TVD Ticket Giveaway: Los Master Plus with Empresarios & DJ G-Flux at Artisphere, 5/16

Based on my own research, it takes approximately two minutes to realize the awesomeness of Mexico’s Los Master Plus.

Usually I start by showing my subjects pictures of the group, segue into a Youtube video, then it’s game-over. It’s a harder phenomenon to explain with words. This is experiential stuff. I like to watch my subject’s facial expressions go from “Wtf?” to the joyful realization that something amazing has just entered their “I’ve seen it all” lives.

I was the booking agent for the global dancehall, Tropicalia, in Washington, DC, when I got an email from a friend that had “book these guys” in the subject line with this link among others. Like a good bag of potato chips, I couldn’t just eat one. I went down the rabbit hole and decided to book the band, not knowing who would turn up for the show. The band didn’t even have a proper full-length album out or the promotional support of a label.

In the end it took only a few posters showing the mustached duo and some Youtube posts of the group doing digitized cumbia-inflected covers of Dr. Dre, Kings of Leon, No Doubt, and Daft Punk to sell the show. The results were a wake of joy. I had people coming up to me after the show saying, “I don’t really know what THAT was, but  IT was awesome!”

For their third appearance in Washington, DC, Los Master Plus will bring the party to Artisphere on Friday May 16 with DC’s own, Empresarios, and DJ G-Flux, who also produced an original cumbiatronico single for Los Master Plus, Ritmo Universal that came out on Electric Cowbell Records in October, 2013, as a vinyl 7-inch.

You don’t really need a reference point to understand the phenomenon that is Los Master Plus. Yes, there are underpinnings of Mexican music: cumbia, norteña, corrido, etc, but theirs is a universal language of fun that encourages humanity to go with it, even if you’re not quite sure what to make of it. Let the cumbia start!

Tell us why we should send YOU to Friday’s show on us—and our friends at Artisphere and Electric Cowbell Records—in the comments below. We’ll choose the 3 most enthusiastic voices on Friday at 9AM for 2 pairs of tickets each (4 total per person) which also comes with a copy of the aforementioned “Ritmo Universal” 7″ for each winner! So…go!

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  • Sannita

    Not only am I anxious for that sweet and suave May 16th to come sooner so that I can see my favorite duo return to the DC area, but I have also been preaching the gospel of this phenomenal concert to all of my friends, family, and anyone who listens with even half of an ear since I know that every mind at Artisphere will be blown this coming Friday. I happened to see one of those posters advertising Los Master Plus’ first show at Tropicalia, and after the first sight at those glorious mustaches, hats, and pachuqueña shirts I knew I had to witness the show. El Comanche and Larry Mon have held my heart ever since as their music and charisma never cease to bring a smile on my face and rhythm to my movement. After learning about their European tour last summer I immediately tapped into contacts in my native Finland as I was certain that these masters of cumbiatrónico (cumbia and electronic music) and sabrosindie (sabroso, spanish for “tasty” and indie music) will heat up even the northernmost altitudes with their gran fiesta. You reading this should make sure to get your behind to Artisphere on Friday as El Comanche and Larry Mon will make it shake like you’ve never known before! See you there for a concert that will shoot up to your “best of all time” list without a doubt!

  • HugoNajera

    !!!!Porque yo soy el tercer mas vacilón!!!!

  • RocksarioGarcia

    Les compro un “tejuino” si me regalan tickets! 😀


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