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In rotation: 12/7/16

Record shop owner finds fitting home in historic building: Doug Frank wasn’t looking for a new place to live when he saw the renamed Grand Manse Pavilion pop up in a Craigslist ad this summer. He was looking for a place to open up his post-retirement business, one that brought him full circle to one of his first jobs, at a record shop. On Thursday, Frank flipped over a David Crosby album inside Lincoln’s newest used vinyl shop, Black Circle Records.

Can Legalized Weed Sales Help Ailing Record Stores Turn Over a New Leaf? It seems miraculous that any music retailer has survived the demolition-like forces that piracy, downloading and streaming have unleashed during the past 15 years…But there is hope on the hazy horizon, and it’s coming in the five-leafed form of marijuana, which is legal in a majority of states — 28 of them have sanctioned cannabis for medical or recreational use — following the 2016 elections. What does reefer have to do with records? With music retailers getting into the dispensary business or aligning their physical location with pot shops, the long-standing symbiotic relationship between music and weed may finally be (legally) monetized.

Vinyl enthusiasts buy, sell and talk records in New Plymouth: The Lambert Twins, Hi-Glow, the Rockettes, Lew Pryme and the Edward Sisters have been gone from the music charts awhile, but they’re not forgotten. A vinyl album featuring the Taranaki United Artists was one treasure picked up by organiser Brian Wafer at a record fair in New Plymouth on Saturday. Several thousand records featuring groups well known and obscure were lined up in boxes on 10 trestle tables at the Blind Foundation Hall, for buyers to rummage through.

The 10 best album covers of 2016 – and the stories behind them: Cover art may have evolved from vinyl gatefolds and CD jewel cases to a thumbnail image on a digital player, but the essence of what makes a sleeve great hasn’t changed that much. An attention-grabbing cover can make you hear an album in 3D and spark a conversation, regardless of the process, tools or medium. 2016 has had no shortage of memorable sleeves, from the strikingly simple portrait of Solange adorning A Seat At The Table to the strange cartoon colors of the Lil Uzi Vs The World cover. We asked the designers behind our top 10 pieces of album artwork to explain the stories behind the sleeves.

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Grace Potter: In-store with TVD at DC’s Som Records

PHOTOS: SHANTEL MITCHELLShe’s a dynamo, she is. Whether she’s gracing your turntable at home or she’s live on stage, the multifaceted and multitalented Grace Potter is simply electric, as we’ve captured quite often over the years.

The electricity follows her in person too. Positively beaming upon her arrival at Washington, DC’s Som Records, Grace joined us for a record rummage between 2 back to back dates at the Capitol’s venerable 9:30 Club. Rolling up her sleeves and raring to go with nary a prompt from us, it was all about the vinyl.

So, onward—we’re record shopping with Grace Potter at DC’s Som Records.

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In rotation: 12/6/16

Vinyl album sales outstripped digital downloads for the first time last week: Vinyl is killing the MP3 industry. Who said vinyl sales were slowing? According to new data revealed by the Entertainment Retailers Association (ERA), more money was spent on vinyl album sales than digital album downloads in the UK last week. Sharing the data with The Vinyl Factory, ERA confirmed that £2.4m was spent on vinyl albums in week 48 of 2016, while only £2.1m was spent on digital downloads. It marks a huge swing from the same week in 2015, when the £1.2m spent on vinyl albums was eclipsed by £4.4m of digital downloads.

Gems of Bengaluru: Surviving in an age of digital downloads is not a struggle for Ramachandran. And that’s probably because he’s not a part of any race. His store is a labour of his love for music. Of course since the bigger music stores came to town, he saw a dip in sales, almost up to 90 per cent, but that wasn’t enough to shut him down. “Not a day has gone without the store making some business, thanks to our goodwill, and the loyal customers,” he says.

Record Cellar, a longtime staple of Rock Hill music, will soon shut its doors: After 40 years of serving the Rock Hill community with his extensive collection of vinyls, [“Vinyls” is not a word. —Ed.] cassettes, CDs and more, the Record Cellar will soon close. With competition from bigger department and specialty stores, Broyhill, 71, and his staff have strived to set their prices low enough to keep customers coming back…The music business has been unpredictable and unforgiving for brick-and-mortar stores, Broyhill said. Despite a recent revival in vinyl appreciation, he said it just isn’t enough to provide the variety of merchandise he’s proud to sell.

The rarest and most expensive vinyl in Manchester’s record shops: Everyone knows that a must have piece of vinyl can set you back a lot of money, with some of the world’s rarest records costing as much as £100,000 to own. You have to know your stuff when it comes to vinyl. It’s not just about the music on the record; collectors care about the condition of the sleeve and inner sleeve, the scuffs and scratches, the colour of the labels, where it was released. Everything from a typo to a number etched into the run off groove can send the value of something skyrocketing or sinking, so anyone building up a collection needs to know what to look out for.

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TVD’s Press Play

Press Play is our Monday recap of the new and FREE tracks received last week to inform the next trip to your local indie record store.

Gregory Uhlmann – It’s Not Your Fault
Owls of the Swamp – Meteorite
Lilah Larson – tbh
Coffee Project – Anxiety and the Coconut Bar
Almond & Olive – Standing at the Precipice
Michael Jablonka – Mantra
J Hacha De Zola – Bad Decisions (Ariana Grande Cover)

Starling Electric – Electric Company

Jo Mango – Better Lands (Live at Manchester Museum)
SASO – Stephanie
Soft Pyramids – Planes
Handgrenades – Daily Routine
Bleach Girls – Like You
Film Jacket 35 – Angkor Wat
The Burgeoning – Loud Noises

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In rotation: 12/5/16

Vinyl making big comeback in Denmark: There’s something about vinyl that just feels better. Whether it’s the uniqueness of an LP player or those grainy but high quality sounds coming out of the speakers, owning an LP player turns the tables on any old mp3, CD or streaming platform. Sure it’s inflexible on many parallels compared to other mediums, but the sound that comes through as that old needle dances around the record just can’t be surpassed. And it looks like more Danes are beginning to feel that way too.

Providence’s Olympic Records caught the vinyl wave: After attending art school, Kevin Morosini opened Olympic Records in 2011 in a 750-square-foot shop on Wickenden Street in Providence. As the shop’s owner and sole employee, he works seven days a week buying, cleaning and pricing records. Morosini, an avid record collector, grew up frequenting record stores. His appreciation for Providence’s scene began many years ago, when he was a child. “I think record stores and small businesses like this sort of define Providence as the Creative Capital. You know what I mean? It’s because you come to Providence and there are cool people doing cool stuff,” he said.

Go Retro with Records: Music fans, here is your chance to go retro and spend happy hours digging through record store bins. Five old-time rockin’ record stores in Long Beach and San Pedro offer a chance to give the gift of music, in a variety of media — 33 ½ revolutions per minute, 45 rpm, compact discs and even a few cassette tapes. You’ll also find holiday music to give you a soundtrack for the season. So get out there and hop from store to store to find collectibles, DVDs and shirts, along with surprise finds that only come from old-fashioned store shopping.

Nirvana’s Incesticide set for double vinyl reissue: Nirvana’s Incesticide is set for a double vinyl reissue to celebrate its 25th anniversary next year. The compilation of early material was released by Geffen in 1992 to capitalise on the success of Nirvana’s breakthrough album Nevermind. The 2LP version of Incesticide was issued as a Record Store Day exclusive in 2012. But with those versions currently changing hands for well over the retail price, it will be reissued on January 13.

Limited Edition “Blood-Dipped” Vinyl Pressing Celebrates Five Years Since “Drive” Hit Theaters: Despite the dominance of digital music, vinyl has endured through the decades and has even seen year-over-year growth in an industry long thought dead in the 1980s and 1990s. Releasing an LP on vinyl is a way for fans to get their hands on something more substantial than a digital download, and so far, it seems to be working. In the case of the new “Drive” 12”, each copy comes with some seriously cool artwork, including a special “blood-dipped” vinyl design.

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We’re seeking interns for the Winter 2017 semester

They come, they go—every 6 months or so it seems, leaving an indelible mark at TVD and on their own careers. Some depart to labels. Some are drafted by PR firms. Hell, some even stay on as TVD editors from their own home city—they’re just that good.

We’re seeking bright, self motivated, articulate future music industry professionals to join our team on the content side as well as the marketing and social media outreach that informs the day to day at TVD. Candidates need not be in Washington, DC where we’re based to be considered—just be awake when we are.

Interested? Drop us an email introducing yourself.

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TVD Radar: Chicago II, The Steven Wilson Remix in stores, 1/27

VIA PRESS RELEASE | “More than 40 years after its debut, Chicago II still sounds like nothing else. Released in 1970, Chicago’s second album brims with confidence and inspiration as it draws on everything from orchestral music to heavy rock. Although it never affected the record’s popularity – it peaked at #4 on the album chart and spawned a trio of Top Ten hits – many fans have longed for a more-nuanced mix. That wish is about to come true with a new stereo version created by British musician and producer Steven Wilson.”

Chicago II, The Steven Wilson Remix will be available January 27 on CD for $14.98. The newly remixed album will also be released as a double-LP set later next year for $31.98. Chicago II has been remixed before, but never like this. For the first time, a stereo remix from the 16-track multi-track tapes made it possible for Steven Wilson to bring out elements that were muffled or submerged in the mix. The result is a new stereo version of Chicago II that boasts clearness, punch and definition that it didn’t have before.

Wilson explains: “Working with high-resolution 96K/24 bit digitally transferred files, I had every element from the recording sessions isolated, which meant I was able to rebuild the mix from the drums upwards, recreating as closely as I could the equalization, stereo placement, reverbs, other effects, and volume changes of each individual instrument or vocal – but at the same time looking to gain definition and clarity in the overall sound.”

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In rotation: 12/2/16

Still Spinning: House of Records celebrates 45 years of music: In June 1971, when “Brown Sugar” by The Rolling Stones topped the charts, Gary Haller, a University of Oregon student, and two friends founded their own record shop. The trio acquired inventory via road trips to San Francisco and brought it back to sell out of Haller’s garage. The store they would visit in California, the Record House, was how their location got its name. Although it’s always been called the House of Records, the stockpile of vinyl moved through two more locations — operating from card tables and orange crates — before finding a permanent home in the quirky, old blue house on 13th Avenue in 1973.

Berlin’s 8 best secret record shops: Often the reserve of those in the know, these are the shops that have sustained DJs and collectors for decades and prefer to keep profiles low and quality high. That said, all were receptive to getting a little more shine here and so, while we’re aware of the self-defeating nature of features sharing ‘secret’ tips, we’re convinced helping keep these places ticking over is positive for all concerned.

Lidl are selling £50 entry level turntables for vinyl music lovers: What’s on your shopping list? Milk, bread, washing up liquid… record player? If you’re a Lidl shopper, that last one can now be a reality, as the supermarket chain has started to stock an all-in-one ION record player. Just in time for Christmas. The deck is reminiscent of the infamous Crosley turntables, offering built-in speakers so you can plug ‘n’ play straight out of the box. There’s also a USB output.

Vinyl for Life: …For several years, Ferchaud and his friend Dale Nutt attended Offbeat owner Phillip Rollins’ record swap series, 4 the Record, at the North Midtown Arts Center until Rollins discontinued it in 2014. After a year without a record show in Jackson, Ferchaud and Nutt decided to organize their own, launching the inaugural Central Mississippi Record Convention in December 2015. Following a successful first year, the convention is growing even larger for its 2016 iteration. About 20 vendors from all around the South will be rolling into Duling Hall on Saturday, Dec. 3, bringing vintage vinyl, cassettes, CDs and other assorted products for music fans to check out.

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Deal Casino, The TVD First Date and Premieres, “Human Cannonball”

“When I was growing up, I remember always seeing my parents’ old stereo equipment but having little interest in it, I just thought nothing of it. It wasn’t until about two years ago that I came across that equipment in the exact same basement, but being a little older and more into music technology it caught my eye in a big way.”

“I immediately got it repaired and brought it down to Asbury Park to put in my room. I then went out to a local record shop successfully finding about five or six used records that I loved and knew pretty well.

When I dropped the needle down, the music coming out of those old and dusty Technics speakers just sounded so much better than anything I had heard music being played through before. From that day on, I am a strong believer in the quality and artistic element that vinyl brings to music.”
Joe P

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In rotation: 12/1/16

The Smiths Announce 7” With Two Previously Unreleased Tracks, It features a demo mix of “The Boy With the Thorn in His Side” and an unreleased version of “Rubber Ring”: The Smiths have announced the release of a new 7” single, Morrissey fansite True to You reports. It contains two previously unreleased tracks: a demo mix of “The Boy With the Thorn in His Side” and an unreleased version of “Rubber Ring.”…A release date for the single has not yet been announced. Recently, Morrissey postponed the remainder of his U.S. tour and Johnny Marr released his memoir Set the Boy Free.

Classic Sega soundtracks Revenge Of Shinobi and Panzer Dragoon get vinyl release: Shinobi III: Return Of The Ninja Master will receive a repress as well. Data Discs has unveiled the latest Sega soundtracks to receive vinyl treatment and they’re a pair of classics. The ninja-filled Genesis sidescroller Revenge Of Shinobi was an early showcase of Yuzo Koshiro, shortly before he would become an icon in both electronic and video game music with the Streets Of Rage series. The pressing comes on bone & black vinyl and includes liner notes from Koshiro himself. The other vinyl debut is Yoshitaka Azuma’s soundtrack to beloved Sega Saturn railshooter Panzer Dragoon. Available in a pressing of grey, clear and “sky blue” vinyl, the release also includes bonus tracks of songs with alternate synthesizers.

Long Live Vinyl Magazine – Available In Shops Now! Long Live Vinyl is the fantastic new music magazine from the makers of Classic Pop, Country Music, Guitar & Bass and Vintage Rock. The first issue has an incredible line up of features including a run down of the top 40 most valuable vinyl, our in-depth collecting guide to David Bowie, and a feature on Stephen Shipperlee, a supreme Prince super-fan. Plus, you’ll find reviews of the latest vinyl music releases, a look at fantastical Prog artwork, and all the best turntables and accessories…Issue one hit the shops on Friday 18 November and is available in hmv, Sainsbury’s, WH Smiths and selected independent record shops.

This new Italian turntable has a valve pre-amp built-in, The G Pinto ON has a bit of everything: While not many people associate plug-and-play turntables with high-end audio, Italian deck maker G. Pinto has other ideas. Launched earlier this year, the new ON turntable boasts the full gamut of sound sources, from analogue and digital to wireless and bluetooth streaming. It claims to be the first plug-and-play deck of its kind of manage the lot, as well as USB compatibility for connecting to a computer. That said, the G Pinto ON also flirts with the higher end of the home audio spectrum, with a built-in, exposed valve pre-amplifier and dedicated power supply from 100 up to 500 Watts RMS.

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