TVD Ticket Giveaway: Dan Deacon at the 9:30 Club, 11/17

Baltimore-based artist Dan Deacon plays at the 9:30 Club this Saturday, November 17, supporting his recent album, America, and we are giving you a chance to win a pair of tickets to experience his America.

A beautiful part of life is growth. We experience new cultures, new ideas, and come back to life realizing and accepting new beauty in something that has been there all along. Maybe that beauty is a new appreciation for your birth country.  That is exactly what happened to Dan Deacon, creating America by exposing us to his pondering thoughts and relaying his new-found positive perspective to create a space where it mingles together happily.

While Deacon has awakened a new part of himself, his live show is still as crazy and exciting as ever! Attending a Dan Deacon show is an experience.  He has been known to gather sporadic dancing in crowds of hundreds, interacting with the audience and having them interact with each other, creating a new level of show-going.

He’s even gone so far as to create a mobile app for iPhone and Android users with the description stating, “For the first time, having your phone out at a concert is not a jerk move.”  Deacon’s free app turns a fan’s phone into a light and sound source based upon each user’s location. Fans heading to a Dan Deacon show are asked to download the app before they arrive.  Are you excited yet??

Well, this is our America and your chance to win a pair of tickets to experience Dan Deacon at the 9:30 Club!

For a chance to win a pair of tickets, tell us, if you could take a nap anywhere in DC (without being harmed and assuming it is totally possible), where would it be?

I’d nap on top of Ai Weiwei’s Cube Light at the Hirshhorn.

The winner will be chosen at noon on Thursday, November 15.  Tickets are still available.

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  • ChrisO1

    I’d like to take a nap in The Lincoln Bedroom, in the White House.  That would be a cool place to wake up.

  • socam

    I would take a nap in the Green Room at the 9:30 Club so I could wake up and then dance my @ss off to Dan Deacon.

  • Ming

    I would pitch a tent in the glass-roofed atrium of the National Portrait Gallery/Museum of American Art and take a nap there.

  • Michelle

    The reflecting pool (without the algae), on a raft, with a nice cold beer in the middle of the summer. Oh yeah.

  • JOEM

    inside an aircraft at the National Air and Space Museum

  • AnishaJ

    I’d take a nap on Lincoln’s lap (at the memorial of course!). Runner up? Snoozing with the Dinosaurs at the Smithsonian (Flinstone-style, cue song) . Hope I win the tickets, I’d like to make a burger based off of Dan Deacon at my restaurant in Baltimore with inspiration from the show since I still haven’t been able to catch a show in bmore

  • LauraIrene

    The winner had been notified. Thank you!


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