two-day Rock ‘N’ Relief: Live Stream Series. Founded by Sean Penn and Ann Lee, CORE (Community Organized Relief Effort) is a non-profit organization dedicated to crisis response.

CORE has been working tirelessly on the frontlines with partners to provide equitable access to free testing and vaccines across Los Angeles for the past year. This two-day live stream will benefit CORE’s life-saving programs. In addition, the concert will also benefit CORE’s work supporting the City of L.A.’s mobile vaccination program, which brings access to the vaccine directly to communities who need it most across L.A.

The mobile vaccination program targets low-income communities of color that have been disproportionately impacted by the pandemic. By providing direct access within the community and offering on-site registration, CORE is helping to eliminate the disparities in health equity as it relates to vaccine distribution and COVID-19 testing.

Additionally, CORE helps operate the City of L.A.’s mass vaccination site at Dodger Stadium, which is currently serving as the largest vaccination site in the U.S., providing an average of 8,000 vaccines daily, with the capacity to administer more than 12,000 vaccines per day, pending vaccine supply. Linda Perry’s Rock n’ Relief concert aims to be a magnet to bring awareness to CORE as well as raise money in support of CORE’s daily outreach to broaden its impact in the community during this pandemic.

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TVD Radar: Gang of Four, Entertainment! and Solid Gold vinyl reissues in stores 4/23

VIA PRESS RELEASE | “Gang of Four, in a way, were the great missing link that led us all down a road of austerity of sound, and discipline of method.You could be fooled into thinking they are minimalist, but these are keenly arranged tracks that trade on the currency of suspense, and the power of reduction. The lyrical layer is poetic, passionate and painfully human.Brendan Canty, Fugazi

On April 23, Matador Records will reissue two of Gang of Four’s critical early works, Entertainment! (1979) and Solid Gold (1981). Both have been remastered from the original analog tapes and will be made available on LP and CD.

Gang of Four’s debut record, Entertainment!, remains one of the most beloved and influential works of its era (or any era, really)—an unparalleled collection of songs that has left an indelible mark on generations of bands, producers, and artists. The group’s second album, Solid Gold, celebrates its 40th anniversary today. It boasts a much deeper, bass heavy sound than Entertainment! and contains the singles “Outside the Trains Don’t Run On Time” and “He’d Send In The Army.”

Entertainment! and Solid Gold are also collected in Gang of Four: 77-81, a new box set due out March 12 on LP and April 23 on CD. This stunning limited-edition box set gathers Gang of Four’s influential early work—the two aforementioned full-lengths, an exclusive singles LP, and an exclusive double LP of the never officially released Live at American Indian Center 1980. Additionally, the package includes two new badges, a C90 cassette tape compiling 26 never-before-issued outtakes, rarities and studio demos from Entertainment! and Solid Gold, and an epic 100-page, full-color hardbound book. A never before heard demo from the box set, “Elevator,” is available to listen to now.

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In rotation: 3/2/21

Vinyl Record Sales Increased Almost 30% in 2020, RIAA Says: Streaming expectedly continued to grow throughout the pandemic while downloads and CD sales continued to decline. The RIAA has released its annual year-end revenue report, surveying the state of the recorded music industry at the end of 2020. Despite the coronavirus pandemic, trends across the past several years carried on: Streaming is up 13.4%, generating $10.1 billion last year compared to $8.9 billion in 2019, accounting for 83% of the total revenue of the industry. Vinyl sales have continued to rise, too, increasing a whopping 29.2% to $619.6 million, compared to $479.5 million in 2019. The rise in vinyl sales made up for the continued decline in CD sales, leading to a marginal 0.5% decrease in revenue across all physical media from to 2019 to 2020. Music downloads continue to trend downwards, too, decreasing by 18% to $674.4 million last year as compared to $822.8 million in 2019. The RIAA report concludes that streaming has driven the industry to grow for the fifth consecutive year, with revenues increasing 9.2% in 2020, generating $12.2 billion in total.

Medicine Hat, CA | Hatter fulfils lifelong dream with downtown record store: Hatter Pete Rose has worked just about every job imaginable. He spent time with law enforcement, worked as a painter and served in the military for years — to name a few. During all the time, his love for music stayed with him, which has fueled his latest venture: Round Again Records. Rose opened his record store in October in downtown’s Arcade Plaza, and he has already had to move to a bigger space in the building to keep up with demand. “It’s really good so far,” said Rose. “Every week seems to get a little busier and we keep seeing new faces.” Rose’s store specializes in used records, which people can sell to him or trade for different material. He carries vinyl, CD, cassettes and even has 8-tracks. He also sells turntables and speakers. “We’re always buying, trading and selling,” he said. “We post a lot on our Facebook page and in different groups to let people know what we have down here.

San Angelo, TX | San Angelo now has a vinyl records and more store: When you think about Vinyl Records, chances are most of you think back to 45 singles and albums on vinyl from back when. That’s not necessarily the case as you would see with a visit to San Angelo’s new Sonny Records and More store. Vinyl Records never completely went away and numerous artist continue to record their music on vinyl in addition to all of the current formats. There has also been a popular resurged interest in buying and collecting Vinyl Records for quite some time now. Sonny Records and More actually opened back in late January of 2021 and are located at 1504 W. Beauregard Ave. Not only do they sell new and used vinyl records, but you’ll also find T-shirts, stickers, buttons, posters and more. Sonny Records and More was envisioned by owner and operator Sonny Gammill. He would love for you to drop by and browse his store from noon-8 pm Tuesday through Saturday and noon-5 on Sunday.

Richmond, CA | Richmond resident finds vinyl album he sold as a child in Maple Ridge garage sale 16 years ago: Jeffrey Liu found the album while sifting through 3 Dawgs Vinyl in Richmond recently. Jeffrey Liu was surprised when he found a copy of a prized vinyl album in a Richmond retro record store that he’d given up 16 years ago for 50 cents at a garage sale in Maple Ridge as a young boy. However, Liu – who moved to Richmond, age 12, just after that garage sale – was about to get an even bigger shock when he took the album home from 3Dawgs Vinyl on No. 5 Road. For as soon as he started playing Frankie Laine’s Greatest Hits he realized, due to the position of a couple of scratches on the vinyl, that it was actually his record from 16 years ago. “Regrettably, I made markings on it as a kid and got scolded by my grandparents for doing so. I recognized it as soon as I got it home,” said a stunned Liu, who moved back to his native Richmond from Maple Ridge with his grandparents in Grade 8. …Liu, now 27, said, instantly, a ton of memories came flooding back of him growing up with his grandparents in their Maple Ridge ranch and acreage.

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TVD Radar: ECHO releases AC/DC limited edition print series by Tom Whalen

VIA PRESS RELEASE | ECHO is proud to announce the AC/DC 2021 Poster Series. This officially licensed limited-edition series will showcase some of today’s biggest and brightest visual artists, creating works inspired by the music and career of AC/DC.

First in the series is a print by artist Tom Whalen, commemorating the performance from the start of AC/DC’s Back in Black Tour, July 31, 1980 in Philadelphia, PA. Philly was the second US date on the tour and one of the first shows to feature Brian Johnson as the band’s new singer. This poster is available now.

“The brand new “Back in Black” cassette tape that I packed for our family trip to Orlando became the soundtrack of my summer of ’91. I played it over and over and over and couldn’t wait to get back home so that I could explore the rest of AC/DC’s catalog. I’ve been hooked ever since. I’m beyond grateful to being asked by ECHO to produce a poster honoring AC/DC, a band that has been a part of my life for so long.”
Tom Whalen

This 7-color screen print measures 18”x24” and will be available in these limited edition variations:
AC/DC July 31, 1980 Philadelphia, PA (Fire Edition) – 175 pcs / $55
AC/DC July 31, 1980 Philadelphia, PA (Midnight Edition) – 75 pcs / $65
AC/DC July 31, 1980 Philadelphia, PA (Fire Gold Foil Variant) – 75 pcs / $80
AC/DC July 31, 1980 Philadelphia, PA (Midnight Lava Foil Variant) – 75 pcs / $80

In the future, look for AC/DC posters in the series from artists Frank Kozik, Dirty Donny, Tom Whalen, Adam Stothard and other artists TBA.

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In rotation: 3/1/21

New Brunswick, NJ | Arts and Music Space, “Chamber 43,” Moves to Hub City: A one of a kind interactive music space and coffee bar opened in downtown New Brunswick on February 26. Chamber 43, a vinyl record store, coffee bar, event space and recording studio, has relocated to 356 George Street from Highland Park four months after closing amid the uncertainty of the COVID-19 pandemic. On October 5, Chamber 43 founder and owner David L. Martins announced the store’s closing on its Instagram page, writing that he was “uncertain of any timely re-opening.” “It wasn’t looking like I was going to re-open for another year,” Martins told New Brunswick Today on December 7. “I was going to take some time off, and come back to it with a clean slate next year.” But things started looking up when Martins’ October post drew in a new business partner.

Chichester, UK | Owner of Chichester vinyl record shop looks forward to welcoming back customers: The owner of a vinyl record shop in Chichester city centre is looking forward to welcoming back his loyal customers in April. Craig Crane, the man behind Analogue October Records in South Street, said he was ‘pleasantly surprised’ at the Prime Minister’s announcement that non-essential businesses could potentially open as early as April 12, as he had feared the lockdown could drag on much longer. He said of the shop: “We’ve built up a massive loyal following who basically support the shop throughout the year. We really look forward to welcoming them back in April.” Mr Crane is particularly looking forward to being able to chat with customers again. “People come in here just to talk and share ideas,” he said. “That’s the biggest thing that I’ve missed during lockdown, people coming in and just chewing the fat for an hour. The shop is a social hub for people.” When the shop was forced to close last March, he launched a website for the business which ‘took off really well.’

Nyack, NY | Get lost in a world of music, art, books, and coffee in downtown Nyack: An unbeatable combination of music, art, books and coffee make for a great Road Trip: Close to Home in downtown Nyack. Soothe your soul with soundtracks at Main Street Beat, a vinyl record store with an eclectic collection. “We carry rock, jazz, R&B, hip-hop – ranging from the ’50s to current music today,” says co-owners Amy Bezunartea and Jennifer O’Connor. Next, fuel up at a unique Nyack staple – The Art Café. This 19th century building-turned-cafe captivates an aesthetic aura with help from local artists. Not only do baristas brew beautiful cups of coffee, but they also serve Mediterranean meals named after famous artist, such as the Picasso Salad. It’s just the right boost of energy to take you on our next adventure at the Pickwick Book Shop, where books are literally stacked from floor to ceiling. But how many books are we looking at here? “Quite a few…thousands! Thousands upon thousands,” says owner John Dunnigan.

San Marcos, TX | Texas’s Legendary Sundance Records Is Back With a Massive Memorabilia Collection—For Sale: Nicknamed the Michelangelo of the Staple Gun, Bobby Barnard turned his San Marcos record store into a work of art. Now you can own a piece of it. How many music posters can fit in a forty-by-sixty-foot barn in Hill Country? It’s a problem that Nancy Barnard, the former co-owner of San Marcos’s Sundance Records, is struggling to solve. “Fifteen hundred [posters]? Two thousand? We were reaching hoarder levels of stuff, if I’m being honest,” she says. And posters are just one part of her massive collection, which includes thousands of items of music memorabilia. Barnard owned the beloved record store until 2012 with her late husband, Bobby Barnard, who died last August after thirty years as a fixture in the local music scene. Now Nancy has tasked herself and a former employee, Parker Wright, with getting Bobby’s archive of music posters, records, vintage T-shirts, and other memorabilia online—and, in news music lovers were thrilled to learn, available for purchase.

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TVD Radar: Bob Mould, Distortion: 2008–2019 7LP box set in stores 4/16

VIA PRESS RELEASE | On April 16th, 2021, Demon Music Group will continue their year-long Bob Mould reissue campaign with Distortion: 2008-2019, the third of four vinyl boxsets chronicling the solo career of the legendary American musician.

It follows hot on the heels of October’s 8 LP Distortion: 1989-1995 box set, which took in Mould’s early solo outings as well as his records with the much-beloved Sugar, January’s 9LP Distortion: 1996-2007 box set continuing through the next steps in Mould’s solo career and his outings as LoudBomb and Blowoff, and the 24CD Distortion: 1989-2019 box, which covers the entirety of his post-Hüsker Dü output.

Distortion: 2008-2019 follows Mould through a number of standout records that include some of his most celebrated work—collected here are District Line (2008), Life and Times (2009), Silver Age (2012), Beauty & Ruin (2014), Patch the Sky (2016) and Sunshine Rock (2019), as well as a bonus disc Distortion Plus: 2008-2019, which features Mould’s collaborations with Foo Fighters and Butch Walker plus the 2019 single “I Don’t Mind.” It comes pressed on clear vinyl with an etched B-side.

As with the previously released box sets in the Distortion collection, each album in the set has been mastered by Jeff Lipton and Maria Rice at Peerless Mastering in Boston and is presented with brand new artwork designed by illustrator Simon Marchner and pressed on 140g clear vinyl with unique splatter effects. The box set includes a 28-page companion booklet featuring liner notes by journalist Keith Cameron; contributions from J Mascis and Shirley Manson; lyrics and memorabilia.

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TVD Radar: The Who, The Who Sell Out
Super Deluxe Editions
in stores 4/23

VIA PRESS RELEASE | Initially released in December 1967 and described latterly by Rolling Stone as “The Who’s finest album,” The Who Sell Out reflected a remarkable year in popular culture. As well as being forever immortalized as the moment when the counterculture and the “Love Generation” became a global phenomenon and “pop” began metamorphosing into “rock.”

The new Super Deluxe Edition of The Who Sell Out features 112 tracks, 46 of which are unreleased, an 80-page, hard-back, full-color book, including rare period photos, memorabilia, track-by-track annotation and new sleeve notes by Pete Townshend with comments from the likes of Pete Drummond (Radio London DJ), Richard Evans (designer) and more.

The Super Deluxe package also includes nine posters & inserts, including replicas of 20” x 30” original Adrian George album poster, a gig poster from The City Hall, Newcastle, a Saville Theatre show 8-page program, a business card for the Bag o’ Nails club, Kingly Street, a Who fan club photo of group, a flyer for Bath Pavilion concerts including The Who, a crack-back bumper sticker for Wonderful Radio London, Keith Moon’s Speakeasy Club membership card and a Who Fan Club newsletter.

As a taster for the set an EP of Pete Townshend’s previously unreleased demos has today been released on all streaming services including “Pictures Of Lily” (New remix, previously unreleased) “Kids! Do You Want Kids?” (AKA “Do You Want Kids, Kids?”) (Previously unreleased) & “Odorono” (Previously unreleased).

The Who Sell Out was originally planned by Pete Townshend and the band’s managers Kit Lambert and Chris Stamp, as a loose concept album including jingles and commercials linking the songs stylised as a pirate radio broadcast. This concept was born out of necessity as their label and management wanted a new album and Townshend felt that he didn’t have enough songs. The ground-breaking original plan for Sell Out was to sell advertising space on the album but instead the band opted for writing their own jingles paying tribute to pirate radio stations and to parody an increasingly consumerist society.

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