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In rotation: 7/27/18

Chicago, IL | Business owner Val Camilletti dies: “…She had the gift of gab,” said Val’s halla Records Store Manager Shayne Blakeley. “Val always wanted things to be synchronized and come full circle around the anniversary of her ownership of the store. When we moved locations she insisted that the last day at the old store had to fall on the store’s anniversary. Our present location is a mile away from where she grew up and that is why they moved the store to Harrison Street. That is when the pattern clicked and everything came full circle. When I got the news of her death I called my own mom and told her I lost a parent. She was more than a boss, she was family to me and many others. Val was a font of knowledge and the store was a free mental health clinic because of her. I hope to continue that legacy.”

Brattleboro, VT | Over beers, shop switches hands: Downtown has been home for the last 13 years to Byron Greatorex’s record store, which now has a new owner. “Brattleboro is unique,” Greatorex said. “It’s bittersweet. There will be a day this week, where I walk out and won’t walk back in for a while. The reality of that is starting to sink in a tad bit.” On Wednesday, Greatorex sold In The Moment Records to Sujay Patel. The two had discussed the possibility via email then things happened quickly. Through social media, Greatorex had made it known that the store was for sale as he planned to relocate to the Philadelphia area. But several potential buyers had dropped out in earlier talks. Eventually, Greatorex and Patel made a deal over beers. A mix up on an order resulted in more drinks coming to their table than planned.

Wheeling, WV | Nail City Record relocating to Downtown Wheeling: A new record store will be opening up this week in Downtown Wheeling. Nail City Record is relocating from their old spot in Elm Grove to a new location on the third floor of the McClain building off 12th Street. This new spot is double the space which has allowed them to almost double their inventory. Owner Jonathan Napier says, “We are angling towards a place where everybody can come and spend some time record collecting, and music is multi-generational experience so it’s just a place for every one.” The store will be open Tuesday through Saturday from Noon until 7 PM, Sundays Noon until 4. They will remain closed on Mondays. They will be doing a soft opening this Friday with a grand opening sometime in the future.

Telluride, CO | An addiction that feeds: Music occupies an enormous amount of my life. It is not an escape from reality, but it is my reality. Music is therapy. It inspires, it incites, it soothes, it soars. Music is life. Given its importance, the delivery method is key. If it can’t be heard live, the only legitimate way that music’s depth and range and nuance can be experienced is when the needle hits the groove on a delicious slice of vinyl. My love affair with vinyl — I more often refer to them as albums or records — began as a curious, small human skittering my parents’ jazz, folk and classical records across the living room floor. I have no recollection of this event, but obviously, the attraction was evident.

AU | How Your Record Collection Is Damaging The Environment: There’s no denying the devastating impact single-use plastic bags are having on the environment, but there’s another debate that’s been gaining traction among the music industry as of late that could change the way the vinyl business operates. Vinyl addiction is real, and while you could argue for days about the plastic they’re pressed on, there’s another element to the industry you might have overlooked: the plastic shrink-wrap they come in. Sure, it protects your precious vinyl – especially those exclusives you can only get overseas – but the process of shrink-wrapping is adding to a larger problem. As artists like Wolf Alice and James Bay join the fight overseas, Green Music Australia – who headed the Splendour Beach Clean last weekend – is pushing for change at home.

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TVD Radar: Small Faces, Ogdens’ Nut Gone Flake 50th anniversary vinyl reissue in stores 9/28

“They were the most complete pop group for me. They had everything—they were amazing players that all had the same influences. The image, the haircuts, blimey they were even all the same height. A kinda dream band that everyone would want to be in.” Paul Weller

VIA PRESS RELEASE | Immediate Records via BMG Music and Charly Records are to celebrate the 50th Anniversary of the Small Faces’ much loved third album Ogdens’ Nut Gone Flake with the release of a variety of new and very special deluxe editions across various formats (including deluxe triple 180-gram red, white & blue coloured vinyl LP box-set and a comprehensive 3CD+1DVD earbook set) on 28th September 2018.

The 180-gram vinyl LP formats have been newly mastered at half-speed for optimum sound quality and pressed in conjunction with Optimal : Media in Berlin and The Vinyl Factory in London from restored original Immediate Records tape sources. Originally recorded during 1967 and 1968 by Glyn Johns at Olympic Studios, Trident and Pye Studios, the expanded editions of Ogdens’ also feature rare material from the archive of surviving Small Faces member Kenney Jones.

All editions have been prepared under the watchful eye of Small Faces reissue producer and Immediate Records label manager Rob Caiger with remastering engineer Nick Robbins (Soundmastering Ltd) and vinyl cutting engineer Matt Colton (Alchemy Mastering) and approved by Kenney Jones.

Talking about the mastering process for this 50th Anniversary, reissue producer Rob Caiger says: “Listening back to the original first pressing of Ogdens’ on both mono and stereo, we’ve captured a lot more purely because we can do so much more with the technology we have now, cutting more information to the vinyl than was able to be done back in the day because of the limitations of technology then.”

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In rotation: 7/26/18

Oxford, UK | Floating record store sets course for Oxford: A floating record store is set to drift into Oxfordshire this weekend. The Record Deck UK – a narrowboat selling new and second hand vinyl – is hoping to moor in Jericho, Oxford, between Isis lock and Hythe Bridge Street on Saturday. Assuming the boat runs to schedule, owner Luke Guildford is planning to open from 11am to 7pm, but is encouraging would-be customers to check their social media feeds closer to the time, as ‘delays to travelling can occur in boat world.’ He added: “It’s a floating record shop that travels England visiting towns, floating markets and canal & river festivals. “I mostly sell a mix of secondhand vinyl.”

Minneapolis, MN | Hymie’s Records, a famed spot for vinyl in Minneapolis, is for sale. The owners are pledging to sell it only to someone who wants to keep the music spinning there. One of the Twin Cities’ best-loved record stores is for sale, but the owners are pledging to sell it only to someone who wants to keep the music spinning there. Dave and Laura Hoenack, who bought Hymie’s Records in Minneapolis nine years ago, want to spend more time with their two kids. So they are fielding offers to sell their vinyl specialty store, located on a revived stretch of East Lake Street in south Minneapolis. They are not interested in just liquidating their stock of vinyl records, however. “I want to still be able to go to a neighborhood record store in my own neighborhood,” Dave Hoenack said.

Abbeyleix, IE | Vinyl record party night to raise funds in Abbeyleix: Fans of vinyl records and people looking for a fun night in Abbeyleix are welcome to a fundraising party this weekend. Abbeyleix Heritage House has lined up a DJ to spin vinyl records at a fundraising party. You can bring some favourites from you own collection to add to the mix. Finger food will be provided but bring your own wine or preferred tipple. Entry fee is €10 and can be paid in advance or on the night. Please contact 057 8731653 for more information. The event takes place on Saturday, July 28 from 8 pm

Cuyahoga Falls, OH | Pekar Music celebrates 20th anniversary in Cuyahoga Falls: …After nearly 30 years of working for someone else, Pekar said he decided he wanted to be his own boss. He first opened his shop on Portage Trail between Third and Fourth streets. When he opened his doors he had six guitars and $600 worth of S.I.T. brand guitar strings (made in Akron) hanging on the wall, along with some posters. He also had some record albums. Rent was $400 a month for 1,500 square feet of space. “I had $600 in the bank and I was wondering how I was going to pay the UPS driver,” he said. “The UPS trucks were pulling up with merchandise and I had to pay them [cash] because I wasn’t established … at that time.”

Spartanburg, SC | Sound Observations: Thrift shop record find is a vintage Kieran Kane LP: There was a time when I’d regularly scour record bins at thrift shops in search of vintage LPs. That rarely happens anymore…A few weeks ago, however, I was reminded of why I still visit thrift shops from time to time and why it’s still worth taking at least a cursory glance of what the record bins have to offer. As I casually flipped through an assortment of records at a local thrift shop, I was struck by the image of a young Kieran Kane seemingly staring right at my face. In my low-expectation haste, I think I actually flipped past the record sleeve and was forced to thumb backward for a double-take to make sure the image was indeed of Kane. Once I realized for sure that it was his mug, I anxiously pulled the vinyl record from the sleeve and carefully inspected it to make sure it wasn’t scratched or warped. Thankfully, it wasn’t.

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Demand it on Vinyl: Linda Clifford, four classic reissues in
stores 8/24

If you stress it, they’ll press it. —Ed.

VIA PRESS RELEASE | On August 24, Blixa Sounds, a new Los Angeles based label, will release four classic albums by American R&B and disco icon Linda Clifford, If My Friends Could See Me Now (1977), Let Me Be Your Woman (1979), Here’s My Love (1979), and I’m Yours (1980).

Linda Clifford emerged as a powerhouse vocalist during the 1970s, bridging pop, R&B, and disco with her phenomenal voice and electrifying stage presence. Her #1 Billboard disco hits, including “If My Friends Could See Me Now,” “Runaway Love,” “Gypsy Lady,” “Red Light” (from the Grammy-nominated Fame soundtrack), “Shoot Your Best Shot,” and “It Don’t Hurt No More,” accompanied her American Music Award nomination for “Favorite Female Disco Artist” (1979). Her marathon version of Simon & Garfunkel’s “Bridge Over Troubled Water” even yielded a Top 20 hit in the U.K. Blixa Sounds celebrates Clifford’s white-hot streak from 1978–1980 with four albums originally released on Curtis Mayfield’s Curtom label, featuring productions by Mayfield, legendary Motown arranger Gil Askey, and Rock & Roll Hall of Fame icon Isaac Hayes.

Currently based in Chicago, Linda Clifford is still spellbinding audiences with her solo performances and sold-out shows alongside Martha Wash, Evelyn “Champagne” King, and Norma Jean Wright as the First Ladies of Disco, recently climbing the Top 10 Billboard dance charts with a remix of “Show Some Love” (2015). However, If My Friends Could See Me Now, Let Me Be Your Woman, Here’s My Love, and I’m Yours show where it all started.

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In rotation: 7/25/18

Nashville, TN | Community Tries To Save Randy’s Record Shop: A Sumner County staple, Randy’s Record Shop, is in jeopardy of being torn down, but the community has come together to try to save it. Randy’s Record Shop opened in the 1940’s by Randy Wood. It quickly became the world’s largest mail-order record company. The vinyl shop also became a hangout spot for residents of all ages. It closed in 1991, but the building still stands — barely. Neighbors are afraid it’ll be torn down. Lifetime Gallatin resident Johnny Griffin is trying to drum up support to help save the historic spot. “It means so much to people. We’re here in a small town, there’s no putting it back. So I’m just trying my best to help it,” said Johnny Griffin. Griffin is working to contact the owner and possibly start a Gofundme page to save the building. Griffin said he would love to see it open as a revived record store.

Chicago, IL | Val Camilletti dies at 78; ran Oak Park record store loved by music fans: Music lovers would walk into her Val’s halla Records store and say, “I heard this song I love, and it goes like this” — and start humming. Owner Val Camilletti could usually figure out the artist, the label and the pressing — sometimes, instantly. She died in hospice care early Tuesday at the British Home in Brookfield, about two years after being diagnosed with breast cancer, according to Joanne Busiel, her friend since they attended Chicago’s Austin High School. Ms. Camilletti, who lived in Cicero, was 78. For 46 years, Val’s halla Records — overflowing with thousands of CDs, LPs, cassette tapes, eight-tracks, 78s and 45s, from Abba to ZZ Top – has been an audiophile’s portal to another world…Her devoted customers, who preferred “Auntie Val” to Amazon, sometimes included three and four generations of families.

GameStop Should Consider Selling Vinyl Records: According to The Revenge of Analog (citing a record store owner in Cincinnati, Ohio), profit margins on a new record can be as high as around 40%, while the margins are even fatter on a used record – which can sell for double their cost. The price of used records is increasing as well, as new vinyl users “invest” in new turntables and go out looking for more records. This would likely match up favorably with the margins found on GameStop’s current new and used video game sales…Older records, especially rare ones, also carry a “collectibility” factor. Collectors also apparently flock to exclusive new releases. Both these seem to fit right into GameStop’s business model, and I think it’s something they should pursue aggressively.

Gizmo Geek: The sound that you can touch: There is a photograph often circulated on social media of a cassette tape and a pencil lying side by side. The caption says something to the effect that kids today have no clue about the connection between the two. Yet for those of us above a certain age, the image never fails to elicit a smile. For true audiophiles, though, analogue sound is no smiling matter—sales of vinyl records have never been higher over the past few decades, and there are whispers that even the cassette might nudge its way back. Analogue sound and magnetic tapes are serious business because nothing else can replicate the experience of “being there”. As Roland Schneider of Ballfinger said, “Digital media is great, but experiencing music is more than just listening to a sound file—it’s sensual, it’s reels that turn and can be touched.”

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TVD Radar: Fastball,
All the Pain Money Can Buy first vinyl issue in stores 11/9

VIA PRESS RELEASE | When the first single from Fastball’s second record was released a few months before the album dropped, it was apparent there would be no sophomore slump. “The Way” exploded at radio, eventually going Gold, and propelling All the Pain Money Can Buy to Gold status in only three months and Platinum another three months later. The release also received two Grammy® nominations, and the band won four Austin Chronicle awards for the album.

Produced by the band with Julian Raymond (Cheap Trick, Sugarland, LP), All the Pain Money Can Buy also delivered the second single, “Fire Escape,” as well as the Top 20 single “Out of My Head” (whose chorus was recently reinterpreted in Bad Things by Machine Gun Kelly & Camilla Cabello) while also including a track with Poe (whose Hello was certified Gold in 1996).

This 20th anniversary edition contains the original 13 songs, plus nine bonus tracks including rare B-sides, compilation tracks, and four previously unissued demos. To make this anniversary even more special, the album makes its vinyl debut as a double LP containing all of the bonus material. Street date is November 9, 2018 via Omnivore Recordings.

With expanded packaging and an essay from Scott Schinder including a new interview with the band, All the Pain Money Can Buy returns stronger than ever. The way is finally clear. As Schinder notes, “It’s not surprising that All the Pain Money Can Buy would catch on with the public. The album’s 13 original songs embodied an irresistible mix of catchy song craft, melodic sophistication, and emotional depth, and the band arranged and performed them with an unmistakable sense of urgency that underlined the opportunity that the project represented.”

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In rotation: 7/24/18

UK | Celebrating music, Britain to have ‘National Album Day’: Britain is to have its first ever “National Album Day” this autumn, an event organizers hope music fans will celebrate annually to mark their appreciation of the format. Music lovers around the country will honor singers, songwriters, producers and sleeve designers on Oct. 13 and various events, organized by industry players and BBC Music, celebrating “all aspects of the UK’s love of the album” will be held in the run-up to the day. Fans are also being asked to play their favorite album in full that afternoon. “Streaming may be broadening our ability to access and discover music,” Geoff Taylor, Chief Executive of the British Phonographic Industry, said in a statement. “But the concept of the album as a body of work that expresses a narrative or an artist’s creative vision at a given moment, remains as relevant and inspiring as ever.”

UK | October “National Album Day” launched by record industry to revive format: The record industry have launched a ‘National Album Day’ in bid to revive the format among younger fans. This October 13 will mark the highlight of a week-long celebration of the UK’s love for musical albums as the album celebrates its 70th anniversary. Demand for albums remains strong in the UK. Last year, 135million albums were either purchased, downloaded or streamed; a rise of 9.5 per cent on the previous year. BPI estimated that a total of 5 billion albums were sold in the UK since the format’s advent in 1948. A study by the Entertainment Retailers Association in May showed nearly 60 per cent of respondents had listened to an album in full in the month prior to the online survey.

San Jose, CA | Spinning vinyl pays off for San Jose’s Needle to the Groove: What goes around comes around, right? Just like a record. And, as it turns out, just like the popularity of the vinyl LPs that were thought to be obsolete a generation ago. Needle to the Groove in San Jose is one of several retailers — including On the Corner Music in Campbell — that has been a treasure trove for vinyl hounds, and its success has paid off nicely. After four years in a fairly cramped downtown shop, Needle to the Groove has expanded to a 2,000 square foot space just a few doors away at 424 E. Santa Clara St. The new location allows Needle to the Groove to display more than twice as many vinyl records

Sutton Coldfield, UK | New Boldmere record shop is selling the Sex Pistols’ rarest single for £15,000. How the Sex Pistols’ God Save The Queen single became as valuable as a crown jewel. One of the world’s rarest singles is on sale in Birmingham – with a whopping £15,000 price tag. God Save The Queen was released by the Sex Pistols in 1977. Now the original version is worth almost as much as a crown jewel. Most of the original pressings of the song were destroyed by A&M in March 1977. EMI had already ditched the Sex Pistols in January, and A&M then fell out with the band days after signing them. The controversial single was later released in May by Virgin and hit No.2 in the charts even though it was banned from the airwaves by the BBC. An unplayed mint condition copy of the original A&M pressing has now been bought by Pete Bonner, owner of Psychotron Records in Boldmere, Sutton Coldfield.

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TVD Radar: Diamond D, Stunts, Blunts & Hip-Hop reissues in stores now

VIA PRESS RELEASEOn July 20, 2018, UMe will reissue the out-of-print, 2LP vinyl set of Diamond D And The Psychotic Neurotics’ landmark album Stunts, Blunts & Hip-Hop. Urban Legends will also release a very limited amount of color vinyl pressings available here.

Twenty-six years ago MC/producer Diamond D from New York’s mighty D.I.T.C. (Diggin’ In The Crates) collective debuted with a stunning classic that entailed elements of what brought him and his crew notoriety—grimy boom-bap anchored by effusive yet obscure samples. Diamond emerged in the late ‘80s as a member of Ultimate Force, a short-lived troupe whose debut album was shelved and didn’t see the light of day until over a decade afterwards. Diamond’s encyclopedic knowledge of records, after years of contributions and studious vision, came to the forefront in 1992 with his first official solo venture, Stunts, Blunts & Hip-Hop.

Despite his acumen and talent as a beatmaker, Diamond D had other production notables pepper his album with mastery and know-how. While Diamond helmed the majority of the beats, longtime visionaries like The 45 King, Jazzy Jay, Large Professor, and D.I.T.C. teammate Showbiz all make stellar appearances on the project. Despite its gritty, sonorous East Coast aesthetic, the album still hit No. 47 on Billboard’s R&B and Hip-Hop chart. You also hear sped up samples and vocals, a sound that would also be forever influential in the decades to come by the likes of 9th Wonder or Kanye West, respectively.

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In rotation: 7/23/18

Columbia, MO | Street Talk: Vinyl Renaissance closing leaves questions unanswered: Downtown record store Vinyl Renaissance closed unexpectedly on Monday. “We have enjoyed our relationship with all the local businesses, collectors and musicians of Columbia and wish everyone all the best in the future,” the store posted to its Facebook page. The phone number listed for the store has since been disconnected. The store will move their inventory to the its Overland Park, Kansas location.

Burton on Trent, UK | Music store HMV set to reopen in Burton next week. It will be based in unit formerly occupied by That’s Entertainment: There was delight for music fans today after it was announced that store chain HMV is set to open a shop in Burton’s Octagon Centre. The chain, which specialises in music memorabilia, CDs and DVDs, will open its doors to customers on Thursday, July 26. The move marks a return to the town for HMV. Its shop in Coopers Square was closed in 2013 as the chain shut 66 stores nationally. The new store, which will open in the unit left vacant when music chain That’s Entertainment closed at the end of May. As well as CDs and DVDs, the HMV new store will sell vinyl records, turntables, headphones, speakers and t-shirts.

Warwickshire, UK | Head record store welcomes local bands for official launch event: The newly-reopened Head store is set to officially open its doors with a performance by Leamington bands. Local rockers Luna Kiss will be joined by The Ellipsis and Freezacrowd at the event in the Royal Priors between 1pm and 5pm on Wednesday (July 25). Author Jim Layton will also be releasing his new book in store, which tells the story of the record stores, gigs and venues which shaped Warwick and Leamington’s musical history. Four-piece Luna Kiss will also have copies of their recently launched album Following Shadows on sale in the store, which closed earlier this year but has now reopened under new management.

Kent, UK | Release Now! 100 on vinyl say record shop owners as compilation album hits Kent stores: Music lovers across the county will be buying the 100th edition of the Now! That’s What I Call Music compilation series after its release today. But record store owners in the county think the biggest-selling compilation brand in the world is missing an opportunity by not releasing the album on vinyl…The last Now! compilation to be released on vinyl was Now! 35 back in 1996. Nick Pygott, owner and manager of Vinylstore Jr on Castle Street in Canterbury is disappointed that the franchise did not release a special vinyl edition of the 100th edition of the series. He said: “I won’t be stocking the CD edition as we are a specialist vinyl store, but I remember buying the very first edition in 1983, probably from Woolworths. “They haven’t released a Now! edition on vinyl in years, I had hoped they would reverse that for the 100th version – so since my store is vinyl only I won’t be stocking it.

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TVD Radar: The Flying Burrito Bros., Burrito Deluxe 180-gram reissue in stores 10/18

VIA PRESS RELEASE | Intervention Records is thrilled to announce The Flying Burrito Bros.’ classic 1970 sophomore effort, Burrito Deluxe, on 180-gram vinyl (Cat# IR-022/UPC: 707129301505) and hybrid CD/SACD (Cat# IR-SCD8/UPC: 707129301512). The anticipated on-sale date for the 180G LP is early October 2018, and the SACD will be available by the end of the year.

Burrito Deluxe is the second and final hot Burrito made while the band was still led by former Byrds member Gram Parsons. The Flying Burrito Bros. are widely viewed as the inventors of country rock and are one of the most influential bands of all time. Burrito Deluxe is another classic full of great tunes written and sung by Parsons and Hillman.

Burrito Deluxe is 100% Analog Mastered by Kevin Gray at CoHEARent Audio from the best source available—a phenomenal sounding 1/2″ safety copy of the original stereo master tape. Intervention’s remastering preserves all of the top-end energy and “snap” of the original A&M LP, while the bass foundation is fully restored to make this new Intervention reissue the definitive listening experience for this classic LP! The hybrid SACD is mastered Direct-to-DSD from analog tape.

The original LP art is restored by IR’s Tom Vadakan, and the old-style, “tip-on, brown-in” single jacket is printed by Stoughton. It features super Deluxe red foil accents on the front cover. The Hybrid CD/SACD is housed in a super jewel box.

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TVD Radar: The Ultimate Guide to Vinyl and More in stores 9/25

VIA PRESS RELEASE | While contemplating future acquisitions, audiophiles among us need look no further than Dave Thompson’s The Ultimate Guide to Vinyl and More: All You Need to Know About Collecting Essential Music, from Cylinders and CDs To LPs And Tapes (Backbeat Books; September 25, 2018; $29.99) for an unrivaled overview of collectible music.

Thompson, the author of nearly 200 books on subjects ranging from music and film to erotica and philately, has made a career of scrutinizing what’s cool before it’s cool. His first vinyl study, Backbeat’s classic The Music Lover’s Guide to Record Collecting, was published in 2002, putting Thompson’s decades of audio interest and expertise to use back when PVC was MIA.

Today, The Ultimate Guide to Vinyl and More picks up where Thompson’s original left off. Enhanced with a new full color design, expanded timeline, and reams of information, the book offers an in-depth introduction to (and history of) music collecting. Neither price guide nor instruction manual, this text offers a clear, concise summary of the many items one can collect by exploring areas of interest (e.g. an artist’s career, a format’s development, a label’s history, etc.) and niches of note.

Dense, droll, and always illuminating, Thompson shepherds readers through over a century of recorded music, exploring every format in which audio has been released. Unlike other books that focus exclusively on vinyl, this 10×10 LP-lookalike caters to those whose obsession for music welcomes all vintage media. Landmark labels, collectible artists, specialist themes, and more are explored across a series of essays, while dozens of images bring the collector’s world to life.

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In rotation: 7/20/18

Ireland | Vinyl ‘super-fans’ help bring €12.1m turnover for Golden Discs: Golden Discs has posted a profit of €173,704 for 2017 following what it says was a continued resurgence in the sale of vinyl records. The company reported €12.1 million in turnover for the year ending December 2017, when it opened two new stores in Dublin along with new outlets in Limerick and Wexford. Last year’s profit also compared favourably with the company’s profit of €173,000 for 2016, when its accounts for the year covered an 18-month period. Vinyl sales were up over 50% compared with the previous year, which is expected to continue this year to give Golden Discs its strongest year for sales of the format since the 1980s.

Vancouver, CA | Compact discs whither? Not so fast, say Vancouver indie record stores. Rumours of CDs’ death have been great exaggerated, says Red Cat Records co-owner Dave Gowans. …The Courier reached out to a handful of independent music stores in Vancouver to make sense of the CD conundrum, and got input from shop managers from Red Cat, Beat Street, Highlife, Neptoon and Audiopile, along with Ryan Dyck, the label manager behind Vancouver’s Mint Records. Prevailing trends emerged across the board in each interview…It’s little surprise that each outlet reported vinyl outselling CDs. Some were a 60/40 split, others reported an 80/20 difference. Mint Records releases typically see a 50 per cent run of vinyl, with the remainder split equally between CD and cassette. Yes, the most outdated, useless and worst sounding playback format imaginable is making a comeback.

Ontario, CA | Viryl Technologies launches online “global pressing plant”: …Traditionally, records are pressed at a specific location, or several locations in a handful of major markets, before being sent to countries around the globe; this process is coordinated between labels, pressing plants, and distributors. A new scheme called PhonoHive, from Viryl Technologies, allows labels to submit orders online, selecting the quantities, location, and shipping date it needs. “One lacquer will be cut, and from the mother as many stampers as necessary will be made and shipped to the production plants to ensure quality,” shares VT. “Test pressings will be completed at PhonoHive HQ and once approved the job will be distributed to plants for production. All WarmTone machines are connected via “the cloud” and can talk to one another…”

Little Rock, AK | Viva cassettes! Joey Lucas of Little Rock’s Sleepcvlt talks tapes. The resurgent popularity of vinyl records over the past 10 years shouldn’t surprise anyone. Audiophiles vouch for what they call a “warmer” sound, and people are nostalgic for 12-by-12-inch artwork. Cassettes don’t usually hold the same kind of nostalgia — especially for people raised on LPs — but Joey Lucas fell in love with cassette tapes at an early age. “I remember my mother taking me to get my first tape. I didn’t have a record player, but I had a tape player and there were just so many more tapes than records at the time,” Lucas said. Now, he’s carved out a niche for himself in the small-but-mighty cassette industry, where the demand for physical media means that cassette manufacturers, like Nashville’s National Audio Co., actually operate with a backlog.

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TVD Radar: “Little Steven” Van Zandt to keynote Making Vinyl Detroit, 10/1

“In those days, a record could change your life, so you lived off the energy coming from those singles. It was not something casual like it seems to be today. It was your life and your oxygen.”
Little Steven talking to TVD, October 2017

VIA PRESS RELEASE | Stevie Van Zandt is a musician, performer, label owner, songwriter, arranger, music producer, radio broadcaster, TV producer, actor, director, Broadway producer, activist, and education advocate.

And on Monday October 1, this member of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame known as “Little Steven,” will serve as keynote speaker of Making Vinyl 2018 at the Westin Book Cadillac Hotel in Detroit. The conference, which debuted in November 2017 attended by nearly 300 industry professionals from 16 countries, celebrates the global rebirth of the record manufacturing industry.

Known for his starring role as “Silvio Dante” in all seven seasons of HBO’s television drama The Sopranos, Van Zandt also helped create the “Jersey Shore” sound with the Asbury Jukes, and became a founding member of Bruce Springsteen & The E-Street Band (Co–Producing the band’s seminal albums The River and Born in the U.S.A., and with whom he was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 2014). Van Zandt’s own band, Little Steven and the Disciples of Soul, is currently on the road in Europe with their “Soulfire TeachRock Teacher Appreciation Tour,” his first solo tour in 20 years.

“Little Stevie Van Zandt might currently be the planet’s most charismatic, dedicated and visible crusader scrapping to preserve the dirty purity of rock ’ n’ roll.”

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In rotation: 7/19/18

Plymouth, UK | Plymouth’s most colourful business which is bringing back vinyl: Welcome to the house of wax – the South West’s ONLY producer of vinyl records is based in Plymouth. Disc Manufacturing Services Ltd (DMS) is one of the most successful independent record labels in the industry, making a name for itself around the country and abroad and supporting city talent. The firm, operating from The Pressing House in Lipson, puts out CDs and DVDs – but it is its coloured vinyl discs that are really catching the eye. It can produce quality seven-inch, 10-inch and 12-inch platters in a range of weight and colours. And it offers a huge variety of packaging options in runs as little as 250 units. DMS has been pressing quality vinyl records for customers worldwide since 2004, having originated at Plymouth Musicians Co-operative in 1999.

Sydney, AU | Vinyl lives! The Record Store, Darlinghurst: The Record Store in Goulburn Street, Darlinghurst is where you find Stephan Gyory (after 11am, “we keep civilised hours here”) surrounded by vinyl records of almost every genre (“but we don’t want your old Trance or Prog vinyl”) He’s been in the vinyl record trade since he started at BPM Records in Oxford St (above the old Army disposal store) in 1994. At one stage, in the late 90s, there were fourteen dance music record stores in Darlinghurst. Sometimes at night in Darlinghurst it’s now difficult to find fourteen people. But Stephan is optimistic about the future of the Oxford St precinct. “I run the local Chamber of Commerce. I’m currently on the City of Sydney late-night advisory panel, which is looking at how to diversify nightlife.”

Shreveport, LA | Funeral arrangements set for Stan “The Record Man” Lewis: Funeral arrangements have been made for Stan “The Record Man” Lewis. His service will be held at 11 a.m. Thursday at St. Elizabeth Ann Seton Catholic Church, 522 E. Flournoy Lucas Road in Shreveport…Lewis, 81, passed away over the weekend. People have since been sharing fond memories of the man who was a legend in the Shreveport area and an icon in the music industry. It all started with the opening of his record shop on Texas Street in Shreveport in 1948. The business grew into multiple stores and a nationwide mail order service. Elvis was known to stop in to buy records while the Louisiana Hayride was in town.

Cheshire, UK | Quirky new waffle and ice cream shop where you can sign your own record deal opens in Chester. wRaps & Records is the sister venue to Thai eatery Nine Elephants. A quirky new dessert shop where customers can build their perfect waffle whilst listening to their favourite music opens its doors in Chester this week. Classic vinyl cafe wRaps & Records, located on Chester’s historic City Walls above Northgate Street, is the brainchild of Nicholas Friar and Ice Rattaphaet who are the team behind neighbouring Thai restaurant Nine Elephants which opened earlier this year. Customers are invited to browse through crates of classic and modern vinyl music, select the one they want to listen to and then fill out their very own ‘record deal’ based on their own terms and conditions, where they choose from a mouth-watering array of desserts before signing on the dotted line.

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TVD Radar: Nelson Mandela’s Favorite African Folktales
vinyl in stores 10/5

VIA PRESS RELEASE | Born July 18, 1918, Nelson Mandela remains a shining icon 100 years later; tributes to this great man and his contributions are planned by world leaders throughout 2018. This vinyl pressing includes stories read by Don Cheadle, Whoopi Goldberg, Samuel L Jackson, and Alan Rickman, with music by Vusi Mahlasela.

Winner of the 2010 Audie for Audiobook of the Year, Nelson Mandela’s Favorite African Folktales is an extraordinary audiobook featuring the voice talents of LeVar Burton, Gillian Anderson, Benjamin Bratt, Ricardo Chavira, Don Cheadle, Matt Damon, Whoopi Goldberg, Sean Hayes, Hugh Jackman, Samuel L. Jackson, LaTanya Richardson Jackson, Scarlett Johansson, Debra Messing, Helen Mirren, Parminder Nagra, Sophie Okonedo, CCH Pounder, Alan Rickman, Jurnee Smollett, Charlize Theron, Blair Underwood, Forest Whitaker, and Alfre Woodard with a special message from Archbishop Desmond Tutu and original music by South African legends by Johnny Clegg and Vusi Mahlasela, directed by Alfre Woodard.

The audiobook was a truly international affair recorded in Los Angeles, New York, Miami, London, and Johannesburg. The stories were chosen by the Nobel Laureate himself, from every region of Africa. “We hope this audiobook will be enjoyed by people of all ages across the globe, increasing awareness of Africa’s rich cultures while creating a better future for South Africa’s most vulnerable children,” said ANSA Executive Director Sharon Gelman.

In his original foreword for the folktales, Nelson Mandela wrote, “It is my wish that the voice of the storyteller may never die in Africa, that all the children of the world may experience the wonder of books.” The audiobook brings his vision full circle, as these timeless tales return to the oral tradition to be heard around the world.

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