TVD 24-Hour Ticket Giveaway: The Glitch Mob at 9:30 Club, 7/20

Come on DC, get your groove on. Fo Free.The Glitch Mob is coming to 9:30 club (with PHANTOGRAM and Com TruiseJuly 20th, and TVD is giving you the chance to win tickets to the show.

It has been over a year since The Glitch Mob’s debut album Drink the Sea, and they have stepped up their game with their just released EP We Can Make The World Stop. You can decide for yourself at the show, but until then here is a throwback to their beginnings.

Something about Drink the Sea and making the world stop, has me thinking about going parking by the beach, which coincidentally these albums would provide a good beat for.

To win a pair of tickets, just tell us, in the comment box below, a car that you would absolutely love to ‘test drive’ with someone special.  We’ll choose our winner at noon tomorrow – 7/19!

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  • Travis Eagleson

    the batmobile with uma thurman sitting shotty

  • Greta

    I’d like to take Chitty Chitty Bang Bang out for a test drive. But instead of Dick Van Dyke by my side, I’d prefer a pleasantly neurotic Colin Firth.

  • Martin Rodriguez

    I’d like to test drive a Land Rover in the Mohave with a bottle of scotch in the passenger seat.

  • Jc Villatoro

    I love the Audio A5. I would love to test drive it in the Southwestern United States in an estranged desert valley with the view of the dusty mountains on either side of me. I think it would be fun to go at this adventure with the guy from the Dos Equis commercial, he seems fun. 

  • Jonnyh999

    Audi R8 would be so sick

  • Emily Anderson

    I’d like to go on a burn run with Bill Clinton, preferably in an old station wagon

  • Flow

    ice cream truck with the candy man

  • Jonathan Schwinn

    @VinylDistrict, I would definitely test drive a Mario Cart Go-cart with Princess Beach or her hot and tan friend Daisy. They’re both babes. #unrealisticfantasies

  • MattyB

    The Oscar Meyer Wiener mobile with my lady, cause who doesn’t enjoy a good hot dog?!?!?!

  • Brittany

    Bat mobile. with Justin Borreta.. Batman can come too. 

  • Sarah

    1954 Red Impala with my dad 🙂 

  • Crossi91989

    1981 DeLorean DMC-12 with Marty McFly of course.


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