The Best of 2011:
TVD Chicago Interviews

Even though we have only been writing behind the TVD Chicago name for 4 months, we have been lucky enough to interview some of the most talented artists to come in to or out of Chicago this year. We talked about everything from the music scene to the revival of vinyl, and even philosophies on life.

So without further ado, here are, in no particular order, the top 5 quotes from Chicago TVD interviews this year and why we picked them. Enjoy.

Carter Hulsey (Official | TVD Interview)

Carter was one of Chicago TVD’s best interviews of 2011. Overly personable and friendly and an artist who truly was grateful for a vinyl-based interview, he provided us this amazing quote on what inspired him to go the vinyl route.

“For me, when I get out an LP, it’s so personal. You take it out, and you’re holding a record. You put it on your turntable; you bring the needle over to it. You don’t just download it on your phone. You have to have a connection with this record to play it. I wanted to put out something that was more of an experience; that people didn’t just buy a song on iTunes.”

With a vinyl philosophy that is 100% Vinyl District-approved, it was no contest that this quote had to be in our top five. Carter was able to sum up nicely what the experience of listening to a record really is.

MC Lars (Official | TVD Interview)

When we asked MC Lars if he had any other statements or announcements he wanted to add to his interview, he looked quietly down at the table for a moment and then said this amazing quote.

“You know my whole message is to teach kids to consume less and create more. Don’t try to emulate your heroes, become your own hero. Do something independent, and believe in what you do. It takes time, but if you believe in your craftsmanship, and you have heart, then good things happen. I feel like I am proof of that.”

When it came to the list, there was no doubt this would be on it. It’s a great word of advice to all of the independent people out there today. Whether you’re in a band or the local record shop owner, be your own hero.

Filligar (Official | TVD Interview)

Filligar was an interview where we didn’t know what to expect. From the start though, we knew that is was going to be great. When asked if Filligar was headed for a vinyl release on their next record, we got this great quote:

“We are believers in the album… and listening to vinyl forces you to engage with the music and not just a series of individual tracks and MP3s. So it really is to our advantage to have our music out on vinyl, and if we were a band 30 years ago, who knows, maybe more people would be listening to it because it is really meant to be a listening experience.”

The listening of vinyl records is, as Filligar described, truly to the artists’ advantage since the listener is committed from start to finish. On vinyl you often find that hidden track gem that you might have overlooked on MP3.

MC Chris (Official | TVD Interview)

In the mc chris interview, his overall kindness was amazing. The topic came up about how some fans react to the comedy aspect of the music, and mc provided one of the best quotes of 2011.

“My music is definitely an acquired taste, it’s not for everybody. In fact, if you hear it and you don’t like it, it probably just means that you’re stupid or something, and you probably only enjoy things like beer or football. You should probably go and buy that Lil’ Wayne album. Lil’ Wayne is always there – he’s for everybody. I am not for everybody.”

This statement had to be on the list because the everybody versus not for everybody argument is prevalent as much today as it has ever been. Vinyl haters should just go with the mainstream and leave the dusty grooves to us.

K.Flay (Official | TVD Interview)

K. Flay is another artist that surprised us with her response to our standard opening question, “MP3 or Vinyl?” We’ve had some good responses on this question, but this one has to be one of the best.

“I think it depends on the occasion; on the daily, obviously MP3. If I had a record player in my Honda Civic I might utilize that, but I think vinyl is great for when you’re at home and you’re trying to create an atmosphere… the fact that you can’t skip a song super easily after twenty seconds. I think it promotes more of ‘album as concept and experience.’ It’s like being home and making dinner, and then MP3 is the after party.”

This is truly the quote for the vinyl listeners of 2011. Today, most new vinyl comes with a download code for the album, so you can have your MP3 and vinyl too. The vinyl is for the sitting and listening with friends, but the MP3 is for racing down the high way.

With vinyl on the rise and Chicago attracting both new and experienced artists alike, we hope that 2012 brings as much musical amazement as 2011 did.

You can be assured that when the artists, shows, and vinyl stories come to town, we’ll be there to bring the interviews, album reviews, and artist profiles to you. See you in 2012 Chicago.

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