TVD Live: Lollapalooza, Day 3 at Grant Park, 8/4

1:23 PM | So pumped. It’s St. Vincent Day at Lollapalooza.

2:26 PM | Still laughing about a moment I had with my wife as she was ever-so-kindly driving me down (in our f**king gold minivan) to Grant Park. Me: “Taylor,” my college sophomore niece, “knows who Brockhampton is—I feel cool now!” Susan: “Yeah he’s, like, totally cool with the kids.” Me: “Susan, they’re a group.”

3:28 PM | Of the many fashion themes I’ve gathered from the weekend, a few are really standing out: 1. Bulls jerseys. I mean, Lolla is always heavy on the NBA jerseys but it’s all about the Bulls this year. And it’s not just the crowd—several artists have donned the red and black for their sets. 2. Mullets. Yeah…they’re back, I guess. 3. Glitter-slathered chests. 4. That tiny rip of fabric that claims to be a “jean short” but is really an “ass-cheek-hanging-out” short. 5. Various “Coca Cola” and “Sprite” apparel. (Level with me, millennials, what does it mean?! Are you asking for a specific type of drug? Please, tell this nana.)

4:17 PM | I’ve really enjoyed wandering past the Toyota Music Den this weekend. It’s been a nice opportunity to catch some acts who I missed on the main stages. Yungblud is currently stoked that a few members of their hefty crowd already know the lyrics to songs off their month-old debut album.

5:00 PM | Weekend/life highlight: LL Cool J is doin’ it an doin’ it an doin’ it so well right now at the Bud Light Stage.

5:41 PM | Okay, hear me out: Carly Rae Jepsen is basically 2018’s Debbie Gibson. And let’s be clear—this is in no way a diss. Debs was my absolute hero growing up. My point is that they should tour together.

6:14 PM | Just walked passed a topless pregnant woman. NBD.

6:35 PM | St. Vincent’s band walks on stage and I hear a front row fan exclaim, “So artsy, already!” I look up to see the male members of her band dressed as dummies and Toko Yasuda staring both fiercely and stoically off into the crowd. I might be about to watch a David Lynch film.

7:14 PM | Well, as anticipated St. Vincent is stealing Lolla—and doing so with ease. Lord! It’s a performance. Those on the north end of the fest are relishing every second. This is a headlining set. I want more!

8:53 PM | I’m regretting never really diving into Vampire Weekend’s discography before now, but their headlining show is all the reason to dive into it. “What a beautiful night in Chicago,” Ezra Furman acknowledges, along with former president Barack’s birthday. “And it’s Obama night!” It’s the band’s first U.S. festival in four years and as if that wasn’t enough, they have more good news for their fans—album #4 is on the way!







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