TVD Live: Pitchfork Music Festival, 7/16

3:13 PM: It’s Sunday, so everyone seems a little sluggish but local fellas Ne-Hi are bringing lots of energy to the Green Stage, effectively waking up the crowd. House legend and Chicagoan Derrick Carter is doing the same over at the Blue Stage. It’s a very Chicago day at Pitchfork, as many members of today’s lineup call the Windy City home. I’m excited because the talent has been boiling over here for quite some time and these acts deserve more exposure.

3:45 PM: There is so much talent flowing out of Top Dawg Entertainment and Isaiah Rashad is no exception. He’s got skills and something to say—a powerful combination.

4:06 PM: Speaking of Chicagoans, Joey Purp (backed by—you guessed it—more Chicagoans, Peter CottonTale and DJ Knox Fortune) has the crowd bouncing for his entire set. Aside from confetti, beach balls, and super soakers, he surprises the crowd with Vic Mensa and Towkio. (Yeah, they’re Chicago boys too.) Chicago is in the mutha f**kin’ house!

4:48 PM: I haven’t seen Hamilton Leithauser since he was with The Walkmen and I am digging his new sound. The sun is out and people are chillin’, enjoying the last day of the fest (and weekend).

5:02 PM: Word is circulating that the Avalanches have to cancel their appearance later today because of a family emergency. Tough news. They’re in our thoughts.

5:25 PM: Tech issues are holding up Ride’s set. We’re at a 10 minute delay right now and the crowd is getting restless. “Figure it out!” someone yells and one of the technicians is not pleased. “Shit happens!” he yells back.

5:45 PM: Ride is finally playing and I’m wondering if the delay was some sort of divine intervention because the sun rays shining down on the shoegaze kings right now is something special to witness. Breathtaking.

5:55 PM: I’m taking a water break in the shade and watching Towkio mess around with a super soaker (a prop from Joey Purp’s set). Folks are recognizing him and basically begging him to squirt them. He’s laughing, onlookers are laughing, and it’s all around a funny scene.

6:22 PM: Jamila Woods has been moved from the Blue Stage to the headlining Green Stage in lieu of the Avalanches cancellation. She’s set to draw a huge crowd and I’m excited for her. This is setting up to be a major moment for the talented Chicagoan, whose debut album, Heavn, is excellent. She reminds me of Erykah Badu at times (and this is probably the biggest compliment I’ve ever given anyone, ever.)

7:20 PM: Jamila is living up to every expectation. She’s spectacular, as is her backup singers and band.

7:45 PM: Dance party time! “Nicolas Jaar is bae,” as one of my friends put it. He’s sexy, his sound is sexy, and the crowd is getting sexy.

8:49 PM: Solange has begun and the majority of the crowd is freaking out. There are a few beautiful female singers on the red-lighted stage and I hear someone next to me whisper to her friend, “Um…is one of them her?” L O L.

9:07 PM: JUST NOW DISCOVERED THAT VIP HAS REAL BATHROOMS. This is, hands down, the biggest fail of my festival career.

9:36 PM: Solange is offering the crowd a theatrical performance. I survey the masses of people before making my way out of the gates for the final time this year. Thanks, Pitchfork. See you in 2018!










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