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The Single Girl: Hawk, “Clock Hands” EP

London folk noir four piece Hawk have finally released their beautiful EP “Clock Hands,” an explorative five track piece of art. It’s an EP that kisses you sweetly good night and haunts your dreams like a dark lullaby.

Prevalent throughout are Julie Hawk’s stunning vocals which are the band’s ace in the hole. Unlike Daughter, St Vincent, or other female artists and female led bands, Hawk are a unit, they are a real band and a stunning one at that.

“Clock Hands” stabs you in the heart like a shadowy fairytale, it’s poignant and emotional. “Hush” however is the backbone of the EP, it’s a sound that the band execute perfectly—the thin veil between post-rock and noir folk that has had some tongues wagging online. In fact, it’s this sound that would probably best serve the band going forward as they end in a less memorable note with track “Guardian,” a track that’s a little folkier and has less direction than the rest.

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UK Artist of the Week: Fable

Fable releases her latest single “Silence Myself” this week—a smokey slice of slow rising pop, which makes Fable our seductive Artist of the Week.

The track is a complete departure from Fable’s usually more energetic performances, but it doesn’t make it any less captivating. The video is simple but effective as Fable hardly breaks eye contact throughout, bewitching us, taking over us completely, and she knows we’ll be back for more.

It’s hard to imagine her only being 19-years-old as her voice and spirit emanate an older soul. There’s a confidence about Fable. She’s already written alongside artists Paul Hartnoll (Orbital) and Russell Lissack (Bloc Party) and she’s about to support Archive in London, a testament to this confidence and the road ahead—we predict big things.

“Silence Myself” was released yesterday, 23rd February 2015, via 74 Music.

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Shell Zenner Presents

Greater Manchester’s most in the know radio host Shell Zenner broadcasts the best new music every week on the UK’s Amazing Radio and Bolton FM. You can also catch Shell’s broadcast here at TVD every Thursday.

“My ROTW is from a band I Interviewed at The Great Escape in Brighton three years ago and they were so hung over the nearly threw up live on air! Spectres release their magnificent debut album Dying shortly and NME awarded it a 9/10, it’s THAT good. You can hear three slices of it pre-release on my show tonight, so make sure your ears are arranged correctly.

This week’s #Shellshock is from Sleater-Kinney. If you were lucky enough to get tickets for their UK tour then I’m MEGA JELS.” —SZ

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TVD Video Premiere:
Siv Jakobsen, “How We Used To Love”

Siv Jakobsen kicked off 2015 with a UK tour alongside friend and fellow musician, Sofia, and the release of her heartbreaking single, “How We Used To Love.”

Inspired by a car pranging incident in San Francisco and the break up of her relationship, the lyrics will strike a meaningful chord with anyone who’s had to witness their own gradual break up with a partner.

We are extremely proud to be able to present to you this exclusive first look at Siv Jakobsen’s performance of “How We Used To Love” for an Emergent Sounds Unplugged Session. Shot in the middle of a corn field in small town Germany and accompanied by a lone violinist, the song takes on a certain poignancy in the dappled summer sunshine.

Siv Jakobsen’s second single, “Dark” is released on 13th April 2015 via Nordic Mellow Records. Keep up to date on news about her forthcoming releases via Facebook.

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UK Video: We Are The City, “King David”

Canadian three-piece We Are The City are set to take the UK by storm with their latest video for single “King David.” The single is taken from their forthcoming album Violent, which is due for release on April 27th via Berlin based label Sinnbus.

If you’re a little OCD about dirt or mess then look away now. The video features singer Cayne McKenzie being covered in some sort of brown liquid—is it chocolate sauce? Syrup? Muddy water? We’ll never know, but that’s beside the point. The track is really bloody excellent with a clear nod to Mew in the opening riff.

If this is just a taster of their album Violent, then its release can’t come soon enough.

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The Single Girl: Fable, “Silence Myself”

Fable is a mysterious synth pop force to be reckoned with. Her attitude and mysterious allure set her apart from the high-octane pop princesses making waves on the scene. Lorde and FKA Twigs are more in line with Fable’s output and ethos. Single “Silence Myself” seems like just the tip of the iceberg.

With this single, Fable has stripped away everything and it’s just about her voice; it’s hard to charm new listeners with a voice alone, but hers is her most deadly weapon. The track feels almost like Fable is baring her very soul with a faint melody floating gently underneath heartfelt vocals.

She says the track was inspired by “transcendental meditation” and as she takes us seductively through to the end, you’ll emerge refreshed on the other side.

This single won’t set the world alight but it is an intriguing glimpse into Fable’s world. She’s an enigmatic, dark, soulful new artist who blends pop, synth, and soul perfectly with “Silence Myself.”

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The Single Girl:
The Marks Cartel,
“Curtain Call”

The Marks Cartel have returned with their single, “Curtain Call,” which hits digital shelves at the end of the month.

Following up their 2014 swan song, “Where Do I Go From Here?,” the new “Curtain Call” is practically the answer to the question posed by the previous single—louder, angrier, and rockier. THAT’s where you go. It’s a fist-in-the-air-lager-on-the-dance-floor anthem with some epic guitar work that harks back to the best of ’90s Britpop, and vocals that—despite their Welsh heritage—you’d be forgiven for thinking the band were born in raised in Manchester, England’s Northern Quarter.

With a studio album in the works, we’re sure it won’t be too long before we hear more from this Welsh four piece, but in the meantime we recommend everyone check out “Curtain Call.”

Curtain Call is released 23rd February 2015 via Hamill Records.

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Shell Zenner Presents

Greater Manchester’s most in the know radio host Shell Zenner broadcasts the best new music every week on the UK’s Amazing Radio and Bolton FM. You can also catch Shell’s broadcast here at TVD every Thursday.

“My ROTW is from Viet Cong—it’s self titled and I’ll be playing three tracks on the show today!

This weeks #Shellshock is from a Liverpool band that I’m adoring at the moment, stationed in a vintage world taking me back in time, they’re called The Wicked Whispers and it’s called ‘Chronological Astronaut’ and is taken from their new album Maps Of The Mystic. You’re going to LOVE it!” —SZ

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UK Artist of the Week: Idlewild

With their latest studio album Everything Ever Written, Idlewild are a band that have come into their own. From punk rock beginnings to Scottish tinged folk rock, their latest offering is an eclectic blend of their experiences—it’s the musical story of their journey as a band coloured by their environment and rounded by their maturity. It’s an album that marks the start of a new chapter and this is why Idlewild are our Artist of the Week.

The Scots indie rockers are much loved by their fans and their strong cult following is testament to that love.

Starting from humble beginnings in Edinburgh, frontman Roddy Woomble, guitarist Rod Jones, and drummer Colin Newton remain the core of the band and the combination of poetic lyrics, Jones’ signature licks, and Colin’s solid backbone are ever present. However, with the recent addition of Luciano Rossi and Andrew Mitchell, there’s a bright, fresh sound and a slight change in direction as they explore new ground together.

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UK Video: Daydream Frenzy, “Pride & Wonder”

Scotland continues to be a breeding ground for alt-rock bands of various shades, with an abundance of bands making their mark up and down the country.

The most recent export from this burgeoning scene is Daydream Frenzy. Formed from the city of Aberdeen, the three-piece pop-punters have begun to make inroads into the hearts of the local music aficionados with their effervescent songwriting.

The band certainly know how to write an uplifting pop-rock tune with influences coming from their peers Angles & Airwaves and fellow Scots, Twin Atlantic. Emotive lyrics merge with choral harmonies and affected vocals as the chorus takes grip of the listener as the track builds to a crescendo.

With the band due to release their debut album at the end of March, it looks like 2015 is going to be a big year indeed.

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