The TVD Takeover

If you follow the DC music scene, you’ll know that DC is not lacking in crucial metal bands. Darkest Hour, Pig Destroyer, Beasts of No Nation, Dying Feotus, Magrudergrind, and Municipal Waste are among my favorites.

New to that mix and as equally epic are Warchild, massive DC thrash metal fueled by beer and inspired by drinking at local bars. Behold, their new video for “Back to the Mines,” just released last week.

They are taking over TVD this week with five days of posts to hype their upcoming show this Friday (8/26) at the Rock and Roll Hotel. Tickets are only $10.

Now, if you’re anything like me, you’ve been tossing and turning in your sleep each night because you’re on a FourLoko cloud of curiosity wondering just how Warchild came to be.

Let’s hear it from the boys themselves:

The birth of Warchild can be traced back to the beginning of time in March 2011. We were sitting in Wonderland Ballroom, getting drunk and talking awesome shit. Obviously, this led to talks of Megadeth, Metallica (pre-Black album), Spartacus, Rambo, and ordering more shots. Unbeknownst to each other, the two houses of Warchild had been secretly planning to reveal their own brand of thrash metal. The sacred union was sealed with another shot, and before we wrote any songs, we did what any band would do… We had a photo-shoot and booked a fucking show one month away.

Many Bud lights and cocktails later, we had a (brief) set and were ready to open for our bros in New Rock Church of Fire. I guess we pulled it off cause we’re still playing shows and haven’t died of alcohol poisoning.

Forged in the bars of 11th Street and united in the common purposes of getting drunk and playing fast as shit, we write songs about what we know: partying and expensive hair care products.

For your viewing pleasure, Warchild is:

Allan Chappelear on Guitar

Devin Cassidy on Drums

Jason Dangle on Bass

Rory Sheridan on Vocals

The only question that lingers in my mind—Why is Jason the only one with his shirt on in these photos? Give the ladies what they want!

You can cyberstalk Warchild on Facebook and Twitter, who leave you with a special poem to get you in the mood for the show on Friday.

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