TVD Ticket Giveaway: Scott Weiland at the 9:30 Club, 12/19

UPDATE: The video has been found, and the winner has been notified. Thanks for all the googling! Even though we’ve chosen our winner, you can still purchase tickets.

Please tell me that you can imagine nothing more fantastic than having Scott Weiland, former STP and Velvet Revolver front man and the reason that women my age fantasize about skinny men wearing eyeliner, sing you Christmas carols.

On December 19th, at a special seated show at 9:30 Club, Weiland will be singing tracks from his new album The Most Wonderful Time of the Year, an album featuring his version of popular Christmas songs. Tickets go on sale tomorrow, but we’ve got your chance to win a pair even before the show’s listed on the 9:30 Club website.

I distinctly remember a music video featuring Weiland circa the turn of the century wearing long black women’s gloves and gyrating in front of the camera, but despite endless googling today, I cannot find it. (And no, there are not gloves in “Sour Girl,” but yes, gyrating like that, in all his shirtless tattooed glory, with the lucky Sarah Michelle Gellar.)

Despite the androgynous sexy he’d always sport, it was rumored that he used to wear long gloves or long-sleeved shirts to hide the track marks from his heroin addiction, which, along with his alcoholism and tumultuous personal life, contributed to the eventual demise of Stone Temple Pilots. Now, former grunge god Weiland is clean, sober, and singing “Winter Wonderland” ? How can you miss a chance to see this live?

For a chance to win the tickets, you can take the easy route or the hard route. You can tell us the name of your favorite Weiland song, be it from STP, super group Velvet Revolver, his unreleased project The Magnificent Bastards, or his solo career…


The first one to find me that music video with Weiland in gloves wins instantly.

Otherwise, the winner will be chosen on Friday (12/9) at noon. Bonne chance!

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  • GinaMarieRu

    Wish I could find that video! However, I’ll have to go with STP’s acoustic version of Plush.

  • twistedKobold

    Lady, Your Roof Brings Me Down

  • Joh Hunt

    I will vote for “Atlanta by STP… Thanks!

  • scoop

    Sex Type Thing!

  • alevas

    Mine would have to be Still Remains.

  • tinyplankton

    There is a live video of him doing Dead & Bloated in the gloves:

    • tinyplankton

      that’s my song pick whether or not it is the song

    • tinyplankton

      that’s my song pick whether or not it is the video you were looking for!

      • oliviaung

        @tinyplankton this is not the video, but you get bonus points for finding this… it’s closer than i got today.

  • Jaime P

    Trippin on a hole in a paper heart!

  • Brandon C

    And So I Know is fantastic.

  • flabius712

    It’s gotta be Creep

  • Momof4ndns

    Days of the Week! He’s an astronaut in one scene & has gloves on.

  • Momof4ndns

  • NICK
    • Momof4ndns

      Ha! Good one!!! 🙂

    • oliviaung

      WINNERRRRRRRR! This appears to have been from a DVD made around that time; must have been broadcast on cable or playing at a friend’s house or something. I remember him shirtless, but at the end of this clip he takes off the vest, so maybe I’m thinking of one of the following songs. Close enough! Look out for my email!

    • oliviaung

      yep, he def performed shirtless right after that. nice work!

  • DavidHolmes

    “First Kiss on Mars” by STP

  • rannec


  • oliviaung

    The winner has been notified! He found my video, so the giveaway is over!

  • cbvigus

    Sex Type Thing…for sure!

  • worktheweb

    I’m going with “Wicked Garden”

  • oliviaung

    Even though we’ve chosen our winner, you can still purchase tickets:


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