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TVD Radar: Anthony Moore, Out vinyl debut
in stores 11/20

VIA PRESS RELEASE | Rock and roll was a relief after the rigor of Henry Cow.

That was one of the thoughts in Anthony Moore’s brain in late 1975. Of course, leaving Henry Cow had meant the dissolution of the band he’d founded, Slapp Happy, as the two groups had essentially merged over the previous year. Still, there was plenty yet to do with music, and with Anthony’s propensity for odd left turns, a solo career in the pop world seemed like a fine option to follow upon his adventure in soundtracks for experimental films, tape-based modern composition and avant-pop and experimental rock. For “the troubadour with Revoxes,” this venture into playing guitar and singing in a professional context was a new thing.

To access the pop life, Anthony signed a solo deal with Virgin – cutting sessions with producer Peter Jenner (Kevin Ayers, Roy Harper, Edgar Broughton Band) and some of Britain’s new generation of progressive musicians facilities like Abbey Road, Air and Richard Branson’s Oxfordshire getaway, The Manor. While the stars didn’t align back in the day, (the fantastic sounds recorded for OUT didn’t see release until a CD issue of the late 1990s), we’re finally making those historic recordings on vinyl with the long-lost original artwork restored.

Kicking it off with a tricky asymmetrical keyboard riff reminiscent of Eno’s Tiger Mountain phase and a belting Cale-esque vocal recounting the macho adventure narrative tone of that era’s Dylan and Roger McGuinn, “Stitch In Time” floats essential elements of the mid-70s British art-rock boom with dreamy pop effervescence.

It’s been worth the 44-year (!) wait to get Anthony’s full vision restored to OUT – an absolute lost chapter from mid-’70s, proto-new wave Britain, bringing to mind the bright and subversive sounds of Wyatt, Ayers and so many other trail-blazers from that time while providing a worthy precursor to Anthony’s celebrated 1979 LP, Flying Won’t Help.

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Demand it on Vinyl: Little Richard, The Second Coming, Lifetime Friend expanded reissues in stores 10/23

VIA PRESS RELEASE | Omnivore Recordings continues its series of expanded reissues of Little Richard’s ’70s and ’80s albums with 1972’s The Second Coming and 1986’s Lifetime Friend. Both are set for October 23, 2020 release. These collections continued the rocker’s successful album career, which followed his explosive, genre-launching run of late ’50s singles on Specialty Records: “Tutti Frutti,” “Long Tall Sally,” “Rip It Up,” “Lucille,” “Keep A-Knockin’” and more, as well as his gospel recordings in the ’60s. Packaging for both titles feature photos, ephemera, and a new essay from Bill Dahl.

Naming his third album for the Reprise label The Second Coming may have been pushing the outrageousness a bit far, but considering Little Richard’s previously LP was titled King of Rock and Roll it was clear that humility was not his strongest attribute. However, it was more a nod to the album’s concept than to the ego of the artist. Producer Robert “Bumps” Blackwell and a host of studio musicians from the ’50s were joined by some of the top session players of the early ’70s to cut the album at the Record Plant in Los Angeles. Notable players included Lee Allen, Jim Horn, Earl Palmer, Chuck Rainey, and Sneaky Pete Kleinow.

This reissue contains the original release, plus single edits, and tracks from the 1971 film $ (starring Warren Beatty and Goldie Hawn), composed by Quincy Jones. Richard would exit the business soon after its release to follow his religious pursuits. The Second Coming marks the end of what could be called his second musical chapter. A third would come a decade later.

After the 1984 release of his autobiography, The Quasar of Rock and Roll, Little Richard decided to come out of retirement. It had been seven years since his last record, the gospel-focused God’s Beautiful City, and more than a decade since his ’70s run of albums on Reprise (in addition to The Rill Thing, King of Rock and Roll, and The Second Coming, there was one that Reprise shelved at the time, Southern Child).

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In rotation: 9/16/20

Phoenix, AZ | The 12 Best Record Stores in Metro Phoenix: Like with any industry, record stores tend to come and go. Beloved vinyl emporiums may close, but over time, new shops will open up where entrepreneurial record collectors see a need while older chains expand as they refine their successful habits. Selling records in the age of digital streaming, when even the practice of buying entire albums digitally has decreased, is not as easy of a job as it used to be. The chain music stores of the past are long gone and CD sales continue to decrease annually, yet the demand for vinyl records continues to increase each year. Thankfully, here in the Valley, there are plenty of independent record shops where record collectors can shop for new and used records as well as record equipment. Of course, every record shop is different and has its own particular audience in mind. Some shops specialize in high-quality, audiophile releases in particular genres, whereas other shops tend to focus on stocking newer and current releases. Figuring out which record shop carry the records you like can be a time-consuming task, so we’ve put together a list of 12 of the best record shops across metro Phoenix.

Phoenix, AZ | From A to Zia: An Oral History of Arizona’s Iconic Record Store Chain: Properly organized, the 16,000-square-foot building at 16th Street and Indianola Avenue in midtown Phoenix could serve as a kind of museum — a collection of pop-culture memorabilia and music artifacts from the last 40 years. For now, though, it’s the headquarters and warehouse of Arizona’s most essential independent record store chain: Zia Records. Framed gold records — recognition for selling unholy amounts of Incubus and Linkin Park CDs — hang above the doors to the offices. A giant black Against Me! poster, used for previous in-store appearances at local Zia stores and autographed by the members of the band, adorns one wall; on the other side of the room, an old refrigerator door covered in 2000s-era Zia stickers leans against another. Dig around and you’ll find recent collectibles (Baby Yoda Chia Pets!) located near guitar-shaped pizza cutters. A stack of locals-only compilations, released by Zia. Architectural plans for Zia’s first Chandler store. A whole bunch of Best of Phoenix awards from the publication you’re currently reading. “We need to get everything into an actual archive someday,” says Jason Woodbury, Zia’s marketing director, “but we haven’t gotten around to it, ’cause we’re constantly busy.”

Sydney, AU | Five Sydney Record Store Owners Give Us Their Classic Album Picks: Hear from the enthusiasts about what makes a classic record — and where to buy it. How do you define a classic album? Is it sales figures, popularity over time, how influential it is, or something completely indefinable? We’ve all got our personal favourites, but with countless great LPs throughout the history of music, at some point you need to ask the experts. Luckily, Sydney has a number of peerless record stores, all staffed by helpful and knowledgeable enthusiasts keen to share the sounds they love with you. In partnership with LEGO Art, which has paid tribute to The Beatles’ The White Album in its latest range, we spoke with five record store owners about the albums that make them tick and what, in their own personal view, makes a record worthy of the term ‘classic’. Read on to find out what made the cut.

Dallas, TX | Women in Dallas record stores are reshaping the male-heavy space. With The Opening Of Red Zeppelin in McKinney, Women Leading Some Local Record Stores Share Why We Need More Women In The Booming Industry. In the middle of Downtown McKinney sits a new hole-in-the-wall record store with an atmosphere that feels like you’re being transported to New York City in the ’70s. Red Zeppelin Records, a reference to iconic English rock band Led Zeppelin and the store owner’s firetruck-red hair, is equipped with not only used CDs and vinyl favorites, but obscure gifts and vintage merchandise. In July, Red Zeppelin opened its doors as one of the few female-owned and run record stores in Texas, and it’s here to take down stereotypes. The need for independent record stores have become vital as the number of vinyl album sales continue to rise each year, but Dallas record stores have also seen a shift in the traditionally male-dominated industry — more women are becoming avid music collectors and filling the stores. Inspired by Molly Ringwald in Pretty In Pink, in which the actress played a teen working at a new-wave record store, owner Katie Scott says she wants to represent more of a strong female role in the industry with Red Zeppelin. “I feel like it’s an area that needs to be expanded upon,” Scott says. “Squash that whole thought that men are more knowledgeable…”

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TVD Radar: Jimmie Vaughan, The Pleasure’s All Mine–The Complete Blues, Ballads and Favorites Collection 3LP in stores 10/30

VIA PRESS RELEASE | A decade ago Jimmie Vaughan released his definitive album Blues, Ballads and Favorites. It was a stunning collection of 15 of his favorite songs, from Billy Emerson’s “The Pleasure’s All Mine” to Willie Nelson’s “Funny How Time Slips Away,” and featured guest vocals from band members Lou Ann Barton and Bill Willis. Vaughan followed the album up in 2011 with More Blues, Ballads and Favorites, digging deep into the music that had helped shape his life in the blues. On October 30, 2020, the Last Music Co. will release a special 3-vinyl LP set of these two albums titled The Pleasure’s All Mine, spotlighting the music of one of the true pioneers in showcasing the roots of American music. It will also be available on a 2-disc CD collection.

“When I talk about country and blues, they’re the same thing,” Vaughan says. “Muddy Waters and Hank Williams, Webb Pierce and Jimmy Reed. When I was a kid, I didn’t understand the difference. Everybody was always asking me, ‘Why do you want to play blues? Why don’t you play country?’ But I would listen to the country guys and they would be doing a Jimmy Reed song. They’re playing the same lick. And Ray Charles, Little Milton, Guitar Junior, Lonnie Brooks, B.B. King — they all did country songs. Is Bob Wills country blues or jazz? And the answer is, it’s American music. I’m tired of trying to pigeonhole everything. I want to bring it together; it comes from the same place.”

When Jimmie Vaughan was a young teenager in Oak Cliff, Texas, his father told him to take guitar lessons if he wanted to really learn the instrument. But when Vaughan’s teacher told the guitar student it wasn’t going to work because the student “was too far gone” to learn from the lesson books, Jimmie knew he was on his own. Which was perfect for him, because the blues would be his teacher for life. For those who find themselves living inside this true American music, it becomes a way of life, something that provides a musical force to follow forever.

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TVD Radar: A Reggae Session concert film streaming now

VIA PRESS RELEASE | Gathered together for one unforgettable night in 1988, reggae legends and rock royalty spanning two generations met at historic Fort Charles, Jamaica for a musical event that would reverberate around the world. A Reggae Session, impressively captured by ten cameras, featured Jimmy Cliff, Toots Hibbert, Ziggy Marley and the Melody Makers, Sly & Robbie, and Bunny Wailer performing their greatest hits, alongside talented chart-toppers such as Santana, The Neville Brothers, and Chrissie Hynde of The Pretenders and local bands such as 809 Band, Solomonic All Stars, and Dallol and Oneness.

In A Reggae Session, Bunny Wailer delivers electric versions of “Roots, Radics, Rockers and Reggae,” and “Rise and Shine.” Ziggy Marley, son of the Kingston-born icon, performs a pulsating “Conscious Party,” which was from his first album which had just been released when the concert was filmed. The Pretenders’ Hynde, steps lively on “Waiting in Vain,” and “Steppin’ Razor,” in tribute to Bob Marley and Peter Tosh. Grace Jones, whose return to her native Jamaica for the concert marked her first performance there in more than a decade and was greeted with a hero’s welcome, delivers a rousingly fun “My Jamaican Guy.” Toots Hibbert lays down a high-energy Jamaican version of John Denver’s “Country Roads,” and a memorable call and response “5446 Was My Number,” which commemorated Mandela’s years in prison (5446 was his inmate number) during the harshest years of that country’s oppressive apartheid rule.

The Neville Brothers, joined by Carlos Santana on guitar, thrill with two passionately performed songs, “My Blood In South Africa” (again echoing the worldwide movement underway in 1988 that ultimately brought about the end of apartheid and began the long and ongoing process of reconciliation in South Africa) and “It Ain’t No Use.” Finally, Jimmy Cliff brings along his own fire-eater for his then newly released “Hanging Fire,” and the show’s stars all join him onstage for the finale, “The Harder They Come,” and there is unbridled joy and celebration among the performers and entranced audience.

A Reggae Session, a Delilah Films production, produced by Stephanie Bennett and Albert Spevak and directed by Stephanie Bennett and Thomas D. Adelman, originally aired in the U.S. on Cinemax, as part of the legendary “Cinemax Sessions” series.

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In rotation: 9/15/20

Belfast, IE | Best places to get vinyl records in Belfast: There’s plenty of shops to choose from if you’re digging for vinyl records in the city. It was once an outmoded, over-sized and obsolete way to listen to music, but vinyl records have had a massive resurgence in recent years. With streaming services making music more and more virtual and immediate, many people have been pining for the physical aesthetic of vinyl records – not to mention enjoying the unique sound qualities of these records. Now, according to industry website The Vinyl Factory, sales of vinyl records have been growing year on year for the past 12 years in the UK, with many people turning to classic albums like Fleetwood Mac’s Rumours, but also to newer releases such as Billie Eilish’s When We All Fall Asleep Where Do We Go. In light of that, we thought we’d take a rundown of the top places in Belfast to go poking around for vinyl records. Here’s our list:

Oxford, UK | Narrowboat in Oxford is a floating record shop: A floating record shop has arrived in Oxford. Luke Guilford runs The Record Deck UK and travels the waterways selling vinyl along the way. The 45-year-old set up shop today from his 60ft narrowboat moored on the Thames in East Street, Osney Island, near The Punter pub. He said: “I’ve had a good welcome – I’ve been coming to Oxford once a year for about six years – some customers come back every year. “I’ve been doing this for about seven years – before that I was working in the library at Hackney College.” Mr Guilford, who lives on the boat, said trade has been hit this year as there are fewer festivals he can attend. He added: “I usually carry about 1,200 albums and a few hundred singles – you can’t carry too many on the boat.” Mr Guilford’s love of vinyl started when he was a teenager. He said: “My friend and I used to go to Leicester record fair and spend all our paper round money.”

Dundee, UK | Customers of Groucho’s pay homage to city ‘institution’ as closure confirmed by family after five decades: Music fans have paid tribute to iconic record store Groucho’s after The Tele broke the news the shop has closed for good. It marks a sad end to a difficult period for the shop after its owner Alastair “Breeks” Brodie died last year. The long-term future of Groucho’s had been hanging in the balance in recent weeks after the premises closed due to Covid-19. And after serving thousands of shoppers over the last five decades removal trucks were spotted outside the Nethergate store yesterday. Customers took to social media to thank the store and its staff after sharing their own memories of crossing over the threshold. Frances Thompson, was a regular customer in her teenage years in the 1990s. She said: “I’m absolutely gutted that Groucho’s has gone forever. “I used to go there five times a week in the 90s as a teenager and loved digging about and seeing what hidden gems I could find. “It’s the end of an era, such a shame, a Dundee institution that’ll never be forgotten – going to miss it so much.”

Kensington, PA | New Kensington record store reopened over Labor Day weekend at new location: A New Kensington record store will reopen in a new location designed with social distancing in mind. AJ Rassau, owner of Preserving Underground with his wife, Sarah, is spreading his store’s grand reopening over the Labor Day weekend to keep the crowd from becoming overwhelming. Preserving Underground is now located in New Ken Social, a former Presbyterian church on Fifth Avenue that until recently had been used by the Salvation Army as its worship and service center. Preserving Underground opened as Preserving Hardcore in April 2019 in the basement of District Judge Frank J. Pallone Jr.’s building. Rassau said he changed the name within six months to better suit customer interests. “We primarily focused on hardcore, metal, punk and the likes,” Rassau said. “We currently specialize in almost all forms of underground music ranging from hip-hop to alternative to indie rock.”

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TVD Radar: U2, All That You Can’t Leave Behind 20 anniversary vinyl reissues in stores 10/30

VIA PRESS RELEASE | Island Records, Interscope, and UMe today announce the 20th Anniversary reissue of U2’s global smash hit album All That You Can’t Leave Behind. This multi-format anniversary edition release, featuring a brand new 12-track remaster of the record, and a 51-track Super Deluxe box set is to be released on the actual date of the 20th anniversary, October 30, 2020. The anniversary also sees the release of an acoustic version of “Stuck In A Moment You Can’t Get Out Of.”

All That You Can’t Leave Behind is the tenth studio album from U2. Released in October 2000, the original 11-track record included the hit singles “Beautiful Day,” “Stuck In A Moment You Can’t Get Out Of,” “Elevation,” and “Walk On” and went to Number 1 in 32 countries around the world. Produced by Daniel Lanois and Brian Eno and recorded in Dublin and France, All That You Can’t Leave Behind won 7 Grammy Awards, including Best Rock Album, and is the only album in history to have multiple tracks win the award for Record Of The Year (“Beautiful Day” in 2001 and “Walk On” in 2002).

The brand new remaster of the album is available as a 12-track version and includes an additional track “The Ground Beneath Her Feet” in all formats of the reissue.

Super Deluxe Box Set highlights include:

• A 32-page hardback book from longtime friend and collaborator Anton Corbijn featuring many previously unseen images of the band along with hand-written notes by Anton, plus a double-sided poster.

• 39 additional bonus tracks, including remastered B-sides (“Summer Rain,” “Always,” “Big Girls Are Best,” “Don’t Take Your Guns To Town”).

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TVD Radar: The Style Council, Long Hot Summers: The Story of The Style Council 3LP
in stores 10/30

VIA PRESS RELEASE | The Style Council was emblematic of its creator. Paul Weller, smart, fearless, audacious, with a social conscience totally unafraid to push the possibilities of pop. With their generous slew of U.K. chart hits, The Style Council were one of the defining pop bands of the ’80s. And they didn’t need big hair to get there.

And now, finally Long Hot Summers—the long-awaited and eagerly anticipated definitive career anthology teaming with all the greatest hits and more is released on October 30th. Named with a nod to the band’s biggest hit, Long Hot Summers is endorsed and co-compiled by Paul Weller himself. As well as the huge U.K. hit “Long Hot Summer,” the album also includes the band’s sterling debut top 5 U.K. single “Speak Like A Child” as well as other masterpieces such as the languid “You’re The Best Thing,” “Ever Changing Moods,” and dance floor filler “Shout To The Top.”

Long Hot Summers includes two unreleased tracks—an intriguing demo of the U.K. top 5 single “My Ever Changing Moods” with strings, and the extended, 5-minute plus version of “Dropping Bombs On The Whitehouse.” Of course, it also includes all the band’s classic singles—12 U.K. top-20 hits—including the debut single “Speak Like A Child” and the utterly sublime “Long Hot Summer.” The album also features key album tracks and fans’ favorites such as “Headstart For Happiness” (full tracklisting below).

Long Hot Summers features rare photos, an introduction by Paul Weller, a new essay by Lois Wilson, and sleeve-notes from ‘super-fan,’ actor Martin Freeman. The album was remastered at Abbey Road Studios.

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In rotation: 9/14/20

Vinyl Sales Top CDs For The First Time Since 1986: The Recording Industry Association of America just released its report on the first half of 2020, and as Bloomberg points out, it contains a hell of a stat: For the first time since 1986, vinyl records are outselling CDs. According to the RIAA’s report, vinyl sales accounted for $232.1 million in the first six months of the year, compared to only $129.9 in CD sales. The latter total represents a 48% decline, perhaps due to people staying home during the ongoing pandemic. Presumably for related reasons, physical sales are down overall by 23%. However, as Billboard points out, the first of several Record Store Day “drops” recently resulted in the biggest vinyl sales week of the year, with 802,000 records sold in the week ending Sept. 3, so perhaps with some COVID restrictions lifted, physical media is bouncing back slightly in the second half of 2020.

U.S. Vinyl Album Sales Hit Biggest Week in 2020 After First Record Store Day Drop: Plus: Industry album sales up 26% for the week, physical album sales at indie stores see largest week in over a year & Billie Eilish’s “Live at Third Man Records” leads Record Store Day sales parade. Thanks to Record Store Day 2020’s first drop on Aug. 29, U.S. vinyl album sales surged to a new weekly high in 2020, as 802,000 copies were sold in the week ending Sept. 3, according to Nielsen Music/MRC Data. That’s a 63% increase compared to the previous week’s sales. That 802,000 haul is also the largest week for vinyl album sales since the week ending Dec. 26, 2019, when 1.243 million copies were sold. Further, the 802,000 sum is the biggest week for vinyl albums outside of the Christmas shopping season since the week ending April 18, 2019, when 848,000 were sold. That week included Record Store Day 2019 festivities. …The biggest-selling album at indie and small chain record stores in the week ending Sept. 3 – as reflected on the weekly Tastemakers albums chart (dated Sept. 12) – was Billie Eilish’s Record Store Day release Live at Third Man Records, with 13,000 copies sold.

UK | Record Store Day co-ordinator Megan Page reflects on the success of RSD 2020 Pt.1: Record Store Day co-ordinator Megan Page has told Music Week that the first installment of RSD UK 2020 “exceeded the majority of stores’ expectations”. After the original April 18 date was pushed back to June 20 due to Covid-19, it was elected that the revised 2020 edition would be split over three dates: August 29, September 26 and October 24. The first RSD Drop took place on August 29 with more than 200 participating indie record shops. In a one-off move for 2020, indie record stores put remaining product online at 6pm – an official press release stated that “many releases sold out across the UK within the hour.” Using OCC data, Music Week can confirm that despite the limitations imposed by Covid-19, Record Store Day saw week-on-week vinyl units soar, with total vinyl sales up 113% from 78,957 in week 35 to 167,890 in week 36. Within this, total vinyl album sales increased by 85% (75,532 vs 139,886), while the total vinyl singles sales grew a staggering 718% (3,425 vs 28,004).

Dundee, UK | Legendary Dundee record store Groucho’s officially closes as stock cleared from shop: A removal van has been spotted at the Nethergate shop today, clearing the records and other stock. The goods are being moved into storage and will be sold at auction at a later date. The shop was founded in 1976 by Alastair ‘Breeks’ Brodie, who died last year. His widow Stella then took over responsibility for the store. It is understood some of the staff are setting up a new business on Union Street named Thirteen Records. Concerns were previously raised that the music haven would close down when it did not reopen despite lockdown restrictions being lifted on much of the retail sector. A family source has now confirmed the business is shutting down, marking an end of a decades’ long Dundee institution. Groucho’s had faced closure for a time in late 2018 after the landlord announced his intention to sell the premises.

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We’re closed.

We’re extending our Labor Day break through this week. While we’re away, why not fire up our free Record Store Locator app and visit one of your local indie record stores, either online, curbside, or with some sound social distancing?

Perhaps there’s an interview, review, or feature you might have missed? Catch up and we’ll see you back here on Monday, 9/14.

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TVD Radar: Robert Wyatt, His Greatest Misses on vinyl for
the first time, in
stores 10/9

VIA PRESS RELEASE | On October 9 via Domino, the singular Robert Wyatt will release His Greatest Misses—a compilation spanning his decades-long career—on vinyl for the first time ever.

His Greatest Misses acknowledges that Wyatt’s career has taken place outside the limited space and definition of commercial pop success, but simultaneously recognizes that Wyatt’s non-careerist career has nevertheless proven both productive and rigorous. The collection, originally released as a Japanese edition, includes selections dating from Rock Bottom (1974) to Cuckooland (2003), although its running order is non-chronological. This makes the subtle point that Wyatt’s recordings are best considered as a non-linear catalog—a world through which the listener can move at any pace in any direction.

The compilation showcases many of Wyatt’s musical abilities, particularly his favored technique of allowing his serpentine keyboard melodies to intertwine with his voice, vividly present in the opening bars of “Sea Song.”

Across the nineteen songs present, His Greatest Misses pays tribute to Wyatt’s much noted gift as an interpreter of other songwriters’ material—most notably, Chic’s “At Last I Am Free,” and Clive Langer and Elvis Costello’s “Shipbuilding.” The latter, along with Wyatt’s cover of Neil Diamond’s “I’m A Believer,” originally made popular by The Monkees, placed him in the Top 40 singles chart.

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TVD Radar: Dan Lacksman, three 1970s catalog vinyl reissues
in stores 10/23

VIA PRESS RELEASE | Three pioneering synth-pop classics from Dan Lacksman’s 1970s catalog will be reissued on vinyl, CD, and digitally on October 23 via Real Gone Music, featuring the albums Dan Lacksman and Electronic System: Vol. II (both from 1973) and 1974’s Electronic System: Tchip Tchip (Vol. 3).

In the early 1970s, Belgian recording engineer and synthesist Daniel Lacksman née Lanckmans recorded and released a series of pop music records, using early analog synthesizers as a central sonic element. Under an admittedly confusing array of names, Lacksman (who later founded the group Telex) created music that was equal parts innovation and ear-candy accessibility. Those often happy-go-lucky records gained some popularity throughout Europe, but their lasting influence can be heard in the music of Portishead, Massive Attack, The Moog Cookbook, and Air. And a casual survey online quickly reveals that these records are among the most collectible of their kind, with original copies commanding hundreds of dollars.

Real Gone Music is finally reissuing and restoring three pioneering Euro synth-pop classics from Lacksman’s 1970s catalog: Dan Lacksman and Electronic System: Vol. II (both from 1973), and 1974’s Electronic System: Tchip Tchip (Vol. 3) (also released Germany as Skylab). Though Moog-based electronic sounds would fall out of musical fashion in the 1980s, with the dawn of MIDI and digital technology, modern-day listeners and musicians alike have been rediscovering the music of Lanckmans and his peers; all three albums – as well as Lanckmans’ other records of that era and beyond – have been widely sampled by 21st century artists.

Real Gone Music’s reissues (which will also be available for streaming) have been mastered for LP and CD from the original tapes by the composer himself, and feature liner notes by Bill Kopp that include exclusive quotes from Lanckmans and photos from his private archive.

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In rotation: 9/4/20

Walla Walla, WA | Record Store Day at Hot Poop: Three record release dates extend the fun. Record Store Day (RSD) comes around just once a year. This past Saturday, August 29, Hot Poop celebrated the thirteenth annual event with a somewhat demure version of its usual festivities. Record store day is all about getting music lovers inside brick and mortar record stores, connecting listeners with the establishments that keep music and musicians alive. To participate, store owners sign contracts attesting that they will not sell any of the select RSD merchandise online for at least three years. Even without live performances and spaced six feet apart, audiophiles were able to find limited editions, re-releases of classics, and special pressings by artists new and old. Though there were never more than 12 people in the shop at once, the day was highly successful. “We broke a record, no pun intended,” the store reported.

Sarnia, ON | Record Store Day draws long line at Cheeky Monkey: Cheeky Monkey’s first of three 2020 International Record Store Day events was by all accounts a success. Scores of mask-wearing vinyl fans formed a socially-distant line-up outside the Christina Street record store before Cheeky Monkey opened their doors at 8:50 a.m. on Aug. 29. Record Store Day is a celebration of the spirit of independent music stores and artists from a variety of genres release an array of hard-to-find and rare records and CDs to mark the occasion. With COVID-19 postponing this year’s annual record fete – which normally happens in the spring – Record Store Day was split into three separate celebrations to reduce the number of people gathering at the same place at the same time. At Cheeky Monkey’s, safety precautions were taken during their first of three events. They included social distance markers on the sidewalk, a greeter providing hand-sanitizer for customers and no more than 15 people inside the store at any time.

Toronto, CA | Kops Records Explains the Importance of Keeping Sales Local: “It was the GTA that kept us going through the early to late 2000s, when records were at their low point.” Throughout the pandemic, record stores across Canada have understandably turned to the internet to keep business flowing, transforming their brick-and-mortar stores into Discogs pages during the long lulls without foot traffic. The Greater Toronto Area’s Kops Records, on the other hand, is taking a different approach. Not only did the store recently move two of its three locations into new, bigger spaces, Kops is focused on keeping its stock of vintage records off the internet and within the Toronto and Oshawa region. “It’s kind of our way of rewarding our local customers for their support,” owner Martin Koppel tells Exclaim! “It was the GTA that kept us going through the early to late 2000s, when records were at their low point.” …This isn’t to say that Kops doesn’t ever sell records on the internet; the store has a Discogs page, full of new records and reissues. You may notice, however, that their local rarities and vintage records largely aren’t available online, since the owners are keen to keep those within the GTA.

Dundee, UK | Fears for future as legendary Dundee record store Groucho’s closed ‘until further notice.’ Legendary Dundee record store Groucho’s will remain closed “until further notice”, sparking fears it may never reopen. The store has been run by Stella Brodie since the death of her husband, Groucho’s founder Alastair ‘Breeks’ Brodie, last year. The shop has failed to reopen after lockdown, despite most of the retail sector being allowed to welcome customers again. Stella confirmed the shop will remain closed “until further notice” but could not provide more information. Alastair founded the shop in 1976 and it has had several homes across Dundee, most recently on Nethergate. His daughter Jenny described her heartbreak at the prospect of Groucho’s closing for good. Jenny used to work in the shop but has not been directly involved in the day-to-day operations for some time. She said: “I am incredibly saddened to see the potential closure of the shop and the end of such a legendary focal point for music fans in Dundee.

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TVD Radar: Beastie
Boys, Beastie Boys
2LP retrospective in stores 10/23

VIA PRESS RELEASE | On October 23, 2020, UMe will release Beastie Boys Music, a 20-song collection covering the GRAMMY® Award winning and multi-platinum selling Beastie Boys’ recording career.

The collection is a companion piece to the critically acclaimed documentary Beastie Boys Story, currently nominated for 5 Emmys®, and the group’s best seller Beastie Boys Book, which ascended to #1 on The New York Times Best Sellers List—topping both the Nonfiction Print Hardcover and Nonfiction Combined Print & E-Book Best Sellers charts. Beastie Boys Music will be available digitally, on CD and as a 180gram 2LP vinyl set and can be pre-ordered here.

Beastie Boys Music features 20 Beastie Boys classics spanning the band’s 30+ year career including “Fight For Your Right,” “Brass Monkey,” “Paul Revere,” and “No Sleep Till Brooklyn” from their Diamond-certified 1986 No. 1 debut Licensed To Ill, “Shake Your Rump” and “Hey Ladies” from their 1989 reinvention Paul’s Boutique, and “So What’Cha Want” and “Pass The Mic” from 1992’s multi-platinum Check Your Head, which hit Top Ten on the Billboard 200 chart.

Also included are “Sure Shot” and “Sabotage” from 1994’s Ill Communication, which saw the band return to No. 1 on the Billboard 200, “Body Movin’” and the universal smash hit “Intergalactic” from their GRAMMY®-winning 1998 No. 1 album Hello Nasty, “Ch-Check It Out” from 2004’s To The 5 Boroughs, which marked the band’s third consecutive Billboard No. 1 debut, as well as “Make Some Noise” and “Don’t Play No Game That I Can’t Win” from 2011’s critically acclaimed Hot Sauce Committee Part Two, which reached No. 2 on the Billboard 200.

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TVD Radar: Wilco, Summerteeth: Deluxe Edition 5LP box set in stores 11/6

VIA PRESS RELEASE | Before we drift into Fall, there’s a Summer(teeth) update we think you’re gonna like.

Wilco’s third studio album, Summerteeth, will be expanded and back in stock Nov. 6. That’s right: we dug deep into the archives to create a Deluxe Edition of Summerteeth. The 5-LP / 4-CD set includes the original album remastered and is full to the brim with previously-unreleased live tracks, outtakes and demos. It’s available to preorder now in all formats and on all platforms. In The Wilco Stores we’ve got black vinyl, exclusive color vinyl, CD, and digital, plus hats and shirts to match! If Amazon, iTunes, or Spotify is more your speed, we’ve got you covered. Wherever you choose to pre-order, you’re gonna receive an instant download of “Summer Teeth (Slow Rhodes Edition)” to whet your appetite.

The five-LP set features Bob Ludwig’s 2020 remastered studio album as well as the unreleased demos, alternates and outtake recordings pressed on 180-gram vinyl. However, instead of the Colorado concert included in the CD package, the LP version contains a special, exclusive performance from early 1999 titled, An Unmitigated Disaster, a previously unreleased live in-store performance at Tower Records on March 11, 1999, just two days after the album was released. The 10-song set, which was broadcast on Chicago radio station WXRT-FM, highlights several tracks from Summerteeth (“We’re Just Friends,” “How To Fight Loneliness” and “Can’t Stand It”). This show will only be available in the LP collection.

All versions of Summerteeth: Deluxe Edition – Black Vinyl, Color Vinyl, CD – are designed by original Summerteeth art director Lawrence Azerrad. The iconic cover art is revisited and reimagined with deluxe treatments, including metallic foil packaging. Liner notes are written by MOJO editor John Mulvey and include new interviews with original band members, Jeff Tweedy and John Stirratt.

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