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In rotation: 6/11/19

Bingley, UK | New Five Rise Records shop in Bingley is a dream come true for vinyl lover Aidy: We are already conscious of the impact online retail is having on our high streets. The ease and convenience of buying online has prompted many to shop from the comfort of their own homes – prompting plenty of questions as to what will be the shape of our towns and cities in future? Shops are either closing or just about surviving – we have already lost some well-known brands from our high streets with the future of many well-known names, among them Boots, and some stores within the Arcadia Group, Dorothy Perkins, Burton, Topshop and Topman, hanging in the balance. Even department stores such as House of Fraser and Debenhams have been feeling the pinch. So, how refreshing it is, to learn of a business that is actually launching – based within bricks and mortar – rather than run on a website in a virtual world. It’s somewhat ironic the birth of Five Rise Records, four years ago, was online.

IN | Odisha Civil Servant Collects 4000+ Vinyl Records, Uses YouTube to Preserve History: Around ten years ago, Vedabandhu Mishra, civil servant, was searching for an Odia song from the 1950s. Mishra searched with dedicated passion but soon realised that the song would remain alive only in his memory. There were no records of it. A little disappointed that a tiny piece of Odisha’s oral literature was lost to time, Mishra made a promise to himself. He was going to retrieve as many vinyl and shellac records as he could find, and keep them alive through the ever-changing waves of technology. Today, Mishra has a collection of over 4000 vinyl, and 500 shellac records, in addition to the ones has borrowed from friends, digitised and returned. While the earliest record he has, dates back to 1906, most of them are from the mid-1900s. The earliest phonograph disc records were made of a variety of materials including hard rubber. Around 1895, a shellac-based material was introduced and became standard.

‘Shrek (Music From The Original Motion Picture)’ Set To Make Vinyl Debut: On its initial release, the album was nominated for 2001’s Grammy Award for Best Compilation Soundtrack Album for a Motion Picture. 2001’s chart-topping, multi-platinum soundtrack album, Shrek (Music From The Original Motion Picture), is all set to make its debut vinyl release. On 2 August, Geffen/UMe will reissue the blockbuster soundtrack for the acclaimed, Academy Award-winning film in new black and limited edition dark green with lime-green starburst vinyl LP editions. The popular soundtrack’s highlights include Smash Mouth’s mega hit, ‘All Star,’ which is celebrating its 20th anniversary, and the band’s cover of Neil Diamond’s ‘I’m A Believer;’ EELS’ ‘My Beloved Monster;’ ‘Hallelujah’ performed by Rufus Wainwright; The Proclaimers’ ‘I’m On My Way;’ Baha Men’s performance of ‘Best Years Of Our Lives’ and from the film’s original score composed by Harry Gregson-Williams and John Powell, ‘True Love’s First Kiss (Original Score).’

Janet Jackson’s Iconic Back Catalog Is Getting Re-Issued On Vinyl: Janet Jackson is re-issuing her iconic back catalog on vinyl and it’s about time. The “When I Think Of You” hitmaker recently released her breakthrough album, Control, on wax for the first time since 1986, which Consequence of Sound reported. For its release, it was printed on a standard black vinyl as well as a limited red pressing. Now, Jackson is ready to pre-press some other legendary albums of hers. On Amazon and uDiscoverMusic, it appears that five other records of hers are already up for pre-order. Control: The Remixes is getting a funky, multicolored, eye-catching release. Like you can see on the uDiscoverMusic site, it is a two-LP vinyl. One disc is half red and blue and the other half pink and green. The compilation is listed to be released on July 25. Her follow-up studio release to Control, Janet Jackson’s Rhythm Nation 1814, is being re-released on July 26. The chart-topping 1989 album will celebrate its 30th anniversary later this year and continues to make a huge impact on pop music today.

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TVD Radar: Band Apart reissue in stores 6/21

VIA PRESS RELEASE | Vinyl includes the band’s complete works: 1981 EP plus 5 tracks from their 1983 debut LP, digital includes two additional tracks.

Crammed Discs (home to Juana Molina, Aksak Maboul, Matias Aguayo) release the complete works of French/American duo Band Apart, one of the first bands to join the Crammed roster, shortly after the label’s inception. The new reissue is out June 21. During a meteoric course which lasted around two years, Band Apart made a mark in the bubbling No Wave scene in New York and Europe, yet the duet remains among the era’s unsung heroes.

Consisting of New York-based poet and performance artist Jayne Bliss and Marseille-based musician/producer M.Mader, Band Apart released a mesmerizing, eponymous 4-track EP in 1981, showcasing Jayne’s arresting vocals and lyrics, immersed in the hazy, mysterious atmospheres conjured up by Mader. While being very connected to the time and place of their creation, these songs somehow prefigured some of the music that would appear a decade later (shoegazing, etc).

Band Apart performed shows in New York and Europe, and went on to record a full-length album in 1983, which contained cult favorite tracks such as “O My Beautiful Song” and “Marseille.” Sadly, the band really fell apart shortly after the album’s release.

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TVD Radar: Linda McCartney, Wide Prairie reissue in stores 8/2

VIA PRESS RELEASE | Wide Prairie, a posthumous 1998 compilation of Linda McCartney recordings spanning the early 1970s through the late 1990s, will be re-released August 2 via MPL / Capitol / UMe.

The only album to be released solely under Linda’s name, Wide Prairie features Linda on vocals and various instruments on songs she wrote or co-composed and recorded with Wings between 1972 and 1980, the single-only ‘Seaside Woman’ / ‘B-Side to Seaside’ released under the pseudonym of Suzy and the Red Stripes, cover versions of classics by the McGuire Sisters, The Coasters and more, and solo work from the ‘80s and ‘90s including her final recording, ‘The Light Comes from Within’ (co-authored by and featuring Paul McCartney, as well as their son James on electric and acoustic guitar).

The album was recorded in various locations including Jamaica, Paris, Nashville and Sussex with contributors including husband Paul; son James; Wings members Denny Laine, Denny Seiwell, Henry McCullough, Jimmy McCulloch, Joe English, and Laurence Juber; writer Carla Lane who also co-wrote ’The White Coated Man’ and ‘Cow’; Lee “Scratch” Perry and members of the Black Ark studio band Boris Gardiner, Winston Writer, and Mikey Boo.

Two tracks from the release also highlight Linda’s interest in other art forms outside photography and music. ‘Seaside Woman’ featured in the Palme d’Or winning short film by Oscar Grillo at the Cannes Film Festival in 1980. ‘Oriental Night Fish’ also appeared in a short film of the same title created by Linda and Ian Emes.

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In rotation: 6/10/19

San Antonio, TX | Local record shop thriving despite streaming music: Vinyl record sales humming at Janie’s Record Shop. Despite the popularity of streaming music, there is at least one record shop in San Antonio that is still thriving with vinyl record sales. KSAT 12 News reporter Max Massey paid a visit to Janie’s Record Shop, where he talked with Janie Esparza, owner of the record shop, and her son, Robert Esparza, who manages the business. In her 50s, she went back and got her GED (General Educational Development diploma), and she worked for another record shop, but she knew so much about the music. It was more like a hobby for them, but for my mom, it was a passion,” Robert Esparza said. Janie Esparza started her business in 1985. “Music is life,” she said.

Sydney, AU | The man who saved Blue Note records: When legendary record producer and musician Don Was landed his “dream gig” as president of Blue Note records, it was a mixed blessing. “My goal in life was always not to have a job,” says Was, whose producing credits include Bob Dylan, Neil Diamond and the Rolling Stones. “I never thought of playing music, making records or being in the studio as work. I was just happy not to do something where I had a boss and had to show up.” But as well as getting used to showing up at an office, Was was presented with a far more urgent issue when he took over the top job at the legendary jazz label in 2011. “There was some thought that it should be closed down and they were going to make it a website that sold back catalogue and blue T-shirts, basically,” says Was, who is visiting Australia for the first time as part of a tour celebrating Blue Note’s 80th anniversary. “They weren’t sure how to go forward.”

U2 Announce The Unforgettable Fire and How to Dismantle an Atomic Bomb Colored Vinyl Reissues: Their 1984 and 2004 albums have been remastered. U2 have announced new vinyl reissues of The Unforgettable Fire (1984) and How to Dismantle an Atomic Bomb (2004). The newly remastered editions will be pressed on wine red and red 180g vinyl respectively, and will include corresponding lyric booklets as well. The reissues are available beginning today. Last year saw U2 reissue their Wide Awake In America EP (1985), Pop (1997), and All That You Can’t Leave Behind (2000). The band’s most recent record, Songs of Experience, was released in 2017. The band are set to continue their tour performing The Joshua Tree in full later this year.

Stone Temple Pilots Announce ‘Purple’ Super Deluxe Edition: When Stone Temple Pilots returned to the studio in 1994 to record the band’s second album, the quartet was facing the high expectations set by its debut “Core” (1992), which sold more than eight million copies and earned a Grammy Award. The release of “Purple” on June 7, 1994 would cement their place as one of the definitive bands of their generation as the album debuted at #1 on the Billboard album chart on its way to selling more than six million copies. Today — on the eve of the 25th anniversary of the album’s debut — Rhino announces the upcoming release of a newly remastered version of “Purple” that is expanded with rare and unreleased studio and live recordings. “Purple: Super Deluxe Edition” will be available on September 13 for $64.98. The 3-CD/1-LP set includes a newly remastered version of the original studio album on both CD and vinyl, plus unreleased versions of album tracks and rarities, along with an unreleased full concert recording from 1994.

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TVD Radar: Stardust, “Music Sounds Better With You” vinyl reissue in stores 6/28

VIA PRESS RELEASE | “Music Sounds Better With You” was the eye of a perfect techno-cultural storm and became an immediate touchstone for a new and uniquely French kind of dance music that foregrounded filtered disco samples and deeply swung garage rhythms.

The landmark single is set for a long-awaited vinyl reissue and finally being made available on digital platforms for the first time ever on June 28th. What makes the song endure where so many other hits of that era have been relegated to curiosity? Part of it is its timelessness—the sense that it was always-already outside time: both a throwback to another generation and a musical imagining forward into a technotopian, post-human future. Another part of it is its cool simplicity, its unapologetic stripping away of anything extraneous, with nothing to disrupt or distract us from its modus operandi: to feel good experiencing music together.

Meeting by chance at a house party in the emerging electro scene in Paris in the mid-1990s, Alan Braxe and Thomas Bangalter formed a creative partnership that officially began with “Vertigo,” Braxe’s first single, released via Bangalter’s Roulé imprint in 1997. Shortly afterward, Jean-Sébastien Bernard and Pascal Esposito (aka Jess & Crabbe), the DJ duo behind the event series Les Soirées Hometown at the infamous Rex Club in Paris, invited Braxe to play a live gig. Braxe asked Bangalter to accompany him on keyboards, also enlisting Benjamin Diamond to lend vocals to the set.

The trio opted to compose something new for the occasion, structured around a short, funky loop sampled from Chaka Khan’s 1981 R&B hit “Fate.” After the Rex Club date, they spent a week in Bangalter’s studio, sculpting the track that would become their definitive statement. “Music Sounds Better With You” came together using the most rudimentary elements of electronic music technology: an old disco record, two samplers—an E-mu SP-1200 and an Ensoniq ASR-10 – and a MIDI sequence saved to a blue floppy disk.

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TVD Radar: We Were Promised Jetpacks, These Four Walls 10th anniversary edition in stores 7/9

VIA PRESS RELEASE | Scottish rock mainstays We Were Promised Jetpacks have announced the 10th anniversary edition of their acclaimed debut album These Four Walls.

Long a sought after collector’s item, We Were Promised Jetpacks’ debut LP, These Four Walls, had a scant US vinyl release that appeared only as imports in 2009. Now the album, full of explosive energy and knife-edge tension, packed with a bounty of fans’ live favorites and unreleased tracks including demos, acoustic sessions (including a cover of ‘Modern Leper’ by fellow Scots and good friends Frightened Rabbit) and live tracks from a very early gig at Barfly in Glasgow will be released via FatCat. The bonus tracks will only be available on the limited editon gold vinyl release on FatCat (pre-order). The band also announced a North American summer tour in support of their upcoming release. All shows are listed below.

Opening with a lone guitar line that itself has all the momentum of entire genres crammed into a single set of chords, We Were Promised Jetpacks’ These Four Walls signifies a debut album that has the sort of peerlessness and potential to stand as a mainstay and luminary of indie music in the 21st century.

The band’s youthful energy (their average age at the time was 21) explodes thunderously as colossal choruses fall unfailingly into place. Every space is filled, tension bristling achingly in Adam Thompson’s vocal delivery as the rest of the band crashes around him with a perfect balance of force and harmony. The romanticism and accessibility of a pure pop sensibility is never hidden too deep. Both “Roll Up Your Sleeves” and “Quiet Little Voices” capture this beautifully and immediately.

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In rotation: 6/7/19

New Orleans, LA | Uptown Record Store Plans Revival of Historic Woolworth’s Counter For Pop-ups, Events: Peaches Records also considering a restaurant down the road. Peaches Records, a treasured, decades-long destination for New Orleans music lovers, hopes to use its historic F.W. Woolworth lunch counter to host pop-ups and events, and to potentially establish a daily restaurant in the future. Uptown Messenger reports that the Magazine Street record store’s owners outlined their plans for the counter at a neighborhood meeting Monday, June 3. The meeting was part of the process in their quest for conditional use approval to operate as a restaurant and serve alcoholic beverages. Lee Rea, son of Peaches’ owner Shirani Rea, clarified that they would use the counter to host local chefs for pop-ups and fundraising events, but that any plans for a daily restaurant are three to five years down the road.

Newark, DE | Beloved 40-year downtown Newark business moves off Main Street (kinda): Less than a month after Newark’s Main Street was reduced to one lane as part of an 18-month road construction project, Rainbow Records has moved away from its longtime home there for a spot just off the central thoroughfare. Their new location at Pomeroy Station, a mixed-use development next to Newark Shopping Center on the street’s east end, features free parking. And most importantly these days, it also features an entrance and exit off N. Chapel Street, allowing customers to bypass the jackhammers… “We found a sweetheart deal,” says Todd Brewer, who bought the record shop with his wife in 2013 and reopened at the new location last weekend. “We really were looking for free parking, No. 1. It’s getting harder and harder to find parking and in 10 years it’s going to be impossible.”

UK | Jays announces partnership with Sunrise Records and Entertainment Limited trading as HMV and FOPP in the UK: Swedish audio product developer Jays Group AB (publ) is partnering with Sunrise Records and Entertainment Limited trading as HMV and FOPP, a leading retailer of music, film, games and technology products with over 120 stores around the UK. Jays Group AB (publ) announces a new partnership for distribution in the UK with Sunrise Records (HMV and FOPP), starting from Q2 2019. The agreement involves Jays’ current and future product range including products from the a-JAYS, a-Six and m-Six series. HMV’s heritage as an entertainment retail specialist stretches back over 90 years to 1921 when its first store in London’s Oxford Street was officially opened. HMV offers a wide selection of new release and catalogue titles of music, film, games and technology products. HMV was acquired by Sunrise Records, a Canadian record store company in 2019.

Verona, PA | Inner Groove Brewing in Verona promises suds and sounds: A new brewhouse in Verona promises to be the place for sounds and suds. Inner Groove Brewing along East Railroad Avenue is expected to open at noon on June 15 with eight beers on tap…The “inner groove” on vinyl records is where bands would have hidden tracks and messages. Music is strong theme throughout the 4,000-square-foot shop, from glued cassette tape centerpieces with electric candles to vinyl records used as coasters. The business logo looks like a hop spinning on a record with the company name in white boxes with black lettering. “I think all of us have a passion for music,” said Tim Melle, a 1990 Deer Lakes grad who called the layout “cozy industrial.” “Our goal is to produce two things: great beer and a great environment.” …Karaoke, trivia and “bring your own vinyl” are among activity nights in the works.

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In rotation: 6/6/19

Madison, WI | July 20 annual vinyl records sale will benefit Lakeview Library: Inspired by his love of records and his love of libraries, Tim Nelson has organized a vinyl sale for the past three years to benefit Lakeview Library. The sales raise money for the Friends of Lakeview Library, who in turn donate funds requested by the librarians to fulfill library users’ needs. The sales have benefited from renewed interest in vinyl recordings in the past decade. First year sales totaled $1,600, but sales have now settled at around $800 per year. The fourth annual vinyl sale will take place Saturday, July 20, from 9 am‒3 pm, at Lakeview Library. Most records cost $1‒$4, but collectables may be higher in price. Nelson, a Northsider who lives in Mendota Hills, has been fascinated by records since he was a child. “I really got interested in collecting when people started getting rid of their records when CDs came out,” he said. “There were all these good used records for sale. I started collecting classical music.”

Provo, UT | 3hive Record Lounge makes Provo a ‘hipper place’: 3hive Record Lounge owner and BYU graduate Sam Cannon said opening Provo’s only record shop last November was almost accidental. When The Mighty Baker moved from its spot on 500 North in Provo, the building owner let Cannon know the space was available if he wanted to set up shop. “The next thing you know, I have a record store,” Cannon recalled, laughing while donning a sweatshirt with the words “Delicious Vinyl.” “I have a day job, so I need this to pay its way, but I don’t need it to make a living. And so it really is just a passion project of mine.” Cannon didn’t open the 3hive Record Lounge on a whim, even if it may have been near accidental. He received encouragement from others in the Provo music scene, who agreed with Cannon’s belief that “a college town this size should have a record store,” and had success selling records both online and in pop-up shops. “I think the reason that people buy records is not necessarily for the sound quality, certainly not for the convenience, but because it’s a physical object made by a band or an artist that you love,” Cannon said. “If you have an emotional connection with something, but you have nothing physical to show for it, that doesn’t kind of feel right. It doesn’t feel complete.”

Whanganui, NZ | Local Focus: Vinyl finds a new groove at Record Fair in Whanganui: It looks like vinyl is back for another generation. Over the weekend, record collectors were out in force at the Record Fair in Whanganui. The foul weather was not foul enough to deter them from finding that special piece of vinyl. “They went out of vogue when CDs came in because CDs came in ’84 to ’85 and they started to take over from vinyl,” Vinyl Trader’s Tony Pill said. “But there were always collectors there that collected vinyl.” Pill said record collection is back in vogue, with young people especially. Record Fair boss Brian Wafer believes the demise of vinyl was a rock’n’roll swindle. “It was manufactured decline. You sell people whatever they like on vinyl, then you sell it to them in a new format on cassette. Then you go ‘hmmmm, how do we do it again? We’ll create a new format and tell them it’s better and we’ll sell it to them on that as well.’

Adelaide, AU | We chat to Revolver’s longest running resident DJ: While clubs welcome international guests most every weekend (who always do a pretty special job), sometimes it’s the locals that keep a place moving either opening floors or closing them in the early hours. Well, with one renowned club such as Melbourne’s slightly notorious jaunt Revolver (upstairs) comes a renowned resident DJ who has been holding the fort for close to 18 years – a record in Victoria, if not Australia if we say so ourselves. His name is Boogs and he is a critically acclaimed selector that has forged his skills minute by minute planted behind firmly the decks at all hours and all spots around Australia including his known 3-hour sets and 7am residency at Revolver. As you’d expect from someone who lets his mixing do the talking not a whole lot is known about the individual with more stamina than a newly minter 18-year old clubber. So in an effort to peel back some of the layers Thick As Thieves took to their socials and asked their fans for the questions they would ask Boogs!

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TVD Radar: Much
The Same, Survive 20th anniversary vinyl reissue in stores 6/14

VIA PRESS RELEASE | Craft Recordings is pleased to announce the first-ever vinyl pressing of Much The Same’s 2006 album, Survive, available June 14th as an independent retail exclusive via ThinkIndie. This announcement is coming just as the band prepares to release their third LP, Everything is Fine, this July.

Lead singer and guitarist, Chris “Gunner” McGrath states: “We are so excited that after years of requests pouring in, Survive is finally available on vinyl as we had always hoped it would be. This is the album that defined our band and kept growing our fan base during the years we were apart. Huge thanks to Craft Recordings and Nitro for still being behind us and believing in the music we created together!” Described by Punk News as “It’s not 2006 nitro-style punk, it’s just damn good music,” the album finds the Chicago band foraying into political songwriting and experimenting with guitar textures that are closer to a straightforward rock sound than anything they’ve done before, giving the album a timeless sonic quality.

Regardless of the fact that they were on the cusp of a breakup, Survive is a bold statement from a band that refuses to be tied down by the norms of punk rock while simultaneously creating one of the most visionary albums of the genre that came out in the 2000s.

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TVD Radar: RISE: The Story of Augustines global VOD release, 8/2

VIA PRESS RELEASE | Following its world premiere sellout at Raindance and successful UK theatrical run with Vue Cinemas, feature documentary RISE: The Story of Augustines will be independently released worldwide on Friday, August 2, 2019 via iTunes, Amazon, Google Play, and Vimeo On Demand.

In August of 2009, songwriter William McCarthy’s younger brother James, in the midst of a lengthy incarceration on charges of attempted murder, was found dead of an apparent suicide inside Napa State Hospital. Just one week later, McCarthy’s band Pela imploded, leaving both him and bandmate Eric Sanderson devastated, in financial ruin, and with a half-finished album that almost never saw the light of day. RISE: The Story of Augustines chronicles the journey of two men who faced their demons, refused to fall and established a lifelong brotherhood as they struggled to finish their seminal debut record, all while trying to maintain their own sanity and pay tribute to James. McCarthy’s songwriting during the toughest year of his life would come to be known as his defining work.

The album Rise Ye Sunken Ships stands as a testament both to the pain of loss and the celebration of life. The two resurfaced with a new name, Augustines, and together with drummer Robert Allen, who shepherded McCarthy and Sanderson through their darkest of times, rose up to become one of the most celebrated independent bands in the world. This is a truly compelling story of struggle, perseverance, brotherhood and hope.

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In rotation: 6/5/19

Tokyo, JP | A new record shop has opened in Tokyo: Run by producer and DJ Chee Shimizu. Chee Shimizu has opened a new record shop called Organic Music in Tokyo. Though this is the first brick and mortar location, Shimizu also runs an online shop of the same name, as well as a label called Japanismn. According to Shimizu, the shop will stock records, vintage clothing and artwork. Organic Music is located at 4-32-17 Shimoigusa, Suginamiku, Tokyo.

Urbana, IL | Record Swap turns tables, finding new life at Lincoln Square in Urbana: Record Swap, which was on the verge of closing in April, will live on in a new space at Urbana’s Lincoln Square. Store owner Bob Diener said he’s signed a new lease to take over the smaller of the two spaces occupied by Connections resale shop, which is closing June 30. Diener said he hopes to be open at his new location by Aug. 1, and maybe even before that. In business for 40 years, Record Swap has been at its current spot at 114 E. University Ave., C for 12 years. Diener had been facing a potential closing at that location because an upcoming rent increase in July would have been unaffordable for him. After news was out that he might be closing if he didn’t find a new space, Diener said, he had several customers asking him to remain open, plus offers from property owners to show him other spaces.

Dundee, SCT | Indie band to play Dundee’s Fat Sam’s thanks to city record store: Two Door Cinema Club will play at Fat Sam’s on June 25 to coincide with the release of their fourth album False Alarm. The one-off “album show” has been organised by Broughty Ferry-based Assai Records, who have drawn the likes of Lewis Capaldi, Foals and Tom Walker to the city in recent months. Assai Records posted: “We are really excited to announce Two Door Cinema Club are playing Fat Sam’s Dundee for Assai Records in support of their new album False Alarm out June 21 2019.” The store added that tickets are expected to sell-out “quick.” The show is one of only two Scottish dates on Two Door Cinema Club’s June 2019 tour. The Northern Irish band formed in 2007 and have released three albums: Tourist History, Beacon and Gameshow.

New York, NY | In This New York City Beer Bar, Hip Hop and Hops Get Equal Billing: When considering hit-making duos in the world of wine and spirits, the usual suspects immediately come to mind: wine and cheese, cigars and Cognac; Champagne and caviar. But what about beer and hip hop? The two may seem like an unlikely pair, but they’re what makes BierWax NYC in Brooklyn’s Prospect Heights neighborhood unique. Owner Chris Maestro grew up in Queens, New York during the early days of hip hop, when B-boys, graffiti, and the sounds of greats like Big Daddy Kane, RUN D.M.C. and Public Enemy began to infiltrate the airwaves. But it was jazz that ultimately kick-started Maestro’s love affair with vinyl during his college days at Binghamton University. “I purchased records by Horace Silver and Wes Montgomery, which I still have and know exactly where they are in the stacks at BierWax,” he recalls. “Eventually, I saved up money for a very cheap Radioshack record player that I connected to an old stereo and thus began the obsession with record collecting.”

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TVD Radar: Abwärts, Amok Koma smoke vinyl reissue in stores 7/19

VIA PRESS RELEASE | Neat Neat Neat Records will be reissuing Abwärts’ Amok Koma for the first time ever in the U.S. 250 copies will be available on clear smoke vinyl, while 750 copies will be available on black vinyl. Neat Neat Neat Records will also be including a faithful reproduction of the original 16 page booklet that came with the original German pressing, along with an additional page that will have translated lyrics and a letter from Frank Zeigert. It will be distributed in the US by Think Indie. Street date is 07/19/19.

Abwärts may not be a name you recognize, but it’s a name that holds with it a certain musical integrity that only comes around when creative tread has been worn down after decades. Abwärts, which translates to “Downwards” in German, is the name of a West German post-punk band that formed in 1979, just as the post-punk movement was gaining ground. They began as a scrappy punk rock outfit started by Mark Chung and FM Einheit, and made their presence known with the infectious single “Computerstaat.” The single was ranked number one by the German independent charts for nearly a year. The band went into the studio to create their debut, and seminal LP, the post-punk masterpiece Amok Koma (1980).

Even though the band continued and continues to this day, the fact that an album like Amok Koma isn’t regarded as an absolute classic in the post-punk canon is a crime. “Maschinenland” is a manic shot of late-60s jangle, mid-70s lower east side art rock, and the thriving German avant-garde scene that began a decade earlier with bands like Faust, Kraftwerk, and Popol Vuh. “Karo 1/4 08/15 Hoch 2” is a sonic blast of aggression and punk that’s in and out in less than a minute. “Monday On My Mind” has the swagger of classic Wire with a twist of West German Utilitarianism. Amok Koma would never get a release in the US, or outside of Germany for that matter, leaving ears stateside without the dose of Abwärts they so desperately needed, until now.

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Demand it on Vinyl:
Sons of Apollo, Live With The Plovdiv Psychotic Symphony in stores 8/30

VIA PRESS RELEASE | Sons of Apollo–former Dream Theater members Mike Portnoy and Derek Sherinian, Ron “Bumblefoot” Thal (ex-Guns N’ Roses), Billy Sheehan (The Winery Dogs, Mr. Big, David Lee Roth) and Jeff Scott Soto (ex-Journey, ex-Yngwie Malmsteen’s Rising Force)—are pleased to announce the release of Live With The Plovdiv Psychotic Symphony on August 30.

Live With The Plovdiv Psychotic Symphony documents the band’s remarkable one-off performance at the Ancient Roman Theatre in Plovdiv, Bulgaria alongside a full orchestra and choir, playing tracks from their debut album, PSYCHOTIC SYMPHONY, as well as a selection of tracks by legendary bands. It will be available as a limited deluxe 3CD + DVD + Blu-Ray Artbook, Special Edition 3CD + DVD Digipak, standalone Blu-ray and digital album. Mike Portnoy comments: “I’ve released several dozen live albums through the years with about a dozen different bands, but I have to say that this live release from SONS OF APOLLO may indeed be the most special one of them all!!”

“Everything was aligned that evening: an absolutely beautiful Roman amphitheatre and a perfectly gorgeous summer evening, one set of SOA material and one set of specially chosen cover songs, and to top it all off being joined by a symphony orchestra and choir…it was a magical evening for everybody in attendance and now we can share it with the rest of the world immortalized in this incredible live package.”

“This package will serve as a nice souvenir to capture the band’s first year on tour and should tide over all of our fans while we complete work on our sophomore studio release that will coming in Jan 2020.”

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In rotation: 6/4/19

Portland, OR | Oregon Record Store News: Beacon Sound, Little Axe, and Exiled Records: Three morsels of local record-store news, bringing you up-to-date on Portland’s many excellent purveyors of used and new vinyl. Beacon Sound will be moving late in the summer. The North Mississippi store is teaming up with the Nationale gallery to open a joint storefront at 15 SE 22nd (at the intersection of 22nd and East Burnside). Nationale, which was once located on Burnside, has spent recent years on Southeast Division, but will be returning to Burnside; the Beacon Sound/Nationale opening date is currently slated for September 1. In an email newsletter, Beacon Sound’s Andrew Neerman says, “Look for a new loyalty program, a dedicated studio available for workshops, and a cassette section curated by Randall Taylor aka Amulets, among other things.”

Soho, UK | The Golden Mile: Soho’s record shop survivors: Soho’s Berwick Street and the surrounding area was home to more than a dozen independent record shops in the 1990s before soaring rents, wholesale gentrification and the rise of digital music reduced them in number. Despite the many ongoing challenges, though, the stalwart survivors have ensured Soho remains a heartland of independent record stores, all of which are sharply tuned to the demands of their core customers. By the time Berwick Street appeared on the sleeve of Oasis’ second album (What’s the Story) Morning Glory? in 1995, the area had long been a mecca for record collectors prepared to dodge the market stalls and seedy doorways of sex shops in search of gratification within the walls of its many record stores. At 30 Berwick Street, the doors of Reckless Records were opened for the first time in 1984. The oldest record shop on the street, Reckless is managed by Duncan Kerr, who has worked there since the outset.

Yucca Valley, CA | Record store owner is ready to rock in Yucca Valley: …Owner Carol Schofield is a veteran in the trade and High Desert Records is her fourth record store. “There is definitely a buzz going around with people talking about the opening,” she said. “People have been coming in.” Schofield opened her first record store at age 23 with a couple of friends in San Francisco. As a young woman, she spent most of her time at the beach. “I had no ambition except rock ’n’ roll,” she told the Los Angeles Times in a 2013 interview. “I didn’t want to work.” In the ensuing years, she has owned record stores in San Francisco’s Castro and Mission districts and Sacramento. Her most recent venture was Foothill Records in La Cañada Flintridge, which she owned for 12 years. Vinyl is in a renaissance and Schofield hopes to attract local music enthusiasts looking for a rare record, or maybe even a CD or DVD.

Vancouver, CA | Man prepares to sell thousands of records from weird, wonderful collection: Brian is walking into his basement to search for the record that changed his life when he was younger. “We always had music in our house,” he recalls of his childhood. “We’d dance around the living room!” But he’s not looking through his collection of 10,000 LPs for The Beatles his siblings listened to, or the Frank Zappa that “blew my mind.” Brian is trying to find what he first discovered during his late teens, Dirk Bogarde Reciting Lyrics For Lovers When you hear a couple of the tracks you realize the title couldn’t be more self-explanatory. “Once I had that record in my hands,” he says with a smile. “I was hooked on finding the unusual.” Four decades later, Brian still appreciates the peculiar. He pulls out random albums with titles like Music For Plants – “I must have 20 records of music to make your plants grow” — Music To Nudge You To Sleep – “This was put out by a drug company” – and Hanukah Rocks – “It’s shaped like the Star of David and recorded by Gefilte Joe and the Fish!”

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TVD Radar: Rolling Thunder Revue: A Bob Dylan Story by Martin Scorsese in theaters 6/12

Setting out across a 1975 America exhausted politically, economically and socially, a busload of musicians—assembled by Bob Dylan—hits the road in search of new creative horizons.

The resulting tour, the Rolling Thunder Revue, would reveal a Dylan rarely seen: playful, mask-wearing, intense, expansive, rejuvenated. Masterfully capturing both an icon and a nation in transition, director Martin Scorsese tells the tale using footage that was abandoned for decades, now gorgeously restored, taking viewers into the heart of a freewheeling, electrifying musical gamble. Inspired by Dylan’s own restless spirit, Scorsese performs some breathtaking sleight of hand, summoning nostalgic fantasists, boxers, magicians, starlets and testifiers of all stripes, and exploding the boundaries of what makes a conventional documentary.

An essential piece of mythic storytelling, Scorsese’s chronicle features Joan Baez, Rubin “Hurricane” Carter, Sam Shepard, Allen Ginsberg and, giving his first on-camera interview in a decade, Bob Dylan. ROLLING THUNDER REVUE: A BOB DYLAN STORY BY MARTIN SCORSESE vibrates with the promise of America, a then-200-year-old experiment in a state of flux. The film goes beyond mere reclamation of some of the most extraordinary music of Dylan’s career—it’s a roadmap into the wild country of artistic self-reinvention.

Every one of Bob Dylan’s performances in the film can be found in the forthcoming box set, Bob Dylan – Rolling Thunder Revue: The 1975 Live Recordings, a comprehensive anthology of music from the tour to be released June 7 as a companion piece to the film. This 14CD, 148-track collection from Columbia Records and Legacy Recordings includes all five of Dylan’s full sets from that tour that were professionally recorded, and also provides the listener with an intimate insider’s seat for recently unearthed tour rehearsals at New York’s S.I.R. studios.

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