TVD Ticket Giveaway: Frankie Rose at the Rock and Roll Hotel, 9/26

A recent release built off of ’80s-esque jangly pop has been met with critical acclaim across the board; the solo excursion of the former Vivian girl has audiences coming out in droves to witness the underground Brooklyn scene still thriving through its key artists. 

And although the clothes certainly don’t make the man (or woman), Frankie Rose is the perfect artist to put your 2012 headspace in a members-only jacket and take it for a rad outing with nostalgic tones and arrangement from yester-yesteryear.  TVD has two tickets to her show at the Rock and Roll Hotel on Wednesday, September 26th for one lucky winner, and they’re easier to get than you’d imagine.

Although Frankie Rose didn’t start as a solo act, her strides have been long and productive.  Rose made her debut through several of New York’s most super-cool groups, as in the likes of Vivian Girls, Dum Dum Girls, and Crystal Stilts. In 2010, she made her first solo effort in the self-titled Frankie Rose and the Outs.

Though she’s dropped keeping the band in her title, Frankie Rose has returned this year with Interstellar—a jangly pop safari through low-balled emotions, old school drum sounds, and a myriad of guitars.

So how can you score some tickets to one hell of a show?  It’s simple! With Rose’s consistent ability to appear in girl groups, tell us your favorite band in which all members… are girls! 

I’ll take this opportunity to bravely admit a guilty pleasure and commit my answer as Kitty.

The winner will be chosen at noon on Tuesday, September 25th.

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  • dg1793

    Have to go with Sleater Kinney.

  • bmocon13

    Dum Dum girls are amazing.

  • bmocon13

    Dum Dum Girls are amazing.

  • IreneMarie

    First Aid Kit!

  • MunchTreeAll

    Warpaint!!! “What’s the matter, you hurt yourself?”

  • Red Crayon

    Wow, hmm…we love all-female groups in our household, but our current earwig is Warpaint, for sure. However, the Dum Dum Girls are also a constant on the player. We’re old though, so we’ve also enjoyed the Runaways and the Bangles, and we’ve had love affairs with the Donnas, Harlow, and the Devotchkas, too. Too many to mention. And…we see Frankie Rose as often as possible! So excited to have you in DC!

  • ChadKoper

    Hands down…Warpaint….best all female band to emerge in the past 10 years…..Chad K

  • Alex Ha

    Sleater Kinney is real good, but Wild Flag brought it way harder on the 2011 self titled. They picked up right where Kinney left off, plus they added in some crazy sick keys


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