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TVD Radar: Louisiana Hayride, 20-CD box with rare performances from Hank Williams, Elvis Presley, Johnny Cash in stores 10/20

VIA PRESS RELEASE | Featuring more than 25 hours of music, this unprecedented collection comes packed in an LP-sized package complete with a 224-page hardcover book with rare performances from stars like Elvis Presley, Johnny Cash, June Carter, Kitty Wells, George Jones, and Webb Pierce, as well as a previously unknown Hank Williams recording.

For more than two decades, the Louisiana Hayride radio show was a Saturday night staple for music lovers. Broadcast by Shreveport, Louisiana’s KWKH-AM from 1948-1960, Hayride stood as the chief rival to the now better-known Grand Ole Opry. While the Opry favored established Nashville stars, Hayride offered headliners and newcomers alike an opportunity to perform. It was this policy that led Hayride to say “yes” to a young singer from Tupelo, Mississippi after the Opry said “no.” That singer, Elvis Presley, debuted on the show in October 1954 and later made his first TV appearance on the television version in March 1955.

Presley’s 15 songs here (which include “That’s All Right,” “Baby Let’s Play House,” “Heartbreak Hotel,” and “Don’t Be Cruel”) are just a fraction of the more than 500 tunes stocking At the Louisiana Hayride Tonight. Bear Family Records’ 20-CD box set holds a treasury of long-buried live Hayride performances—many of which have never been heard since the day they were broadcast—with perhaps the rarest of these rarities being the previously unknown recording of “I’m a Long Gone Daddy” by Hank Williams.

The compilation has been constructed in chronological sequence. Throughout the 20 discs songs are interspersed with the Louisiana Hayride theme tune (“…we’re gonna have a wonderful time…”), and with show announcements, intros, ads, comedy routines, and even mistakes, giving listeners a real sense of what it was like to hear the show on the radio, or to have plunked down your 60¢ (or 30¢ for children) for a ticket to watch it live in Shreveport’s Municipal Auditorium. One of these stage announcements, in fact, is the old-time emcee Horace Logan making the now-famous proclamation that “Elvis has left the building.”

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TVD’s Press Play

Press Play is our Monday recap of the new and FREE tracks received last week to inform the next trip to your local indie record store.

VanWyck – An Average Woman
Anastasia Minster – When I Die
Threefifty – Allegiance
Caroline Reese – Nicotine
Flotation Toy Warning – Due To Adverse Weather Conditions, All Of My Heroes Have Surrendered
Justine and the Unclean – I’m In Love With You, Jackass
Yo No Say – Lock
TOMKAT – Drowning
rotoscope – Clean Lines
Skaciety – Yesterdays News

Skye Wallace – Scarlet Fever

Renraku – Gravity Well
Cross Culture – Faded Away
The Able Bodies – Flicker
JM Vercetti – House Of Gold
Whispers – Whizard Throne
Lunettes Noires x Dev – In The Dark
Jahn Rome – Superhero
Jinco – Scherzo In E Minor
Bitta Blood – I Know (Dirty)
JVST SAY YES – I Just Wanna Dance

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In rotation: 10/16/17

Zed Records and the Birth of SoCal Punk, The first store in Southern California to solely stock punk and hardcore, Zed Records became a beloved epicenter of the emerging scene: For brothers Mike and Danny Zampelli, being musically adventurous in the seaside town of Long Beach, California during the early 1970s was no easy task…“We either had to drive an hour to Hollywood to a store that was catty-corner from the Whisky A Go Go called Sound Spectrum, or down to a place in Laguna Beach to get the import records we wanted back then,” says Mike, reminiscing on his vinyl-buying woes. In time, the brothers’ feverish pursuit of the arcane and unusual would lead to the opening of Zed Records, the first record store in Southern California to solely stock punk rock.

Dining: 5 hot new restaurants to try this fall: The Vinyl Room—At the crossroads of music and craft beer is The Vinyl Room, a hybrid record store and bar in Wappingers Falls. The business may cover two bases but it does not skimp as a bar or as a music shop. Records such as King Crimson’s “The Court of the Crimson King,” James Brown’s soundtrack to “Black Caesar,” and Elvis Presley’s eponymous album line the walls of the store, and that’s before searching through the shelves and bins filled with vinyl throughout the store. And the craft beer selection is impressive with rotating options such as Chatham Brewing’s Raspberry Wheat Ale and Industrial Arts’s Week 52 India Pale Ale. What it lacks in a kitchen, it makes up with fresh pizza delivered from the Wagon Wheel.

Toronto Reference Library Record Swap! Have you camped out overnight before Record Store Day? Are the words “diggin’ in the crates” and “dusty fingers” part of your personal manifesto? When you close your eyes do you see spinning black circles? If any of these are the case, then you’re probably a record fanatic. Well, I am too, and on Monday, Oct. 16, the Arts department of the Toronto Reference Library is hosting a record swap; whether you’ve been collecting wax since the dawn of the LP or are new to the record game, we hope you’ll join us up on the fifth floor to trade an album or two with other fans (sorry, I won’t be swapping records from the library’s collection!), or just chat about the latest happenings in the vinyl revival.

Despite technology, vinyl continues to thrive: As streaming services and online music stores have become the new standard for listening to music, some people, old and young, are embracing vinyl records. “We’ve been pretty amazed that the bubble has not popped, year after year we are saying, ‘Wow, it’s still going,’” Jon Howard, manager of Flat, Black & Circular, said. Flat, Black & Circular celebrates its 40th anniversary in East Lansing this year. The 1970s and 80s were the golden age for records. 1978 was the highest-grossing year, with over $2.3 billion in sales. However, as time went on and new media took over, sales started to drop. Record sales averaged around $20 million per year across the 90s and early 2000s.

WaxWork Records Announces Friday the 13th: The Final Chapter Soundtrack On Vinyl! Waxwork Records has done an glorious job of releasing the first three Friday The 13th films scores on vinyl over the last couple of years and we know that the fans should expect at least three more soundtracks from surging record company. Back in January, the record label teased an new release for the franchise and today they have officially announced Friday The 13th: The Final Chapter! The vinyl soundtrack will be available this Friday. No other details are available as of yet, but keep an eye for more info as it is released. In the mean time, check out the cover art for the label below, posted on the company’s Twitter account. It looks awesome!

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TVD Radar:
The Searchers,
Another Night: The Sire Recordings in stores 12/8

VIA PRESS RELEASE | During the British Invasion, there was another Liverpool band topping the charts worldwide. The Searchers had 11 Top 40 hits between 1963 and 1966 in the U.K., including three #1s with “Needles and Pins,” “Sweets for My Sweet,” and “Don’t Throw Our Love Away.” There were eight hits in the U.S. including a #3 cover of “Love Potion No. 9.”

By the end of the decade, the group’s chart presence may have slowed down, but the Searchers didn’t. They continued to hone their sound on the live circuit, adding a modern musical crunch to their incredible harmonies. After seeing the band perform, Sire Records head Seymour Stein offered them a home on his new wave flagship label (home of the Ramones, Talking Heads, Dead Boys, and soon, Pretenders).

The Searchers returned in 1979 with a self-titled release, featuring originals and covers of tracks from Tom Petty, The Records, Bob Dylan, and the Mickey Jupp-penned “Switchboard Susan”—a concurrent hit for Nick Lowe. Produced by Pat Moran (Be Bop Deluxe, Dr. Feelgood, and Rush —yes, that Rush), it was a sonic powerhouse. That album was followed the next year by Love’s Melodies (titled Play for Today in the U.K.), with Ed Stasium (Ramones, Talking Heads, Smithereens) joining Moran as co-producer. More originals, and more covers (Big Star, John Fogerty, and others), and another great album.

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In rotation: 10/13/17

Which Sounds Better, Analog or Digital Music? The answer is subjective, but the underlying math is not: So what do pure tones have to do with the groove on a record being able to tell David Bowie and Nina Simone apart? It turns out that any curve can be written in exactly one way as a combination of curves with uniform amplitude and frequency. In other words, the single squiggle captured in the groove of a record player can be written as a combination of pure tones. And there is only one combination that will produce any particular squiggle. The tool that makes this possible comes from mathematics and is called the Fourier transform. Combined with the fact that the sound we experience is determined by the exact combination of pure tones, this bit of mathematics explains how the vinyl record groove can completely determine the music you hear.

Old Soul’s move proves good for business: The plan for Old Soul Vintage Attire and Records was always to be located on Main Street. But when the store opened, there were no vacant storefronts. Earlier this year, the business owners located at 106 N. Main St. retired and closed down their store, creating an open spot for Old Soul. The new location, which has been open for just a week, has already paid dividends, said owner Katy McClenathan. “Foot traffic and what we’ve found out over the last two days we’ve been open, is there are people who don’t come to Mansfield often, but when they do they go to Relax, (it’s just Coffee). Well, we’re right across the street,” she said. “They’ll see our store. So they’ll come in. That’s been good.”

Vinyl record collectors on the rise: The sale of vinyl records has hit a 25-year high, since its hey day in the 1980s. Both new and used record sales have increased over 100-percent in the past year. I visited a vinyl record swap and sell meet in Lake Charles to see what’s behind this increase in record interest.These collectors from all over Southwest Louisiana are looking for jewels. They represent a growing number of music lovers who are dropping digital downloads and CD and going back to record albums. “I think people started missing the warmth of vinyl and also just the whole tactile and cool liner notes you get with an album,” said Rod Begnaud, who has been in the radio industry for 34 years and is a collector. “Vinyl has definitely come back. Right now vinyl is outselling CDs.”

Round and round, After drop in popularity, vinyl records make comeback: The popularity of vinyl has a presence that can be felt in Marquette. From Gitche Gumee Cafe & Records shop, which regularly hosts record sales at Blackrocks Brewery, to the Northern Michigan University Vinyl Record Club, which organizes three record sales a year that attract collectors and dealers from all around the state. On Saturday, the NMU record club held its most recent event, garnering an estimated 25,000 to 30,000 vinyl records and pop culture items for the public to view and browse, said Jon Teichman, faculty adviser to the club. Around eight vendors were present and between 200 to 300 visitors stopped by the Peter White Lounge of the University Center, where the event was held.

Record-breaking turntables category for What Hi-Fi? Awards 2017: As much as we try to steer clear of tired, reductive clichés like ‘vinyl revival’, the addition of two new turntable Awards categories this year would suggest efforts are being redoubled by manufacturers as well as at those wildly overworked pressing plants. In 2016, Rega took the prize as our most affordable Award winner with its impeccable Planar 1 but, while that deck retains its champion status for under £500, Audio Technica’s introduction of the splendid AT-LP3 (above) has compelled us to dish out a separate prize in an under-£200 category. With built-in phono stage and fully automatic tonearm, it is a most welcome alternative to those all-in-one clamshell decks that seek to destroy your vinyl collection (both sonically and physically), and delivers tremendous performance in return for minimal effort or financial outlay.

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TVD Radar: Muddy Waters’ debut The Best of Muddy Waters on vinyl for the first time in 30 years, in stores 11/10

VIA PRESS RELEASE | Few pieces of art have been as influential as Muddy Waters’ seminal debut album The Best of Muddy Waters, a humble piece of vinyl released by an upstart label in 1958 that served as The Big Bang for rock ‘n’ roll and the ensuing half century of modern popular culture. On November 10, Geffen/UMe will celebrate the forthcoming 60th anniversary of Waters’ first album by reissuing The Best of Muddy Waters on vinyl in original mono for the first time in 30 years while also making it available for download and streaming for the first time ever, giving new and familiar listeners a reminder of the bluesman’s truly incandescent music. Preorder The Best Of Muddy Waters here.

Born McKinley Morganfield in Mississippi in 1915, Waters was initially a sharecropper playing his acoustic guitar for change and tips at rural plantation parties. He migrated to Chicago in 1943 where he brought together a pipeline of the city’s top musicians to create, refine, and define the modern blues. While he was undergoing this transformation, millions of rural Southern blacks were making the same journey, and their stories and music were working into the popular consciousness—and capturing the imagination of a restless teenage suburbia increasingly open to new things in the rebellious 1960s.

An assemblage of Waters 78 RPM recording made between 1948 and 1954 for Chess Records, The Best of Muddy Waters captured Waters’ growth from acoustic artist to archetypical electrified band leader and charted the exciting evolution of blues. Rolling Stone awarded the timeless greatest hits collection a rare five-star review, hailing the 12 songs as “one masterpiece after another,” and exclaiming, “Throughout, Waters embodies a persona that simmers with lust, loss and menace. His voice intimates threat, never more so than when he unleashes his gripping repertoire of moans, howls, hollers, hums, groans and growls.”

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In rotation: 10/12/17

SunPress Vinyl Looks to Expand Its Operation With Equity Crowdfunding Campaign: The door of SunPress Vinyl’s Opa-locka record-pressing plant still bears the painted logo of its former days as Final Vinyal, but the progress it has made since opening less than a year ago is clear once you enter the office that leads to the six pressing machines. Framed records pressed at the plant decorate its walls — one is by Venezuelan band Viniloversus and another is a special-edition B.B. King reprint. Posters of the Marley family, with whom SunPress has an ongoing business relationship, crown the wall space behind Yashiv’s desk. The front office spills over with boxes, and recently pressed multicolored records are neatly stacked on chairs and tables.

The world’s best record shops #084: Record Mania, Stockholm: A record shop that proves bigger isn’t necessarily better, Record Mania is tucked away on a side-street in central Stockholm. Like Red Light in Amsterdam, Record Mania caters to a very specific type of collector and DJ, skirting the outer-reaches of the dancefloor in search of the most weird and wonderful records available. Expect rarities from across the jazz, funk, soul, disco and new wave spectrum, as well as any number of goodies from around the world, beautifully packaged and presented with informative, often mouth-watering tid-bit explanations that will leave you subsisting on nothing but crackers for the rest of your visit.

At Cleveland’s Gotta Groove, making vinyl records has become a rockin’ big business: Gotta Groove Records has been churning out vinyl recordings from its factory building tucked away in Tyler Village since 2009. Business is booming, too, spurred on by the music-buying public’s increasing appetite for vinyl LPs, and Gotta Groove’s own deep connections with the local music scene. Owner Vince Slusarz says the company just added fourth quality-control room to test records, and is considering adding a third shift of production to meet demand. In 2016, Gotta Groove manufactured nearly a million vinyl records at its Cleveland pressing plant. This year, Slusarz expects to produce more than a million.

Music fans pick up a bargain! Vinyl record collecters had a field day at the Winter Gardens at the weekend as music fans from all over the country gathered to buy and sell classic albums. Around 500 people poured into the Winter Gardens on Sunday to take part in the record collecter’s fair. Local record dealer Adrian Melling, who has 45 years of record-selling experience, said: “The fair is really popular. All the young people are getting interested in vinyl again. “There are all kinds of records. Rock, pop, jazz, folk, blues, soul, reggae, you name it. Everybody is interested in different things. “I’m very passionate about it, for sure. It’s always pleasant to meet people and the customers get to know each other as well.

Pink Floyd Records to release more remastered vinyl: Pink Floyd Records will reissue ‘A Collection Of Great Dance Songs’ and ‘Delicate Sound Of Thunder’ on vinyl on November 17, 2017. This marks the first time both albums have been available in this format for over 20 years. These recordings are the band’s first ‘best of’ and live albums to be remastered on vinyl. Over the past two years, Pink Floyd Records has released the entire studio collection as stereo remastered versions on heavyweight 180g vinyl. All are mastered from the original analogue studio tapes with album artwork faithfully reproduced. The same attention to detail applies to both of these albums.

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In rotation: 10/11/17

Dog statue graces The Record Store in Hayes: A large statue of a dog was unveiled at the opening of The Record Store in Hayes, located at The Old Vinyl Factory. The dog statue at the retail outlet is 5.5 metres in height. It corresponds with the famous logo which HMV uses. Other record companies have also employed the dog image, which is called Nipper, for marketing purposes. Printing services in Hayes may help to promote shops in the area. U+I played a significant role in overseeing the regeneration around the store. Richard Upton, the deputy chief executive at the firm, told Get West London: “What fascinated us was the potential of history at The Old Vinyl Factory and that had been missed by other developers…”

Vintage Trax rewinding the clock in Redditch for Cassette Store Day: Vintage Trax in Redditch are rewinding the clock this weekend for a celebration of all things retro. On Saturday (October 14) the independent record shop are hosting an event for Cassette Store Day, one of the only stores in the Midlands to be supporting the occasion. Cassette Store Day was founded in London by a group of UK labels in 2013, and has grown into a highly anticipated event, now in its fifth year. The day of global celebrations is in honour of the humble cassette tape, and opening up the doors at 10.30am, Vintage Trax will be stocking some of the new cassette releases along with 100s of preloved retro tapes across all genres.

A record was sold on eBay every 30 seconds in the UK last year: eBay has detailed eighteen major sales trends, to mark 18 years since the online marketplace launched in the UK. Using data from the UK site in 2016, eBay found that sale of retro items and vinyl records was the number one trend over the 12 months, with the popularity of Stranger Things sending searches for related ’80s ephemera surging 400%. Unsurprisingly, Trainspotting’s return to the cinema also fuelled interest in the original film. While data about sales of new records is reported on a regular basis, (with Q3’s report dropping last week) it’s always illuminating when marketplaces like Discogs and eBay provide insights into the second hand market.

Vinyl has made a comeback. Here’s where to feed your record obsession, With vinyl back in vogue, LP-themed bars and fairs are mushrooming globally. Despite its small size – there’s barely room for 10 – Little Soul Cafe, in the Shimokitazawa area known for its youthful population and trendy cafes, boasts 15,000 tightly packed records. This is the incredible collection of owner Miachan, who alternates between mixing whisky highballs and spinning rare soul and disco treasures that will thrill your ears. None of the records are for sale, although you can ask Miachan if there’s anything he’s looking to shift.

Cincinnati online auction platform selling one of America’s largest record collections: A Cincinnati-based online estate sale auction house is selling what it’s billing as one of America’s largest private vinyl collections. Everything but the House is auctioning off 250 albums in the collection of Howard Weinberg of Washington, D.C. from what they say “might be the largest vinyl record collection in America.” Weinberg’s collection contains about 2,500 Beatles albums alone. EBTH plans to auction off the collection through multiple sales. According to his brother, Marc, Howard bought every pressing that Capitol Records ever released of the Beatles, not including bootlegs or pressings from overseas.

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TVD Radar: Making Vinyl Detroit, Keynote Darryl “DMC” McDaniels Announced

VIA PRESS RELEASE | Organizers of Making Vinyl Detroit, the first B2B conference dedicated to the rebirth of global vinyl manufacturing, have added another notable to the long list of speakers. Innovator, motivator, philanthropist, Darryl “DMC” McDaniels changed music and made history when he broke down cultural barriers 30 years ago with his legendary band Run-DMC. Thirty-five million record sales later he continues to inspire and impact the world.

Darryl “DMC” McDaniels is a legendary music icon who first impacted the world over 30 years ago. From the first rap group to grace the cover of Rolling Stone magazine to the first to appear on MTV, Grammy nominated Run-DMC changed music, culture, fashion, language, and made American history. It would be hard to overstate his influence on popular culture.

Thirty-five million record sales later, and more than ten years after the untimely death of his bandmate Jam Master Jay, DMC still continues to create, inspire, and motivate. In 2009, as a member of Run-DMC, he was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and in 2016 he received a Grammy Lifetime Achievement Award from the Recording Academy given to “performers who, during their lifetimes, have made creative contributions of outstanding artistic significance to the field of recording.”

In 2014 he launched a comic book company called Darryl Makes Comics, a new journey that helps bridge the gap between the worlds of hip-hop and the fantastic adventures he got wrapped up in as a youth. The company’s first full length graphic novel hit stores in October 2014 and has since followed up with a new release annually.

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TVD Radar: Here’s Little Richard deluxe edition in stores 11/3

VIA PRESS RELEASE | Craft Recordings, the Catalog division of Concord Music, is pleased to celebrate the 60th anniversary of Here’s Little Richard, with a deluxe reissue of the rock ‘n’ roll icon’s 1957 debut full-length album.

Due out November 3rd, the 2-CD set will offer a slew of demos, alternate takes, and previously unreleased material from the original sessions, in addition to the remastered classic album, which features some of the artist’s best-loved hits, including “Long Tall Sally,” “Ready Teddy,” and “Tutti Frutti,” a song which many consider to mark the birth of rock ‘n’ roll. New liner notes by GRAMMY®-nominated writer, music editor and journalist Chris Morris will round out the package.

In the early ’50s, Little Richard (born Richard Penniman) combined the spirit of church music, the bawdiness of blues and the swing of New Orleans jazz and turned it into something altogether new: rock ‘n’ roll. It wasn’t until the Macon, Georgia native signed to Art Rupe’s Specialty Records at the age of 23, however, that Little Richard truly developed his signature sound and over-the-top persona. His legendary debut album (and the first 12-inch LP for the Los Angeles-based independent label), Here’s Little Richard offers many of his most recognizable songs and garnered the artist seven hits in the R&B Top Ten chart, and two in the Pop Top Ten.

This expanded edition of the album includes 22 tracks of bonus material, eight of which are previously unreleased. Included is an early take of “Tutti Frutti,” demos of “Slippin’ and Slidin’,” and “Miss Ann” and alternate takes of classic tracks like “Rip It Up” and “Reddy Teddy.” In his liner notes, Chris Morris writes, “Like the classic recordings on Here’s Little Richard, these alternate versions reveal the blossoming of an unprecedented and wholly original talent whose first recordings broke down the categorical doors between R&B and pop. As they did in late 1955 when Little Richard arrived, like something from another planet, these wailing, rampaging songs present something new, rich and strange under the sun.”

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