TVD Ticket Giveaway: SXS with Swim Deep
and Shark Week at the Warner Theatre, 3/21

Last week we were tipped off to a rather unique show this coming Thursday night (3/21) at the Warner Theatre…well, wait—in the lobby, on the stairs—of the Warner. 

“South By on The Staircase” will see the UK’s Swim Deep and DC’s Shark Week, fresh off their run at SXSW, performing live on the grand staircase in the front foyer of DC’s hallowed Warner Theatre. And yep, we’ve got a pair of tickets for one of you to attended the post-SXSW showcase.

Swim Deep is fast becoming a favorite in the British indie alternative scene. They kicked off the year by opening for Two Door Cinema Club and Bastille while UK iTunes named them an artist to watch in 2013. NME in so many words said they brought East London to a standstill.

Unfortunately their music isn’t available in the US just yet, but you can see the band on March 21st and buy an actual record or CD (like the good old days) from the lads themselves.

DC’s Shark Week, who we chatted with earlier this month, started out as a band that just wanted to have a little fun, but during their year-long existence, have achieved the kind of success in their short lifespan that many bands strive for years to achieve.

Now with a final line-up, and an upcoming slot at the Sweetlife festival, things are really taking off for the local band.

Enter to win a pair of tickets to Thursday’s South By on the Staircase at the Warner Theatre by telling us in the comments below the most unusual venue or backdrop for a show you’ve ever witnessed. The most unique response wins the tickets! We’ll choose one winner for the pair at noon on Wednesday, 3/20. Tickets are still available here!

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  • AaronCunningham

    This looks like a great show!
    As for most unusual venue for a show I’ve ever witnessed, I’d have to go with a condemned tobacco barn in North Carolina, and I actually saw two shows there.  The first was an attempt to raise enough money to make the repairs to keep the barn “intact”.  The show was great; the fundraiser was unsuccessful.  So I also got to see the “pre-wrecking ball” show.  The roof of the barn had been torn away by wind, so there was just this semi-intact square wood and mortar structure, some generators for the equipment, some booze, and some crazy-amazing reverb.  Good stuff.  I have no idea what happened to any of those bands, but the barn is GONE!

  • SarahJoy

    I’ve seen a few great shows at the Mateel Community Center in Redway, California, Humbolt County.  It seems like the most random place in the world – but is half-way between San Francisco and Portland, OR – so some great names sometimes make pitstops there to rock the mountain folk!

  • marky

    Probably the most unique venue I have ever seen a show was in the early 90s I saw Michael Penn in Baltimore. The show was supposed to be outside in a park, but it rained so it was moved inside to a shopping mall. 
    During the show, Penn said “we have never played a shopping mall.” I shouted “why not, Tiffany has!”. To which Penn looked confused and said “ponderous”. When the did the encore, he played a version of “I think we’re alone now” in honor of the event. 
    mwebsterva at

  • Bryce

    Most incredible backdrop: I saw John Zorn playing with/conducting Masada at the ICA in Boston. It’s an incredible venue with a glass wall behind the performer opening onto the harbor. The entire Zorn set was backdropped by an old man in a small rowboat fighting to get in to shore against the wake from a large ship. The odd resonance between the old man fighting against the ship and Zorn fighting against metricallity was unbelievable!

  • agenthal

    Entering too late but I couldn’t resist commenting anyways. A lot of shows I’ve seen at SXSW count for this… Matt & Kim on the rooftop of a parking garage a few years ago was crazy, thought the whole thing would cave in! Another would be the pop-up stage The Vaccines played for AOL in front of a church. But the winner is definitely the time I saw Alabama Shakes for MTV Hive. They bused us 20 minutes outside of the city to this sketchy house where they played to 20 people on the backyard patio. There were chickens too. It was awesome.


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