TVD Ticket Giveaway: The Monkees at the Warner Theatre, 7/21

I have extremely fond memories of being a toddler sitting in complete silence in my grandmother’s lap as she played the 1966 self-titled debut album by The Monkees. When I was 20, I ended up finding that exact same album in a hole-in-the-wall thrift store and took it over to her house for Christmas. She was just as giddy as she was when I was a kid.

It’s been 47 years since The Monkees graced us with their presence on television screens and record players, and they’ve been collecting different generations of daydream believers ever since.

Although The Monkees haven’t come out with a new album since JustUs in 1996, they’ve been making the rounds with reunion tours for the past few years with positive reinforcement. “I’d love to make a new [record]. We haven’t had any discussions about that beyond, ‘Wouldn’t it be cool to have a new one?’ We’re just taking this whole thing one step at a time,” says drummer and vocalist Micky Dolenz. We’d love that too, Micky!

In February 2012, Monkees member and Yahoo! Music‘s “Number One Heartthrob of All Time” Davy Jones sadly passed away, and the group paid tribute to him many times throughout the duration of their tour later the same year.

“This time we probably won’t lean so heavily on the David situation,” says Dolenz. “I think we have to move on. Everybody has to move on. He’ll always be remembered and acknowledged, but possibly not as much as on that particular tour. We will, of course, still perform ‘Daydream Believer’ and all the other hits.”

Even with the sad passing of heartthrob Davy Jones, The Monkees still captivate their audiences just as they did in ’60s. To prove it to you, the band is coming to the Warner Theatre this Sunday as part of their short American summer tour to show you they’re still rockin’. We have a pair of tickets to give away for you to see The Monkees at Warner Theatre on Sunday, July 21.

If you want to win the tickets, then tell us in the comments below, your favorite song by The Monkees. Mine has to be “I’m A Believer.” You just can’t go wrong with that song when you’re driving around in the summer with the top down, you know?

The winner will be chosen at noon on Thursday, July 18. Tickets are still available.

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  • Jilll

    Daydream Believer!

  • DavisWhite

    Pleasant Valley Sunday

  • Jsnanax2

    Daydream Believer!

  • AndreMoshenberg


  • RichardClayton

    Mr Webster:  It’s just such a great piece, minor key stops and starts, funny ironic story.

  • Renee

    I Wanna Be Free    Miss you Davy Jones!

  • Chad

    I would like to see this song.  This is a great hit Last Train to Clarksville.

  • Chad

    I would like to see this song performed.  I would love to go to this show. This is a great hit:  Last Train to Clarksville.

  • StefanieHasel

    Papa Gene’s Blues…I have cried pretty much every time I have heard the guys play this at a show. Love it to pieces!

  • msmale319666

    Gonna Buy Me A Dog.  It’s the last track on their first album and makes me smile.

  • DavisWhite

    Who won? — Mr. Curious

    • StefanieHasel

      DavisWhite I was the original winner, but I had to pass 🙁 Heartbroken…hope someone else gets to use them!

  • rvbritton

    DavisWhite So sorry you couldn’t make it, but I was the runner-up and did attend the show last night!  It was great!  Thank you Vinyl District!

    • StefanieHasel

      rvbritton DavisWhite So glad someone got to use them!! Had you seen them before? How were the seat?? I had just seen the guys in November, and Nez in April, so it wasn’t TOO painful to give them up…

  • rvbritton

    This was the first time seeing them.  The seats were great… Row R, center.

    • StefanieHasel

      rvbritton Now I feel MUCH better!!! I’ve seen Peter and Micky with Davy six times, Peter and Micky with Mike once, and each one of them solo. I’m glad I got to share the Monkee-love with a first timer!!

      • rvbritton

        StefanieHasel rvbritton Thanks Stefanie!


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