TVD Ticket Giveaway:
2 Skinnee J’s at the 9:30 Club, 5/17

The Mayans weren’t the only ones who thought the world was going to end in 2012 – it seems 2 Skinnee J’s are feeling uncertain about the future as well. The group will be taking the 9:30 Club stage on as part of their Pre-Apocalypse Now & Forever! Tour.  Also performing that night will be Royal Teeth and Sou Orchestra.

The band has gone through an assortment of line-up changes, as well as agents, management, and record labels since originally starting in 1991.

Interestingly, the band’s current manager, A.J. “Stumpy” Johnson, allegedly won the band while playing a game of cards in Las Vegas.

The underground new wave/hip-hop group has managed to maintain a devout, zealous fan following throughout all of their trials and tribulations, which can be attributed to their interactive concerts – 2 Skinnee J’s is notorious for their over-the-top live shows that are equal parts energetic and intimate.

Want to check out 2 Skinnee J’s at the 9:30 Club? Comment below and tell us another band that has gone through a line-up change.

I’ve gotta go with a pretty obvious choice, Guns N’ Roses.

We’ll choose one winner for the pair of tickets this Wednesday (5/16) at noon!

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  • ErikBlevins

    Gang Green has gone through a few lineup changes.

  • patrickwixted57

    Red Hot Chili Peppers are fresh on the brain after seeing them last week. They have had several changes at guitar, including the deceased Hillel Slovak, the infamous John Frusciante and now their current young shredder who is impressive in his own right but has huge shoes to fill, Josh Klinghoffer. 

  • bryan579

    Broken Social Scene is a constantly changing and evolving lineup of artists.

  • emilyesse

    Catch-22! They had several changes.

  • PDoubleU

    Nine Inch Nails

  • RoxannThompson

    Jane’s Addiction

  • Harry


  • Taylor_b

    Alice in Chains

  • Travis

    Tenacious D. Rage Kage quit halfway through their last album (see: Track #10 on their self-titled album, “Kyle Quit the Band”), and it lasted about 1/2 of a track before he rejoined. It was a dark time, but the D has since lasted the sands of time and will be releasing a new album tomorrow.

  • your_boy_los


  • your_boy_los


  • your_boy_los

    Van Halen

  • your_boy_los

    Steel Dragon!!!

  • eriggs77

    Smashing Pumpkins!

  • dcevans82

    Pearl Jam and their Spinal Tap-ian revolving door at drummer!

  • TeamPants

    The Cure

  • mazatov

    Pink Floyd. David Gilmore replaced Syd Barrette 

  • bpoon168

    The Rolling Stones

  • TMoney

    Alice N Chains

  • oliviaung

    The winner has been notified. Check your email!

  • your_boy_los

    Which entry won?

    • oliviaung

       @your_boy_los the winner has been notified and has confirmed the tickets. thanks for entering!


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