TVD Ticket Giveaway: Typhoon with Wild Ones and Lady Lamb the Beekeeper at the 9:30 Club, 3/19

Three talented, unstoppable bands from Portland in the same venue. It’s a show you wouldn’t want to miss at DC’s 9:30 Club on March 19, and lucky for you, we’re giving away a pair of tickets.

First in the lineup is the indie band Typhoon. They are a 12-piece orchestral band that combines typical rock instruments, such as guitars and drums, with violins, percussion, hand claps, xylophones, horns, and beautiful vocals, creating dream-like harmony while singing about dark topics such as death and fading youth.

When their first album, Hunger and Thirst, came out in 2010, Typhoon was voted number two on Willamette Week‘s annual list of the top ten best new bands in Portland.

While their last album, White Lighter, has gotten rave reviews, lead singer Kyle Morton thought making this album would not be possible, due to health complications caused by Lyme disease. Instead of letting this stop the band from releasing White Lighter, he decided to write entrancing, hauntingly beautiful songs for their album, inspired by his near-fatal experiences.

Portland’s Wild Ones‘ success hasn’t come easily, either. This electro-pop quintet has made its comeback despite the difficulties they faced during the past two years. It’s hard to believe that this band was on the verge of collapse back in 2012. Guitarist Clayton Knapp had blown out an eardrum, the band’s original drummer left the band, and his replacement, Seve Sheldon, suffered a collapsed lung right after he was hired. Instead of letting this destroy the band, Wild Ones worked hard and were able to release their beautiful, dream-like album Keep it Safe.

TIME magazine hailed Wild Ones as a Band to Watch in 2014, saying the album “is filled with impeccable arrangements and a mature pop sensibility that hits you from the first note.” And SPIN said, “The melodic grace of singer Danielle Sullivan is undeniable, while the band’s mix of buoyant synth-pop and familiar indie-rock keeps things moving ever forward.”

Aly Spaltro, known by her stage name Lady Lamb the Beekeper, worked at Bart’s & Greg’s DVD Explosion in Brunswick, Maine for four years. Each night after locking up, she’d write and record songs while experimenting with multiple techniques. She would give out her CDs for free and became one of Portland’s best performers. She’ll be performing after Wild Ones and before Typhoon at this showcase of “Portlandian” talent.

Accordingly, for a chance to win, tell us in the comments below, your favorite episode of Portlandia.

Mine’s the one where Kyle MacLachlan from Twin Peaks plays the mayor of Portland and asks Carrie and Fred to write a song celebrating Portland (“A Song For Portland” from Season 1).

A winner will be chosen at noon on Friday, March 14. Tickets are still available for purchase.

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  • Pancakepopple

    “Mayor is Missing” from season 1.

  • dwhren

    Season 2, Episode 2 Where they binge watch BSG.

  • Deel

    Mixologist from Season 2. Instant classic.

  • klaflech

    I love “Winter in Portlandia,” Season 3, Episode 1!!! This is the same post they used in PetSounds! 😉

  • ThomRouton

    My favorite is Episode 5 “Blunderbuss” from Season 1! Colin Meloy, James Mercer, and Corin Tucker as “Echo Echo” at the Deuce Hotel was the best 🙂


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