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The Hush Sound at the Grog Shop, 6/8

After a four-year hiatus in which the members of Chicago indie rock band The Hush Sound parted ways in order to embark on other musical endeavors, 2013 proves to be the time in which the band members find themselves back together again and bringing fans what they’ve been waiting for—new music and the hope of a new full-length.

We chatted with the radiant Greta Salpeter (vocals/piano) regarding the band’s endeavors, influences, and why the hiatus was necessary. We recommend you catch them Saturday night (6/8) at the Grog Shop.

When you first began toying around with music, who were some of the musicians that influenced you?

60’s folk stuff, Fleetwood Mac, Motown, Yo La Tengo, Bach, and Cat Power.

How did you learn to loosen up from a classically trained mindset?

I never had the discipline to be a dedicated classical student. I would learn 16 bars of a piece, then write my own song in the key of the song. It taught me how to use one theme as a springboard to new ideas, which was hugely important to my development as a songwriter.

How do you keep things fresh after nearly a decade together?

I try to approach things from a new angle. If I’m about to sing a song which feels very distant from my current standpoint lyrically, I’ll try to focus on another aspect—the playing, the vocal performance, someone in the crowd who seems to be responding.

Do you feel like taking an extended hiatus was beneficial?

It was necessary.

Has partaking in other musical endeavors strengthened your sound as a band?

Absolutely. We can play more naturally and spontaneously together since we’ve had time to develop our skills and style separately.

The band has recently released its first new music in five years. How’s the audience responding?

They have been incredibly warm!

What is different this time around?

More kindness and open-mindedness. Less zombified—musically, personally, on a friendship level.

How do you keep it fun on tour?

Exploring new cities, hanging with the other bands, late night swimming in the ocean, etc.

Who’s the loudest snorer in the band?

Chris, easily.

How does it feel when you get to play at home in Chicago?

It feels like a warm homecoming parade. Always great time.

What’s your take on the resurgence of vinyl?

I personally love it! It’s nice to take time to collect and purchase my favorite albums on vinyl to have as a reminder in my apartment. It’s like having companionship in the room with you always.

If you could give your teen-self advice from your present self, what would it be?

Don’t take it all so seriously.

When can we expect the next full-length?

We’ll see! We’re recording a few new songs in July and will discuss a potential full length then.

The Hush Sound is currently on a full tour. All dates can be found here, with the aforementioned stop in Cleveland Saturday night (6/8) at the Grog Shop. 

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