The Joy Formidable:
The TVD First Date

Last night while taking in the fabulous Clientele, I started counting the number of bands that exist now, who are currently out there making music—that I just adore. And I got to five.

The Joy Formidable was at the top of that list.

Rumor has it that the band will make it to DC this year and I urge you to fall in love with them prior as I have, so you all can join me right up front.

We chatted with Ritzy a little while back about her inspiration behind some of the TJF vinyl that frequents the TVD turntable:

“It can go either way when you grow up in a family of bootleggers and record collectors; you either catch the bug and join in or snub music completely. I was in cahoots from the start and absolutely reveled in my parents near library of vinyl, cds, cassettes and reel to reel. The vinyl section covered 2 walls and stacked on top were four large boxes of 7″ singles.

I decided that this would be the starting point of my listening habits, I’d try and listen methodically to every single in every box. Black Coffee in Bed, Say a Little Prayer, Sex Machine, Family Affair, Fire, Something’s Gotten Hold of My Heart…. so many brilliant tracks. I got quite far in the quest of going through every box; the joy and calamity of being an only child.

My favourite 12″ was Elvis Costello’s ‘Armed Forces,’ not only for the musical contents, but for the artwork by Barney Bubbles. I loved the folding flaps of the back panel that peeled out to reveal more artwork and postcards.

Aged 8 I had a musical epiphany whilst listening to Yes’ ‘Close to the Edge’ and roused the warning of Mum and Dad that I’d ruin the needle if I kept lifting it up and down to repeat the phrase. I always was a bit cack – handed when it came to the record player.

I guess with so much choice at hand, buying my own vinyl came a lot later. My first purchase was at a record fair in London, where I no doubt paid over the odds for the Drill E.P by Radiohead. College and University I was minus a turntable, so it was CDs, then downloads and now, in the band, I’m very happy that vinyl makes up a big chunk of our modest back catalogue.

We started with Austere on 7″ – and fell about laughing when it dropped through the door in purple rather the midnight blue we’d designed. We upgraded to double 7″ vinyl for Cradle , next – it’s coloured vinyl and down the line I’m hoping picture disc, vinyl boxset , maybe even something with an expanding back panel , a tribute to Barney.”

The Joy Formidable – Austere (Mp3)
The Joy Formidable – Cradle (Mp3)
The Joy Formidable – The Greatest Light Is The Greatest Shade (Mp3)
The Joy Formidable – Cradle [Kyte Remix] (Mp3)

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  • Gordon

    holy crap, these guys are amazing!!


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