TVD Ticket Giveaway: Father John Misty Solo at the 9:30 Club, 10/23

What happens when you take the drummer from indie A-listers Fleet Foxes and mix with a bloody, raccoon-eyed Aubrey Plaza throwing shit around a cabin in the woods? The answer is last year’s first music video from the creative stronghold known as Father John Misty.

J. Tillman, also known as the former drummer for Fleet Foxes, released debut album Fear Fun under his new moniker Father John Misty in May of 2012. When discussing his inspiration for the new name, Tillman paraphrased Philip Roth, “‘It’s all of me and none of me, if you can’t see that, you won’t get it.’ What I call it is totally arbitrary, but I like the name. You’ve got to have a name. I never got to choose mine.”

In order to deliver such a creative departure from his earlier work, Tillman turned full-on Kerouac to create Fear Fun with the help of some psychedelic influence.

“I got into my van with enough mushrooms to choke a horse and started driving down the coast with nowhere to go. After a few weeks, I was writing a novel, which is where I finally found my narrative voice….It was a while before that voice started manifesting in a musical way, but once I settled in the Laurel Canyon spider-shack where I’m living now, I spent months demoing all these weird-ass songs about weird-ass experiences almost in real-time, and kind of had this musical ‘Oh-there-I-am’ moment, identical to how I felt when I was writing the book.”

Father John Misty is hitting the road this month and embarking on a five-month tour spreading his existential tunes to modern day hippies everywhere. On Wednesday, October 23, he’s making his way to the 9:30 Club with comedian Kate Berlant, and we’ve got a pair of tickets to give you before they even go on sale!

If you want to win a pair of tickets to see Father John Misty at the 9:30 Club, then tell us in the comments below, your favorite solo project born out of a successful band.

Mine has to be Paul McCartney because in case you haven’t figured it out yet, he’s my Number 1.

The winner will be chosen at 9:00 AM this Thursday, July 25, so get your entry in soon. Tickets go on sale later that morning at 10:00 AM.

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  • Ash

    Emily Haines gets real sexy/dark with Emily Haines & the soft skeleton

  • RonnieT

    Stephen Malkmus (& The Jicks)

  • meredithw20

    Lauryn Hill, oh yeah.

  • hana_leah

    Jason Isbell, hands down.

  • xoxomobes

    Mr. Ryan Adams

  • Babyghost85

    Michael Jackson. Clearly the other 4 members of the Jackson 5 were holding him back, especially Tito.

  • hootiezztop

    Hootie > D. RUCKER

  • di

    Gonna have to go with Frank Turner. Successful in band (Million Dead), then completely changed his sound for a successful solo career.

  • JoannaCarr

    Jack White. Genius.

  • Jrk

    We’ll, not to be obvious but, Neil Young.

  • Flank

    Eddie Vedder has released two incredible albums as a solo artist! Both the Into the Wild soundtrack and Ukulele Songs were fantastic solo projects.

  • ChrisO1

    To be obvious, Lou Reed.

  • rjdonn104

    Chuck Brown emerging from the ashes of the Soul Searchers, to be local

  • Lindsey

    Father John Misty! But if that’s cheating, I’ll go with Ben Folds, even though he ain’t solo anymore.

  • Tour deFarce

    Well, first the worst high profile solo projects have to be Ringo and Keith Richards.  But let’s hear it for the ladies and 2 of my faves — Aimee Mann and Bjork!

  • msmale319666

    Henry Rollins all the way.


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