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In rotation: 10/25/16

Trick or treat at your local independent record store for a chance to hear Metallica’s “Atlas, Arise” early: To help you get into the Halloween spirit, starting this Friday, October 28th, fans around the world can visit select independent record stores for the chance to obtain a free limited edition Hardwired…To Self-Destruct Halloween mask. Inside of each mask you’ll find a special access code that will allow you to hear “Atlas, Rise!” 30 minutes prior to it’s official release on Halloween.

Music biz to honor Portland record store owner: Proof that owning a record store is still cool, The Music Business Association will present Terry Currier, owner of Portland, Ore.’s Music Millennium with its Independent Spirit Award. The presentation will take place 5/17 during the Awards Breakfast of the Music Biz 2017 convention at the Renaissance Nashville Hotel in Nashville. “Terry exemplifies the best qualities of independent music retail and has played a massive role in advocating for its health and vitality,” said James Donio, President of Music Biz.

Jakarta is having a vinyl renaissance: In the United States, record sales are on the rise, and pressing plants are working around the clock to keep up with demand. But in Indonesia, the last vinyl pressing plants went out of business in the 1980s, their machines long since sold for scrap metal, with no comeback in sight. Still, in the capital city of Jakarta, record shops are seeing a new generation of music lovers building their old-school collections, despite soaring prices and limited supply. On Jalan Surabaya, a street of low-slung buildings in Jakarta that has housed record vendors for decades, a few small shops still sell used records, packed beside others peddling discount luggage and antiques.

What goes around comes around: LPs drive substantial sales surge in changing music industry: After about 45 minutes of prowling around, Katie Dobosz and her fiancé, Tanner Kenney, leave with several treasures that should make for fine listening. There’s a classic Bob Dylan for her, and a quartet of styles for him — a live Y&T album and one by Morris Day and The Time among them. Before they depart, they cast their eyes about for their next trip to Johnny’s Records in Darien. The New Canaan couple have some choices to make. Vinyl records will have a prominent role in their nuptials next year, when their wedding party holds records instead of flowers.

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TVD’s Press Play

Press Play is our Monday recap of the new and FREE tracks received last week to inform the next trip to your local indie record store.

Gregory Uhlmann – It’s Not Your Fault
Owls of the Swamp – Meteorite
Lilah Larson – tbh
Coffee Project – Anxiety and the Coconut Bar
Almond & Olive – Standing at the Precipice
Michael Jablonka – Mantra
J Hacha De Zola – Bad Decisions (Ariana Grande Cover)

Nicole Atkins – A Little Crazy

Spelling Reform – Expiration Date
Blankus Larry – Tight Pants Or Less
Mangoseed – Jah Jah
Milk N Cooks – Funk It (feat. Lyon Hart)
Blank Face – 30 Hours (Freestyle)
VIRGO – hologamma (Sigh Kicks Remix)
Pepe Deluxé – Go Girl Go

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In rotation: 10/24/16

Ray Anderson, Avid Record Collector and Purveyor at Market Street’s Grooves, Reportedly Dies at 77: The owner of 23-year-old record shop Grooves at Market and Octavia, Ray Anderson, has reportedly passed away. The news was reported by local friend Meggan Scavio via Twitter, and we await confirmation of any more details from the family or another source. Anderson was 77 years old. Anderson was a fairly well known figure in the counterculture of 1960’s San Francisco, best known as the head of the Holy See Light Show — a kind of psychedelic precursor to the flashy, LED-strewn, multi-media dance parties of today.

R.I.P. Toronto Record Store Good Music: In some truly bad news for good music, Toronto record store Good Music is closing its doors forever. In an abrupt move, the store announced its closure today on its website. “I know this is probably sad or shocking news to some of you, but it is honestly the best scenario for me,” wrote Good Music owner Lincoln Stewart (former manager of the now shuttered Vortex Records). “Based solely on personal factors, the decision was mine alone and I made it happily.” Good Music opened in 2014, originally on Queen West before moving to a pop-up space on Dundas West last November. Lincoln was in the midst of signing a new lease for Good Music, but instead he’s decided to close up shop for good, with his remaining stock all being sold in one lump sum to Rotate This.

San Francisco band Negativland offer bandmember’s ashes with sales of their new album: Negativland, who formed in 1979 in Concord, CA, are offering an unusual package with their latest album, ‘The Chopping Channel‘. The project itself is Volume 9 in the ongoing series of albums edited from their long-running live­mix radio show, Over The Edge. But this release is particularly significant as, for a limited period, fans have been able to buy the album and also receive two grams of the ashes of their deceased bandmember Don Joyce, who died in July 2015 aged 71. A statement from the band on Boing Boing explains the thinking behind the move.

Hitch a ride with the world’s best mobile record shops: What’s better than going to a record shop? Having the record shop come to you, obviously. Whether driven to the road (or the river) by rising rents or a restless spirit, a growing number of record shops are embracing the nomadic lifestyle with a few crates of vinyl in tow. While this is not a new phenomenon – you need look no further than Jamaica to Charlie Ace’s famous Swing-A-Ling Record Shack for inspiration – we thought it was high time these rootless wanderers were pulled over for a bit of love.

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In rotation: 10/21/16

Top 10 vinyl only releases from Brooklyn’s Halcyon Record Shop: When an avid record collector gets their hands on a coveted vinyl only release it feels like striking gold. For a DJ, it is the important to unlocking a brilliant and unsuspecting mix. As the vinyl boom continues to sweep the music business, the culture surrounding it is as powerful as ever with vinyl-only labels serving up practically nothing but high quality, distinctive releases. Fueled by a passion for wax, labels like Perlon, Beste Modus, White Material, Mood Hut, Waxtefacts, Deconstruct and a host of other people are showcasing dedication to the craft and propelling the medium into the future.

Best of San Diego: Vinyl Junkies Record Swap vs. San Diego Metal Swap Meet: The resurgence in vinyl over recent years, partially a result of nostalgia and partially a reaction to the increasing intangibility and non-ownership of digital media, has been both blessing and curse for those who prefer their music in analog form. Demand leads to a rise in prices, shady semi-legal bootleg operations are releasing bad CD rips pressed onto vinyl and sometimes what you’re looking for simply sells out faster.

New music store dedicated to cassettes opens in Toronto: In an age where many Canadians listen to music digitally through their phones and devices, a newly-opened Toronto store is trying to capitalize on the nostalgic love of cassettes and records.“I think it all comes down to the tactile, tangible experience of taking the record out of the sleeve and putting it on to the turntable and dropping the needle, or taking the cassette out of the packaging and pulling out the artwork,” Malin Johnson, manager of the Dupe Shop, told Global News.

J Dilla Turntable, New 7” Vinyl With Nas and Madlib Announced, The Dilla Turntable is portable and offers the ability to record music right into a computer: Rappcats has announced a new J Dilla-themed portable turntable called, appropriately, the Dilla Turntable. An official product of the Estate of James Yancey, the Dilla Turntable comes with an exclusive 7” vinyl single of “The Sickness”–a J Dilla and Nas collaboration, produced by Madlib, that originally appeared as a bonus track on 2016’s The Diary. Below, see images of the Dilla Turntable, as well as the 7”. The Dilla Turntable’s artwork was made by Mason London. It functions as a standalone record player, and includes built-in speakers, three operating speeds (33 RPM, 45 RPM, 78 RPM), and more.

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In rotation: 10/20/16

Exile on High Street: Over the past year, the last two record stores along the campus stretch of North High Street closed. John Petric, the owner of one of those shops, reflects on the end of an era. “I wanted to do this forever.” That’s what I told close friends of my record store in its final months. As the first decade turned into the second and then third, even when Herculean efforts couldn’t stop the progress steamroller, I still wanted a store in my life. For all the headaches and heartaches and financial risks, there is nothing like it. It was better than being in a band—no lead singers to babysit.

The world’s best record shops #041: Hear Records, Singapore: Founded by Nick Tan in 2013, Hear Records is a new kid on the block. Like the city’s vinyl scene, the shop is small but vibrant and full of personality. From GZA’s Liquid Swords to Steve Reich’s Four Organs to the Old Boy OST, the stock includes over four thousand records with fresh shipments coming in from the States, Europe and the rest of Asia every month. Tan posts sleeves of his imports on Facebook and sends out email updates to regulars. He also encourages his customers to send his special orders and requests.

Record Collecting: Everything You Wanted To Know But Were Afraid To Ask….Part 3: Looking After My Vinyl Record Collection: Whether you’ve dedicated your whole life to the pursuit of records or whether you’re a relative newcomer you still need to be able to know how to look after your collection and how to store them properly. Here’s a quick guide to how to care for you records (thanks to the US library of National Congress) followed up with some of the different storage solutions that are out there…

Thunder Bay record shop gets new lease on life, New owners of New Day Records want to continue building a community around the store: New Day Records has been taken over by new owners Jason Wellwood and Scott Arnot, and both are determined to continue fostering the St. Paul Street store’s community of music-lovers. Record stores like New Day are “a gathering place, a place where people would get together and talk about music, talk musical ideas, and share with each other,” Wellwood said. “I’ve always loved coming in here and spending time here. It’s a very comfortable place to come and hang out.” “It was a no-brainer. We both love this place, we love spending time here.”

Is a CD revival possible? They’re being written off now but vinyl once was too: Once the shiny “au courant” music medium of choice, CDs are now, at least in terms of hipness, the audio format equivalent of disgraced Olympic swimmer Ryan Lochte – even while remaining the best-selling physical medium by far. In 2015, new CDs accounted for $1.5 billion (with a “B”) in sales while new vinyl accounted for less than a third of that, $416 million, according to The New York Times. But there’s no question which is the hottest physical format. Vinyl sales surged a whopping 32 percent last year while CDs dropped 17 percent, down a staggering 84 percent over the last 10 years.

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In rotation: 10/19/16

Sainsbury’s Extends Vinyl Records Into 238 Stores: Following the success of the introduction of vinyl records in store earlier this year, Sainsbury’s will be extending the format into 67 more stores across the country. Records will now be available permanently in 238 stores and the range will be tripled from 20 to 60 titles. The new collection will launch in store on 14th October and will include a mix of contemporary and classic records along with 7 exclusive titles.

Vinyl expected to be in demand at record show: Take those old records off the shelf, as Bob Seger once recommended, because the Rochester Music Expo is back in town. The annual buy-and-sell event for record collectors will be held Sunday at the Cornerstone Plaza Hotel Soldiers Field. And old records — specifically vinyl records — are expected to be a hot commodity, said Tim Schloe, one of the organizers of the show. Vinyl records, which just two decades ago looked ready to follow the dinosaurs into extinction, have made a major comeback with music fans and collectors.

Third Man Records unveils vinyl-themed colouring book: Kids, this is how a vinyl record is made. Jack White’s label Third Man Records has released a colouring book, centring around fictional record company “Manny’s Top Tunes” and exploring how vinyl records are made. The book debuted on Saturday (15 October) at the label’s family-friendly fall event at its Nashville storefront, where you can still pick up copies. It’s not yet been revealed if it will make it online but check out a brief flip-through of the book via Instagram…

Vinyl is where it’s at folks: Vinyl record enthusiasts are preparing for a great treasure hunt as Brandon’s Biggest Record and Music Sale will be taking place soon. The bi-annual sale has been taking place in the spring and fall each year since 2000. For years, the sale was held at the Park Community Centre but has been moved to the Royal Canadian Legion Branch No. 3 located at 560 Thirteenth Street. “We outgrew the old space and now have filled the Legion,” said organizer Don Burnett. A vinyl record collector himself, Burnett has been putting on the event each year as an opportunity for fellow enthusiasts to get together and hunt for their personal favourites.

Light in the Attic Records to reissue iconic score to Roman Polanski’s Chinatown on vinyl: The label is offering up two versions of the reissue, both set to be available November 25. A standard version will be pressed on your standard black vinyl, with your standard Chinatown artwork, and is actually available for pre-order right now, as you read the rest of this sentence. If you’re feeling lucky (and maybe a little bit jazzy) however, a deluxe version pressed on gold vinyl — featuring new artwork by Sterling Hundley and Jay Shaw, and limited to 2,500 copies (not to mention the FREE POSTER) — will be available for purchase at participating Black Friday Record Store Day record stores.

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In rotation: 10/18/16

The Juan Maclean to Play Discogs’ Debut Crate Diggers Event in L.A.: The online vinyl database and exchange is bringing record swaps and DJs in real time. The Juan Maclean will play the upcoming Crate Diggers free record fair and after party in Los Angeles on Oct. 22 at Lot 613 marking the vinyl exchange’s first event since its acquisition earlier this month by Discogs. Others on the bill include Rick Wade, Harmonie Park, Rush Hour, Moods & Grooves, Zernell and Grimy Edits.

Rough Trade to open Paris store: Mathiau Pigasse, CEO of French bank Lazard, has revealed that he is in talks with the owners of British record store Rough Trade to open a Rough Trade-branded store in Paris. The shop will be integrated into a major development project that will aggregate several of Pigasse’s assets through his company Les Nouvelles Editions Independantes. The new venue in Paris will group cultural weekly magazine Les Inrockuptibles, alternative radio station Radio Nova and online news platform Vice, books publishing unit Editions Nova, alongside a concert venue, a restaurant/bar and the Rough Trade store, all under a single roof.

Bleecker Street Records, VANISHING: As of Halloween 2016, we will be making some significant changes at Generation Records. After much deliberation, we have decided to close our sister store, Bleecker Street Records. A number of factors have contributed to this decision, most notably the proximity of our two stores and the realistic necessity of having them both in a neighborhood that has seen a drastic rent hike in recent years. We realize that the loss of yet another record store in Manhattan seems discouraging, but our hope is to secure the future of Generation Records as a Village staple.”

NEED2KNOW: New record store; businesses expand; nonprofit donations: A record store called Trax Records has just opened up next to Nastee Dogs along South Montezuma Street in downtown Prescott. The store sells, buys and trades new and used vinyl and CD’s. With Hasting’s closing completely at the end of the month, Trax Records will be the only storefront in Prescott to sell such items. Owner Daryl Halleck has, off-and-on, owned record stores in the Quad-cities since 1987. The store’s address is 234 S. Montezuma St.

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TVD’s Press Play

Press Play is our Monday recap of the new and FREE tracks received last week to inform the next trip to your local indie record store.

Jo Mango – Better Lands (Live at Manchester Museum)
SASO – Stephanie
Soft Pyramids – Planes
Handgrenades – Daily Routine
Bleach Girls – Like You
Film Jacket 35 – Angkor Wat
Belinda Esquer – Silverlining
The Burgeoning – Loud Noises
Jason Gaffner – Murder In The First Degree

Bic Runga – Close Your Eyes

Von Sell – Names
Tennyson – Your Eyes (ft. Njomza)
Gladkill – By My Side
Ty Richards – Spaceman
BOYSLASHFRIEND – Maiden Lane & Broadway (Mighty Mark & TT The Artist Remix)
L’Orange & Mr. Lif – Antique Gold (feat. Chester Watson)
Grand Pavilion – Touch
Mr. Bill – Blergh
Ronaissance & Holly – Ready
Psymbionic – A/S/L

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In rotation: 10/17/16

7 places to buy vinyl records in Manila: Despite the fact that an electronic music vinyl DJ based in Manila might have a hard time finding new releases, there is still a few spots around town that offer one or two crates with decent gems from the 90’s or 2000’s. For music lovers in general, record digging in the Metro area could be quite an adventure, as most shops mainly offer second hand vinyl and forgotten gems. So if you dig deep enough, you’ll definitely be able to find a treasure or two. Here are 7 spots for serious vinyl junkies, audiophiles, beginners, casual music enthusiasts and millennials that are hungry for nostalgia.

Former DJ realised his dream of opening a record store: Ian Goldsmith, 46, opened his stall Mare’s Nest Music almost two years ago. “I just always wanted to do it,” said the former warehouse worker, from Norwich. “I used to DJ around here regularly, mostly punk and reggae, and I’ve always loved music.” Now, Mr Goldsmith sells music on Norwich market, and he mostly stocks what is to his taste. “The first band I liked was the Sex Pistols when I was seven, and I’ve always liked record shops.”

Shania Twain Is Getting the Vinyl Treatment: Prefer your country music spinning? You’re in luck — Shania Twain‘s full catalog will be available in vinyl form for the first time ever beginning Friday (Oct. 14). Twain’s vinyl display will include the singer’s 1993 debut Shania Twain, The Woman in Me, Come On Over and UP!. As with its original release, UP! will include both the country and pop versions of the album. The entire collection will be available at record stores and anywhere vinyl albums are sold, a press release confirms.

Sainsbury’s to sell vinyl in 67 more stores: After launching vinyl records in its aisles in March for the first time in 25 years, Sainsbury’s has announced that it will now sell vinyl records in 67 more stores across the country, bringing the total up to 238. From October 14, the range will expand from twenty to sixty titles of both contemporary and classic records along with seven exclusive titles, Music Week reports. The new collection includes David Bowie’s Blackstar plus limited colour vinyl classic like Frankie Goes to Hollywood’s Welcome to The Pleasure Dome and Madonna’s Like a Prayer. Sainsbury’s has sold over 81,000 records to date and now accounts for 80% of the total grocery vinyl market. In June, the supermarket claimed to be the UK’s biggest high street vinyl retailer.

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In rotation: 10/14/16

The Beauty of a Record Store: …Pop Obscure is the kind of business that gives a neighborhood things that are both elusive and hard to quantify — flavor and buzz. Founded by the husband-and-wife team of Dustin Lane and Sherry Lee, the shop that stocks about 10,000 new and used vinyl albums is the first record store to open in Downtown in who knows how long. As we say, this independent spirit in the retail world has served Downtown well, and though chain stores are arriving with increasing frequency, some of the most beloved Downtown establishments are unique and quirky…

Check out the world’s first “levitating” turntable: Behold, the first “levitating” turntable is here. More precisely, it’s the platter of the new MAG-LEV Audio that hovers for a new, and supposedly enhanced, way of experiencing vinyl records. “We were searching for a way to give people a better, newer way to experience vinyl records,” reads the concept design. “By pushing the frontier of audio technology, we were able to integrate the uplifting experience of music into the turntable design itself, bringing the feeling of zero gravity into your living room.”

Cut Chemist’s New Radio Show Utilizes Dusty Vinyl Found At Hole-In-The-Wall Record Stores: Revered turntablist Cut Chemist spent last weekend in Denver, Colorado, where he was opening three sold-out nights at The Fillmore for EDM artist Tipper. On a rare day off, the Jurassic 5 DJ was able to do some record digging in the tiny town of Fort Collins, 65 miles north of the Mile High City…“I felt like it was time for me to share my archive of music with the world on a larger scale than just doing shows,” Cut tells DX.

Retro Britian: UK adults STILL love record players and cassette machines: More of us are feeling nostalgic about the way we play music, and technology we play it on, including record players, cassette machines and boom boxes. The 21st century vinyl revival has been well documented in recent years, with combined sales of physical and digital sales steadily decreasing since 2005 as total vinyl album sales skyrocket – from 857,000 copies in 2005 to more than 9 million copies in 2014. A survey of over 2,000 UK adults by technology brand Bush found that Britons still enjoy listening to music the ‘old school’ way.

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