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In rotation: 1/16/18

Plans for new vinyl record shop and cafe in Buxton approved: High Peak Borough Council this week granted a change of use application for the ground floor of 2-4 South Avenue to a mixed retail and cafe use. Documents submitted on behalf of applicant Neil McDonald reveal the vacant retail premises is intended to be used for the sale of new and used vinyl records, as well as offering customers coffee and light snacks. A report prepared by council planning officer stated: “Permission is sought for a change of use from shop to a mixed use of a shop selling vinyl records and related merchandise and a cafe. “The applicant has clarified that no cooking will take place on the premises, they will be serving coffee, tea, cakes, sandwiches and merely warming up food (paninis) using a panini press (similar to a sandwich toaster).”

“It’s about taking responsibility for our future”: How Brazil is reclaiming its record culture: Brazil has long been something of a promised land for the world’s adventurous collectors, reissue labels and DJs. So vast and varied is its musical heritage that decades after Madlib first went to Brazil, it’s clear they’ve hardly scratched the surface. But with foreign buyers and increased demand pushing prices beyond the reach of most Brazilians, the country has reached something of a crisis point in relation to its records. With new pressing plant Vinil Brasil now open in São Paulo and local labels rescuing music from beyond the European experience, Russ Slater investigates how Brazilians are staking a claim to their own music once again.

Albert Einstein’s Record Collection To Go On Display: A new exhibition, called ‘Albert Einstein: Life in Four Dimensions’, is set to feature Albert Einstein’s record collection. The exhibition will travel around Asia through this year, as The Times of Israel reports, and will include artefacts from the Albert Einstein archive at Hebrew University including “the physicist’s own vinyl record collection, his 1921 Nobel Prize, handwritten pages from the theory of relativity, and letters exchanged with Sigmund Freud, family and friends,” according to a spokesperson at the university. The exhibition runs from today (January 12) until April 8 at the National Chiang Kei-Shek Memorial Hall in Taipei, Taiwan, and then will be presented in Japan and China later in the year.

Audiophilia forever: And expensive new year’s shopping guide: …A growing corpus of young music lovers have, in recent years, become attached to vinyl—demanding vinyl from their favorite groups as they issue new albums, flocking to new vinyl stores. For some, it may be about the sound. Or maybe it’s about backing away from corporate culture and salesmanship. Vinyl offers the joys of possessorship: if you go to a store, talk to other music lovers, and buy a record, you are committing to your taste, to your favorite group, to your friends. In New York, the independent-music scene, and the kinds of loyalties it creates, are central to vinyl. In any case, the young people buying vinyl have joined up with two sets of people who never really gave up on it: the scratchmaster d.j.s deploying vinyl on twin turntables, making music with their hands, and the audiophiles hoarding their LPs…

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We’re closed.

We’ve closed up the shop for the Martin Luther King Day holiday. While we’re away, why not fire up our free Record Store Locator app and visit one of your local indie record stores?

Perhaps there’s an interview, review, or feature you might have missed? Catch up and we’ll see you back here tomorrow.

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TVD Radar: Allen Ginsberg’s Howl And Other Poems vinyl edition in stores 2/23

VIA PRESS RELEASE | Craft Recordings, the Catalog division of Concord Music, is pleased to announce a deluxe vinyl box set celebrating Allen Ginsberg’s iconic Howl And Other Poems, one of the most important pieces of modern American literature.

Due out February 23rd, the collection offers Ginsberg’s recording of the poems, pressed on translucent red vinyl – reproducing the original 1959 LP release, as well as a replica of the synonymous book of poetry, published in 1956 by City Lights for their Pocket Poets series. Also included in the box set is a photo of Ginsberg from the ’50s, a reproduction of the original City Lights reading invite from 1956 and a booklet, with new liner notes by Beat scholar Ann Charters, as well as notes by poet Anne Waldman.

To celebrate, San Francisco’s legendary City Lights Booksellers will host a reception on February 22nd at 7:00 PM. The event, which will be open to the public, will feature readings and statements by Ann Charters, San Francisco’s Poet Laureate Kim Shuck, poet and author Neeli Cherkovski, City Lights’ Poetry Editor Garrett Caples, and box set producer Bill Belmont.

Allen Ginsberg (1926-1997) was one of the best-known writers of the Beat Generation as well as a leading figure in the counterculture movement. Tirelessly prolific throughout his life, Ginsberg was most closely associated with was Howl—a poetic rage against society’s conformism and capitalism, which rocked the literary world upon its publication, and has gone on to be one of the most widely performed poems of the 20th Century.

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In rotation: 1/12/18

Vinyl in Augusta, Independently owned record stores in Augusta offer everything from vintage vinyl to newly released albums featuring all genres of music: Music lovers don’t have to buy vinyl records anymore. Ever since iPods and MP3 players first came onto the scene almost 20 years ago, music has become easily accessible, portable and seemingly endless. But there is something sacred about scouring through bins of vintage vinyl and fondly remembering when listening to music was a social experience. Sitting down and sharing an album with your friends that actually needed to be flipped over and appreciating the occasional crackle sound of a record being played gently by a needle is something that many people still cherish. Vinyl isn’t dead. In fact, it’s back with vengeance.

The World Famous VIP Sign That Anchored the Birthplace of G-Funk, Snoop Dogg, Warren G & Nate Dogg Becomes the First Hip Hop Landmark of its Kind! Long Beach, CA — At the corner of PCH and Martin L. King Ave., in one of Long Beach’s most culturally rich black neighborhoods, sits the icon: and now historic VIP Records sign, that once anchored the former VIP Records Store. VIP Records opened its doors in 1978 breaking R&B, gospel, jazz, reggae and blues acts. By the early 90’s, VIP became the World Famous VIP Records and the birthplace of G-Funk by providing the launching pad for Warren G, Nate Dogg and Snoop Dogg, who later recorded his first video “What’s my name?” on the roof of VIP Records, with the now historic sign. “The VIP was the place to go if you were a rapper to showcase your skills. VIP is special to me and I take the VIP with me everywhere I go,” comments Snoop Dogg in an upcoming documentary titled The VIP Legacy.

Sam the Record Man sign shines over Yonge-Dundas for 1st time in over a decade, Landmark sign showcases ‘magic’ of Toronto’s music history, Mayor John Tory says: Toronto’s landmark Sam the Record Man sign is shining again in the Yonge and Dundas area more than a decade after the iconic music store shut its doors. The enormous sign, featuring red neon writing on two spinning vinyl discs, was re-lit Wednesday evening atop 277 Victoria St. overlooking Yonge-Dundas Square — just steps from its former location…Sam the Record Man opened in 1959 and it quickly became a hangout for music lovers in Toronto, becoming a mecca for millions of Toronto music aficionados that lasted almost half a century. The flashing sign that towered over it was regarded as a symbol of Yonge Street and a cultural touchstone of the city’s music history.

Music To Your Ears: BJ’s Records and Nostalgia is tucked away near the Five Points at 13 Clapperton Street and is a throwback to the days of heading to your local record shop and browsing at the massive selection they had on hand. Owner Bill Loiselle says that he is constantly amazed at the youth that are coming in despite living in the age of online music. “I do hear all the downside from people assuming that the music industry and particularly the record shop industry is dying because of the surge of downloading music and the popularity of music sites,” said Loiselle. “But we have a steady stream of people in here all the time and what amazes me the most is to see kids and teens, even the twenty-something crowd, come in and buy a classic rock album or something else that generations gone by have listened to. Owning a record store allows me to see first-hand that good music never goes out of style.”

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TVD Radar: Harold Alexander’s Sunshine Man vinyl reissue in stores 2/23

VIA PRESS RELEASE | Harold Alexander was a competent saxophonist and dynamic flutist whose early and mid-’70s albums for Flying Dutchman and Atlantic blended originals, soul/jazz and R&B effectively. Alexander recorded three albums (including a live Montreux Jazz Festival record in 1972) and contributed to various other recordings during his career.

​After a very brief period of recording music, from about 1967 to 1974, Alexander disappeared from the music scene. He is alleged to have commented on the music industry by saying: Most people don’t know what happened to me…I guess they think I’m gone. They didn’t kill my spirit, but they killed my desire to share.” Before his removal from the scene of recorded music, Harold Alexander provided the world with some incredibly funky jazz fusion tracks with a distinct otherworldly craziness.

​His most recognized LP is 1971’s Sunshine Man on Flying Dutchman Records. On that album, the most sought after groove is the straight up banger “Mama Soul,” which features insane scatting over a delicious funky flute and organ driven beat. An immaculate six minutes of mental vocals and Alexander’s flute doing exactly what the vocals are doing. It comes as no surprise that “Mama Soul” was sampled multiple times by artists from Blackalicious to DJ Shadow.

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In rotation: 1/11/18

The Record Parlour’s Free Vinyl Record Days—35,000 LPs FREE, January 13-14, 2018: 200,000+ Records purchased in the last several months have created a massive mountain of #Vinyl Records to accumulate since our last #FREE DAY in Sept. Over 35,000 records across all genres are out for FREE Jan 13-14, 2018. Arrive EARLY for the best selection and shorter wait time. Spend $20 and take up to 100 RECORDS FOR FREE. Please bring your own box or bag. We only do this 2-3x a year – don’t miss the 1st one for 2018 – January is our biggest. (Next date is June 2018) In addition to LPs, we will have about 3,000 45s, 78s, #Cassettes, Music Magazines and #Posters.

Beyond The Bay: Brandon’s guide to European record collecting: For some, a vacation may mean snapping famous sights, sampling local foods, or simply taking things slow. As a vinyl junkie, anytime I go somewhere new, my focus is on unearthing stacks of a town’s local record shop. The premise of record shops is largely the same everywhere you go, but the personality and selection can vary dramatically. My European getaway revealed shoebox shops with loads of personality, near-obsessive organization, and kind shopkeepers willing to accommodate tardy shoppers. During my two-week stint overseas, I visited Amsterdam, Munich, and Berlin, and was lucky enough to stop by at least one shop in each city. Here’s an overview of what I saw, and what I picked up.

The Glasgow charity shop where browsing for records lives on: In this world of music downloads and streaming, it seems the allure of the hard copy still endures. And one charity shop in the west end of Glasgow has proved there is life yet in the charitable giving of vinyl and CDs. Oxfam’s music store on Byres Road last year raked in a cool £100,000 net profit from the sale of records, CDs, cassettes and instruments. That was more than any other shop in the charity’s chain of 550-plus outlets across the UK. For Andrew McWhinnie, the shop manager at Byres Road, successful trading is all down to a sense of community.

Technics unveils new “premium” SP-10R and SL-1000R turntables: Technics is continuing its drive to bring back its most important turntables, with the classic SP-10 and SL-1000 decks set to be given a high-end reboot. Previewed in August 2017, the Technics SP-10R turntable was described as Technics’ “most premium turntable ever”, and with further details emerging at Panasonic’s CES 2018 press conference, we now know why. Living up to the reputation of the original SP-10 – the world’s first direct drive turntable – this new model is powered by a coreless direct drive motor, with the rubber-dampened aluminium platter stabilised by a 10mmm brass weight, giving it a mass of 7.9kg. Reducing wow and flutter rate to 0.015 percent, it promises to limit background noise while increasing and clarifying the audio signal in the process.

Sound System Outernational Vinyl Weekender: Strictly Vinyl conference: A free conference for reggae sound system scene and vinyl culture supporters, professionals & researchers: panel discussions, demonstrations, films, workshops etc. Strictly Vinyl is a one day and night meeting of minds and bodies, practitioners and researchers, learning and dancing from reggae sound system scene. Come to enjoy, learn and share your knowledge and experience, research, techniques and appreciation of vinyl culture. The Strictly Vinyl conference is part of the SSO Sound System Outernational #4 Vinyl Weekender from Thurs 11th to Sun 14th Jan, including Let’s Play Vinyl exhibition opening, Stuart Hall book launch, Legacy In The Dust: The Four Aces Story film showing and hands-on workshops (see Events Calendar for these days).

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In rotation: 1/10/18

Record Store Day 2018: The 11th annual event falls on Saturday, April 21, 2018: The eleventh annual worldwide party that celebrates the culture of the indie record store is set for Saturday, April 21, 2018. Stores around the world will open up their doors to celebrate with their customers, the musicians who make the music they sell, and the staff who sell it. In its first ten years, Record Store Day has grown exponentially and is now celebrated by millions of people, in thousands of independent record stores, worldwide. It has spurred the growth of at least one physical media format, inspired new stores to open their doors, and helped existing stores to grow and expand. Thousands of artists have celebrated with performances, in-store events and limited edition special releases. Unknown numbers of people have had a damn good time at their local record store.

The Vinyl Records ‘Fad’ Has Been Going Strong for 12 Straight Years: Music industry moguls and audio experts alike never saw this coming. But somewhere in the late 90s, audiophiles, die-hard music fans, and baby boomers felt like something was missing. Several years later, they were suddenly buying the nostalgic format. And the past 12 years have shown a surge in the sales of vinyl records. And according to just-released 2017 data, this isn’t slowing down. Per figures from Nielsen Music, 14.32 million vinyl records were sold in 2017, an increase of 9 percent from the previous year. That represents 8.5 percent of all album sales in 2017, a 6.5 percent gain from 2016. Vinyl records accounted for 14.3 percent of all physical format sales in 2017, also according to Nielsen. That’s a brand-new record, at least for the modern music industry. (There was also a 35% increase in cassette sales last year. But more on that later.)

The world was running out of cassette tape. Now it’s being made in Springfield. A sprawling factory on Water Street in downtown Springfield will soon be the only place in the country, maybe even the world, to make the tape that goes inside audiocassettes. Yes, people still use those. Lots of people. National Audio Company’s factory makes more than 10 million cassettes per year. In recent years, a worldwide shortage of tape showed few signs of relief. For a long time, National Audio muddled through by purchasing stocks of tape from other manufacturers. Those companies were getting out of the tape-making game, said National Audio president and co-owner Steve Stepp. “Nobody has made audiocassette tape in this country since about 1983 or 1984,” Stepp told the News-Leader in early December.

Sex Pistols’ ‘God Save The Queen’ Unreleased 7″ Sells For $14,690US: Discogs has verified the sale of the Sex Pistols’s ‘God Save The Queen’ unreleased A&M Records 7″ for $14,690US topping the Most Expensive Items Sold on Discogs for November 2017. The Guardian lists this unreleased Sex Pistols single as one of the rarest records in Britain. Originally signed to A&M Records, 25,000 copies of ‘God Save The Queen’ were pressed before A&M’s Herb Alpert reportedly destroyed the Sex Pistols’ recording contract six days after signing. Genuine originals have the serrated anti-slip necklace and 7284 written twice on the B-Side runout, one above the other. Also of note, runout (Side A label) is AMS 7284A and runout (Side B label) is AMS 7284B. View the entire Top 30 Most Expensive Items Sold on Discogs for November 2017 HERE.

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TVD Radar: Ryuichi Sakamoto’s Async Remodels remix vinyl
LP in stores 3/2

VIA PRESS RELEASE | Aysnc Remodels is the upcoming companion release to Ryuichi Sakamoto’s acclaimed album Async from earlier this year.

Winning praise from everyone from the New York Times, Esquire, FACT, Rolling Stone, The Fader, and Pitchfork, it’s no surprise that some of the most exciting producers and artists lined up to offer their own voices, sounds, and perspectives as counterpoint reinterpretations to Sakamoto’s original compositions. Async Remodels is set for a 2/16 release for CD/digital and 3/2 for vinyl on Milan Records. Listen to Cornelius’s new remix of “ZURE,” streaming now.

Async was Ryuichi Sakamoto’s first solo album in 8 years. Taking inspiration from everyday objects, sculpture, and nature, Sakamoto composed and arranged the sounds/music that he most wanted to listen to. Paying close attention to the essence of each track and carefully balancing the sounds with a less-is-more perspective, what remains are singular expressions of Sakamoto’s current mindset, and one of his most personal albums. Revisit Sakamoto’s journey in creating Async at the New York Times.

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In rotation: 1/9/18

Distraught music lovers as Leamington record store closes its doors: An independent record store in Leamington has closed its doors. Head has been operating in The Priors shopping centre for over a decade. The store stocked a range of music, film and media, from vinyl records and CDs to turntables and Blu-ray DVDs. A heartfelt Facebook post from its staff to customers reads: “Welcome to the saddest selfie we have ever posted. I am very, very sorry to tell you that today we closed the shutters for good. “Thank you all for your loyalty and friendship. It was a genuine honour and our daily pleasure to provide you with the experience we did. “We all loved every minute of it.

Do you remember these lost Nottingham record shops? Here’s a vinyl countdown to some of the stores we miss the most: Next month a Nottingham bakery will be holding a day of celebration in honour of late, great record shop Selectadisc. Ugly Bread Bakery’s decision to host the event – which will include pop-up shops and DJs – at its Market Street premises on February 11 got us thinking about some of the other ‘lost’ music shops of the city…Set up by Brian Selby in 1966 (as a stall in Mansfield Market) the vinyl-lover’s haven was a feature of Nottingham’s music scene for more than 40 years. In 1985, within months of each other, Billy Bragg and The Clash played the store to benefit striking miners. The Clash gig came about when Selectadisc’s Jim Cooke bumped into Joe Strummer in a club and asked if he could play the following day in the shop. It turned into an acoustic show with Strummer standing on the counter. Afterwards, they went for pints at the Newshouse. The shop closed in March 2009.

Weirdsville Records closes for store renovations: Weirdsville Records is about to get weirder — in a good way. The Mount Clemens record shop temporarily closed Sunday for a long-conceived remodeling that will take the place in a slightly new direction. “We’re going to be moving things around, freshening things up a bit and becoming more feng shui,” said owner Davey Taylor. Weirdsville Records specializes in vinyl records, including LPs and 45-rpm singles, but also has pop-culture collectible memorabilia including DVDs, cassettes, vintage clothes, rock posters and comic books. The 2,900-square-foot store also is home to Paperback Writer Book Shop, which is owned by Taylor’s wife, Lisa. It has 25,000 books on everything from sports to transportation to films and TV.

There’s a difference between listening and hearing: how Truck Store is riding a vinyl wave into 2018: In January 2011, at the height of the music industry’s sales crisis, Gary Smith announced he was opening a new record shop in Oxford. The manager of Rapture Records in Witney had teamed up with Truck Festival co-founder Robin Bennett to transform the former Videosyncratic video rental shop at 101 Cowley Road. Given Oxford’s last independent music shop, Polar Bear Records just up the road, had been forced to close three years before because of poor sales, opening a new one seemed to some – including even its most diehard supporters – like madness…And even though the very first photos in the Oxford Mail pictured Mr Smith, Mr Bennett and the shop’s new manager Carl Smithson brandishing shiny vinyl records, no one in 2011 could have predicted that the format, which even then had been outdated for decades, would keep the shop in business.

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Save the Date: The
DC Record Fair returns
to Penn Social, 2/18!

Back for its 9th year is Washington, DC’s (almost) twice yearly record rummage, The DC Record Fair which sets up shop on February 18, 2018 in the cavernous confines of downtown Washington, DC’s Penn Social.

As with each event, we’ll have 40+ vinyl vendors from up and down the East Coast, the DJ line up, the bar, the food, raffle items up for grabs just for coming through the door, plus the random other surprises that make the DC Record Fair a special community event.

Our friends at the Fillmore Silver Spring put together the above feature a while back that outshines any descriptive copy we could devise—hit play.

Mark your calendars! 

Sunday, February 18, 2018 at Penn Social, 801 E Street, NW
11:00–12:00, Early Bird Admission $5.00
12:00–5:00, Regular Admission $2.00

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