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In rotation: 2/24/17

Vinyl comes back in Davis fair: Little did Josh Chapman realize seven years ago that when he started the Vinyl and Music Fair he had created a monster. A nice, friendly, old-school monster. What began “as a little, 10 or 15-table swap” of music is now the twice-a-year Vinyl and Music Fair with more than 50 vendors with several hundred visitors expected Saturday at the Davis Senior Center. “It’s morphed into this big event,” Chapman said from Armadillo Music in Davis, a shop that he and his wife, Athena, have run the past six years and has been in the family 21 years. Vinyl records — whether 45s or LPs — have been “making a steady comeback,” Chapman said.

Here’s an inside look at Third Man Records vinyl pressing plant in Detroit: Third Man Records is turning the tables on those who thought the Motor City’s musical glory days were gone for good. And it is doing it one vinyl record at a time. Little more than a year after opening a records and novelty shop in Detroit’s Cass Corridor, the record company founded by Detroit native Jack White is set to officially open its 10,000-square foot vinyl pressing plant, capable of churning out 5,000 platters every eight hours, on Saturday. “The process is hypnotizing, to see how music is actually made,” said Ben Blackwell, who heads up the company’s vinyl operations. “It’s almost rude not to share it with the consumer.”

Here are Utah’s favorite 3 vinyl records: Records may be considered the music file of the past, but that hasn’t stopped Americans from buying them. Forbes recently researched what each state’s favorite vinyl records are. Utah’s favorite vinyls are definitely #ThrowbackThursday worthy, as they include “Thriller,” by Michael Jackson; “Chronicle,” from Creedence Clearwater Revival; and “Revolver,” from The Beatles. Other states favored some more modern albums. For example, in Vermont, Kanye West’s “My Dark Twisted Fantasy” and “Anti,” from Rihanna, topped the charts, according to the Forbes data.

Voices of Dead Loved Ones Now Music to Your Ears: Brits Press Ashes to Vinyl: The saying “Ashes to Ashes, Dust to Dust” is usually heard at funerals. When someone dies, their family and friends are well aware that they will never see or hear them again, however now there is a way to immortalize their loved ones, A UK-based company, And Vinyly, presses the ashes of dead relatives into vinyl, after which they add an audio of their voice or favorite tune onto the record, so that they will be remembered for as long as possible. If you hold the vinyl to the light, you will be able to see straight through it, as well as tiny speckles resembling dust. In fact, the dust isn’t dust at all and are ashes of the person who has passed away.

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TVD Radar: Run Out Groove–The vinyl only label where you choose what gets pressed!

Run Out Groove is a new vinyl only label that caters to music fanatics, pressing limited edition titles made by music fans for music fans. Each month you’ll have the opportunity to vote on select titles to decide which record gets pressed next with no obligation to buy. The title that wins the vote will be made available for a 30 day pre-order. Run Out Groove will then manufacture a limited and numbered high quality record based on orders and involve the consumer in the journey from initial concept to delivery of the final product, educating fans about artist history along the way.

The first title available to pre-order is a new collection from Detroit proto-punk legends, the MC5. It is their first retrospective on the format and will come on 180g multi-color vinyl adorned in a tip-on paper wrapped Stoughton sleeve including a 12″ x 12″ insert with photos and liner notes. It is available to order until 2/28. On March 1, the numbered quantity will be announced then pressed and delivered to your door—AND be made available at your favorite record store on May 9th. Run Out Groove’s next three titles are open for voting now until 2/28 and include the following:

Echo & The Bunnymen, It’s All Live Now: Eight tracks from a 1985 performance in Sweden, and a lengthy live version of “Do It Clean” from a Royal Albert Hall gig in 1983; these tracks first appeared on the 2001 box set Crystal Days 1979-1999 but would make their vinyl debut in this new collection with liner notes from guitarist Will Sergeant.

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In rotation: 2/23/17

The world’s best record shops #057: Bhang Records, Bandung: A record collector since his high school days, Rekti Yoewono of the Indonesian rock band The Sigit established Bhang Records in 2011. Like a vinyl fairy tale, Rekti set about acquiring large quantities of second records and simply opened up shop in his living room. After a few years of trading, he could afford to rent a retail premise and relocated. Then this year the shop moved to a bigger home, which includes a rehearsal, a recording studio and café. “It’s a very creative environment where young bands, DJs, and enthusiasts gather,” says Rekti. “We usually play music on the deck all day long so it’s a pretty awesome place for those who like to listen to music all day long.”

Vinyl Lovers Rejoice! Wax Bodega Opening This Weekend In Lakewood, Madison is on the move! Wax Bodega specializes in vinyl records catering to the indie and punk scene. The grand opening is this Saturday: Kyle and Lauren Roeger have been busy the past several weeks preparing the space at 13339 Madison Ave. in Lakewood for the area’s newest vinyl record store — Wax Bodega. In fact, if you’ve walked down Madison Avenue recently, you may have seen them hard at work with their dog Cali running around the store and their daughter, Dylan, waving at passersby from inside her Pack ‘n Play perched in the storefront window.

Joint Custody Is Open for Business in Occupied D.C.: It’s a shitty, gray day in January, made infinitely shittier due to it being Inauguration Day in Washington D.C., and it takes a couple hours of texting to find Gene Melkisethian, co-owner of Joint Custody, a local record shop and vintage clothing store. The cars on the Metro leading into the city from Arlington, Va., are almost completely empty, save for a couple twitchy-looking folks in MAGA hats, and the main cluster of train stations downtown are closed, but once you do make your way toward the National Mall, there’s still no crowds — just swaths of people looking for where to go.

Earache Records closes chapter on “loudness war” with full dynamic range vinyl reissues: Famed for pioneering the underdog genre of extreme music in the late ’80s and ’90s, Earache Records over the course of the last 30 years has issued some 600+ releases and helped to provide careers for genre-leading names such as Napalm Death, Morbid Angel, Carcass, Entombed, Sleep, At The Gates, Bolt Thrower, The Dillinger Escape Plan, Bring Me The Horizon and countless others. The concept of extreme music isn’t the only facet to Earache Records that it has pioneered however… the concept of FDR (Full Dynamic Range) vinyl pressings has revolutionized the way music fans can enjoy their favorite metal albums.

Oxford, MS Retailer The End Of All Music To Release Benefit Record For The Southern Poverty Law Center: Oxford, MS record store The End of All Music has announced the release of a four-track benefit record to support the SOUTHERN POVERTY LAW CENTER on MAY 5th, featuring new songs from DRIVE-BY TRUCKERS’ PATTERSON HOOD, BONNIE “PRINCE” BILLY, WILLIAM TYLER and ADAM TORRES. The record’s artwork is composed of photographs taken from MAUDE SCHUYLER CLAY’s book, “MISSISSIPPI History,” which was published by STEIDL in 2015. The record will contain four tracks on the A-side and a “Resist Fear. Assist Love” etching by artist NATHANIEL RUSSELL as the B-side, and is being pressed in a limited edition of 1,000 copies — with the first 500 copies on colored vinyl. It will only be available for purchase through THE END OF ALL MUSIC website and at the brick and mortar store in Oxford.

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In rotation: 2/22/17

This Utah record store just cracked a ‘must-visit’ list: The Travel Channel this week named Randy’s Record Shop in Salt Lake City as one of the top “must visit American record stores” in the country. According to the Travel Channel, vinyl records are under something of a resurgence in recent years, with album-seekers on the hunt for rare and popular old records. Randy’s Record Shop, 157 E. 900 South, made the list. “Walking inside Randy’s is like taking a time machine back to how a vintage used record store used to look in the 20th century and what’s not to like about that?”

‘Traditional’ record shop opens its doors, Customers have said a new record shop in Town is a blast from the past and a suitable replacement for old high-street hubs: Located in Fountain Street, the store was formerly a pop-up shop selling leftover LPs to raise money for Headway Guernsey. Now, however, it has opened as a full-time music hub selling a huge range of records and CDs. Collectors will also be welcome to come and sell their own items or buy, or have their collections valued. Vaughan Davies, the owner of Vinyl Vaughan’s Record Boutique, said the shop had totally evolved from when it was totally dedicated to raising money for charity.

Artist Spotlight: Hand Drawn’s Crusade To Bring Back Vinyl: We hate to sound like a broken record, but vinyl is back. Last year vinyl album sales grew 10 percent, topping an 11-year streak of positive growth. That’s great news for one North Texas record label that’s hoping to become major player in the resurgence of vinyl. Up in Addison there’s a giant packaging facility – it’s about the size of two Home Depots squished together. It’s filled with rows of boxes stacked floor to ceiling. In one corner sit two brand-spanking-new vinyl record presses, each about the size of a pickup. They’re the first record presses built and installed in the United States in more than 30 years.

Sony Music has installed a record cutting lathe in its Tokyo studio: Sony Music has installed a cutting lathe in its state-of-the-art Tokyo studio, Musicman-Net reports. The industry standard Neumann VMS70 lathe joins the studio’s 12-strong mastering suite and will allow Sony to cut its own lacquers and master discs on site. It has been installed on the same floor as its recording studio, to open the possibility of cutting lacquers from live recordings in real time – a process popularised recently by Jack White’s Third Man Records among others. The move feeds into the country’s already resurgent vinyl industry and marks a major return to the format for one of its most powerful players. According to Musicman-Net, Sony hopes to use its expertise in CD manufacturing to cut a more advanced analogue sound.

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TVD’s Press Play

Press Play is our Monday recap of the new and FREE tracks received last week to inform the next trip to your local indie record store.

Justin Walter – It’s Not What You Think
Granfalloon – Bleary
Frances Luke Accord – Nowhere To Be Found
Antenna Man – Guitarless Man
James Raftery – Hidden Mind
Altar Eagles – What Are You Coming To?

Weird Milk – This Close

Shapes On Tape – American Carnage
Toma – Count Me Out
The Cover Letter – Somethings
No Rome – Seventeen
Govinda – Bright Star ft​.​Laura Hahn
Ashley Miers – Priestess
Big Fish & Kende – Lose My Mind (feat. David Blank)

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In rotation: 2/21/17

Keeping up the Mojo, Two USF Alums find success in book and record store: At a time when technology is moving so fast, sometimes it’s best to take a step back and appreciate the art forms of yesterday. While many people, if not everyone, currently have both their music and books loaded onto their phones, or some other device, there is still a community of people who believe a book is best read on a page and for the ultimate listening experience for any song, one needs pressed vinyl and a record player. For members of this community who attend USF, or just live in Tampa, Mojo Books and Records might be a frequent stop.

Six months after leaving Adams Morgan, Crooked Beat Records has found a home in Alexandria: Crooked Beat Records owner Bill Daly always planned to open a store in Alexandria, Virginia. He just didn’t expect to do it so soon. “This store was supposed to be our second store,” Daly said. “We were supposed to open one here and still maintain one there. If you had told me a year ago that we would have a store in Alexandria or Arlington, I would have said, ‘No, we’ll have our second store here in Alexandria, but we’ll always be here in D.C.'” The move began last spring, when the store announced it would be shuttering its Adams Morgan location after 12 years in the neighborhood.

Retro resurgence: The unlikely return of cassette tapes in Canadian music: Tyson Wiebe firmly believes the audio cassette hasn’t been played out. Many, many years after most music fans tossed their tapes in the trash, the Lethbridge, Alta., musician got behind the dated format in a big way — by forming an independent record label intent on resurrecting the once-loved cassette. Through production runs of 100 copies, Wiebe hopes to convince more homegrown artists that releasing tapes makes sense in 2017. He sees it as a way for musicians to stand apart in the age of streaming music, and get more people to actually play a full album. “It sounds great to us and it’s a lot more inexpensive than doing something like vinyl,” the founder of Norwegian Blue Records says.

Intersection Sessions: Ed Smith & ReRunz Records: Ed Smith’s record store, ReRunz Records, opened last Summer on West Church street. There are bins full of James Brown 45s- along with other funk, soul, R&B, Jazz and hundreds of other records. The walls are lined with records and concert posters- for the Jackson Five, T Bone Walker, Fats Domino, Run DMC… There’s also a sign advertising Smith’s own group- the After Hour band- which rehearses at the store on weekends. Smith used to have a store in Pine Hills, but he closed it in 2000. He says he couldn’t compete with the big box stores. Last August though, Smith says he decided the time was right to re-open.

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We’re closed.

We’ve closed up the shop for the President’s Day holiday. While we’re away, why not fire up our free Record Store Locator app and visit one of your local indie record stores?

Perhaps there’s an interview, review, or feature you might have missed? Catch up and we’ll see you back here tomorrow.

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TVD Radar: Third Man Pressing shares grand opening details

VIA PRESS RELEASE | Third Man Records is set to open their highly anticipated pressing plant, Third Man Pressing to the public on Saturday, February 25th. Located in the heart of the Cass Corridor, Third Man Pressing brings a day filled with live music, freshly pressed all Detroit-centric limited edition vinyl, and tours. The event will be free and open to the public.

Let’s stage-dive straight into the live entertainment… Headlining will be none other than The Kings of Budget Rock… The Mummies! Writhe, thrive, twist and jive with the only band worthy to wear the tattered toilet paper they wrap themselves in… yes folks, Third Man is damn proud to host The Mummies in their first-ever Detroit appearance. But that is not all by a long shot — they’ll also have Memphis punk rock n roll bass-less legends The Oblivians preceded by the Mid-West Country stylings of Detroit and Third Man’s one and own, Craig Brown Band. Third Man Pressing will open at 10am, with live music starting at 2:30pm.

One of the most interesting aspects of the Third Man Pressing plant will be fans’ ability to watch records being pressed from the viewing platform within the TMR’s Cass Corridor record shop. Opening day will offer not only the chance to see records being pressed, but also the ability to purchase those records being pressed right in front of their eyes.

Third Man has lined up a great assortment of freshly pressed Detroit-centric LPs and 7″s that will be press in limited numbers / colors / packaging available for purchase ONLY at the pressing plant Grand Opening on Feb. 25th.

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TVD Radar: Bill Evans’ On A Monday Evening in stores 3/24

VIA PRESS RELEASE | In 1976, jazz pianist Bill Evans was in a class by himself. The New Jersey-born Evans had been recording as a leader for 20 years, and become a true force in modern music. When he went to perform in the Madison Union Theater at the University of Wisconsin on Monday, November 15, 1976 with bassist Eddie Gomez and drummer Eliot Zigmund, no one would have predicted that 40 years later the evening’s music would become one of the shining moments of all that Evans accomplished.

On A Monday Evening will be released by Fantasy Records, a division of Concord Bicycle Music on March 24 in vinyl, compact disc, and digital formats. It features eight songs performed that night in Madison, and exists thanks to two college-age deejays that recorded and archived the concert. Larry Goldberg and James Farber had interviewed Evans for the college radio station. Goldberg was able to use the station’s recording equipment to preserve the evening for posterity. Remastered from the original analog tapes and using the advanced technique of Plangent Processes for transfer and restoration, the recordings now present a stellar evening of jazz now available for the first time. The Bill Evans Trio is captured in full force at a pivotal moment in the pianist’s career.

In his astute liner notes, Grammy Award-winning writer Ashley Kahn says, “The Evans/Gomez/Zigmund union lasted just two years — Gomez being the first to depart in ’77 –yet it still stands as one of the pianist’s most distinctive and memorable groups. On A Monday Evening is a rare- high-fidelity snapshot of that association; as Zigmund points out, ‘There’s really nothing like that, a definitive live recording of that trio. So it’s great that there’s finally an official recording out that represents our live side.’”

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In rotation: 2/17/17

Doncaster town centre record shop closes down due to “personal circumstances”: The Notorious Aardvark in Waterdale shut up shop at the end of last week, announcing its demise via its Facebook page. Store owner Simon Saynor wrote: “So that’s it, give or take an hour. The shop is no more. “We will still be selling on line with over 2000 items listed. Plenty more to add – I’ll have time to do that now. “Thank you to every single person who has shopped at The Notorious Aardvark Record Shop. It’s been emotional xxx”

Why the Family of Late Vinyl Café Host Stuart McLean Asks for Donations for Camp Kanawana: Stuart McLean would be the first person to seek out the upbeat amid the sadness. The beloved host of CBC Radio’s The Vinyl Café — also a bestselling author and award-winning humourist — died yesterday (Feb. 15) at age 68 after a battle with melanoma. Yet in death as in life, McLean brings the happiness. His family requests that, in lieu of flowers, donations be made to the Stuart McLean Camp Kanawana Fund which helps children and teens without the financial means to attend Camp YMCA Kanawana, a community where they learn to care for themselves, each other and the environment.

Vinyl makes comeback from near-extinction: Currently, the hottest and best-equipped place in Seoul to listen to vinyl discs is Hyundai Card Music Library in Itaewon. About 150 people daily visit the library, which has a collection of over 10,000 records and music-related books, and the line grows long on weekends when over 500 people come to explore music. The venue has six turntables and visitors can play records available on the shelves. “The Music Library opened in 2015 and it surely contributed to help Itaewon become a music-oriented district,” Hyundai Card’s global PR manager said.

Kindercore Records to Open Vinyl Pressing Plant in Athens: Kindercore co-founder Ryan Lewis teased the news with a series of Facebook posts over the past few days, and today the label posted the graphic seen above with the caption, “Music manufacturing coming to Athens, GA mid-2017.” If the Athens plant becomes a reality, it will join an exclusive club—there are only a few dozen currently-operating pressing plants in the whole world, with about 20 of those in the U.S.—and no doubt enjoy high demand. The resurgence of interest in vinyl over the past decade, paired with a lack of available pressing equipment, has led to massive backlogs at many record-manufacturing facilities.

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