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SUNDAY! The DC Record Fair, now in our 6th year, returns to Penn Social
on January 25!

Those of you following the DC Record Fair on Facebook might deem the forthcoming news a bit old, as we revved up the gears on the Winter 2015 edition of the record fair while we were on our holiday break, yet it bears an official announcement: the DC Record Fair returns to downtown DC’s Penn Social on January 25, 2015!

And six years in, some things are still a given—the 40+ vendors from up and down the East Coast, the curated DJ line up, the bar, the food, and the many other surprises that make the DC Record Fair a special community event for all ages.

Additionally, Zeke’s Coffee will once again be on hand with a special blend brewed just for the DC Record Fair, and our friends at Electric Cowbell Records will be on site passing out free records just for attending!

11:00 – 12:00: Crown Vic, Electric Cowbell Records
12:00 – 1:00: Brendan Canty, Fugazi, Deathfix
1:00 – 2:00: Daisy Lacy, Smash Records 
2:00 – 3:00: Brian Proust, Georgia Soul Recordings
3:00 – 4:00: DJ Singh Slim, DC Vinyl Headz
4:00 – 5:00: DJ Alizay

Mark your calendars! 
Sunday, January 25, 2015 at Penn Social, 801 E Street, NW
11:00–12:00, Early Bird Admission $5.00
12:00–5:00, Regular Admission $2.00
RSVP at the Facebook invite!

The DC Record Fair is brought you by Som Records, DC Soul Recordings, and us!

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In rotation: 1/23/15

A note to vinyl subscription clubs who think competing paradigms can coexist: “After 35 years in business, [San Francisco’s] Streetlight Records on Castro will close this year due to declining sales, Hoodline reports. Streetlight Records manager Andrew Shadgett tells the site “The store was quite successful up into the end of the ’90s and early 2000s… We just can’t compete with places like Amazon and iTunes.”

However, a seriously welcome return. “Deal Real Record Shop Returns To Carnaby: Set to return on Record Store Day…a rejuvenated Deal Real is set to occupy 14 Newburgh Street…”

“Opening their doors this month, A Love Supreme Records is a natural progression of a number of ventures by brothers Ben and Nick Chiu, the team behind Ben’s Burgers and Brisbane clothing store Apartment. This time they’ve teamed up with Alex Intax and Paul Marinos to open A Love Supreme, a stylishly quaint record store specialising in quality vinyl..”

Lord of the Singles: “Digging through the comprehensive selection at New York City’s A1 Records, a treasure trove of vinyl excellence, Elijah Wood and Zach Cowie are enthusiastic to talk about their love of music. For nearly three years, the duo have been DJing various events under the name Wooden Wisdom and decided to kick off a tour this year, spanning nine dates throughout North America and Europe…”

“A dedicated analog guy, Tom Scholz should have been thrilled that Boston‘s most recent album – 2013′s ‘Life Love and Hope‘ — is arriving on vinyl. Instead, he’s infuriated. Seems Scholz actually rejected the mix for the vinyl reissue, only to see it sent out for pressing anyway.”

“The Australian Recording Industry Association (ARIA) has released its wholesale figures for last year and, putting it simply, 2014 was a good year as far as vinyl album sales (up to $6.4 million) and subscription services income ($23 million) were concerned; both more than doubled last year’s figures.”

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In rotation: 1/22/15

It’s Leeds vs. London: “The record shops in Leeds have got it all, but the same can be said of London’s—so which should you visit while you’re down South?”

It is sexy: “Matt Felegy, 32, of Berea, Ohio, has more than 2,700 digital downloads on an external hard drive that fits in his pocket. He says no one is impressed with that, but plenty of people are astounded when looking at the vinyl record collection he keeps in what he describes as his ‘record room.'”

Aw, they say “vinyls.” “On a small scale, it may feel like everyone around you has suddenly picked up a record collecting hobby but the bigger picture shows that vinyls still make up a very small percentage of overall music sales.”

Books and records, perfect together: “The Record Store Book—Fifty of Southern California’s Most Iconic and Legendary Record Stores, will be the first photography book about independent record stores. Published by Rare Bird Books, this soon to be released coffee table book will blend colorful imagery from more than 45 record stores and in-depth interviews with store owners to capture the lively experience of the independent record shop and how it provides a communal gathering place for human interaction, exploration and discovery.”

“The question isn’t just how many total vinyl units are being sold. It’s how are those units being distributed across the range of musicians selling them,” one reader commented on Digital Music News‘ website. “For some musicians, the revenue gained from 500 vinyl sales on tour may be the difference between having a tour in the red or in the black.”

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In rotation: 1/21/15

“Unique vinyl record mastering engineer moves into 78th street studios: Considering only about 30 people across the nation do what Clint Holley does, Cleveland is very lucky to have him and his small business Well Made Music.

Never truly a sound option, but: “The 8 Best Portable Record Players Around”

The DC Record Fair returns to Washington’s Penn Social this coming Sunday, January 25. Our friends at the Fillmore Silver Spring shot the vid below a little while back as a primer. See you there?

New rule: the Washington City Paper needs to rename its morning “Arts Roundup” its morning “Punk Roundup” and cop to it already.

In London? “‘Peckham 33-45-78 RPM’ is an exhibition celebrating the history of record shops in Peckham presented by The British Record Shop Archive.

“If Spotify was an ’80s record store, it might’ve looked something like this

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TVD’s Press Play

Press Play is our Monday morning recap of the new tracks received last week—provided here to inform your vinyl purchasing power. Click, preview, download, purchase.

Miss Kenichi – Blanket
Dave Rave – Sweet American Music
Tim Myers – March Hills To Climb
Fuji Kureta – Open Up
Best Girl Athlete – Talk
Cariad Harmon – Like You
Kin Cayo – Our Ship
Matthew O’Neill – Campfire Cook
Tyler Nail – Valentina
HiRollers – Only

Bunny Lion – Rat Trap

OLD – Dude
Ty Beat – Talkin’ About A Someday (feat. Rich Jones & MC Friendly)
Arca – Sheep (Hood By Air FW15)
Lisa Leblanc – You Look Like Trouble (But I Guess I Do Too)
POHGOH – Claude Rains
Treee City – Udono
White Panda – Pony Lasts Forever (Ginuwine // Feki)
Acid Baby Jesus – Ayahuasca Blues
IRONTOM – In The Day And The Dark
Voxtone – I May Be Right (Live)

18 more FREE TRACKS on side B!

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In rotation: 1/20/15

A HMV? “HMV surpasses Amazon to regain spot as UK’s No. 1 physical music retailer”

A FYE? “End of an era: Fayetteville’s last record store, FYE, closes Jan. 28″

Hang Your Head: “Metalhead record shop Black Mess Records is closing its doors at the end of the month”

The Tiny Record Shop is a boutique venture, occupying a leased 9-by-14-foot space in the back of the gift shop Token, at 804 Queen St. E., just east of Broadview Avenue. Where the city’s popular vinyl stores (Sonic Boom, Rotate This) are funkier, bigger and louder west-end concerns, this east-side counterpoint is tidy, bright and part of a family-oriented neighbourhood.”

Swoon: “…But for all the predictions, a different story appears to be on the page. In a twist straight out of an Agatha Christie novel, this month booksellers reported that physical books are back in vogue.”

“It’s just months away from completion and once it’s finished it will be one of a kind in Canada. Canada Boy Vinyl is set to open a pressing plant right here in northeast Calgary, complete with a recording studio and record store.”

“Rock music is more popular than any other genre in the US, according to latest figures.”

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We’re closed.

We’re taking a holiday today to honor the life and legacy of Rev. Martin Luther King Jr. We’ll return live tomorrow with all of our regular Monday features and more.

While we’re away, why not fire up our free Record Store Locator app and visit one of your local indie record shops? Perhaps there’s an interview, review, or feature you might have missed? 

Or perhaps, contemplate the man and his message in 2015.

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TVD Vinyl Giveaway: Mystic Revealers, Crucial Cuts

“From I was a youth, vinyl was always a special format for me. When I started my collection with my first LP purchase, it resulted in a long-standing love affair with the physical form of the music I love.”

“I would read and re-read the album liner notes and all the captions for the pictures and have hours of fun listening to my selections at my leisure on my Phillips radio/record player to which I had patched 2 speakers into the line for the tiny one in the unit. Stack them in alphabetical order, then re-stack in order of preference.

When I played them I had the little felt brush to wipe the discs before putting them on the turntable, and I would be ever so gentle as I tried to drop the needle right into the grove! And when the music vibrated up the needle and out of the speakers, I would experience a strange indescribable joy from the whole scenario.

Since the advent of the digital music format however, I feel a strange musical melancholy where those sentiments are concerned… as though I have lost a close friend. This is one of the motivating factors for us to decide to make our music available on vinyl… to be enjoyed the way it should be!”
Billy Mystic, vocals

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In rotation: 1/16/15

After a long battle with bladder cancer, legendary record producer Kim Fowley has died.

Sundazed prepares 180-gram vinyl reissue of Eric Burdon and The Animals’ 1968 MGM Records release, The Twain Shall Meet.

Admit it, yours can use an upgrade: “Two classic albums from the ‘70s are about to get reissued on vinyl. March 3 will see the release of Foghat’s 1977 Foghat Live and the J. Geils Band’s 1973 breakthrough, Bloodshot.

Oregon and punk rock, perfect together. “Grab your Chuck Taylor’s and order up some pizza. There is a new punk rock record label in town and they are having a record label showcase January 17 at the Sandy Hut. May we introduce to you, Pizza Shoe Records and its founder Joel Hixon.”

“Germany’s recorded music retail value finally overtook the UK in 2011…One factor is the resilience of its physical market; CDs and vinyl accounted for around 75% of all revenues in Germany in 2014. The decline of all physical formats slowed—down just 1% on 2013.”

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TVD Video Premiere: White Ape,
“Kick It Down”

London based punk band White Ape is due to release their second EP, “Kick It Down” on Monday.

The band have created a raw and subversive sound, while their lyrics take no prisoners as they tackle subjects such as class and gentrification in the big smoke of London town.

To celebrate their forthcoming EP, White Ape are releasing the title track, “Kick It Down” as their official single and have given us an exclusive premiere of the lo-fi video that accompanies the track.

White Ape’s EP, “Kick It Down” is released via Sotones on 19th January 2015.

White Ape Facebook | Twitter

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