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In rotation: 10/24/18

Newburyport, MA | New owner plans to keep Dyno Records spinning: For more than 40 years whenever someone walked into Dyno Records on Middle Street, they would see owner Richard Osborne with a big smile and a music recommendation or two. But starting Nov. 1, there will be a new friendly face inside the iconic downtown Newburyport business when Summit Place resident Sally Delaney marks her first official day as the store’s new owner…But after decades in the business, Osborne made the decision to retire and put out the word that he was selling the store to someone else. Enter Delaney, a Dyno regular for years. “I was heartbroken thinking of this place closing and Rich going away,” Delaney said, adding that over the 20 years she had been coming to the record shop, Osborne has given her a deeper appreciation of music.

Columbus, OH | Spoonful Records’ Amy Kesting answers pressing questions about vinyl: Amy Kesting owns Spoonful Records, an inviting record store at 116 E. Long St. in downtown Columbus, with her husband, Brett Ruland. Originally Ruland’s record label, Spoonful Records recently celebrated its eighth anniversary and boasts a diverse collection of vinyl, cassettes and CDs. In The Record Store caught up with Kesting to ask her about the origins of the store…”I met Brett when I interned at the Columbus Museum of Art to train to be a museum registrar. Brett got laid off from the CMA when they started the renovations for the addition that is now complete (and gorgeous). … He was ready for a career change and kept throwing out ideas to me, about a coffee shop or a venue for local bands. He had the Spoonful record label and there were all these records in his house. Finally, I suggested to him that he open a record store.”

Marvel Hip-Hop Covers Coming to Vinyl: New editions of GZA, 50 Cent, and LL Cool J records featuring Marvel-designed artwork. Back in 2015, Marvel Comics debuted a ton of variant comic book covers that paid homage to classic hip-hop albums. Now, Marvel and Urban Legends have collaborated to put three of those covers on new vinyl LP reissues. On December 7, they’ll release new Marvel-inspired editions of 50 Cent’s Get Rich or Die Tryin’, LL Cool J’s Mama Said Knock You Out, and GZA’s Liquid Swords. Preview the new pressings above.

Nashville, TN | Third Man Records Opens a Old School Photo Lab In Nashville: Third Man Records in Nashville soft-launched the venture this summer. Like its Detroit vinyl records plant, Third Man Photo Studio is now open to the public. The professional photo and development lab features photo chemists that hand-process several different types of film. Color negative, black & white, and color positive films are processed using traditional techniques to create unique, high-quality prints. The photo lab combines both modern and traditional practices for photo development. The lab’s photo chemists can convert any digital image into a physical negative to use in the process. Digital negatives produced this way make it possible to create infinite fine art replicas of digital photos. The prints created are one-of-a-kind archival quality.

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In rotation: 10/23/18

Wakefield, UK | Getting Wakefield hooked as Vinyl revival heads for the city: A student is hoping to get Wakefield hooked on the vinyl revival by setting up a regular record fair in the city centre. Jason Firth, 30, is busy organising the first event for a week on Saturday in which thousands of LPs will on sale for music fans. If successful, he is hoping to make it a regular event, and hopes to introduce live bands to play during the fair in future. Physical album sales have nose dived in recent years thanks to the advent of digital downloads and has led to the loss of HMV on Kirkgate and more recently, That’s entertainment, in The Ridings. But vinyl records have undergone somewhat of a resurgence and Jason, who is originally from Altofts, is hoping to capitalise on the trend.

Salt Lake City, UT | After 40 years, Randy’s Record Shop is thriving in the vinyl revival: Walking through the doors at Randy’s Record Shop is like stepping into the past — back to a time when vinyl was king and CDs, let alone Spotify, didn’t exist. The modest-looking store at 157 E. Harvey Milk Blvd. (900 South) in Salt Lake City is stuffed with tens of thousands of records — albums, 45s, even some 78s. It’s staffed by people who are, if possible, even more enthusiastic about music than the customers, led by founder/owner Randy Stinson, who opened for business in October 1978. He credits the store with giving him focus after his service in Vietnam, where his brother had sent him the latest releases and homesick soldiers crowded around to hear them. He worried about closing in the 1980s: CDs were suddenly being sold everywhere, from new music shops to grocery stores, and Rhino Records stopped reissuing classic albums on records.

Toronto, CA | The secret resilience of Toronto’s video stores: Intent on weathering the digital storm, the city’s remaining stores are seeing customers come back. …Granted, the onslaught of digital content and rapid gentrification has cut deep into Toronto’s once-robust video store scene, knocking out places like Mirvish Village’s Suspect Video and Film Buff in Parkdale and Leslieville. Still, there are hopeful signs, like the re-opening of North York’s Videoflicks under new owner Billy Bougadis. Previously a Videoflicks customer, Bougadis built his own film collection until he had 25,000 titles packed into two storage lockers. When the longtime owners closed up shop after 37 years, he took the plunge into ownership. Bougadis says it’s “malarkey” that video stores aren’t necessary anymore, concluding that people crave being together to pick entertainment.

Manchester, UK | The world’s best record shops #128: Eastern Bloc, Manchester: Mancunians don’t need any encouragement to speak about their music heritage, but the city that brought us A Guy Called Gerald and New Order wouldn’t be the same without Eastern Bloc. Opened in 1985 by John Berry & Martin Price of 808 State, owned by Berry solely today, Eastern Bloc “was opened as a means to provide the people of Manchester with the new and exciting dance music emerging at the time,” says Eastern Bloc’s vinyl encyclopaedia Tom Houghton. Now, Eastern Bloc is part record store, part coffee shop and bar, and all-round Mancunian institution. Tough stuff from Tessela, dubbed out electronica, DnB, funk, soul and experimental fare are Eastern Bloc’s cornerstones.

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In rotation: 10/22/18

Kutztown, PA | Kutztown zoners delay decision on pizza shop’s move to current record-store location: Young Ones Records customers have garnered 2,700 signatures to stop Tommy Boy’s Pizza Cafe from getting a variance allowing it to purchase and move to the record store’s location. The Kutztown Zoning Hearing Board voted Wednesday night to continue a hearing for zoning relief that would allow Tommy Boy’s Pizza Cafe to move to a new location on Whiteoak Street. Attorney Alexander J. Elliker, representing restaurant owner Thomas Mathias, asked the board for a continuance until Nov. 7 because of an improper posting of the property… Young Ones Records currently occupies the Whiteoak Street building, and the record store’s customers are opposing the zoning relief; they’re upset that owner Chris Holt will be forced to find a new location should the pizza shop buy the building.

Nashville, TN | Fond Object to Close Downtown Location. Original location in Riverside Village to remain open. Bummer news in Nashville record retail: Roughly 18 months after much-loved East Nashville record and vintage shop Fond Object opened a second location on Fourth Avenue South, co-founder Jem Cohen tells the Scene that the downtown store will be closing up shop. “Downtown was an amazing opportunity, but I think it’s best to focus our attention to one location and a neighborhood that truly supports us,” Cohen says in an email. In addition to offering records, vintage clothing and other items for sale, the Fourth Avenue store has played host to notable shows including two enormous Record Store Day parties, a surprise set from Eagles of Death Metal, a tape release for locals Shell of a Shell and a phenomenal show from A Giant Dog. The East Side store’s backyard space continues to be an important community resource

Lubbock, TX | Terri Tells You – Josey Books & Records: New Book and Records Store Opens in Lubbock: Book and Record lovers, rejoice! There is a new store in Lubbock that offers new and used books and records along with collectibles. Store Manager, Stuart Spikes joined me in the studio to talk about the independent book store. The store originally opened up in Dallas and is now a popular store in that area. Owners then branched out to Kansas City, Tulsa and now here in Lubbock. In areas where Hastings closed down, Josey’s was an option for anyone who wanted to buy or sell books. In 2017, the business expanded to include records, DVD’s and collectibles. Now you can find anything you might be looking for at a reduced price…

Salt Lake City, UT | Through 40 years of highs and lows, Salt Lake’s Randy’s Records keeps spinning: When you talk to Randy Stinson, the conversation quickly turns to numbers. Some of those numbers are small: one to five (the number of dollars his music store, Randy’s Record Shop, used to charge for Led Zeppelin albums); 45 (the RPMs at which 7-inch vinyl singles are played); 60 (“I worked probably 60 hours a week for most of my life,” Stinson said); ’67-’69 (the years he was in Vietnam). Those numbers quickly skyrocket: 1989 (the year major record labels stopped printing new vinyls); 10,000 (the number of dollars he borrowed to open Randy’s Records in 1978); and more than 100,000 (the number of records he once owned). Another number sticks out: 40 — the years that Randy’s Record Shop has now been open.

Are retro Bush turntables worth buying? Bush is one of the most popular retro turntable brands, alongside rivals like GPO and ProJect. But do they have the sound quality to do your vinyls justice? [A reminder: The plural of vinyl is in fact, “vinyl.” You wouldn’t say “deers” would you? —Ed.] Share by email Retro and vintage-looking turntables have become increasingly popular since the vinyl revival – and as Bush is one of the biggest brands in this space, you might find yourself trying to choose between one of its turntables and a retro rival from another brand. We’ve rounded up some popular models to consider – but as sound quality can vary massively, you should do your homework before you buy. Retro turntables come in all shapes and sizes, from big wooden tabletop models, such as the Ion Superior LP, to suitcase-style models that you can carry from one room to another, such as the Crosley Cruiser and one of Bush’s most popular models – the Bush Classic Turntable (PHK-M41).

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In rotation: 10/19/18

Rockford, IL | Visit five stores for Rockford Record Crawl on Saturday: Five stores will host the Rockford Record Crawl 2018 from 10 a.m. to 7 p.m. Saturday: Kate’s Pie Shop Cafe & Records, 6685 E. State St.; Culture Shock, 2239 Charles St.; Toad Hall, 2106 Broadway; CD Source, 5723 N. Second St.; and Retro Rock Records, 4675 Bluestem Road, Roscoe. Listen to music, enjoy refreshments and turn in your punch card at the end of the crawl with punches from three of the stores for a chance to win $125 worth of records.

Silver Spring, MD | Hints of trouble in (Joe’s Record) Paradise; owner blames upcoming elections: The Instagram post left vinyl-loving music fans in the Washington area holding their collective breath. On Friday, Johnson Lee, owner of Joe’s Record Paradise in Silver Spring, photographed a Post-it note with a fading black magic marker, reading “Come in for deals this weekend. We may not be around much longer…” For a record store with a long local history and that struggled to reopen in 2016, owner Johnson Lee tells WTOP his post was a bit heavy on the hyperbole. “It was worded a little more ominously than I should have, perhaps,” said Lee, the son of founder Joe Lee, who took over the business in 2009. “It’s been a real tough two years.”

W Hotels launches its own record label after installing recording studios: Pushing music to the forefront of the visitor’s experience, recent innovative moves by global hotel brand W Hotels include adding carefully-curated playlists and catalogues to rooms, creating the Wake Up Call music festival, and installing recording studios in four locations around the world that allow creative guests to express themselves. Taking that appreciation for music a step further, the hotel chain has just announced the launch of its very own record label…Rising pop and R&B star Amber Mark is the first artist to be signed to W Records, and is due to release two digital and two vinyl tracks this month. Plans are in place for three more emerging artists to be signed over the next year.

Islington, UK | Editor’s comment: What can we learn from Alan? …My childhood was spent in record shops. I can’t have been older than Alan’s eight-year-old customer when I started digging through dusty crates for the music that would go on to soundtrack my teenage years – the Pet Shop Boys, Erasure, Pink Floyd – and soon enough I was planning entire day trips around shops I’d found in the Yellow Pages, in towns that were just about accessible by train with the assistance (or resignation) of a long-suffering parent. It seemed like a whole world had opened up to me but in truth those years – late ’90s, early 2000s – were vinyl’s nadir. Sales, despite my pocket money, were unsustainably low; shops were closing or downscaling to focus on easier, more reliable sources of income; industrial investment was minimal or non-existent, with manufacturers left to salvage parts for ailing record presses from decommissioned Eastern European plants. Yet fast-forward 15 years and the picture is completely different

Fargo, ND | Give music a spin: 6 things to do this weekend in Fargo-Moorhead—Fargo Record Fair: It seems like every year there’s a news story about a vinyl resurgence, but for some music fans, spinning black records never went out of fashion. Collectors of all ages will descend on the El Zagal Shrine, 1429 Third St. N., Fargo, for the annual Fargo Record Fair this Saturday from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. Some will be looking for old jazz, some hunting for new indie rock, others searching for obscure noise acts. With 30 vendors participating, it’s possible to find the album you’ve been looking for or the one you never knew you needed. Admission $3.

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In rotation: 10/18/18

Knoxville, TN | Sights & Sounds brings vinyl records back for checkout at Lawson McGhee Library: The saying ‘Everything old is new again’ appears to be right — especially when it comes to music. Vinyl records have seen a resurgence over the past decade, and recording studios have taken note and have started a trend of releasing LPs alongside digital downloads and Cds for many new releases. The Knox County Public Library has also taken note, announcing Tuesday it’s adding vinyl records to it’s collection. There are about 150 titles for circulation in the Sights and Sounds Department at Lawson McGhee Library downtown. Patrons can check out up to five records for three weeks. Due to the fragility of the albums, check out and return of records will be limited to the downtown library.

Aretha Franklin limited edition 6xLP box set announced: Featuring a rarities album with 11 stunning demos and outtakes on vinyl for the first time. A new 6xLP box set collecting Aretha Franklin’s studio albums and recordings during her “Atlantic Years” is being released this December via Rhino Records. The Atlantic 1960s Albums Collection includes Franklin’s first five studio albums with Atlantic – I Never Loved A Man The Way I Love You – Mono, Aretha Arrives – Mono, Lady Soul – Stereo, Aretha Now – Stereo, Soul ’69 – Stereo, as well as a Rarities From the 1960s LP with 11 demos and outtakes. Though these demo and outtake recordings have been available digitally and on CD since 2007, as part of her Rare & Unreleased Recordings From The Golden Reign Of The Queen Of Soul compilation, this is the first ever vinyl release, with highlights like her astonishing demo of ‘I Never Loved A Man (The Way That I Loved You’).

The Entire ‘Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles’ Movie Score is Being Released for the First Time Ever: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles fans have wanted a complete version of the score for the original 1990 film for nearly 30 years, and they’re about to have their dream come true. The score composed by John DuPrez is about to be released in its entirety for the first time ever thanks to a new vinyl release from Waxwork Records…Nerdist has the news on the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles vinyl soundtrack. Those who attended New York Comic-Con were lucky enough to get their hands on the Shredder variant ahead of the street date, but don’t worry, because there are eight total colored vinyl versions of the soundtrack for you to choose from.

Wilco announce limited edition vinyl ‘toolbox’ boxset: In an exclusive collaboration with outdoor lifestyle brand Best Made Company, Wilco presents an extremely limited Wilco Box Set containing all of their ten studio albums plus more, presented in an album crate inspired by Best Made’s Audubon toolbox. Made from fir ply and hand-finished with marine spar varnish, the box is laser-engraved and embossed with Best Made and Wilco’s logos. Complete with craftsman touches, it features a leather strap anchored by brass guitar strap buttons, painted birch dowel handle, and a hinged front plate for easy access to the albums. An additional compartment on the back hold the Wilco pennant and the Wilco bandana in two colors. The numbers 1 through 10 are engraved along the front, representing both the number of albums and the total number of limited edition sets in existence. Each of the band’s 10 studio albums are included in vinyl format, individually signed by frontman Jeff Tweedy.

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In rotation: 10/17/18

10 of the world’s greatest record stores – according to the author of a new book on the topic: Journalist and crate-digger Marcus Barnes has penned a new book that claims to list the 80 best record shops on the planet. Here, he picks 10 of his favourites. 1 of 11: 12 Tonar, Reykjavik, Iceland: Iceland has a sterling reputation for producing incredibly talented, unique artists. This shop is owned by a few of them and its selection is top notch. Add to that the fact that it has been designed so that customers can chill out and socialise with one another and you’ve got a winning formula. 2 of 11: Alan’s Records, London: A record shop that embodies the traditional archetype; owned and curated by a man who loves music in its physical form and will happily help you to find that special record you’re looking for. Intimate and cosy, it’s a total sanctuary

Marietta/East Cobb, GA | Grand opening ceremony to celebrate Mojo Vinyl Records new location at 1058 Alphretta Street: Mojo Vinyl Records will hold a Grand Opening and Ribbon-Cutting Ceremony celebrating its new location at 1058 Alpharetta Street at 11:00 AM on November 20th. Roswell Mayor Henry and members of the City Council are scheduled to assist in the celebration, kicking-off the Holiday season. “Mojo Vinyl’s new location at 1058 Alpharetta Street provides on-site parking for our customers and greater visibility for the store,” says owner Rand Cabus of the new space, whose improved visibility is expected to increase the store’s already enthusiastic customer base. “As always Mojo Vinyl will continue to offer the best selection and quality of new and used vinyl records and turntables. Now, with plenty of customer parking…”

Buffalo, NY | Revolver Records Joins the Elmwood Village: Revolver Records is a record store with a long history. Phil Machemer, the store founder, began by selling used records from the Peddlers Flea Market in 2012. Today, Revolver Records is a brick and mortar store on Hertel Avenue, contributing to the street’s unique resurgence. With over 20,000 records in stock, both used and new, Revolver is a music lover’s staple. Today, the Revolver Records team is thrilled to announce that they are opening a location on Elmwood Avenue. Visitors will recognize the distinctive fuschia building as the former Spoiled Rotten. Machamer shares: “I’m thrilled to be joining the business community of the Elmwood Village. Revolver Records is a community staple and we thrive in walkable communities like Hertel and Elmwood.

Keighley, UK | Keighley soul night uses original vinyl hits: Classic soul and Motown music returns to Central Hall in Keighley on Saturday with guest DJs from the Wakefield Soul Club. Organiser David Shackleton said: “They will play soul music from the 1960s to today’s modern releases, so there will be something for everyone who appreciates fine music from the last five decades. “We only use the original recordings from release, so everything is authentic. We pride ourselves in sourcing experienced DJs far and wide with original vinyl record collections. “The Alice Street venue has a large dance floor with a smaller bar/chill-out room selling beers and spirits.”

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In rotation: 10/16/18

Edinburgh, SCT | Five of the very best record stores around Edinburgh: AFTER a difficult couple of decades, vinyl is a force once more. Here are our top picks for the Capital’s best record stores. Unknown Pleasures, Canongate: Given the name, it is perhaps unsurprising to learn that the irreverent Unknown Pleasures at the foot of the Royal Mile has a vast punk and new wave catalogue which is the envy of collectors everywhere. Stacked wall to wall with an incredible amount of film and music merchandise for its size, the store is well worth a visit.

Buffalo, NY | Revolver Records will open second location on Elmwood Avenue: What comes around, goes around, thankfully in the case of records and Elmwood Avenue. The street was once the hotbed for vinyl, with New World Record and Home of the Hits. But over the years, music stores bit the dust, one by one, leaving Elmwood, and the city, with nary a record outlet to count on. In a wonderful twist, over the last few years, vinyl has been making a big comeback in Buffalo, with shops on Grant Street, Hertel, East Ferry, and elsewhere. It’s refreshing, to say the least. But with all of the record shops opening, Elmwood was still left in the dust… until now. Revolver Records has laid claim to the former Spoiled Rotten space – 831 Elmwood Avenue.

The best turntables of 2018: There’s nothing quite like dropping the needle on your favorite records. The physical experience of analog audio is magical, and it’s been made all the better in recent years. Thanks to the recent vinyl revolution, there are now a growing number of pressing plants squeezing our favorite sounds onto disc — heck, there’s even one company trying to create records with a laser. The best turntables let you get the most from your collection, transferring the nuanced sounds of your favorite artists from the disc to your eardrums. This list of our favorites doesn’t offer lavish $40,000 models, instead highlighting cost-savvy players that range from entry-level options to the kind of audiophile-grade devices that will last a lifetime.

Winnipeg, ON | Local LPs might be worth a few bucks at record show: With vinyl’s resurgence in popularity, music-loving Winnipeggers are spinning more records than they have in years, but what about those old local LPs and 45s gathering dust in your basement? According to “Rockin’” Richard Sturtz — known for running the Rockin’ Richard’s Record & CD Show and Sale — there’s a market out there for local content from the 1960s and beyond. “At our show, we have a number of collectors that specialize in Winnipeg music,” Sturtz told 680 CJOB. “We’re pleased to have some vendors that are former Winnipeg band members. A few of our vendors have Winnipeg collections that take up part of their basement.”

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In rotation: 10/15/18

Cincinnati, OH | The unofficial guide to Cincinnati, NKY record stores: There’s nothing quite like spending a few hours at a local record store flipping through thousands of vinyls on the search for that perfect find. Sometimes, that search ends in leaving empty-handed. But you’re in luck. There are plenty more record stores in the area to go dig through on the next what-do-I-do Saturday that pops up. We tracked down some of the best options in town and asked them all a list of questions so you can figure out which one is meant just for your taste. Check ’em out.

Portland, OR | Tomorrow Records Is a Great New Addition to Portland’s Record Store Scene: A terrific new place to score vinyl has just opened up in inner Southeast Portland: Tomorrow Records is the brand-new shop from Kurt Legler, a longtime Portlander who spent many years at Everyday Music and helped open up the Northeast Sandy branch of that store. Legler has spent recent years in Santa Barbara, California, where he owned and operated the well-regarded Warbler Records shop—still in business—but has returned to his hometown with his wife to raise their two kids. Their return is Portland’s gain

Portland, OR | Isaac Slusarenko of Jackpot Records: Coffeeshop Conversations #167 / Happy 21st anniversary! Twenty-one years ago this week, Issac Slusarenko opened Jackpot Records…and he’s still loving it every day! At World Cup Coffee and Tea at NW 18th & Glisan today for another OMN Coffeeshop Conversation. I’m Tom D’Antoni. With me today is someone I’ve always wanted to meet. It’s Isaac Slusarenko who opened Jackpot Records 21 years ago this week. Pretty amazing that a store like Jackpot still thrives… They’re having several in-store concerts this month to celebrate their anniversary and we’re celebrating it right here in the coffeeshop on our podcast!

Los Angeles, CA | Stellar Remnant record shop opens in Downtown Los Angeles: A new record shop called Stellar Remnant just opened in Downtown Los Angeles. It’s the project of Ed Vertov and Lena Deen, artists and DJs who relocated from Russia to LA. Vertov came of age in mid-’90s Moscow when techno was a “rebel statement,” he says, before relocating to LA in 1997. He’s since worked at Amoeba Records, Mount Analog and Virgin Megastore and cofounded Pro-Tez records in 2005. Deen, a native of Samara, Russia, threw parties in Moscow as part the of Habits Die crew and moved to LA in 2011…In recent years, Stellar Remnant has operated as a pop-up at various underground events like Acid Camp, and now the store is open six days a week behind Bar Franca on Main Street in LA.

Zoë Kravitz to star in ‘High Fidelity’ TV series: Zoë Kravitz, daughter of rock musician Lenny Kravitz and actress Lisa Bonet, is slated to star in a “High Fidelity” television reboot of the 2000 film that starred John Cusack, Catherine Zeta Jones and Lisa Bonet. Variety reported, “The series, which has received a 10-episode order, is inspired by Nick Hornby’s novel and the Touchstone film of the same name. It reimagines the story from the female perspective. Kravitz, who will executive produce in addition to starring, will play the ultimate music fan—a record store owner who’s obsessed with pop culture and Top Five lists.” The cult classic book and film was a highlight for Kravitz’s mother, who played the main character Rob’s love interest, Marie De Salle.

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In rotation: 10/12/18

Boise, ID | The Record Exchange Adds 64,000 Vinyl Albums, 3,000 Cassettes to its Collection: Sometimes, one business’ heartbreaking end can be another’s fresh opportunity. That was exactly the case with the closure of the Yesteryear Shoppe, a 44-year institution selling rare books and vintage records in downtown Nampa. The Idaho Press reports that the shop shuttered in June to make way for a new development, but there is some good news: When Yesteryear flipped its open sign to closed for the last time, its staggeringly large music collection went up for sale—and The Record Exchange in downtown Boise snapped it up. “We were sad to hear of Yesteryear’s closing because we have known Dave Gonzalez and his family for many years and hate seeing another great independent retailer disappear, but we were thrilled to have the opportunity to purchase the collection instead of watching it leave on a truck for California…”

Interviews with women in the vinyl record scene: Jenn D’Eugenio is a badass record collector, indie label maven, and vinyl industry veteran who now works at the esteemed Furnace Record Pressing company in Virginia. Recently, Jenn started interviewing her peers in the record scene “to empower and highlight the women that are working in the vinyl / music industry to create, preserve, improve and enhance the art of music on vinyl.” Check out Women In Vinyl for interviews with the likes of Katy Clove of Merge Records, Italians Do It Better label president Megan Louise Doyle, audio archivist Amanda McCabe, and designer Kate Koeppel who makes fantastic products for vinyl collectors. “Not enough of the female + vinyl focus is on the women behind the record stores, labels, manufacturers, vinyl accessories, etc. and I hope to change that with interviews and stories about these women,” Jenn says.

2018 Making Vinyl Conference: 2018 was yet another great year in the resurgence of the beloved vinyl record. This was Bags Unlimited’s second year attending the Making Vinyl conference in Detroit Rock City and we, yet again, learned a lot about the industry and helped solidify connections with some of the most passionate people you could ever want to meet in the vinyl industry. In the next few paragraphs you’ll find some of the highlights of our conference experience and some pictures of the event. In case you were not aware vinyl records have been on a major upswing in popularity for the past five or six years. There has always been the diehard collectors keeping the medium alive, and they are to be commended for their devotion, but vinyl is back in a big way among many new, mostly young, listeners.

Rega, Pro-Ject and Sony take home best turntable Awards. Rega wins another impressive haul of What Hi-Fi? Awards. Who would have thought we’d still be dishing out turntable Awards in 2018? Well, not us back in 1981. “From today, vinyl LP records are dead,” we declared with the launch of CD in the July 1981 issue of What Hi-Fi?. At one point we even stopped having a turntable category, such was the languishing popularity of the format at points in the 80s and 90s. But forget that, vinyl is back. And Rega is no doubt rather pleased about it. Rega takes home three What Hi-Fi? Awards in the turntable category this year, meaning the company has now won… a huge number of turntable Awards (we’ll leave Rega to do the maths). The eagle-eyed will notice the three winning decks took the same honours last year; a sure-sign of quality.

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In rotation: 10/11/18

Atlanta, GA | Vinyl fuels indie record store resurgence: Over four decades, Decatur’s Wuxtry Records, a crowded repository of all things auditory a mile east of Emory University, has ridden the peak years of vinyl, the rise and fall of cassettes and CDs and the surprising comeback of vinyl this past decade. Owner Mark Methe points to a 2015 New Yorker cartoon he taped to the entrance and chuckles like a man who has seen it all. The cartoon figure tells another dude: “The two things that really drew me to vinyl were the expense and the inconvenience.” …But thanks to vinyl’s zombie-like revival, metro Atlanta has seen a resurgence in mom-and-pop record stores in recent years, mostly in the northern suburbs. In the meantime, in-town staples, such as Wuxtry and Criminal Records, have found new life.

Brighton, UK | Cult Hero re-opens in new location after it was forced to close. One of the longest-established “new vinyl” shops is back in action after being forced to move due to building redevelopment. Cult Hero has reopened in Brighton Place after moving from North Street, Brighton. Owner Frank Taylor, 35, moved out of his old shop at the end of April after the landlord sold the premises for the Hanningtons Lane redevelopment. Frank said he loves his new home. He said: “It’s a much nicer shop. It’s quieter and customers can listen to the music. “I was in North Street for ten years or so. There was a lot of hustle and bustle and I enjoyed that but customers also want to enjoy music while looking at vinyl, they like to take their time.

Warner Music Exec: ‘The Business of Physical Music Is Quite Strong. We Have No Intention of Walking Away from This Business.’ The resurgence of vinyl records is obviously causing labels to reconsider the format. But for at least one major label, CDs aren’t being abandoned quite yet, with physical formats overall getting a second look. At the Making Vinyl conference in Detroit last week, Warner Music Group executive Billy Fields reaffirmed his company’s commitment to physical discs, both of the vinyl and CD variety. Fields is Vice President of Sales and Account Management for WEA, which was once the physical distribution bulwark for the major label. These days, WEA is described as an ‘artist and label services’ group for WMG. But that still includes physical distribution, with Fields routinely fielding customer issues on precious WMG vinyl releases.

Indulge in spooky ‘Stranger Things’ sounds at Halloween with this new pumpkin vinyl: Creepy sounds from Stranger Things are being released on special pumpkin-coloured vinyl this Halloween…While the third instalment of the hit Netflix series has been delayed until 2019, fans will be able to bring the Upside Down to their own homes this spooky season. ‘Halloween Sounds from the Upside Down’ features 14 ominous, synthy tracks on pumpkin-themed wax. ”Hide some speakers in your bushes, play this record, and scare those trick or treaters,” advise S U R V I V E, who are behind the show’s atmospheric score. Track titles include ‘Turn On The Lights’, ‘Shadow In The Tunnel’, ‘Tree Slime’ and ‘Turn Right & Run’. The pieces are taken from Season 2’s “brooding, darker atmospheric score.”

CLASSIC VINYL: Superb glam band that influenced a generation: Roxy Music by Roxy Music. Roxy Music was one of the most highly regarded and influential UK rock bands of the seventies, formed by former art student and short lived teacher Bryan Ferry, who wrote all the songs, writes Michael Brooks. This was Roxy Music’s self titled 1972 debut album for Island records, acclaimed as one of the finest debut albums of the decade. What makes this unique is that it was recorded and produced in a single week. The band at that time, did not have a record deal, but after offering it to Island Records, a contract was offered; it was released on June 16, 1972.

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In rotation: 10/10/18

Record Store Day announces first slate of Black Friday 2018 releases: “There’s something for everyone on our list this year, which means there’s something for everyone on YOUR list! We want to help you make holiday shopping fun, by encouraging you to do it in a record store. Even if it’s not one of the limited edition titles on this list, we’re pretty sure you’ll find something great to wrap up, and great to unwrap if you’re on the receiving end! Download a PDF version of the RSD Black Friday list you can use as a shopping list or a wishlist, and get more information on each title using the website version of the list. Thank you for supporting indie record stores!”

Milwaukee, WI | Riverwest’s We Buy Records is new to the block, but owner Andy Noble isn’t: There’s a new record shop in Riverwest. With a red neon sign in the window announcing the store’s name—simply “We Buy Records”—owner Andy Noble opened its doors to Milwaukee in August as a continuation of years of vinyl-related business endeavors. He is the longtime traveling record collector/trader behind the vinyl-spinning vegan restaurant Strange Town and the all-vinyl DJ event The Get Down, which is celebrating its 15th year in 2018. We had a chat with Noble on opening a brick and mortar record shop for the second time and about his adventures in record buying road trips that took him into stranger’s homes around the country. Andy Noble says, “Jumping into a store, again… It’s like a second marriage; why would you do it?” It’s because We Buy Records is different, he says.

Dublin, IE | The Vinyl Festival comes to Dun Laoghaire: It was annouced today that the Vinyl Festival will be coming to Dún Laoghaire this November. The festival will take place in a selection of venues around Dún Laoghaire including The Lexicon Library Studio, The National Maritime Museum and Eblana Senior College. The line-up of talented artists and special guests participating over the three-day extravaganza includes Joe Jackson, Horslips, Lenny Abrahamson, Don Letts, Gavin Friday, Bronagh Gallagher, Kevin Godley, Julie Feeney, Steve Averill and Adrian Dunbar along with many more. Established radio DJ’s Dave Fanning and Tom Dunne will act as moderators and interviewers for several of the discussions. The festival will bring together a wide selection of talent including International Musicians, Writers and Filmmakers, all of whom will take part in a broad series of discussions and play a selection of their own favourite vinyl records.

Lennon, Dylan, Hendrix Box Sets Revealed As 2018 Reissues Set Record: The multi-million-dollar musical reissue bandwagon is having its third straight record year in 2018. This year’s total of box set titles is boosted by artists such as the Beatles; John Lennon solo; Led Zeppelin; Kate Bush; Bob Dylan; Guns N’ Roses; The Rolling Stones; Jimi Hendrix; David Bowie; and Soft Cell. This week, the number of reissues by mainstream artists so far in 2018 will surpass 640 titles, already matching 2017’s final total. The number may rise again with more late arrivals for Black Friday, Cyber Monday and the holiday period. Apart from classic albums reappearing, archive music is also coming to the fore, such as the first recordings from Prince’s massive private vault, Piano and a Microphone 1983, and David Bowie’s live release, Glastonbury 2000.

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In rotation: 10/9/18

The Yale Herald | On The Record: …Elm City Sounds opened its flagship store in Westville in August, and it’s already attracted an unexpected number of casual walk-ins — customers who aren’t collectors or experts, or even necessarily music buffs, but just dabbling. Chris Della Ragione, the shop’s owner, likes it that way. The shop sells “regular good music,” he says affectionately. “Marvin Gaye, Billie Holliday, Dylan, everyone loves that. Before I opened the shop, I was selling really rare [records].” He points to the records on the wall: Abdullah Ibrahim, Prince, and a slew of albums I’ve never heard of. He used to deal in “sample-based hip-hop, and crazy collector jazz, funk, soul, reggae… This was more on an international basis, because I would sell on eBay, and I would sell online to collectors.” Chris wipes down a record from the small stack in front of him while he’s explaining, and then he carefully tucks it back in its paper sleeve. You can’t call him a dabbler — but in the shop, he’s managed to foster eclecticism, without the snobbery.

Buxton, UK | Chesterfield record shop celebrates fifth birthday- and launch of its own music label: An independent record store ‘turning’ five this year is marking the milestone with the launch of its own music label which will attract and recognise talented Chesterfield artists. Tallbird Records, based on Soresby Street, has become a hub for music fans and musicians in the area since its launch in 2013- and hopes to further its success with the Tallbird record label. Owner Maria Harris says a loyal customer base, personable service and a generous loyalty card scheme is what has kept the indie thriving in a digital age—and she now hopes to give something back by investing in the town’s undiscovered artists. Maria said: “We’re proud of the town and keen to promote artists from Chesterfield and the surrounding area who’d like to advertise under our banner.

Wax Trax! documentary ‘Industrial Accident’ due out on DVD in April — plus a soundtrack: Fans at long last will be able to get their hands on a copy of the “Industrial Accident: The Story of Wax Trax! Records” documentary, as the film — and a much-anticipated soundtrack — will be released in April, according to an email sent today to the project’s Kickstarter backers. In that message, Julia Nash — daughter of late Wax Trax! co-founder Jim Nash — writes: “I can report with 100% certainty that we will be releasing both the DVD and the soundtrack in April of 2019. We have officially cleared the last of our commercial licensing hurdles. Just to be crystal clear, this isn’t ‘we’re working on it’ or ‘if everything goes as planned,’ or any other ambiguous language in case we run into obstacles. The soundtrack WILL be released in conjunction with the DVD next April.”

Coventry, UK | MUSIC MATTERS by Pete Chambers: My holy grail of records is here! It’s a special day as I write this and the man on the street who cares not about vinyl and record collecting may look away now. Those of you who like a spot of crate digging and cherish their record collecting will understand where I am coming from when I say I have found my holy grail of a record and my search is over. Yes, last Saturday, a package arrived and it contained a single 45 record that I have been wanting for the Music Museum for years and years. It’s the Belgium picture cover of The Orchids song ‘Love Hit Me’. I have the English, German and American release, but never this very rare copy that comes with a picture sleeve! Picture sleeves were standard in Europe in the 1960s but not in Britain.

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In rotation: 10/8/18

Carrollton, GA | New Record Shop Brings Vinyl to Life: Eric Shepard’s love for vinyl records goes back to his earliest childhood memories when he would sit in front of the record player and listen for hours to the great musicians like Elvis Presley. He gently slides a decades-old album from its case, gazing at its grooves under the light in his newly opened record store. “There’s a warm, resonating sound that you get from vinyl records,” says Eric. “You can really feel the ambiance. With vinyl, the musical nuances transport you in a way that streaming never does. The anticipation of hearing the needle drop and the first note sound through your speakers always leaves you wanting more. Nothing feels as good as vinyl sounds.” Eric fondly recalls first experiencing vinyl after his brother handed him a KISS album at the tender age of three. “I was hooked…”

Burlington, NC | Burlington’s Main Street Vinyl finds its groove: Edward Bishop flipped through albums in the bargain bins at Main Street Vinyl in downtown Burlington on Tuesday. A regular at the store, Bishop, 63, has collected albums since his youth. “Vinyl has never gone away despite the record companies always seeking to work on another way to package their product,” Bishop said. A brick and mortar store, Main Street Vinyl, 321 S. Main St., Burlington, offers audio enthusiasts the opportunity to own physical analog copies of the music that may be on the playlists of digital devices. Josh Garrett and his girlfriend, Amy McLamb, co-own the store, which opened in November, 2016…“I really like records and sharing with people,” Garrett said. “My dad was big into music and that broad taste of the different genres I listened to is reflected in the store inventory from rock n roll, jazz, soul, imports to the blues.”

Minneapolis, MN | Northeast Minneapolis’ only record store is closing: Michelle Obama never chose to fight that particular urban malady, instead focusing her efforts on the inarguably more troublesome food deserts. Who, then, would combat the area’s vinyl deficiencies? Raoul Benavides would. He opened Flashlight Vinyl at 1519 Central Ave. NE that same year, thus giving Northeast its only dedicated record shop. Until October 31. That’s when Flashlight will go dark forever, according to a Facebook post from Benavides.”Gratitude is all a person can have at this point,” the shop owner wrote Monday. “It was my honor to serve northeast Minneapolis with music. After three years, We are closing our doors. So many great people, new friends, and stories came to visit and share their love of vinyl.” Halloween will be Flashlight’s final day in business, and you bet there’ll be a spooktacular liquidation sale.

Los Angeles, CA | Stones Throw Records opens listening bar in LA: …Open this week, the bar is situated under Stones Throw’s offices, and is a partnership between the label’s founder Peanut Butter Wolf (Chris Manak), label manager Jason McGuire and restaurateur Tyler Bell. The bar’s design nods to vintage recording studios, Japanese hi-fi bars as well as the surrounding neighborhood; the press release says “cross sectional sofas invoke both mid-century minimalism and the custom car culture that rolls past the bar on Figueroa, part of historic Route 66.” The bar’s centerpiece however, is 7,500 records from Peanut Butter Wolf’s own collection, a Thorens turntable, McIntosh Amps and Altec Lansing speakers. The records will be split into rock, soul, reggae, rap, electronic, world and jazz categories. On weekdays, bartenders will select from the collection, while on weekend, Gold Line will host guests mixing exclusively from the in-house vinyl, with a strict policy of no outside records and no computers.

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In rotation: 10/5/18

HD Vinyl Partners With One of the World’s Largest Record Pressing Plants: Back in 2016, ‘HD Vinyl’ emerged as a back-of-the-envelope idea hatched outside Vienna, Austria. Interesting, but mostly theoretical. Now, the company, part of Rebeat Innovation, has received millions in funding, owns critical patents, and is striking major partnerships. That includes a number of deals with major vinyl record pressing plants, including GZ Media, announced this week. The massive GZ, situated in Loděnice, Czech Republic, has joined forces to retrofit HD’s ceramic, laser-cut stampers to select machines. “Since HD Vinyl stampers will be made out of laser-cut ceramic instead of electroplated metal stampers, new molds and fittings have to be developed,” explained HD Vinyl (and Rebeat Innovation) founder, Guenter Loibl.

Norwich, UK | Opinion: why technology sometimes makes things worse: David Clayton says you haven’t lived until you’ve heard music through a juke box – which means most of the younger generation haven’t lived. …in one technological evolution, I put it to you, we have gone the other way. I was chatting to a pal, who’s something of a vinyl record and music aficionado. In fact, he’s known as “Dr. Vinyl” around these parts. Whenever we meet, he’s eager to play me some long-lost track he’s just discovered. From out of his trouser pocket came his miniscule mp3 player and a speaker the size of a golf ball. One connected to the other, he scrolled down hundreds of titles and then filled the room with a sound which was wildly disproportionate to the size of the thing playing it. I once had a garage full of records and this little gadget offered the same storage capacity!

Atlanta, GA | Kosmo Vinyl Brings Punk Rock to Rose Library: Artist Kosmo Vinyl shared his international perspective on punk and D.I.Y. culture, as well as his experience with The Clash and other bands, at the Stuart A. Rose Manuscript, Archives and Rare Book (Rose) Library, which boasts a growing collection of punk and Do-It-Yourself (D.I.Y.) culture in Atlanta, on Sept. 26. Rose Library Curator of Modern Political and Historical Collections Randy Gue introduced Vinyl as a man who holds many titles including, but not limited to: “A press agent, a conceptual publicist, rogue manager, manager, a force of nature, emcee, ringmaster, conciliary, chaperone, factotum, fromage du pompadour, the creative director of The Clash, a producer and an artist.”

Kate Bush’s entire discography to be reissued: Many of Bush’s albums have been unavailable on vinyl for at least a decade. Kate Bush’s entire back catalog will be reissued on vinyl and CD in November. Many of Bush’s albums have been unavailable on vinyl for at least a decade. Not only that, but the archival campaign marks the “first (and definitive) programme of remastering and includes the release of many rarities and cover versions on vinyl and CD for the first time,” according to a press release. Bush personally remastered each album herself with assistance from James Guthrie (Pink Floyd). The reissues will be packaged in four distinct vinyl boxes and released in two waves. The first two box sets are due out on November 16th, with the latter two sets following November 30th. Specifically, the fourth box is made up of rarities previously unreleased on vinyl, including an entire disc of cover versions.

Rolling Stones’ Classic ‘Beggars Banquet’ Gets 50th Anniversary Edition: The reissue of the 1968 landmark will feature a reproduction of a super-rare flexidisc interview with Mick Jagger. The Rolling Stones’ landmark 1968 album Beggars Banquet will be released in a new 50th Anniversary Edition by ABKCO Records in multiple formats, including vinyl and CD, on 16 November. The limited edition vinyl format will have a gatefold jacket with a bonus 12” of the album’s celebrated opening track ‘Sympathy For the Devil’ in mono. That disc is cut at 45rpm and backed with an etching of the original “toilet” cover. Also in the package is a replica of the rare Japanese bonus flexidisc, which contains a telephone interview with Mick Jagger from 1968, and a download code for the album plus interview. Newly mastered by Grammy-winning engineer Bob Ludwig, the disc’s lacquers were cut at Abbey Road and it’s pressed on 180g vinyl.

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In rotation: 10/4/18

Lower Merion, PA | Iconic Main Line record store about to close for good: …For over 40 years, Gold Million Records, originally under the name Plastic Fantastic, has been the place to go for music. But over the next few weeks, the store will close for good as owners Howard Gold and Max I. Million have decided to close the iconic store. “This was both of our passions right from the beginning,” Gold said in a recent interview inside the store at its current location at 851 W. Lancaster Ave. in Bryn Mawr. “What a treat to be able to share it, and people appreciated it.” Among their memories of the last 42 years are the giants of the rock industry who have passed through the doors. Today, there are photos on the walls of many of those visits, including Blondie, Joan Jett, the Ramones, the Hooters, the Police and many others. Gold said many of the times those bands were at the store was before they got really big. To Gold and Million, those stars were just kids at the time.

San Francisco, CA | Turn the music up: The 4 best spots to score vinyl records in San Francisco: Love to spin vinyl records at home? Hoodline crunched the numbers to find the top vinyl hotspots in San Francisco, using both Yelp data and our own secret sauce to produce a ranked list of where to venture next time you’re in the market to hear your tunes the old-fashioned way…Topping the list is Rooky Ricardo’s Records. Located at 419 Haight St. (between Webster and Fillmore streets) in Hayes Valley, this is the highest-rated vinyl record spot in San Francisco, boasting 4.5 stars out of 83 reviews on Yelp. Owner Dick Vivian opened Rooky Ricardo’s three decades ago, with a collection of 35,000 45s from a distributor who had gone out of business years before. Since then, the spot has welcomed LPs to its collection to fill things out, becoming one of the country’s top spots for funk and soul records.

Vancouver, CA | VIFF 2018: Kid Koala presents Satellite as part of Live program: Kid Koala brings his interactive turntable orchestra project Satellite to Vancouver. …To bring Satellite to fruition, 50 turntable stations are set up in the performance space. Each station also has a mixing effects console, a series of colour-coded vinyl records, and directions of how to follow the score. This is accomplished by a series of subtle lighting changes which correspond to the colour-coded albums, that the audience plays. Of course, each station will spin along somewhat differently than the next, and also be adding its own sound effects into the master mix. The creative team did consider the very strong possibility that the resulting sound could be extremely and profoundly unpleasant.

Mic Drop: W Hotels Launches Music Label: W Hotels isn’t just marching to their own beat, they’re debuting it. The iconic brand behind the world’s first on-property music festival series (WAKE UP CALL) today announces its newest project: W Records. At its core, W Records is a record label and resource for artists selected by W Hotels and their music industry partners. From signing to release, W Records supports artists through every step of development, providing recording space, video shoot locations, mixing and mastering and finally, distribution of the new sound via live performances, streaming and vinyl production. Tracks for W Records are recorded, naturally, in W Sound Suites (the brand’s signature, on-site recording studios) with four rising artists stepping up to the mic over the next year. Starting today, tracks from the first artist will be released through W Records both digitally and via limited edition runs of vinyl, offering W fans a throwback way to enjoy new/next music.

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