TVD Live Preview: Incubus with Young
the Giant at MPP, 9/11

If you’re as sick of the weather as much as we are here at TVD, then you are probably counting down the minutes to this weekend when we’re looking at only a 30% chance of rain. So what does that mean?

It means you have no excuse not to come out to the Merriweather Post Pavilion on Sunday for Incubus and Young the Giant. Sure, you and your friends might be nursing a FreeFest hangover, but that doesn’t mean a weekend of great music stops there.

No, no, head to Merriweather early to get the Gate Crashers experience—we’re talking $4 Bud and Bud Lights and free food samples from California Tortilla. (My mouth is already watering!)

Still sitting there reading this going “but I don’t have a ride!” ? Stop that. Rock & Bus has you covered! With two pick-up and drop-off locations serving DC and VA, you honestly can’t pull the no-ride excuse for Merriweather shows anymore. Make your reservation today!

So if cheap beer, free food, and a coach bus (“cadillac style” as my grade school teacher referred to it on field trips) is not incentive enough to catch this show on Sunday, well then ladies, this one is for you: we hear that the incredibly handsome lead singer, Brandon Boyd, has restored his luscious long locks. Get ready to swoon!

Ok, if you are still not convinced, then at least throw Incubus up on Spotify and let your musical senses be the deciding factor. Our bet: Morning View is almost guaranteed to evoke at least one memory.

Alright, enough promotion, we’ll see you at 4PM at Merriweather on Sunday, taco and beer in hand.

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