TVD Ticket Giveaway: Black Sabbath at Jiffy Lube Live, 8/2

Just imagine the metal landscape had the undisputed architects of the genre, Black Sabbath ...never existed. (Go ahead, think it through. We’ll wait, take your time….)

Ah ha—see? You can’t! EVERY metal genre and subgenre owes its origins to the mighty Sabbath. And in turn every metalhead at home on his or her couch, or wielding and axe on stage will agree, Sabbath and perhaps guitarist Tony Iommi in particular, are metal’s undisputed standard bearers.

The mighty Sabs return with a new Rick Rubin-produced LP, 13 on June 11 with Ozzy Osbourne back in the fold at center stage, and we’ve wrangled a pair of tickets for one of you to win—before they’re even on sale.

Typically this is where we go into some background on the band for whom we’ve got tickets, but let’s face it—kinda not necessary, huh? I mean:

Enter to win our pair of tickets to see Black Sabbath at Jiffy Lube Live on Friday, August 2 by citing an example in the comments below of the band’s influence over the years—wherever you’ve seen or felt it.

One winner will be chosen Friday morning, 5/10 at 9AM, one hour before the tickets go on sale to the general public.

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  • mi6234

    Their influence is universal.  Guitar riffs that rely on 5ths in minor keys is the basis for heavy metal and Black Sabbath was the first band to strictly embrace this structure.  That being said, their use pop melodies, odd time signatures and jazz rhythm patterns made their music complex and diverse enough that it inspired millions of future bands with vastly different styles and sounds.  While always seen as outsider music, metal has been a mainstay of popular (even top 40) music for the last 40 years.  Metal has arguably been (along with dance music) the most vibrant, diverse and prolific underground music scene in the western world.

  • CMYK

    In the beginning, there was only one–Sabbath with Ozzy. Everything that came after that, came after that. They inspired a genre with multiple sub-genres–some who even dared to imitate. Never thought the original line up would regroup almost in tact, minus Bill Ward. Though it would have been ideal, OZZY’S BACK!
    The new tune sounds pretty authentic to the original “Wall Of Sound” created by Iommi. Looking forward to the new album. A reunion that is no doubt, loooong overdue. 
    The Supernaut has returned!

  • travis

    these guys are the beatles of heavy music. name a band they haven’t influenced.

  • The Vinyl District

    A winner has been chosen – check your email!


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