Behind The Scenes
at Wilcox Sessions

This past Saturday, I wandered over to Wilcox Avenue in Hollywood to get a behind the scenes look at locally grown Wilcox Sessions. UK bred The Good Natured were coming through the homemade studio – literally in the living room and kitchen of  a gorgeous condo.

A little over a dozen people, including the crew, band, management and friends, were in attendance to help create the magic that goes behind these beautiful and artistic sessions. The founders Chris Litten and Menaka Gopinath have seen quite a few staple LAers and touring acts come through their home for the Wilcox Sessions.

Locals Hanni El Khatib, Family of the Year, Fitz and The Tantrums, and Voxhaul Broadcast, to name a few, have taken off their shoes and performed in the couple’s living room. Even lead singer David Dennis of Voxhaul stopped by to watch on Saturday and attempted to eat a power bar (one of the many snacks there), which was grabbed out of his hand and hilariously thrown across the room due to the noisy wrapper. On top of LA locals, SD-based Little Hurricane and the infamous Moby (yes, I’m serious. The real MOBY) have also been featured on the site.

This isn’t just the band doing a standard performance. Thought and creativity are behind each video. The editing, the setting and the entire filming process has been carefully planned to fit the persona of the band and the spirit of the song. Take a look at The Growlers performing “Graveyard’s Full” with foil-covered walls and filming through an actual fish bowl. Both elements tied with the vintage flair truly bring the song to life. Watch Echo Park-based “tropical goth” group Black Flamingo covering “All That She Wants” in a kiddie pool filled with plastic balls.

Wilcox Sessions should not go unrecognized. These videos are helping bands/musicians bring an extraordinary visual element to their music. Your homework is to get lost in the sessions and spread the word.

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