TVD Live Shots: L7
and Post Pink at the
9:30 Club, 8/12

In 1994 L7’s Donita Sparks said “Rockin’ is our business and Jimi Hendrix signs our paycheck.” Hell yeah! A friend of mine was lucky enough to see them that year and after the concert last Friday at the 9:30 Club he was blown away, commenting that they haven’t skipped a beat. In fact, he thought they sounded even better. It was my first time seeing them and I was totally riveted. They’re in that category of bands where you’re an hour-plus into their set and you’re not secretly wondering when they’re going to wrap it up. Fast, dirty and lean, you just want more.

Every song was on point—every note was on point—which was impressive considering how much they move around the stage and how much head-banging they engage in. Guitarist Suzi Gardner played to the audience in a quiet, badass kind of way, periodically leaning into the crowd and snarling, while lead singer Donita Sparks and bassist Jennifer Finch were relentless. Drummer Dee Plakas looked like she was having a great time, sweating and smiling her way through their sometimes blisteringly fast beats.

Finch asked the crowd how many people were there because their parents made them, and a few hands went up. She quickly retorted, “I’ll be taking you to see Slayer next week.” Gardner got dirty. Commenting on how hot the place was, she solicited offers for an exfoliation after the show. I wonder how that worked out…

They closed their set with “Fast and Frightening”. Of all their rad songs, it’s my favorite. “Got so much clit she don’t need no balls.” I mean, c’mon. Sparks unleashed her furious tremolo and the pit got fiery. Thankfully not a bunch of 6’4’’ dudes looking to play human pinball but rather a lot of women. It was a refreshing sight.

Baltimore-based Post Pink opened the show and lead singer Angie Swiecicki admitted that they were really nervous, the 9:30 being the biggest venue they’d ever played. I ran into her after the show and she told me how they got the gig. A bunch of bands submitted to be the opener and L7 chose them. They basically won the rock lottery. After seeing them you could understand why. Their super-short songs were thoughtful, a little funky, and definitely angry.


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