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In rotation: 11/21/17

Landmark Record Store In San Francisco Haight-Ashbury Shuts Its Doors: Recycled Records’ run in San Francisco’s Haight-Ashbury District has come to an end. For some 40 years, the store has been a landmark in the heart of the Haight, but now it’s doors have been shuttered. “It is a good run,” said owner Bruce Lyall. “It’s surprising. Nobody could’ve told me that 40 years ago I’d still be doing it.” As he stood inside the shop, he was surrounded by vinyl records, CDs and historic posters on the walls. “There’s history here,” Lyall said. “Not only the personal history of the store, or me the owner, there’s the history of technology, the history of wealth, the history of music itself, how music has changed.”

Uprising Coffee & Books reopens in Eden: “Born to Run” through the “Purple Haze” trying to beat the “Purple Rain” to the “Dark Side of the Moon,” caffeine aficionados can find not only hot and cold lattes of those legendary song titles, but also the records on which they are found. Adrian Wilson, who grew up near Wentworth and went to Reidsville High, and Donion Moore, a Reidsville native who went to Community Baptist School, have reopened the popular Uprising Coffee & Books in downtown Leaksville. While keeping the familiar coffees, books and lounging areas, the duo has added quite a collection of old school vinyl albums.

New 80s-inspired vinyl and coffee shop in Baldock will help you remember a life before mobile phones: Stylus is the passion project of Jason Kitchener from the town, who wants to return to the simplicity of the 80s by making his coffee bar a phone-free zone. When entering the coffee-bar you will be asked to lock away your phone in a pouch…Jason told the Comet: “Vinyl and records have always been my passion. Believe it or not, working in a record store is something I always wanted to do as a kid. “The opportunity came up where we could look around a building in the High Street, so I had a look around and thought with vinyl becoming popular again it would be a good opportunity to bring vinyl into a current environment, and that’s what I did.

Wichita is hosting a vinyl record convention. The last one was 20 years ago. Record conventions, like the vinyl sound medium they highlight, are making a comeback…Like many of today’s consumers who are fueling the resurgence of vinyl record sales, the 23-year-old Turner didn’t grow up in a household with turntable. A lover of live music, she got hooked on vinyl when she attended a live concert at Third Man Records in Nashville, which offers a venue space where musicians can record their performances. After the record of the concert was printed, Turner received a copy of it since she’d been in the audience. Along with being a record label, Third Man Records also has a storefront. “I came back home and started hitting up record stores,” Turner said. “I’m really fascinated that this trend is coming back.”

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TVD Radar: Billy Squier, Don’t Say No 180-gram vinyl in stores 2/2018

VIA PRESS RELEASE | Intervention Records is thrilled to announce the next LP in its (Re)Discover Series, Billy Squier’s 1981 rock anthem, Don’t Say No. The classic rock staple will be released on 180-gram vinyl (Cat# IR-020 / UPC 707129301444) and hybrid CD/SACD (Cat# IR-SCD7 / UPC 707129301499). Vinyl on-sale is expected in February 2018 and the CD/SACD in April of 2018.

Don’t Say No catapulted Squier’s career to new heights. His live shows became arena rock sensations and four tracks from this album are classic rock radio staples in heavy rotation today: “In the Dark,” “The Stroke,” “My Kind of Lover,” and “Lonely is the Night.” Don’t Say No is 100% Analog Mastered by Kevin Gray at CoHEARent Audio from the original master tapes! Gray’s remastering is revelatory in opening the soundstage up to massive proportions while providing superior 3D imaging and musical microdetail. The hybrid SACD is mastered Direct-to-DSD from the original analog master tapes.

The LP art is restored by IR’s Tom Vadakan to a beautiful single-pocket gatefold and the old-style, “tip-on” LP jacket is printed by Stoughton. The Hybrid CD/SACD will be housed in a super jewel box.

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TVD’s Press Play

Press Play is our Monday recap of the new and FREE tracks received last week to inform the next trip to your local indie record store.

VanWyck – An Average Woman
Anastasia Minster – When I Die
Threefifty – Allegiance
Caroline Reese – Nicotine
ATTEMPT – Against The Light
Essie Holt – Underwater
The Morning Yells – She Knows Exactly What She’s Doing
Cotton Mather – The Cotton Mather Pledge
Broke Royals – As Long As I Can See

The Clientele – The Neighbour

Renraku – Gravity Well
Cross Culture – Faded Away
The Able Bodies – Flicker
JM Vercetti – House Of Gold
Whispers – Whizard Throne
Lunettes Noires x Dev – In The Dark
Jahn Rome – Superhero
Jinco – Scherzo In E Minor
Bitta Blood – I Know (Dirty)

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In rotation: 11/20/17

Death and the salesman: running a record shop with cancer, Willie Meighan of Rollercoaster Records on dealing with a terminal illness and the “happiest little record shop in the world.” Speaking to people about their passion and their time spent working in music is a pleasure, but all the talk of work evaporates in the face of life-changing news, which Willie Meighan, the proprietor of Rollercoaster Records in Kilkenny, shares in the first few minutes of our chat. Meighan has cancer and recently found out it’s terminal…Meighan is pragmatic about his prognosis and has continued to do bits and pieces for the shop that he so clearly enjoys running. He does orders from home, and his staff look after the day-to-day running. He was also booking gigs in Kilkenny but he has had to let others look after that end of things.

New Hamburg record store fulfills vinyl dreams: “It’s millennials, mostly,” he said, referring to the traffic coming through his store, Rick’s Record Shack & Wifey’s Closet, which opened three weeks ago, 10 minutes south of the city at 3348 Lakeshore Road in Hamburg. “I love that these younger people have so much passion for music, and deep knowledge about it, too. I mean, I had these kids in here freaking out about finding old Ella Fitzgerald vinyl in the store.” It should go without saying that the idea of opening a record store in 2017 would not seem to qualify as a genius business decision. Given the way retailers are imploding financiall, it might not be a wise decision to open any kind of store, but music sales in particular have been especially hurt by the rise of the digital and social media culture.

Company hopes to turn the tables on vinyl market: One firm is hoping to shake up the vinyl record market with its new state-of-the-art machinery. In August, Vinyl Presents began operations from its production facility in Victory Trading Estate. A 2016 report stated that, in 2016, market demand for vinyl in the UK was over 1,700,00 per month. As the majority of pressing plants are situated abroad, the team behind Vinyl Presents are hoping to bring the manufacturing back to the UK. Director & CEO Daren Fudge said: ‘Our plan is to bring record manufacture home to the UK, ‘A huge percentage of vinyl is currently pressed overseas which is a trend we want to reverse.

Vinyl art exhibition sure to spark some nostalgic music memories: Record sleeves were once such an iconic part of the music industry. Now people can enjoy some great nostalgia with a new exhibition celebrating that art and will also give people the chance to vote on what they like most. Best Art Vinyl is an international award celebrating the best in record cover design and comes to Barnsley as part of a new exhibition featuring a host of renowned names from the world of music, art, design and photography. Best Art Vinyl celebrates record cover art, compiling the global opinion on the best in art, photography and graphic design in modern music culture.

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TVD Radar: Morrissey biopic England Is Mine Blu-ray and DVD editions in stores 12/12

VIA PRESS RELEASE | England Is Mine is a new drama about the early days of Morrissey, the iconic pop star and original front man for the seminal band, The Smiths. Directed by Academy Award® and BAFTA-nominee Mark Gill, the film stars Jack Lowden as the artist formerly known as Steven Patrick Morrissey and Jessica Brown Findlay of Downton Abbey fame as his soul mate and muse.

Set in Thatcher’s Britain of the ’70s and ’80s, a time when working class Manchester was beset by unemployment and riots, the film tells the story of 17 year-old Steven (Lowden), a painfully shy, intellectually precocious loner who lives for, and writes about, the burgeoning local music scene—a surprisingly vibrant subculture in an otherwise drab industrial city. Too intimidated to join that scene, he writes reviews from the sidelines, imagining what he would do if he were on stage.

When one of his write-ups is noticed by kindred spirit Linder Sterling (Brown Findlay), an aspiring painter, the two become fast friends, and she pushes him to form a band and take to the stage. Steven finally works up the courage to book a club date, and performs a dazzling cover of an old girl-group standard. This is the first time the world gets to hear the distinctive, emotion-filled voice that would eventually propel him to stardom.

That very night, a manager reaches out with an offer. Unfortunately, it’s only for guitarist Billy, not the lead singer, meaning Steven will be left behind. His dreams of a musical career vanish and he’s left with nothing but wasted days at a soul-crushing civil servant job, and lonely nights holed up in the same bedroom he’s slept in his whole life. Only his mother’s unwavering belief in his talent, and Linder’s constant reminder—”be yourself, everyone else is taken”—give him the strength to keep trying to become the artist he was always meant to be.

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The Vaughns, The TVD First Date and Premiere, “Bby Save Me”

“When I was about three years old, I remember scrounging around my basement through my dad’s massive vinyl collection.”

“I remember seeing Bowie’s infamous cover of Diamond Dogs and was so fascinated by its creature-like appeal. Every day for about a month, my parents told me I would walk around the house just saying, “BOWIE, BOWIE, BOWIE” over and over and over. I probably made them crazy. Personally, I still make a habit of waking up every Saturday morning and throwing on one of these classic records to my turntable.

Anyway, to this day The Vaughns still practice in this old basement and we have taken these old duplicate records and lined them around our practice walls. Old records including Aerosmith, Cheap Trick, Elton John, Fleetwood Mac, Zeppelin, and The Pretenders surround us every time we practice and write. I feel like these tiny vintage subtleties have bled into our songwriting over the last year and a half. I think all four of us agree that vinyl provides an artistic listening experience like none other and I’m just elated that our new singles are now available in this format for all our continued followers.
Tom Losito

“Thinking they were a product of the past—I used to have records hanging up on my bedroom walls for decoration. One of my favorites was the Doors’ LA Woman because of the butterfly on the label.”

“Some years later I was at a friend’s house when I heard TV on the Radio blasting through a pretty legit record player. It blew my mind that modern-day bands were still releasing vinyl records, and even more so that kids my age were collecting them. It also sounded incredible. The next day I rummaged through my parents’ garage to dust off their record player and devour their collection.

These days Tom is always showing us some random ’80s record like Phil Collins’ “I Cannot Believe it’s True,” Ryan is letting me borrow his Sylvan Esso album for the weekend, and I’m still wondering how anyone will top David’s Secret Santa gift to me last year, The Lemon Twigs’ Do Hollywood vinyl. There’s something special about sharing the music you love with your friends. I think adding a tangible aspect offers an intimacy to the exchange that mp3 files and sending links can’t compete with. Let’s hope that never goes out of style.”
Anna Lies

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In rotation: 11/17/17

Fives record shop celebrates 40 Years: IT was all the way back in 1977, in the heady days of glam rock and punk, that Fives Record Store first opened. Owner Peter Drisoll had just closed his heating business, and was wondering what to do next: it was a choice between a bike shop and a record shop, and to all local music lovers’ relief, he chose the latter. The first incarnation of the store was next to the Sarah Moore pub on Elm Road.“Two recent customers actually remembered the Elm Road shop!” Peter laughed…“It was very bad about six year’s ago, but the vinyl comeback saved us. Young people are really into it now,” he explains.

Godfathers of vinyl: “I thought I was out, but they pulled me back in.” After a five-year break, former M-Theory owner Eric Howarth is getting back into the brick-and-mortar record-store business. His new shop will be a mere stone’s throw away from the old M-Theory location on the corner of 30th and Juniper in North Park. “I appreciate having the flexibility to do things when I need to versus having to open at a certain time and close at a certain time. I enjoyed having M-Theory and everything else, but you’re locking into a certain thing if you’re going to be behind the counter at a retail store. That’s just the way it goes,” Howarth said. Howarth was actually looking to sell off his Vinyl Junkies business, which he refers to as his “mobile record store.” He mentioned it to Tim Mays since Mays’s bar, the Casbah, hosts the Vinyl Junkies Record Swap. To Howarth’s surprise, Mays expressed interest in buying Vinyl Junkies and took up his offer to stay on as a partner.

Learning about vinyl records in a digital age: The convenience of Googling a song and being able to listen to it in a matter of minutes was not always possible. Before radio, Pandora, or Apple Music, there were vinyl records. Junior Journalist Raines Murphy took a trip to Falling Star Records and he says he learned a lot from music guru Tony Doolin. “Elvis, you need some Elvis. How about this one,” says Doolin. Raines asked, “How do records work?” Doolin explained, “You see these tiny little grooves on the record? When you put that on the turntable and you bring the needle over, there is a diamond tip and it runs through the grooves and the vibrations translate into an electronic signal and is reproduced as music.”

Kiki & Henry’s vintage record fair returns to Stourbridge: Vintage vinyl is up for grabs to Black Country music fans this weekend as Kiki and Henry return to Stourbridge with their popular record fair. From 11am until 4pm on Saturday (November 18), the organisers and their fellow traders will be taking over their regular spot at the historic Talbot Hotel in High Street for the last time in 2017 – so customers are urged to bring their Christmas lists along. Traders will be offering a vast array of vinyl records and collectables to suit all tastes and budgets. Music books, CDs and memorabilia will also be for sale and the Talbot’s bar and restaurant will also be open for hungry shoppers.

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TVD Radar: D.O.A.:
A Right Of Passage
screenings and Blu-ray/ DVD in stores 12/8

VIA PRESS RELEASE | D.O.A.: A Right Of Passage is the ground-breaking classic rockumentary about the origin of punk rock. The film will be coming to select theaters in mid-November, and will also be available in a collector’s edition Blu-ray and DVD package.

High Times is pleased to finally uncover and restore this extraordinary, vintage film – D.O.A.,” said High Times owner and CEO Adam Levin. The vision for the film can be attributed to two people: Tom Forcade (the founder of High Times magazine) and filmmaker Lech Kowalski (East of Paradise). The production centered around the Sex Pistols 1978 tour of the US, which ended with the group breaking up. Forcade and Kowalski followed the band with handheld cameras through the clubs and bars during their seven-city U.S. tour.

Mixing this with footage of other contemporary bands, trends in the fashion capitals, and punks of all shapes and colors, the film makers captured a grainy, stained snapshot of the punk movement at its peak (which includes the now famous footage of Sid Vicious and Nancy Spungen in bed) along with rare interview and concert footage of the late seventies punk rock music scene.

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In rotation: 11/16/17

Dolby Atmos for the People: R.E.M. on the lost art of listening: When was the last time you listened to an album? Or even a song? You may say last night, this morning, five minutes ago. But I mean really listened – free from other distractions, letting the sounds envelope you, phone switched off, Twitter thumbs disengaged, no YouTube comments to rail against, the stream of endless notifications turned off. Putting on an album used to be something of a ritual, a meditative, reflective act, at its zenith with the lush cover folds of a vinyl record, but still a precise act with any other physical media, be that the cassette or the CD. From scanning the shelves at the record store to filing your purchase on your shelves at home, to picking out the record best suited to the feeling of the moment, popping it into your stereo and letting the next hour or so carry you away on a sonic cruise, it was a journey of sorts.

VIP Records Sign Closer to Becoming Historic Landmark Following Heritage Commission Vote: A unanimous vote by the Cultural Heritage Commission Monday night passed an agenda item to designate the World Famous VIP Records sign as a historic landmark. The iconic sign will be stored in a temporary location before being restored and relocated to a new permanent location, pending a vote from the Long Beach City Council in December. “I’m very happy, this is a great night that I’ve been looking forward to,” Kelvin Anderson, founder of VIP Records, told the Post. “According to the mayor, designation of the sign would open up bigger opportunities for funding and programs. Hopefully we can push it to the city council vote and get to start working to build new VIP experiences in music, business and education.”

This Metal Record Store/Pinball Machine Paradise Is Completely Insane: If you’re ever in Middletown, NY, be sure to check out Stephen Keeler at his Rock Fantasy Record Store. Elliott Fullam of Little Punk People visits Keeler to explore his incredible collection of pinball machines and amazing collection of metal records. Rock Fantasy opened up in 1985 and has since hosted in-store performances by Alice In Chains, Death, Nuclear Assault, Exodus, Overkill, and Skid Row. Of course as usual, Fullam does a great job getting his interviewee to open up about the subject at hand. In this case, it’s all about Keeler’s insane collection!

A $10,000 Record Player for Vinyl-Obsessed Audiophiles, The first turntable from hi-fi audio maker Mark Levinson is an investment-worthy deck. Founded in 1972 and acquired in 1990 by Harman International Industries Inc., Mark Levinson is synonymous with high-end sound. Its eponymous founder, an aspiring musician said to have built a stage mixer at Woodstock, jump-started the craze for premium home audio equipment. To commemorate its 45th anniversary this year, the brand teamed up with another top-rated manufacturer, turntable maker VPI Industries Inc., to create its first record player, the No. 515. A 20-pound platter rotates on an inverted bearing to make it the most precise deck on the market. The reinforced base tamps down resonance to create a warm, clear, analog sound.

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TVD Radar: Mute:
A Visual Document
in stores 11/28, Rough
Trade event 11/21

VIA PRESS RELEASE | Daniel Miller and Anton Corbjin will be at Rough Trade East on Tuesday, November 21 to launch Thames & Hudson’s Mute: A Visual Document, a 320 page hardback book, available November 28. They will be joined by friends of Mute for a panel and Q&A, to discuss Mute’s celebrated visual history. Further details and tickets here.

Mute: A Visual Document is packed with artwork and photography, conceptual artwork, rare ephemera and equipment—much of it previously unseen—from the Mute Archives and from Daniel Miller’s own collection. The book features comprehensive discographies, a family tree of Mute artists, an extensive introduction and commentary by Daniel Miller as well as anecdotal and photographic contributions from key figures in the label’s story. A selection of contributors includes Moby, Alison Goldfrapp, Anton Corbijn, Bleddyn Butcher, Brian Griffin, Jon Spencer, Barry Adamson, Ivan Novak (Laibach), Angus Andrew (Liars), Adrian Shaughnessy, and Tom Hingston.

Mute was created by Daniel Miller, the son of refugee actors from Vienna, who grew up in North West London and went on to release his debut single as The Normal, “Warm Leatherette” / “T.V.O.D”, in 1978. The label quickly grew and established its reputation. Through the music of its community of artists—ranging from Fad Gadget, Goldfrapp, Moby, Can, Diamanda Galás, Nick Cave and The Bad Seeds to Depeche Mode, Yazoo, Erasure, Laibach, Liars, and Ben Frost—it has had an incalculable impact on popular music for four decades.

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