Lost In Society Is Coming To Find You!

Punk’s not dead, and fast-rising area trio Lost In Society are here to prove it. I had the pleasure of playing with the charismatic act a few months back at The Asbury Lanes, and I found the guys and their sound immediately likeable. And I’m not the only one. LIS won Metromix Breakthru Ultimate Band Competiton at Brighton Bar last month, which was no small feat given the boatloads of great talent that made it through the many rounds of eliminations.

L To R: Hector, Zach, & Nick Take The Cake At Metromix’s Breakthru Contest

I wasn’t at that show, but I did hear about it from quite a few fans, including Pete Steinkopf of The Bouncing Souls. In addition to being a fan of LIS, The Pete has also recorded the guys a few times now, most recently for their newly released single, “Not Afraid”. When I asked Pete about the guys winning performance at the Metromix contest, he was really enthusiastic and obviously impressed. “The crowd was going wild. Everyone was moshing, kids were being floated above the crowd, jumping off the stage…It was like an old school punk show! The energy was incredible. They’re just a great band.”

Fans Go Wild For LIS At Metromix’s Breakthru Contest

I had a chance to interview the guys about their history and particularly exciting upcoming show in support of punk paragons, The Pietasters, and I had so much fun I just about forgot that we were actually working and not just messing around between classes.

That’s because LIS quintessentially capture the wide-eyed perspective and anything’s-possible fervor of youth, with a simple but inescapable energy that throws off sparks. Whether they’re sitting around making you laugh at the absolutely best brand of innocent adolescent humor or powerhousing through another messy-yet-perfect set of their punk/pop tunes their undeniable charm is apparent.

What I find most appealing about them (and there is plenty to enjoy, believe me) is how earnest these three friends are and how pure their passion is. Combined with a great sound that is, as is the case with any band worth their salt, a force magically greater than the sum of their parts. Zach Moyle leads the band with an easy and unassuming posture that allows his equally extremely talented counter parts, bassist Nick Ruroede, and drummer Hector Bonora to take their signature sound to full throttle.

Also worth noting is that these guys plainly have a great chemistry that will keep them together long after many ego-crazed acts push the ‘self-destruct’ button on their bands. That means you can give them your whole heart and they won’t break it by breaking up anytime soon!

Sometimes Zach Has Trouble Following Rules

All signs point to success as this hard working group continue to scale the face of DIY punk life, and upcoming shows like a special performance featuring my band, The Obvious (hey, gotta peddle the @$$ that God gave me, readers!) at The Seaside Music Festival on Saturday, May 21st and a full-on self produced East Coast tour will only prove me right, yet again. It’s hard being on the cusp of the next wave of authentic punk, but I will do this service for you, dear readers. (If you’ve been reading this blog, then you know how you can repay me, right? Beer me, yo.)

Find Lost In Society at The Stone Pony on Thursday April 28 in support of The Pietasters, and get ready to be roughed up (we can make a safeword if you want) nice and proper by these good time rock and rollers. And when it’s my turn to float over the crowd, don’t let me drop! I’ll return the favor once you’re up, promise!


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