Mad Moon Riot: Reviving Rock ‘n’ Roll

BY ALYSSA APARICIO | It was a passion for rock and roll as it once was that drew the bandmates of Mad Moon Riot together. Forging their sound in the UK, Matt Hitchens and Ru Hazell took their chances crossing the pond where they soon united with Pou Piam and Mia von Glitz.

Their premiere EP, “Make Me,” was released in early 2013 and soon grew a loyal following. Not long after, their unique sound and full-out performances had piqued the interest of producer Bob Marlette, whose credits include Black Sabbath, Marilyn Manson, Alice Cooper, and Filter to name just a few. Support from this legendary music maker gave them the push to meticulously craft their first full length album into a true reflection of their revamped glam rock sound. Tentatively named Sunset Stripper, the album is expected to be released early spring and is described as an ode to the glory days of LA’s notorious and scrumptiously seedy Sunset Strip.

Arguably the band’s most eye-catching asset (aside from Pou’s spiky locks), lead singer Mia von Glitz, is a high dose of sophisticated shimmer. Her venomous vocals send shivers down your back in a haze of leather and carefully placed lace. A hushed romance with Glee’s Darren Criss, a side project cover band named “Guns n’ Hoses,” and a proper risqué wardrobe make this Alabama native’s every move nothing short of mesmerizing—with an earful of influences ranging from the femme fatales of punk to the still reigning kings of rock, a la Guns n’ Roses and Led Zeppelin.

It’s this undone, classy affair that lends itself to Mad Moon Riot’s appeal. Their runaway hit video, “Running on Empty,” is a dark and eyebrow raising good time. “Spread love, like legs” is a take away message we can all surely get behind.

Overflowing with nostalgia for the days of vinyl, the band plans to release their debut album on wax, reminiscing about the touch and feel of a brand new record in their palms, album artwork, dedications, and intimate connections intact. In the words of MMR’s bassist, Matt Hitchens, “I think vinyl releases tend to attract more long-term fans as it feels like more of a personal investment… owning a band’s album on record feels like a long-term commitment.”

How do they take in their favorites on vinyl? Bandmates cite a Crosley traveler, a Bang & Olufsen Beogram 1700, and a vintage Technics SL 1200 as their turntables of choice.

In a fit of nostalgia for the good ole days of rock n’ roll, Matt, Ru, Pou, and Mia overflow with enthusiasm for the music (and the medium) that bonds them beneath their shared sonic umbrella, Mad Moon Riot.

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  • justafanoftru

    MMR promote their own work or talent or the fact that Mia Swier is in a relationship wiht Darren Criss, milking the fame too much ?

  • rootingforunderdogs

    justafanoftruOh shut up. When have they ever used Mia’s relationship to promote their music at all? Their music speaks for itself and it’s damn good. That is all.

  • deargod

    @rootingforunderdogs justafanoftru “When have they ever used Mia’s relationship to promote their music at all” ummm just now…..

  • LOL

    Had to slip in the mention of the famous boyfriend. Not to mention that a good 90% of the fans on twitter are actually Darren Criss fans. Let’s see how well this band does outside his fandom.

  • MarsBattyAngel

    Great article. Love having more details about the upcoming album. Thanks!
    Can’t wait to hear them live in a couple of months, congratulate the guys, and see again the fabulous fireball that is Mia Von Glitz.

    I’m saddened to see  several immature comments already, though. Sigh.

  • Lily

    Once again proof that she’s using Darren for his fame. Why bring up him in a very brief article? It couldn’t be more obvious. Well the music can’t speak for itself anyways, so they need all the help they can get.

  • Eric

    deargod justafanoftru Lol did you even read the article? She mentioned Darren’s name. And where do you think the writer/editor got this info? Right from the horse’s mouth. I guess when you can’t make it on your own accord, this is what you resort to. Disappointing.

  • Karla

    Guys, yes she shouldn’t have mentioned him, whatever. I’m kind of annoyed that haters now have this to show for. But let’s just enjoy the music, okay?? It is pretty good, perhaps we can agree on that?

  • Robin

    Literally what a waste. It’s clear they aren’t just doing this because they love music. It’s all because one member want’s her five minutes of fame. The only reason why anyone cares to listen is just for her link to Darren. People only go to her concert just to see if they can catch a glimpse of Darren being there. Maybe they think that they have a better chance at getting to Darren through his so called “girlfriend”. There was really no reason for them to put his name on here. We all know that they weren’t trying to keep it a secret if you kept seeing her trying to appear wherever there was a camera. I’m sure she told you guys to actually mention that part of her being in a relationship with a celebrity just to get people to pay her some attention. It’s sad because I’m sure the guys are probably a lot more talented but get overshadowed by this attention seeking, talentless, woman,

  • klainefantastic

    @RobinPreach if i was a talented singer who works hard i would want to be know for me and only for me, the numbers of time where Darren is involved in her carreer is ridiculous, if they were married and if she had a solo carreer, at least i would understand why they talk about him but here it’s for their band, totally useless.

  • hollycenations

    Holy crap, you guys, god forbid she mention her personal life. Seriously, if all you’re going to do is trash talk her, just don’t read the article. I, for one, think their songs sound badass, and so regardless of how I found out about them, I’m going to support them since I like what they’re doing.

  • sarah

    I will ~never understand why people waste their energy spewing hate, especially if it has NOTHING to do with the topic at hand (which in this case is MMR and their new music). If you do not like something, why bother posting about it? It’s very petty and seeing it all the time is just exhausting… I don’t get it. I’m sorry but all of you attacking Mia (who didn’t write this article…?) look embarrassingly childish.

  • rootingforunderdogs

    @Ericdeargodjustafanoftru Can you read? She didn’t mention him, the person who wrote the article did. She has mentioned her boyfriend in another article, but didn’t say it was Darren. And even if she did, she has a right to talk about her relationship. You all need to get a life and stop spreading hate. If you don’t like her, fine don’t read stuff about her band.

  • greg7118

    @rootingforunderdogs deargod justafanoftru so well put. if i’m dating a chick… and someone asks “hey Greg… are you dating anyone?  I’d say… yeah.  I’m dating blah blah, she’s awesome, this is what she does, I’m proud of her.”  the fact that Darren is famous has nothing to do with the fact they are in a relationship.  She should damn well not have to hide it.

  • MarsBattyAngel

    @sarah Preach

  • Signe

    There’s a couple of things all you haters seem to be so conveniently “forgetting”:

    We don’t know under which circumstances the comment about Darren ended up in that article. It might as well have been the author who put it there because he or she knew that it would get them more hits. There is literally dozens of possible reasons why that comment was there. The point is we don’t know, and for you to automatically assume that Mia said it because she is an attention whore who is only dating Darren to exploit his fame, says a great deal more about you than it does about her.

    But if we, just for the sake of it, however unlikely it is, say that it WAS Mia who said it with the intention of having it put in the article, then SO WHAT?! Can you honestly tell me that if you were, for instance, looking for a job and you knew someone in a company you wanted to work for, wouldn’t you take advantage of that? Or if you knew someone who worked in a movie theatre who could get you free tickets, wouldn’t you take them? Yes, you would, AND THERE IS ABSOLUTELY NOTHING WRONG WITH THAT!

    And lastly, Mia and Darren were together waaaay before Darren got famous.

    Basically, all your arguments are invalid.

  • deargod

    they nailed it with venomous.

  • deargod

    also, I’ve seen men who look more feminine than her. you can show your boobs and legs all you want, your face still reminds me of a masculine drag queen.


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