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In rotation: 5/14/18

New independent record shop cafe opens in Birmingham city centre, Whether you want coffee, art or vinyl, there’s something for everyone at Cafe Artum: A coffee shop that sells vinyl records as well as cakes and croissants – now there’s a foaming good idea. The good news is that the city’s latest brew house is already up and spinning. Customers are flocking along to lap up the coffee… and to get into the groove…Four words in the window tell you all you need to know: Art, Music, Food, Culture. Set up by friends Christy Lakeman and Jayson Wynters, Cafe Artum is only a relatively small space as far as coffee shops go. But as well as a full-sized coffee bar, benches, tables, chairs and stools, it has 3 turntables and two banks of boxes containing scores of LPs for sale.

The vinyl treasures of James Rugami’s record shop: Visitors come from all over the world to discover African classics in the shop, which is located in this sultry meat market. “My best artist is Manu Dibango, I actually have an original press of the Soul Makossa album, and I keep it in a special supply of my most expensive merchandise,” says Rugami Music In Africa. A key element of Rugami’s business is acquiring vintage turntables, recorders and vinyl from willing and unwilling owners. The art of persuading people to part with priceless items is one he honed early on. In 1986, one of Rugami’s older brothers owned a turntable he valued with his life, though it did not work. At the time, Rugami had seven singles, but nowhere to play them. But he was persistent.

The Vinyl Countdown: Sure, one could spend May 19 watching the royal wedding, but why do that when you can be surrounded by rock and roll royalty instead? That’s the game plan for Eddie Bruce, owner and operator of RocknShop at 650 Henderson Drive in Cartersville. While the rest of the world might have their eyes fixed on the Prince and the Queen, he’s hoping hardcore vinyl enthusiasts will be more interested in checking out the Prince and Queen records at his new shop when it opens in two weeks. Then again, it’s not really accurate to describe RocknShop as a “new” venture, considering Bruce, 56, has been operating a smaller record shop inside the Copperwood Co. store at 96 Iron Belt Road for about three years.

Seattle record store marks 44 years in the resurgence of vinyl: With a collection of 500,000 records, some dating back to the 1910s, 12-foot ladders lining the shelves, and a store owner who can recite 55 classic rock artists like an auctioneer, Bop Street Records is unlike any other record store in Seattle…Dave Voorhees, owner of Bop Street Records, is no stranger to the music retail business. He first got his start selling 45’s out of his parent’s North Seattle home back in 1974 after having uncovered 3,000 rare blues records on a trip to Texas. Five years later, he established his first retail space and in 1984 moved Bop Street Records to the heart of Ballard – where it’s been thriving for 34 years.

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In rotation: 5/4/18

New record store opens in Park: GROSSE POINTE PARK — Standing behind the counter of Ripe Records Detroit, the newest addition to Charlevoix in the Park, Andrew Curcuru cleans a new batch of records set to go on the shelves. “When you leave here you’re getting a clean record,” he said. “I didn’t want to be like all the other record stores where you go in there and they’re selling bongs and T-shirts and incense. That’s not me. This is a vinyl store.” Curcuru and his wife, Kathy Garrido, and their son, Alex, officially opened the store Saturday, April 21, on Record Store Day. They buy, sell and trade new and used records, as well as sell and service turntables, speakers and receivers. Curcuru said everything in the store is analog, with all the refurbished turntables, speakers and receivers from the ’70s and ’80s.

If you love monsters and music, you’ll love this new record store in Collinsville: Collinsville residents know Bill Cherry as an Elvis tribute artist who travels all over the world performing rock ‘n’ roll hits from the ’50s, ’60s and ’70s. But now the hometown boy with long black sideburns and a bright white smile is adding “shop owner” to his repertoire. Cherry recently opened Monster Vinyl, a record store that combines his love of music and monsters. Racks are filled with albums, CDs, cassettes and eight-tracks. Shelves are lined with vintage toys, dolls, action figures and other collectibles, many related to sci-fi and horror films. “It’s like my bedroom, open to the public, without the bed,” Cherry said, laughing.

Vinyl and Coffee Ride Together at Chicago Multiroaster Purple Llama: Music lovers all over the world celebrated Record Store Day on Saturday, April 21, this year, which also happened to be the fitting first anniversary of Chicago-based Purple Llama, a multiroaster coffee shop and record store hybrid in Wicker Park. With more live performances and community events in the works, founder Joel Petrick and the rest of the Purple Llama team, including Director of Coffee Dylan Connell and General Manager and Vinyl Buyer Adam Hirzel, envision the shop not just as a coffee spot or a music spot, but as a true hybrid inspired by both. To commemorate its first year, Purple Llama is launching a Coffee & Record Subscription, a bi-monthly box set that will pair coffee roasters and records from all over the world.

New App Automatically Recognizes Album Covers, The Shazam of album art is ideal for diligent crate diggers: A new app is being billed as “the Shazam of album covers,” and we’re all for it. The new app is called Record Player and it was designed with Glitch by Patrick Weaver. The app utilizes Google Cloud Vision API and the Spotify API to automatically recognize album cover artwork and direct you to the album on Spotify. The app seems like the perfect tool for avid music fans and regular vinyl crate diggers who may want to preview an album that catches their eye in a store so they can check it out before purchasing it. Interest in vinyl records has soared in recent years, especially due to events like Record Store Day and their placement in big retailers. According to Billboard and Nielsen Music, vinyl LP sales have reached a record high, accounting for 14 percent of all U.S. physical album sales in 2017, an 11 percent increase from 2016.

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In rotation: 5/3/18

Record Store Day 2018 hits new high: Album sales were up 33 percent on Record Store Day 2018 (RSD), according to Official Charts Company (OCC) data for April 21. Organisers of the one-day celebration of vinyl have reported that an estimated 60,000 LPs were sold on the day, followed by approximately 30,000 vinyl singles – marking an overall 7 percent year-on-year increase in unit sales. David Bowie’s Welcome To The Blackout – a RSD exclusive – was the most in-demand release, topping the UK vinyl chart and entering the official Top 40 at number 22. Vinyl sales in the UK overall were up 16 percent year-on-year according to the OCC, although sales of singles dropped year-on-year, as customers moved towards the album format.

Led Zeppelin Score Chart Topping Hit With RSD Release: Led Zeppelin have topped the UK Vinyl Singles Chart with their debut Record Store Day release. The band’s limited edition 7″ single featuring previously unheard mixes of “Rock And Roll” and “Friends” landed at No. 1 on the chart ahead of tunes by David Bowie, U2 and Jimi Hendrix, among others as issued as part of the April 21 event celebrating the culture of independent record stores. The previously unreleased version of “Rock And Roll” provides an additional peek into the fabled 1971 “Sunset Sound Mixes” of “Led Zeppelin IV”. Only two previous “Sunset Sound Mixes” have been released, the first being the version of “When The Levee Breaks” on the original album and the second the “Stairway To Heaven” mix that debuted on the 2014 deluxe edition reissue of the band’s fourth record.

Tom Petty, Van Halen … Prince?! This Des Moines duo created art for some of rock’s biggest albums: Photo shoots with Tom Petty. Car rides with Stevie Wonder. Studio time with Fleetwood Mac. One fan’s rock ‘n’ roll fantasy is reality for Jay Vigon and Margo Nahas, a husband-wife artistic duo who spent decades crafting album covers for some of the world’s best-known rock stars. And, on Friday, Iowans get a chance to step behind the lens of music history as Vigon and Nahas open “The Art of Vinyl,” a gallery at Mainframe Studios in Des Moines highlighting careers of a combined 80-plus musical design projects. It’s the first time, Nahas said, that they’ve put this many albums on display in one setting. The show plans to through May 21. “Really, no one knows that we’re here,” she said. “We have a lot of fun things to take a look at.”

Shure is discontinuing its turntable cartridge range: In its heyday the company was producing around 28,000 cartridges a day. American audio company Shure is discontinuing all of its phono products this summer. Announcing the news via its website the company explained, “in recent years, the ability to maintain our exacting standards in the Phonograph Cartridge product category has been challenged, resulting in cost and delivery impacts that are inconsistent with the Shure brand promise.” Shure has been making pioneering cartridges since the 1940s including the first cartridge capable of playing both 33 and 78 rpm records, as well as design innovations such as the needle-tilt principle which minimises record wear, and the trackability engineering concept.

Vinyl collectors spent millions on Discogs last year: Record collectors spent more than $200m (£147m) at the online music marketplace Discogs last year, the BBC can reveal. The site, which helps collectors find and trade rare music, sold more than 10m records – up from 8.3m in 2016. Vinyl was the most popular format, with 7.9m sales – including a rare Beatles record that fetched $10,502 (£7,700). The 7-inch single was one of only 250 issued with Sir Paul McCartney’s name spelled incorrectly on the label as “Paul McArtney.” Discogs’ success reflects a revival in the music industry’s fortunes as well as the continuing consumer interest in vinyl. However, its figures are largely hidden from official music industry statistics, because they derive from private sellers trading second-hand records.

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In rotation: 5/2/18

Bruce Springsteen’s ‘Greatest Hits’ on Red Vinyl Leads Biggest Record Store Day Yet: 733,000 vinyl albums were sold, industry-wide, in the U.S. in the week ending April 26. Record Store Day once again powered historic sales numbers for vinyl albums and singles in the U.S., according to Nielsen Music. The 11th annual festivities, staged on April 21, helped yield a whopping 733,000 vinyl albums sold in the week ending April 26 — a record for Record Store Day week, and the third-largest weekly sum for vinyl albums since Nielsen Music began tracking sales in 1991. Further, of that sum, 580,000 vinyl albums were sold at independent retailers — the single largest week for the format at the retail sector in Nielsen Music history.

‘It’s a great shot in the arm’: Record Store Day 2018 album sales up by a third: Record Store Day 2018 saw album sales increase by 33% year-on-year, according to Official Charts Company data for April 21. Record Store Day organisers reported an overall increase in unit sales of 7% year-on-year as consumers moved towards album releases. It’s estimated that 60,000 LPs and 30,000 vinyl singles were sold. Based on OCC figures, the estimated value of vinyl sales was up 16% compared to last year’s Record Store Day. The majority of the 240-plus shops taking part reported sales increasing by between 10% and 20% year-on-year. “Finances wise, we were about 15% up on last year – a total which at the time we thought could not be surpassed,” said Jon Tolley of Banquet Records in Kingston.

Record Store Day hits new sales peak: David Bowie and Bruce Springsteen helped Record Store Day reach a new peak in 2018. Vinyl sales in the UK were up 16% year-on-year, according to the Official Charts Company, with 60,000 albums and 30,000 singles changing hands. It was the same in the US, where 733,000 vinyl albums were bought in the week ending 26 April, breaking a sales record for the format. David Bowie’s Welcome To The Blackout was among the most in-demand releases. The three-disc live album, recorded on the star’s Isolar II Tour in 1978, was a Record Store Day exclusive. Not only did it top the UK vinyl chart, but entered the official Top 40 at number 22. It was also the second best-seller in America, just behind a red vinyl edition of Bruce Springsteen’s Greatest Hits.

Are there negative effects of Record Store Day? Now that you asked… Indie bands rely on vinyl releases to make a living in an era when streaming can literally pay one penny per thousand or more listens. The records make real money for the bands and especially for those selling them on tour. The irony is that these bands may be a victim of the success of RSD, as major labels are are booking the few vinyl pressing plants left months in advance in order to have stock available on RSD. Newer pressing plants are slowly coming online, but at present the demand for vinyl outstrips the supply, in part due to the success of RSD in reminding consumers that records can be a quality medium.

Nyack Sketch Log: Main Street Beat: While the name of Nyack’s only record shop has changed, the staff, stylings and singer/songwriter owners remain the same. Amy Bezunartea and Jennifer O’Connor announced this weekend that their store will no longer share the name of their record label, Kiam. Main Street Beat is now emblazoned on the door where music fans can find new releases from the indy label, previously owned classic vinyl records and an eclectic offering of books and clothing, curated by Amy. Main Street Beat has become a fixture in the cultural life of a village where creatives have lived and worked for decades.

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In rotation: 5/1/18

4 more record stores in the metro to satisfy your vinyl habit: MANILA — Now that Record Store Day Pilipinas has passed, where can music fans get their vinyl fix? Well, Kagatan 27 is around the corner (May 6 at 1 p.m. at Cubao X). However, if you can’t wait, here are four places I recommend you should check out…One of the best curated re-sellers in town. Located on the third floor of 142 Linear Building, Katipunan Avenue, St. Ignatius Village, Disc Replay Station is an all-in store that sells vinyl, compact discs, cassettes, audio gear such as turntables, speakers, amplifiers, Blu-ray discs, and more. Why you should check this out? Well, it’s one of the better curated stores in town…

Resurgence of the record shop: In an age of instant downloads, Fraser Thompson finds that record stores are thriving. Twenty years ago, if you wanted music you had to leave your house, go to a record store, talk to some people, part with around $30 and return with a CD to pop in your CD player. But today we have near instant, near free access to most music recorded in the last couple of hundred years. So that makes record stores obsolete, right? Well there’s certainly less demand, but the few record stores left are, well, thriving.

No, The Music Business Doesn’t Need To Be Saved: If I read one more gratuitous click-bait headline that says, “Streaming Is Saving The Music Business,” or “Blockchain Is Going To Save The Music Business” I think I’m going to scream. The recorded music business surely is facing many problems now, had them in the past, and will have them in the future, but to say that it will be saved from them by a technology is ignoring its rich history with technology. Look, the “music business” is about the distribution of music, but music now and forever is the product. As long as people want to hear it, there’s going to be a business built around it.

Digital and analog audio’s curious coexistence, Since nearly all music is digitally recorded, why buy a turntable? It’s a funny thing, the ongoing turntable sales surge shows no signs of slowing down, but nearly all new music is recorded digitally. It seems like a contradiction, turntables and LPs are purely analog in nature, but nearly all new (not remastered LPs) made over the last 30+ years were recorded, mixed, and mastered from digital sources. Older, pre 1980 LPs were made in an all-analog world. Today’s LPs are hybrids of a sort, the grooves are still analog, but the music was probably made in the digital domain. Be that as it may, LPs, regardless of vintage, can sound great. While pre-1980s records may be richer in tone and warmth, there are lots of more recent albums that sound just as good or better.

Should a new downtown Ann Arbor library be built on the Y Lot?: As part of Record Store Day, the downtown library recently hosted a pop-up record fair with music, a documentary screening, and vendors slinging used records and music-related gear. Vander Broek said about 2,800 people came to the library for Record Store Day, which she called a good example of bringing the community together…”The space needs to be thought about as an answer to what we want to do in it,” she said of the future of the downtown library. “Right now it’s kind of upside down and backwards where we have a space that was designed to hold lots of books. And now we want to have lots of books, but we want to do things like Record Store Day. So, what we need, I think, going forward is a space that’s going to allow us to do what we want to do now, to be responsive and visionary for the community, but then what we’re going to want to do in 25 years, too.”

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In rotation: 4/30/18

Popular record shop in Downham Market set to shut: An independent, family-owned music and movies shop in Downham is closing after 45 years in town. Just a couple of days after Lewks celebrated its 11th Record Store Day, the store announced its doors will close on June 2, at the end of its current lease. Father and daughter duo Lawrence Welham and Danielle Welham-Smith, who run the shop in Wales Court, made the announcement on social media on Monday, and say they will “truly miss it all”. They said: “This has been a huge and very hard decision for us both to make. “With Lawrence’s impending 70th birthday fast approaching, retirement is well deserved, so it is with pure heartache that Danielle will not be carrying on Lewks once our current lease expires in June.

Popular family-run record store to close after 45 years: Lewks record store, in Wales Court, Downham Market, announced on their Facebook page that they will closing down after their current lease expires in June 2018. The independent shop is run by Lawrence Wilham and his daughter Danielle Willham-Smith, but with Mr Wilham looking to retire after his 70th birthday his daughter will not be carrying on Lewks and it is set to close on Saturday, June 2. They told their followers: “We leave behind an entire lifetime of memories, which will remain with us forever, not to mention our fantastic customers, the wonderful reps, our staff over the years and all our friends. We will both truly miss it all. “There are not many jobs in life where you can genuinely say you enjoy going to work every single day, but we both do, we love it and it will be a very sad day, we will miss it immensely, it’s been our lives.”

Moondance independent record store closing doors in Peterborough on Saturday: Moondance, one of the oldest independent records stores in Canada, is closing for good on Saturday after 46 years in business. Owner Mike Taveroff was busy on Friday as crowds came in to wish him well – and also to take advantage of deep discounts. Everything left in the store was 70 per cent off. Although the place was busy Friday, Taveroff said he thinks Saturday will be “controlled insanity”. “It’ll be a zoo in here tomorrow,” he said. Taveroff started selling records in 1972 in his wife Cheryl’s clothing store – called Moondance, after the Van Morrison song.

Vinyl Dublin announces Timetable: Vinyl is described as an immersive theatre of the mind that insightfully celebrates the rich history and enduring legacy of vinyl, its landmark recordings, key personnel, and the groundbreaking labels and studios that cultivated such talent. VINYL will feature specially programmed talks, panel discussions, curated collections, music performances, album playbacks, pop-up stores, signings, and equipment showcases. The various events will each make special use of the RHK’s expansive grounds and infrastructure.

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In rotation: 4/27/18

Beloved Nashville record shop is headed east: Grimey’s New & Preloved Music, a nearly 20-year-old Nashville record store, plans to move across town this fall. According to a news release, Grimey’s will consolidate the inventories of both its main location and neighboring Grimey’s Too in its new home at 1060 East Trinity Lane, formerly the home of Point of Mercy Church. Both stores are currently located on Eighth Avenue South, in neighboring buildings. Grimey’s Too’s home, 1702 8th Ave. S., has been sold, according to the release, and that store will close at the end of May. Grimey’s 1604 Eighth Ave. S. home has been on the market for more than two years but has yet to sell, and the record store will continue to operate there until November.

New Stellarton record shop features technical flair: Stellarton’s downtown just got a little more musical with the addition of Ohm-N Audio – a store owned by a man with a great enthusiasm for anything related to music and sound. Dennis Balesdent, owner of Ohm-N Audio, said he was looking to provide something he thought the area needed, and felt he was the right guy to do so. Balesdent said he knew he found a calling when 25 years ago he was asked to fix his grandmother’s speakers and he got “hooked on speaker design and getting things to sound real.” That appreciation for the technical nuances of sound was one of many ways Balesdent pursued a love of music and musical technology. Before opening his business on Foord Street, Balesdent worked as an online retailer of records – but the purview of Ohm-N Audio goes far beyond just record sales.

So Retro: Vinyl records keep on spinning: Step inside Rainbo Records in Los Angeles to see how vinyl records are made. Vinyl is having a major revival. Thanks to millennial listeners discovering the format fresh, and audiophiles who love the sound quality, the demand for vinyl records is growing. Rainbo Records in Los Angeles is one of several record makers across the US that’s stepping up to meet demand from a new generation of listeners. The company has has been pressing records since 1939, with some machines over 40 years old. Rainbo produces around 23,000 records a day and runs the plant 24 hours a day, 5 days a week. Watch the video to learn how Rainbo Records makes vinyl and how little the manufacturing process has changed…

Brooklyn record store Black Gold brings its vinyl, oddities and coffee to SoHo: For years, we’ve been mourning the loss of great neighborhood record stores like Greenwich’s Other Music, Bleecker Street Records and Rebel Rebel — all which shuttered in 2016 — but one Brooklyn-based shop is ready to fill the void. Carroll Gardens’ Black Gold celebrated the opening of its SoHo location inside the Artists and Fleas market on Broadway in February. Taking after its Brooklyn shop, Black Gold’s corner of Artists and Fleas still serves up Brooklyn-roasted coffee next to its taxidermied animal heads and vinyl (ranging from hip-hop and punk rock to gospel, jazz and swing), but now there’s a new clientele.

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In rotation: 4/26/18

The Royal Wedding will be released on vinyl: The upcoming nuptials will also be the first royal wedding ceremony to ever be streamed, courtesy of the iconic label Decca. A recording of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s upcoming wedding ceremony is set to be released on vinyl. The audio from the royal wedding, which will take place at Windsor Castle on May 19, will also be the first of its kind to be released on streaming services, with Decca behind the recording – which is due to be made available just hours after the ceremony has taken place. As well as a digital version, royal fans will be able to buy a recording of Harry and Meghan’s wedding on vinyl, with a release date yet to be specified.

As Vinyl Surges, a Boutique Pressing Plant Helps Smaller Indies Get an In: Amid the ongoing vinyl resurgence, if a small independent label or indie band goes looking to get LPs pressed by the limited number of plants that exist to meet the demand, the response is typically: “Take a number.” That’s particularly true in the run-up to the semi-annual Record Store Day, when hundreds of exclusive releases get added to an already overtaxed manufacturing system. Enter a new concept: the boutique-level LP pressing plant. Gold Rush Vinyl, a new facility in Austin, Texas, is now catering to those formerly shut-out imprints and acts by pressing small runs ranging from 1,000 units to orders as small as 100 copies, with a speedy turnaround time of four to six weeks.

Vinyl record sales raise £370 for UK based Kenyan charity: British based Kenyan charity, African Children’s Fund, held a vinyl record fair at their shop in Faringdon on Saturday. Collectors could choose from hundreds of records from the 60s, 70s, 80s & 90s in 7″, 12″ and LP formats, from soul to pop and folk to classical starting from just 50p. Shoppers were even entertained by DJ Citizen Cane who set up his decks to spin some tunes outside the store. During the day, over £370 worth of records were sold, with many more donated to help raise funds for the charity’s work in Kenya. The event proved so successful that the charity have organised another in Grove on Saturday 12 May.

Cult Hero record shop is closing its doors for now: Music lovers have voiced their sadness and disappointment that a leading music and film shop is closing its doors. Cult Hero, in North Street, Brighton, will close on Saturday after the landlord sold the premises for the Hannington’s Lane redevelopment. European retail real estate company, Redevco, is revamping a new entrance to The Lanes which means some shops in North Street will be replaced. The shop has been trading for more than a decade having opened originally in Duke Street. Frank Taylor, 35, owner of Cult Hero, said he is looking for alternative sites for his store. He said: “The landlord has made the decision to sell the premises to a development company so there’s nothing we can do.

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In rotation: 4/25/18

UK | Music enthusiasts prove vinyl is not just a thing of the past: The Vinyl Cafe on Abbey Street in Carlisle city centre, played host to its second “Record Store Day”, which was aimed at showcasing the very best of vinyl. From Marvin Gaye to the Courtneeners to Elton John to Nuggets: Original Artyfacts from the First Psychedelic Era – the shop had a record for every taste. Record enthusiasts were queuing from 7.30am on Saturday, ready for the shop to open at 9am…James Brown set up the store in July 2016 and he explained to News & Star why he did. He said: “A passion for music from an early age, it was all about the music. “The best way to listen to music is through the medium of vinyl – a record. “Vinyl is much more special, you are connected to the music more. You can listen to the music properly, the way music should be heard.”

UK | Overnight queues, live bands and more than 1,000 customers: Banquet Records on Record Store Day 2018: Banquet Records in Eden Street welcomed more than 1,000 people as queues snaked out of the shop for UK Record Store Day on Saturday, April 21. Crowds began queuing outside at 6.30am on Friday, and stayed outside overnight, to be the first to buy limited edition records released for independent record shops’ busiest day of the year. Banquet director Jon Tolley said: “People were queueing overnight, and others were popping in to the shop they might have otherwise walked past. It was a great day – a great time for us and our customers.”

Michigan | Checker Records celebrates Record Store Day 2018: HILLSDALE — The independent record store has an atmosphere all its own and is a part of a unique culture. For generations, changes in the music industry have meant changes to record stores. Vinyl LPs and 8-track tapes gave way to cassettes; cassettes gave way to compact discs; compact discs gave way to mp3s and downloads. Still, independent record stores have remained committed to keeping their shelves stocked with all kinds of music in all its forms — and Checker Records in Hillsdale, owned by Jon and Robin Spiteri since 1980, is no exception. For the last eight years, Checker Records has been one of thousands of independent record stores to celebrate Record Store Day, which happened this year on April 21. They are in good company, as the day is observed by record stores on every continent except Antarctica.

New Zealand | Despite living in the digital age, younger generations are leading the vinyl resurgence: Timothy Honiss is just 12 years old, but he represents the next generation of record collectors. One of the many crate diggers out in force during World Record Store Day in Wellington, Timothy has been collecting records since he was 8. It all began when he uncovered a forgotten turntable hidden in his family home. “We used to have this radio that I was looking for; we thought it was in this box. When we pulled it out, it happened to be a record player. It had just a few records with it. “Eventually, I started buying records and upgraded to a better system.” …This year was Honiss’ first time attending World Record Store Day. He dragged his father around the city, going from store to store, searching for rare finds.

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In rotation: 4/24/18

Mumbai | Record Store Day 2018: Vinyl records haven’t sung their swansong just yet: For a population now used to ‘music on click’ in a matter of seconds, the concept of a record player would sound almost as alien as floppy disks. And yet, despite decades of digital advancement in the music and sound industry, there is a growing set of people continuing to indulge in the tedious process of setting up the almost obsolete record player and giving it a listen. But why? What is so distinctive about the music coming from a vinyl player that compels people to indulge in the gruelling procedure of setting it up to listen to music? On the 11th Record Store Day, when the world “celebrate(s) the culture of the independently owned record store”, let’s try and decode why music connoisseurs prefer the historical vinyl over a practical hassle-free download/play.

North Dakota | Minot alive with music: Downtown businesses celebrate National Record Store Day: Driving down Main Street in downtown Minot on Saturday afternoon, the sound of live music being played could be heard from blocks away. Budget Music & Video downtown, along with other local businesses, came together with local artists to celebrate National Record Store Day. National Record Store Day began in 2007 to celebrate brick-and-mortar establishments that have always been a hub for musical discovery. Currently, there are Record Store Day participating stores on every continent except Antarctica. According to the Associated Press, the number of record stores is growing and sales of CDs and vinyl are outselling digital downloads for the first time since 2011.

Portland | Mainer’s crazy idea, Record Store Day, now in its 11th year: Music lovers are paying homage to their local record stores. Record Store Day, which is celebrated Saturday from coast to coast, celebrates the brick-and-mortar spot where people have long gathered to thumb through vinyl records. Chris Brown from Maine’s Bull Moose Music hatched the idea in 2007. Brown wanted something for record stores along the lines of Free Comic Book Day. The annual event is now in its 11th year with hundreds of stores participating. Record stores have something to cheer: The numbers of stores are growing and sales of CDs and vinyl are outselling digital downloads for the first time since 2011.

Newnan, GA | Record Store Day draws early crowd: A line stretched around the corner outside Vinylyte Records in downtown Newnan early Saturday morning, as customers prepared to celebrate Record Store Day along with other music lovers around the world. When the shop doors opened at 8 a.m., Rick Harrison of Newnan made a beeline for his wish list items: Old Metallica, new Jack White and a Led Zeppelin 7-inch. He was among the first to check out, but he wasn’t in any hurry to leave. “It’s a great place to hang out,” Harrison said. “The people who run the place and the people who come here are great, too.” Harrison fondly remembers his original record collection. “I had a lot of vinyl in my younger days, and I’m trying to build my collection back up,” he said.

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In rotation: 4/23/18

Vertigo, Dodds and more celebrate Record Store Day: GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. – Local record stores in Grand Rapids celebrated Record Store Day on April 21. Record Store Day was started in 2008 as a way for the staff, customers and artists to come together and celebrate the unique culture of record stores. On the day, there are also special vinyl and CD releases. Vertigo Music recognized the holiday with stacks of new and used records for sale. The store brought out over 800 used records for customers to purchase. Corner Record Shop in Grandville joined in the celebration with live music in the store all day. Also in Grand Rapids, Third Man Records’ Rolling Record Store was parked outside the GRAM in honor of Record Store Day. Third Man Records is a Nashville based record store that has a mobile store.

SLIDESHOW: Atomic Pop Shop celebrates Record Store Day: BATON ROUGE, LA – People lined up early Saturday morning to help a local record store owner celebrate her last Record Store Day in Baton Rouge. The Atomic Pop Shop record store on Government Street, which was set to close after the end of May, will remain open after being purchased by new owners. The store’s previous owner, Kerry Beary, is moving her operation to Charlotte, North Carolina despite the record store’s success in Baton Rouge. “I’m sad to leave, but excited for the opportunity in Charlotte.” Beary said sales at The Atomic Pop Shop, which first opened in 2011, increased by 20 percent each year. She also said 2017 was the shop’s most successful year ever. She hopes to have an operation similar to her colorful record store once she relocates to Charlotte.

Grimey’s celebrates last Record Store Day at 8th Avenue before moving to East Nashville: Hundreds flocked to Grimey’s for the annual tradition of Record Store Day, the last the 8th Avenue staple will celebrate on the west side of the Cumberland River. The day had added weight for many as the store prepares for a move to East Nashville. “It’s good they’re moving. They need the space, but it’s special for me to be here on the last one,” said James Bonomo, a record junkie who waited in line two hours for an exclusive Grant Green vinyl. And the day felt anything but sad. If there’s one thing Grimey’s has been able to create in its time at its 8th Avenue location, it’s a party. And co-owner Doyle Davis said this year’s celebration of the independent record store holiday was meant to be one of the best it has thrown in the last 11 years.

Red Deer record store celebrates its last Record Store Day, The Soundhouse, a guitar and record shop in downtown Red Deer, closes its doors next Saturday: A Red Deer record store celebrated its last Record Store Day a week before it closes its doors for good. Mike Williamson and Davin Kemshed have operated The Soundhouse, a guitar and record shop in downtown Red Deer for eight years. The initial plan was to close the store Saturday, on Record Store Day. But they decided to wait until Saturday, April 28. Kemshed said some people have expressed interest in buying whatever vinyl inventory is left after the store closes. “We haven’t been too concerned about that yet,” he added. Records are still a very popular way people listen to music, Kemshed said.

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In rotation: 4/20/18

Record Store Day 2018 all about vinyl, Jack White and keeping indie-shops spinning: As if the craziness surrounding Record Store Day wasn’t enough, vinyl aficionado Jack White will be in Grand Rapids performing during the celebration of independent record stores on Saturday, with a “Rolling Record Store” in tow. In addition to White’s 20 Monroe Live sold-out tour stop on Saturday night, the Detroit native’s Third Man Records will set up shop outside the Grand Rapids Art Museum during the day Saturday, selling merch and exclusive vinyl. The mobile “Rolling Record Store” will be open again near 20 Monroe during and after White’s show. But Third Man’s presence in Grand Rapids Saturday is just the tip of the needle when it comes to Record Store Day.

Adelaide: Record Store Day will see the city spinning out over vinyl: For lovers of vinyl, Saturday is bigger than Christmas. Music collectors will be lining up across Adelaide to get their hands on rare re-issues and special releases being dropped as part of the global Record Store Day. The event, which began in 2008 to support independent music retailers, has been embraced by record labels and grows bigger every year as more people return to vinyl. For Matt Horvath, owner of Clarity Records on Pulteney St, Record Store Day will run for 24 hours from midnight Friday. If history repeats, Mr Horvath expects a line down the street as he prepares to open. “There’s so much coming out,” Mr Horvath said.

Local record shops to celebrate Record Store Day UK: IT’S that time of year again when music lovers flock to support their local independent record store, in a celebration of their unique culture. Over 200 independent record shops across the UK come together, with the chance to sell the special vinyl releases which are made exclusive for the day. Many shops go one step further and host a programme of events for the day, with artists putting on live performances, or DJs taking to the decks. One such store is Fives Records in Leigh’s Broadway, which has handed over the events organisation to the Middle Age Spread DJ crew, something which has now become tradition.

This Saturday is WMG’s Record Store Day Record Store Crawl: Audiophiles, record enthusiasts, and music lovers are invited to join Warner Music Group’s third annual series of official Record Store Crawls, happening over the next few months in various cities in the U.S. and – for the very first time – Europe. The first of this year’s Crawls will take place in both New York City and Berlin on Record Store Day, April 21st, while the remainder of the Crawls will take place from May through October. This year, Record Store Crawl will release exclusive vinyl to coincide with the Crawls. Attendees will be among the first to have access to the limited-edition releases, which will hit shelves at indie retailers across the U.S. during each Crawl. Participants will be escorted by bus to some of each city’s best record stores, with performances from various artists along the way. Tickets can be purchased at

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In rotation: 4/19/18

Your Austin Record Store Day field guide: Record Store Day is around the corner, and in its 11th year, it’s popularity is ever-increasing. Vinyl album sales in the United States increased by more than 1,000 percent over the past ten years. And junkies line up at stores’ openings to get their hands on rare and special releases from artists spanning all genres. It’s not unusual to be greeted by fellow eager fans, shop owners, music performances, free food and drink and more…“This is a day for the people who make up the world of the record store—the staff, the customers, and the artists—to come together and celebrate the unique culture of a record store and the special role these independently owned stores play in their communities. Special vinyl and CD releases and various promotional products are made exclusively for the day,” organizers of Record Store Day said.

Your guide to Record Store Day Chicago 2018: Put the needle down and let the music flow: It’s time for the 2018 Record Store Day (RSD), held on Saturday April 21. RedEye has your guide for events at record stores around Chicago as well as releases featuring local musicians. For RSD, RedEye talked with Drew Mitchell, the co-owner of Pilsen’s 606 Records. When he opened the store in 2015 with Tim Unsell, Mitchell put his own collection (gathered over two decades) on sale. He now travels the world scoping out record stores and shares his love of music — and the vinyl format — with fans from near and far who stop by 606 Records, which also releases its own albums.

Vinyl Destination: San Diego Celebrates RSD: If record collecting is your thing, your very own holiday is right around the corner: The 11th annual Record Store Day (RSD) touches down at more than 240 independent music shops all across the globe on Saturday, April 21. Here in San Diego, there’s a great selection of stores to find the myriad wax treasures about to be rained down on the masses from both indie and major record labels alike. Hundreds of new, reissued, or exclusive titles will be offered up — many in small, limited pressings. Originally designed to appeal to collectors and support independent stores, RSD now attracts more than its share of resellers looking to make a quick buck…While the environment surrounding RSD has changed over the years, it still represents one of the biggest days of the year for local shops and it’s difficult to criticize an event that helps pay their bills. So, in that spirit, if you’re heading out on Saturday around town, make a point to return to those stores with some frequency throughout the year (if you’re not in the habit of doing that already).

Savannah: Record Store Day 2018–Celebrate indie business and music with some major retail therapy: Record Store Day, the occasion when vinyl collectors rush their local music shops in search of limited edition treasures, is upon us once more. In lieu of Black Friday roughhousing—wouldn’t want to shatter a jackalope antler at Graveface or crack a KISS bobble head at Rody’s—lies friendly competition and communing between musically-minded Savannahians. Best of all, Record Store Day, which was created in 2007 by a group of independent record store owners, literally exists to support small, local businesses and communities. It’s a way to celebrate the way music brings folks together through special events, rare picks, and killer sales. Among the pickers at this year’s participating locations, you’re sure to rub elbows with Savannah’s listening elite: the DJs of WRUU 107.5, Savannah Soundings Community Radio. We asked the station’s spinners to share their top RSD 2018 picks.

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In rotation: 4/18/18

Here are the best events in Miami for Record Store Day 2018: Whether you own a record player or not, Record Store Day is an occasion to look forward to. The international music holiday—happening this Saturday, April 21—is a chance for independent record stores around the world to showcase limited edition releases, host live music and in-store signings and throw some pretty awesome shindigs. In Miami, Record Store Day has become a pretty big deal with no shortage of options to keep you bouncing around town. Below we’ve compiled some of what you can look forward to this Saturday.

Record Store Day Seattle: The ultimate guide to RSD 2018 deals and events: They’ll come in droves, a stack of limited-run color vinyl tucked under each arm, eyes bleary from an early morning spent flipping through racks of rarefied records. Now in its 11th year, Record Store Day has become the music nerd’s Black Friday — an enticingly fun consumer-oriented pseudo holiday that lures collectors to stores across the country (even in a post-streaming world) with a cache of new one-off and limited releases. When Record Store Day commences on Saturday, April 21, this year should be no different, with many of Seattle’s best record stores opening early, planning deals and in-store performances from local luminaries (and even an ex-Fugee) in addition to stocking those new RSD-sanctioned records. To make your crate-digging easier, we rounded up all the local RSD happenings we could find.

Your San Antonio Record Store Day field guide: Record Store Day is around the corner, and in its 11th year, it’s popularity is ever-increasing. Vinyl album sales in the United States increased by more than 1,000 percent over the past ten years. And junkies line up at stores’ openings to get their hands on rare and special releases from artists spanning all genres. It’s not unusual to be greeted by fellow eager fans, shop owners, music performances, free food and drinks and more. “This is a day for the people who make up the world of the record store—the staff, the customers, and the artists—to come together and celebrate the unique culture of a record store and the special role these independently owned stores play in their communities…”

Record Store Day in Tampa Bay is April 21st! This Saturday, April 21st is International Record Store Day! And no, it isn’t just one of those every day made up hashtag holidays. Record Store Day was founded in 2007 by independent musicians and record store owners as a way to get people in the doors so that maybe while you’re there, you’ll even buy a record of… The Doors?? Record Store Day “is a day for the people who make up the world of the record store—the staff, the customers, and the artists—to come together and celebrate the unique culture of a record store and the special role these independently owned stores play in their communities.” For some of us (like me), Record Store Day is like Second Christmas.

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In rotation: 4/17/18

Record Store Day 2018: Your guide to deals, free giveaways and parties in Tampa Bay: Yep, it’s time once again for Record Store Day. And trust us, you’re going to want a guide. You can head to Record Store Day’s website for all the details on this year’s hundreds of limited special releases, including vinyl LPs by Taylor Swift, Bruce Springsteen and Pink Floyd, plus collectible items by Run the Jewels, the National, Arcade Fire and many more. But the RSD site only gets you so far. As usual, it doesn’t tell you much about what’s happening in Tampa Bay on Record Store Day; it lists two stores (Vinyl Countdown and Gulfport Records) that are out of business. Here’s a better look at where to go and spend your allowance this Record Store Day.

Redditch indie shop Vintage Trax marks Record Store Day this Saturday: To mark the UK’s 11th annual Record Store Day this Saturday, Redditch’s only independent record shop Vintage Trax is promising something for everyone. The established shop on Birchfield Road, Headless Cross has compiled an extensive offering of collectable retro picture discs, shaped discs, coloured vinyl and limited edition issues of 7” and 12” singles, LPs and box sets for music fans. Plus, there will be hundreds of CDs from just £1 each. “Our customers are looking for good quality original albums and 7”/12” singles, and so rather than committing a big chunk of our stock budget to the RSD releases, we’re focusing on offering our biggest ever range of retro vinyl,” said owner Ros Sidaway.

Record Store Day 2018: Carnival Records in Malvern going back to its roots for vinyl’s big day: One of the biggest days of the year for vinyl lovers will be celebrated with a twist at a Malvern record store. Record Store Day, which is observed across the country on Saturday (April 21), offers music fans the chance to snap up limited edition vinyl across a range of genres. Whilst Rachel and Chris Heard, who own Carnival Records in Malvern, do celebrate the day, they do not sell any of the exclusive vinyl and instead reduce their entire stock by half price. Mr Heard said: “We are a real independent shop and celebrating and promoting shops like ours is what Record Store day was originally set up for.

Record Store Day 2018: The places to buy vinyl in and around Coventry: Record Store Day 2018 is just around the corner and music lovers in Coventry and Warwickshire will be able to get their hands on a number of exclusives on the day. The event is now in its 11th year of celebrating the independent music industry and promoting vinyl. In Coventry and Warwickshire, there are two stores taking part in the event, which takes place on Saturday, April 21. These stores will stock new releases which will be available exclusively from independent record stores. Records from big name artists make up the Record Store Day release list, including ABBA, David Bowie, Niall Horan, Wu-Tang Clan and many more. However, it is worth noting that not all stores will stock every release, and anyone interested is advised to contact stores in advance.

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