Vinyl Video:
Bethesda, “Go”

Kent’s indie darlings Bethesda recently released a music video for their single, “Go,” from their sophomore album, The Reunion, to be released on April 9, 2013. In it, the band faces off with a troop of Irish step dancers to deliver an exhilarating performance. 

We chatted with Eric Ling, who plays guitar and sings backup vocals in the six-piece for a little insight into the band’s relationship with director Cory Sheldon and the video’s concept.

How did you begin working with Cory Sheldon?

We had been told through friends that we should work with him. He was already making a name for himself as a film-maker and had recently premiered a full-length film called Color at the Akron Art Museum. We looked him up, and he had done a couple of Eisley music videos, and we LOVE them! A few of our friends were friends with him, and so we reached out and asked if he would be interested in working with us.

He seemed really excited about it! Since then we have become good friends and are likely going to use him for another music video that we are shooting and releasing soon.

From where did the concept come for the video?

Cory approached us with the idea to do a performance piece that blended two high energy performances in a way that hadn’t been done before. He had just come from a major Irish Dancing performance a couple of weeks before and thought it would be really cool to do it. So, really he had the vision for it.

He pitched the idea to us, and we loved it! He story-boarded it out and let us know what kind of shots he would be taking, and how we would sort of be performing two against with one another in sort of an ambiguous space that would isolate the energy.

We trust Cory and just gave him creative control over the process knowing that he only does great things with the camera! The end product was even better than we imagined.

To stay current on all things Bethesda-related, head over to their website. They’re on the bill for Bunbury Festival this summer. If you’re not near Cincinnati, keep them on your radar. They’re definitely a must-see! 

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