TVD Recommends: Pomegranates at Bunbury Music Festival

It’s time to check out the lineup for Bunbury again and introduce you to another band that’s making waves. Another great band you’re going to need to check out is an “art pop”  four-piece hailing from Cincinnati.

The band is called Pomegranates and comprises Isaac Karns (vocals, guitars, keyboard), Joey Cook (vocals, guitars, keyboards), Dan Lyon (guitar), and Jacob Merritt (drums). Get to know the band—courtesy of drummer Jacob Merritt—and be sure to slate them into your schedule for Bunbury!

How did the band form?

Isaac and I were in different bands when we first started off four and a half years ago. We both knew that we both wanted to do music full-time, so we got together to see what would happen, jammed a little bit, and things kind of just clicked at that first little practice. That was the first time that we met Joey. We called him up and invited him over, and yeah, we’re still doing it almost five years later.

How do you think you guys have stayed together for that long?

I don’t know. I think we have a common goal. We’re all trying to do something that has an impact on people’s lives, and, not to be melodramatic or anything, but we just want to do something real and have the same vision about how we want to go about doing that. We have a bit of a brotherhood now; we’ve become kind of like a second family of sorts.

Who would you say you are influenced by?

Musically? Surf music, good beats, earnest bands, whatever that means. Bands that are trying to do something genuine and sincere and are willing to fall on their face doing it.

I saw you guys when you played Weapons of Mass Creation Fest in Cleveland, and you put on a hell of a show. How would you say you guys mentally prepare for such a show?

Usually, we try and take a minute. I feel like every show you think you’re ready, and then five minutes beforehand someone can’t find a guitar strap, or a pedal isn’t working, or a monitor isn’t working and you’re just getting frantic. We always try to stop before we play a show and say, “We’re all having fun, right? We’re having fun. We’re in a band.” All we have to do is have fun and be honest with people. That usually involves praying a little bit before we go on stage and doing a bunch of jumping jacks.

And a costume change! I recall you had different clothes on during soundcheck than when you came out for the set.

Yeah, we’re all white now. (laughs)

How do you feel the new album Heaven differs from the previous?

I think every album has felt more and more personal. This full-length feels the most personal and true to who we are; you probably get a good idea of what the people are like in the band based on the music and the lyrics.

And it was pressed on vinyl, right?

It is on vinyl. Pink, clear, and black.

How do you feel about vinyl’s resurgence?

We’re happy with it. It’s still possible to connect with music when it’s on an MP3 player, but I know for us it’s nice to have a tangible form. As an artist who’s making a record it’s nice to have a big, solid thing to say, “This is our album.” The artwork is big, the lyrics are there, and you can experience a little more than you can doing a download or something.

Where’s the best place in Cincinnati to score some sweet vinyl?

I’d definitely say Shake It Records in Northside.

Why is Cincinnati a great place for a music festival?

Cincinnati is a really affordable place if you’re coming from out of town. There’s a nice Midwest charm to it; it has its own idiosyncrasies in food and culture. It’s a pretty city. I’ve grown to think of it as aesthetically pleasing, with the river going through the city. There’s some really nice parks and art museums. I think people will really end up appreciating it.

Catch them live at Bunbury on Sunday, July 15th at the AliveOne Stage from 3:00-3:45pm. And get out to your local record shop and pick up their new LP, Heaven.

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