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TVD Live Shots: The
Glen Matlock Band at the Electric Ballroom, 9/10

It was the first proper concert in London in more than six months, and likely one of the only live music events held in a proper club across the world. The last time I saw a gig was on March 14th as Wembley Arena. Morrissey had been known to cancel gigs at the last minute, but this one actually went on and was the last night of the tour. London would shut down the following day, and live music would cease to exist for the foreseeable future. The live music scene has been decimated to the point where the government finally stepped in to help. But of course, that’s not enough.

Over the past few weeks, there has been a glimmer of hope with limited socially distanced gigs at outdoor venues and a failed attempt at the Clapham Grand in London. Frank Carter played to a minimal number of the actual capacity. It was a test by the government, and while Carter was great, the prospect of making it worth everyone’s time was not. So I was quite surprised to see the Electric Ballroom announce a special one night only gig with one of my favorite musicians, Glen Matlock of the Sex Pistols.

I immediately bought two tickets online and was excited to get back to what I love: live music in an actual club. I’ve seen Matlock several times since moving to the UK four years ago, and he never disappoints. His band is always top-notch, and this evening would be no exception. His usual partner in crime, Bowie sideman Earl Slick, was unfortunately stuck in New York, but post-punk legend Neal X stepped in and performed flawlessly, even taking it up a notch among certain songs. (Neal X played with Matlock during the Rich Kids reunion at the Vive Le Rock Awards last year, and it was spectacular.)

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UK Artist of the Week: Fanny Andersen

Norway’s Fanny Andersen returns with her infectious new single “Complicated,” out now. This is a piercing slice of alt-pop that is packed with a punch from the offset, so get ready cos she’s this week’s Artist of The Week.

The Scandinavian music scene is quite literally popping at the moment and we’re are very much on board. Emerging artist Fanny Andersen has just shared her infectious new single “Complicated” and it’s the perfect slice of electro-pop to get your hips moving in no time. Fans of the likes of Sigrid and Dagny will feel at home here.

Talking about the single, Fanny explains “I was inspired to write about the complexities of love and life. This song is about falling for someone who’s really not right for you, and how this can make life feel very complex along with everything else that life throws your way.”

Fanny is is currently in the studio working with a new line of collaborators including Olly Burden (The Prodigy), Steve Weston (Skrillex / Rudimental), and Jamie Reynolds (Klaxons), so watch this space…

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Needle Drop: Mark Lanegan Band & IYEARA, Another Knock At The Door (IYEARA Remixes)

The remix album can be a bit of a mixed bag. On one hand the idea of reimagining another artist’s work in your own unique style can be a hard sell. Especially when the original body of work is critically lauded. On the other hand there are exceptions with the likes of Goldfrapp’s 2006 remix album We Are Glitter or Depeche Mode’s Remixes 81–04 turning this theory on its head.

Over the past 12 months London trio IYEARA have stepped into the role of remixers-in-chief having made their name through a cover of “Shout” by Tears For Fears featuring The Duke Spirit’s Liela Moss. Indeed, the group, containing The Duke Spirit guitarist Toby Butler, have gone on to collaborate with Laura Marling’s LUMP project, UNKLE, Humanist ft. Dave Gahan, The Prodigy, The Boxer Rebellion and many more. Their most recent release is a collaboration with Mark Lanegan who gave his blessing for the band to remix his entire 2019 album Somebody’s Knocking—neatly retitled as Another Knock At The Door.

Akin to Depeche Mode’s Remixes 81–04, IYEARA have created a throbbing, industrial take on what was a critically acclaimed record, altering the atmosphere entirely, and forcing the listener to absorb Lanegan’s rasping, distinctive lyrics through an alternative vision. Considering his prolific nature, as well as a penchant for remix collaborations, Another Knock At The Door is the first time Mark Lanegan has allowed another artist to remix a whole record from start to finish.

That IYEARA have done so with such aplomb is testament to their ability to tap into, and understand, the artists they work with. First single “Playing Nero” offers an added layer of darkness. Soundscapes envelop Lanegan’s words in a way that offers a fresh, ominous meaning to his acerbic lyrics. “She Loved You” shimmers with atmospheric sonics and trademark pulsating synths, as IYEARA create a score befitting any John Carpenter film.

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UK Artist of the Week: Sianon

Despite this only being her third release to date, British newcomer Sianon is already proving that she is certainly one to watch. Sianon’s latest cut is a highly relatable new single about making your ex jealous… can you relate?

We’ve all been there, you spot your ex at a party or at the pub and you wish you were better prepared for the emotional blow, but you never are. Interestingly, electro-pop artist Sianon and her ex could not have been more prepared for the inevitable encounter if her shimmering new single “Make Me Jealous” is anything to go by.

Talking about the single, Sianon explains, “I turned up to a party with somebody else because I knew my ex boyfriend was going to be there and wanted to look like I’d moved on. He also turned up with someone but we later found out from mutual friends we’d had the same idea and were still very much single and caught up on each other.” All we can say is, we hope it worked out.

Sianon—pronounced Shannon—is originally from Dudley, Ireland but she now resides in Brighton, England. Keep your eyes and ears peeled, cos we’re pretty sure this alt-pop star is bound for big things.

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TVD Premiere: Melissa Bel, “Summer So Long”

Summer may be coming to an end but that doesn’t mean we can’t still pine for it, right? Melissa Bel does just that eloquently and poignantly on new single “Summer So Long” which we’re proudly premiering today ahead of its release tomorrow.

We first featured Melissa Bel way back in 2016 and she has been making some pretty definitive waves ever since. Her previous releases have always fallen comfortably within the commercial pop genre, but Melissa’s latest cut is taking her to expansive new territories and we’re all for it.

Combining elements of country, pop, and Americana, Melissa’s new single “Summer So Long” is the perfect summer sizzler that will make you want to get your picnic baskets out for one last hoorah before the impending cold and rain hit us, and you know it will. Fans of Maren Morris and Chris Stapleton will feel at home here.

Melissa grew up in Toronto but now resides in Sussex, UK, the perfect spot for watching those stunning seaside sunsets, apparently.

“Summer So Long” is in stores 28th August 2020.

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UK Artist of the Week: Jordana Lilly

We’re feeling funkalicious this week at TVD HQ and it’s all down to Jordana Lilly and her infectious new single “Locked Up,” out now.

The title may make you think this is going to be a Corona-related bop, but it was actually written way before all this madness began. “Locked Up” is a song about accepting yourself for who you are, even going so far as to celebrate it, and we’re so here for it.

The single is undeniably addictive from the offset as Jordana combines elements of funk, R&B and pop creating something that is full of fun and empowerment as a result. Turn this one up to full volume and have a boogie around your bedroom—we dare you.

“Locked Up” is in stores now via Beardfire Music.

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UK Artist of the Week: Bad Love

Self-proclaimed “sad boy pop” group Bad Love have recently shared their latest single ‘A Place For Me’ and it’s the glistening slice of upbeat electro-pop you didn’t know you needed.

Instantly reminiscent of the likes of The 1975 and Troye Sivan, Bad Love’s “A Place For Me” is undeniably infectious from the offset. Frontman Andy Gannon’s distinctively dynamic voice soars effortlessly over hook-laden synths creating a sound that is full of fun and instantly captivating.

You’d be forgiven for assuming these guys are American based on their accents within the vocals, but they’re actually from Manchester and are probably as far from Oasis as you can get… Sorry Noel.

“A Place For Me” is in stores now.

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UK Artist of the Week: Leopold and His Fiction

We’re in Austin, Texas for this week’s Artist of The Week and we hope you’re holding onto your hats. Raucous rockers Leopold and His Fiction recently shared the video for their blues-infused new single “It’s How I Feel”—and we can’t get enough.

Channelling the likes of Iggy Pop and The Raconteurs, Leopold and His Fiction combine elements of classic and blues rock creating a sound that takes no prisoners. Their latest single “It’s How I Feel” is no exception, as frontman and guitarist Daniel Leopold’s distinctively powerful vocal soars with sass over the electrifying musicality.

The video for the single is equally mesmerising, as we see Daniel jumping around in quite the Iggy-esque manner with a backing band of muppet-inspired puppets rocking out in the background. Awesome.

You can check out Leopold and His Fiction’s latest single and more on their latest album Darling Destroyer.

“It’s How I Feel” is in stores now via Big Indie Records.

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UK Artist of the Week: Fox Stevenson

We’re going back to our pop-punk roots for today’s AOTW and we will not apologise. Fox Stevenson has been on the music scene for a while now and is usually known for his roles as DJ and producer in the drum and bass world. His latest cut “Lava’ is a little different however, and we think the change of pace may have done him the world of good.

Fox Stevenson—aka Stanley Stevenson-Byrne—is a Leeds-based multi-instrumentalist who is making his own rules and we’re so here for it. “Lava” is an infectious slice of alt-pop goodness that you are bound to have playing on repeat for the rest of the day.

Stevenson combines elements of pop, punk, and electronica creating a sound that is full to the brim with colour and oozing with tenacity. So, what are you waiting for? Crank this one up loud and shake those weekend hangovers away.

“Lava” is out now via AntiFragile Music.

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UK Artist of the Week: Ralph of London

Ah, the Britpop era—those were they days hey? Well fear not because it may well be having a resurgence if this week’s Artist of the Week is anything to go by. Please make way for Ralph of London and their infectious new single “Dotty,” out now!

Combining all the best elements of Britpop, alt-rock, and indie, Ralph of London’s “Dotty” is a fun-filled slice of British rock that just keeps on giving. Lead singer Ralph’s distinctive vocal style is easily reminiscent of the likes of Damon Albarn but it also has a slight tinge of Kurt Cobain to it, which we find equally pleasing to the ear.

The single also comes with a rather humorous video where we see “a king falling in love with somebody completely unattainable and being driven to madness under the shadow of a fading illusion,” the band explain. Intriguing stuff.

Despite their heavily British sound, Ralph of London are currently based in the north of France no less! Together, the group creates unconventional soundscapes that are both tongue-in-cheek and politically forward-thinking.

“Dotty,” taken from Ralph of London’s latest album The Potato Kingdom, is in stores now.

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UK Artist of the Week: Codex

Immerse yourselves in innovative electronic duo Codex’s hypnotic new single “Airport,” out now.

Combining woozy synths with off-kilter drum beats and Shahriar Parast’s stunningly celestial vocals, Codex prove they are certainly ones to watch. Breathy electronics carry the song throughout as both Shahriar and Adam Mayer’s impressive production styles soar. Fans of Caribou and Bonobo will feel at home here.

The duo met at the tender age of eleven and have continued to hone their craft ever since. Now based in Manchester, it seems there are no limits for this dynamic duo and we can’t wait to see what they get up to next.

“Airport” is in stores now.

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Needle Drop: The Frisbys, “The Wicked Mind” EP

We first featured alt-folk six-piece The Frisbys way back in 2015 and they seem to have gone from strength to strength ever since. They recently released their vibrant new EP “My Wicked Mind” and it is oozing with poignant lyrics, hook laden melodies, and captivating harmonies throughout.

Opening with their infectious single “I Heard,” this feels like the perfect introduction to the EP from the group. It’s fun, it’s upbeat, and allows sisters Helen and Nicola Frisby’s enchanting harmonies to take centre stage—with help form the rest of their extremely talented band of course.

The EP then takes a slightly more sombre tone and the sisters’ haunting harmonies are joined by Sal Palekar’s intricately delicate piano playing, creating a sound that is undeniably mesmerising and full of emotion. The pace then picks up again for a personal favourite of ours, previously released single, “Gretna.” This feels more akin to The Frisbys’ earlier work and also reminds us of the likes of The Lumineers’ ability to pen infectious alt-folk melodies that are bound to warm your heart. Sam Keer’s electric guitar solo is rather impressive also.

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UK Artist of the Week: CASSICUS

Electro-pop newcomer CASSICUS is bringing the sound of summer to us with his vibrant debut single “Torn,” out now.

CASSICUS—the moniker of songwriter / producer Ben Scott—has made his solo debut with the release of the celestial delight that is “Torn” and we can’t get enough. Ben’s velvet-like vocal soars over the synth-heavy musicality creating a sound similar to LANY or Twin Shadow as a result.

Ben seems to be a man of many talents as he’s also played and recorded drums for musical greats such as Ed Sheeran and Tom Walker over the past ten years. Now, he steps out on his own with “Torn” and we’re pretty sure this won’t be that last we’re hearing of CASSISUS in his own right.

“Torn” is in stores now.

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Needle Drop: Right
Said Fred, “Good Times Everybody” EP

That’s right, everyone’s favourite classic pop act Right Said Fred are back with a brand new EP, “Good Times Everybody,” and it’s bound to put a smile on your face.

Kicking off with the hugely infectious title track, the single reminds us that even in these particularly tough times, things will get better and we have to remember the Good Times. It’s probably the most Right Said Fred-esque track on the EP, filled with hook-laden melodies and relatable, sing-along lyrics that you just know will get the crowd going when the boys are eventually allowed back on the road. The EP also features a rather lovely stripped down version of the single, allowing Richard Fairbarss’ distinctive baritone vocal to soar and Fred Fairbrass’ impressive guitar skills to shine.

Next up is the poignant new single “Tide,” a song written about time passing and remembering to count your blessings—a message that seems to resonate throughout the EP. Richard’s warm tone is particularly impressive on this one—check out the low notes in the chorus! Completing the EP is a live version of their previously released single “Lap Dance Junkie” from Right Said Fred’s Fredhead album released in 2001. Its lyrics are fun, tongue-in-cheek, and observational—just the way we know and love the boys. Long live Right Said Fred!

“Good Times Everybody” is in stores now.

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TVD Premiere: KTG, “Matches”

We’ve been keeping our beady eyes on KTG—the moniker for Katie Gallagher—ever since we first featured her back in September of last year and its safe to say she’s gone from strength to strength ever since. We are extremely pleased to premiere her brand new single “Matches” today and it’s an absolute bop!

Combining sparkling synths with infectious melodies and Katie’s distinctively pop-infused vocals taking centre stage, “Matches” is a song that will be stuck in your head for days—for all the right reasons. Fans of the likes of KT Tunstall and Orla Gartland will feel at home here.

Talking about the single, Katie explains, “’Matches’ is a fun track about a typical night out when you allow yourself to let go and just enjoy yourself! I’m so proud of this track and can’t wait for the lockdown to lift and dance the night away when safe to do so!” (Us too!)

“Matches” is in stores 3rd July 2020 via Beardfire Music.

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