TVD Ticket Giveaway: Ladytron at the 9:30 Club, 10/11

In the wake of their recent release Gravity the Seducer, Ladytron will be bringing their tour to the 9:30 Club this Tuesday, October 11th.

The electronic, synth-pop outfit has spent the last decade creating an eerie, haunting soundtrack to our darker thoughts. Sometimes, what one isn’t encouraged to express is often found in their music. From “Seventeen” to the recent “White Elephant,” we relate, but maybe don’t want to. The dark beauty of it all has garnered a cult following.

We have a pair of tickets for one of you, if you can tell us your favorite Ladytron song in the comments.

My favorite is probably “Runaway” because it reminds me of when I was fifteen and like all fifteen year-olds, hated my parents. So, I skipped softball practice and had my recently-licensed friend pick me up after school. I wanted to move to Arizona and live with my brother, but my friend told me to shut up and calm down and smoke a cigarette and that everything would be fine, but I couldn’t move because I had to finish high school (wise words).

We ended up driving for awhile and found an abandoned couch somewhere and stayed there chainsmoking until softball practice would have been over, when he took me home. My parents were never the wiser.

The winner will be chosen on Monday (10/10) at noon.

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  • CortJstr

    Ghosts. Particularly the radio edit but I even like the Toxic Avenger mix since it’s weird, but not too weird. Close second: Destroy Everything You Touch.

  • JOE

    I’m Not Scared!  It’s one of their faster songs and very catchy!

  • Scott Stead

    Another Breakfast with You. Love that tune. Reminds me a lot of Stereolab…it’s all Moogy and severely reminds me of dating a girl in college that endlessly listened to Morrisey, Joy Division and Veruca Salt. If you mash those together its pretty much what you’ve got.

  • pip

    “Ghosts”… an absolutely gorgeous and perfect song.

  • Dan

    “White Elephant”, cuz it’s weird and fun.

  • Christian

    White Elephant

  • Tracy

    Paco! It reminds me of the show “Are You Being Served.”

  • Matthew Huisman

    Destroy Everything You Touch (Hot Chip Remix) slowed down beat, softer lyrics make this song more eeire and haunting than the original.

  • Steven Macker

    Ive always loved “seventeen” … its tubthumpin good

  • Todd

    Ghosts (Modwheelwood mix) is a haunting version.

  • Olivia

    The winner has been notified. Thanks for entering!


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