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Life is strange: The Casket Girls join us
at DC’s Som Records

PHOTOS: RICHIE DOWNS Ever feel out of the loop? (I know, us too.) Yes, it seems there’s something going down at record stores tomorrow, April 19, but nobody tells us a damn thing. It’s weird. But I tell you what, we hate crowds. And lines.

Know who hates crowds too? Savannah, GA’s The Casket Girls, that’s who. The lovely women of spooky shadows with an eerily catchy soundtrack to match made their way through Washington, DC recently, and with a chill in the air and ice on the stilettos, wound their way down the stairs of DC’s Som Records to join us for a hang. And a record rummage.

“My sister and I grew up in a large, dusty clutter of hallways and staircases. Playground and prison just the same, we didn’t leave the grounds much. When you live in the middle of nowhere, nowhere is your destination and your return.”

“We seemed to evade any vague adult supervision that might have made faint gestures towards securing some sense of order in our lives, and were left thoroughly content wandering about the self-made tunnels and bridges of our mind’s eye. Hoping to connect with the other worldly—in search of something more.

We were scared of the attic. We were told it was dangerous, and never to lower the ladder. Though for years we abided, we knew that one day the bravery would rise in our chests, tiny hearts pounding, breath controlled, my sister shushing me with only her glance: the ladder would be lowered. And as we believed in destiny from a very young age, we felt we had no choice in matters, we were only following our hearts up the seemingly loudest steps we had ever walked in our lives, as our aunt made tea in the kitchen below.

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TVD Recommends Jowe Head at CD Cellar, 4/17

Calling all fans of classic U.K. post-punk and John Peel-approved, left-of-center pop!

One of our favorite DC-based monthly dj nights, We Fought the Big One, is presenting a special live show tonight at CD Cellar in Arlington with legendary U.K. post-punk iconoclast Jowe Head from Swell Maps/TV Personalities!

Early incarnations of Swell Maps, which centered around brothers Nikki Sudden (guitar/vocals) and Epic Soundtracks (drums/piano), existed as early as 1972 (!!!) with Jowe Head joining the band just before the U.K. punk revolution took hold.

The band’s skewed and unabashedly chaotic approach to garage-punk resulted in two classic albums and a string of incendiary singles that were a big influence on Sonic Youth, Nirvana, Dinosaur Jr., Big Black, and the Jesus and Mary Chain.

Even Blur were fans. Damon Albarn has never been shy about professing his love of Swell Maps. Is it just coincidence that “Song 2,” aka the “Woo-hoo!” song, sounds A LOT like the Jowe Head-penned Swell Maps number “Harmony in Your Bathroom”?

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TVD Premiere: Secondary Modern, “Dart Board Blacklist”

We’re delighted to direct your ears to Secondary Modern’s “Dart Board Blacklist” from the Carbondale, Illinois combo’s 2014 release, Venus Birds (which you can get your hands on right here.) We also cornered the band’s David Brown to spill the beans for us on some records that influenced his and the band’s thinking.

Can, Future Days (1973) | “I bought this LP on a whim because I had heard part of Ege Bamyasi and had some idea that Can was supposed to be consistently good. It has embossed gold font on a blue sleeve, which is great for tracing mindlessly with an index finger while staring at the wall.

Musically, everything about it is unique and unreal, and it’s even more insane to break it down and realize that there are definite roles within a set band and that this is a collection of finely tuned insanity which comes off as chilled-out groove. I had a vivid dream that I saw them perform it in its entirety live with the Damo lineup. Everything was blue.”

The Velvet Underground, – S/T (1969) | “The Beatles were the first band I ever loved, but the Velvets were the first band I ever had all to myself. They were mine and they were singing to only me. Their guitars were out of tune, only slightly, for me.

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TVD’s Press Play

Press Play is our Monday morning recap of the new tracks received last week—provided here to inform your vinyl purchasing power. Click, preview, download.

The White Bicycles – Dust
Frances Cone – Better Man
Shambles In A Husk – Medications
Oh Be Clever – Next To You (Elephante Remix)
Cosmonaut Grechko – Anytime
Yung Lean – Gatorade (Dolphin Tears LIDO Edit)
Unicycle Loves You – Falling Off
FUCK ART, LET’S DANCE! – We’re Manicals! (Deo & Z-Man Remix)
Congi – Somnium
UNMAP – Chalk

Linus Young – Sister

Steve Strong – Marta
Vensaire – Song Six
Ela Stiles – Kumbh Mela
Midnite On Pearl Beach – Noah
Kinky Love – Affair
Popcaan – Everything Nice (Remix) [feat. Mavado]
Astro Raph – Eternal Spirit (ft. Soulular & Wolf-e-Wolf)
Nelly – Ride Wit Me (Viceroy “Jet Life” Remix)
Blackbird Blackbird – There Is Nowhere (DWNTWN Remix)
Redvers – Laughing At Rainbows

4 more FREE TRACKS on side B!

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TVD Premiere: Paradise, “My Kingdom”

“As a young man I was drenched in dreams of one day making my own version of history. And to me, music was the fuel to write my own history. Every record I buy earmarks a time in my life. My 7 inches recall stories of a young hardcore punk kid looking for direction or a lack of direction, while the records passed on to me by my father recall the stories he passed on to me through the voice of Bob Dylan and John Denver.

I remember specifically the first records I bought on my own. During my freshman year of high school, I was at a debate camp in Lawrence, Kansas. We had a day to troll the town so I headed to a record shop called The Love Garden. Being from a very small town in Iowa, this quaint little record shop opened my eyes to a sea of vinyl I had never seen before. I bought three records that day. Babyland You Suck Crap, 7 Seconds Old School, and a Zipgun 7″.

I hold a few records very close to my heart. These records shaped me and made me appreciate music’s power. These records bridged that gap I felt in my life. I was finally able to relate to someone or something, to hear words that made me feel like I belong, or that I’m part of something bigger. And here they are.”

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TVD Video Premiere: Purple, “Double Nickels”

“The song is about getting out of your comfort zone and really realizing who you are with no one holding you down. The show was a really good LA show [2/20/14 The Church on York, with Ringo Deathstarr]. It was a packed house. We were all feeling a lot of energy that night…”
Taylor Busby, guitars, vocals

“We did that show with Ringo Deathstarr in LA at the church on York. Really cool venue. It was packed out. People were really diggin it. We were trying to rock as hard as possible cuz it seemed like the audience was really stiff. But we got them going by the end of the set. I got in trouble for stealing a beer at the end of the night. It was lovely.”
Hanna Brewer, drums, vocals

We’re delighted to debut the 1:21 blast of pure rock and roll grit that is Purple’s “Double Nickels.” Too short for you? Listen to it back to back 3 times in a row like we do.

PURPLE ON TOUR: (with Ringo Deathstarr)
Wed, Apr 16 – Jacksonville FL at Burro Bar
Thu, Apr 17 – Miami FL at Gramps
Fri, Apr 18 – Tampa FL at New World Brewery
Sat, Apr 19 – Miami FL at Sweatstock 5 + Record Store Day 2014

Purple Official | Facebook | Twitter

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TVD Recommends: Early Winters at Village Music World, free in-store, 4/8

Check out a free performance from Early Winters in NYC tomorrow night at Village Music World, a great record shop in the west village. The music kicks off at 7pm with free beer and pizza. We’ll be there filming, catching the band before their headlining show Wednesday night at Rockwood Music Hall. But first, a bit of a confession from Early Winters’ Justin Rutledge…

“Don’t tell anyone, but I don’t really buy new vinyl anymore. I search around for the old stuff, Van Morrison, Veedon Fleece, Mary Margaret O’Hara, Miss America, The Smiths, The Queen In Dead. Not to say that the new stuff ain’t got it–it’s just that the old stuff has the goods, ya know?

Just don’t tell anyone, because I’m in a band and I’d get in trouble for saying stuff like that. Ok, sometimes I get new vinyl too, but don’t tell anyone. I really love secrets. Sometimes when I’m listening to vinyl, it’s like someone is telling me clandestine sweet nothings, but on a stereo.

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TVD’s Press Play

Press Play is our Monday morning recap of the new tracks received last week—provided here to inform your vinyl purchasing power. Click, preview, download.

They Might Be Giants – Am I Awake
Dead Stars – Someone Else
Charlie Hickey – Odds
Brian Fuente – Jennifer
Overlake – Disappearing
Duologue – Memex
Vensaire – Song Six
Douga – Kids Of Tomorrow
AK , the Rapper – Fifty50 Feat. Means (Prod. by Pete Rock)
Equals – Conveyor

The Honey Trees – Siren

Ummet Ozcan – Raise Your Hands (Slander Festival Trap Edit)
Depeche Mode – Should be Higher (Amtrac Remix)
Frances Cone Band – June
Armand Margjeka – Hummingbird
KRONO – Surprise Tonight
sleepmakeswaves – one day you will teach me to let go of my fears
Architecture in Helsinki – I Might Survive (Bixel Boys Remix)
Early Morning Rebel – Shallow Breath
Donovan Blanc – Minha Menina
1,2,3 – Leave Me In The Sky With The Lawnchair

5 more FREE TRACKS on side B!

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TVD Recommends:
We Fought the Big One 10-Year Anniversary Party at Marx Cafe, 4/4

Well sure, DJ nights are all the rage these days, but not so much in 2004 when our friends Rick Taylor and Brandon Grover set about with their Post Punk/Peel Party, WE FOUGHT THE BIG ONE at DC’s Marx Cafe. Their monthly shindig celebrates its 10th Anniversary TONIGHT and we thought of all the records played over the years, getting the lads to narrow down 10 favorites by way of an introduction for the uninitiated would be in order—and they set to it with aplomb:

“This is our attempt at trying to whittle down the 10 tracks that have most defined WE FOUGHT THE BIG ONE over the last 10 years. And actually, no hair pulling, food throwing, or fist-fighting over these. WE FOUGHT THE BIG ONE comrade Brandon Grover and I were in complete agreement on these 10 songs.”

WE FOUGHT THE BIG ONE: 10 Years in 10 Songs
The Lines – “Nerve Pylon” (1980) | Quite possibly the most transcendent slice of DIY pop magic to have cast a spell on both Brandon and myself, capped by an extraordinary vocal performance from singer/ guitarist/ sound guru Rico Conning.

The Lines were from North London, but had absolutely zero showbiz instincts or commercial aspirations to speak of. And that may have been their undoing—that, and the fact they tended to write the kind of nuanced material that could only be fully appreciated after repeated listens. If you like this, I recommend investigating their back catalog, which was lovingly reissued via Acute Records a few years ago. Thank you Dan Selzer!

48 Chairs – “Snap It Around” (1979) | Ringing chord changes, a whiplash drum machine, sexy female vocals, darting synthesizers, and even a whiff of jazzy guitar—what’s not to love? This catchy and stylish single has been a long-time stable of WE FOUGHT THE BIG ONE through the years. 48 Chairs was the brainchild of U.K. multi-instrumentalist John Scott, who was John Cooper Clarke’s guitar player (back when famed Joy Division producer Martin Hannett was in the band).

Scott was a very active guy in his post-punk heydey, having a hand in a multitude of releases, including most of the Absurd Records singles. Martin Hannett fans take note—there is a cautionary message on the back of the single that promises this is “not a Martin Zero production.”

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TVD Premiere:
High Waisted,
Acid Tapes Vol. 1

A year ago Jessica Louise Dye met Nashville’s resident weirdo Taylor Rust passing through on tour with her old band. The two kept in contact, singing each other songs on Skype and writing one another haikus from afar. While on tour this spring with her new band High Waisted, Dye spent two days in Nashville, playing shows, eating Mas Tacos, and visiting with Rust.

On a chilly spring morning in a haunted house in east Nashville, Dye, Rust and the rest of the members of High Waisted dropped acid.

As the sweet tarts dissolved onto their tongues, the group hung a single room mic and let their instruments melt into their bodies. Rust pressed record on an old reel to reel and the band created their debut release, Acid Tapes, Vol. 1.

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