TVD Ticket Giveaway: White Denim at the Fonda Theatre, 10/21

It’s Rocktober and we’re giving away a pair of tickets to see spaced out rockers White Denim at the Fonda on Tuesday, October 21—along with a show poster and a signed vinyl copy of Corsicana Lemonade. Not bad, hm?

This mind bending band continues to morph and change their sound, yet keeping one thing a constant—insanely good rock n’roll. This album is the perfect blend of the out-there-kitchen-sink feel of Fits, with the more tightly produced D.

The term “jam band” has become a dirty word in certain circles—ok, pretty much every circle outside of the jam band community—but what the term refers to is simply experimentation. What you hear on a White Denim album will be stretched, twisted, and morphed into a very different orchestration within a live show. This is a group of gentlemen with a complete mastery of their instruments who are not afraid to take liberties, although there’s no “noodling for noodling’s sake” in their set—guitar solos, yes—noodling, no.

Above all, White Denim is simply a guitar driven rock and roll band, and they could be the band that saves the term “jam band” from drowning in the granola.

Another exciting fact about White Denim is that every show is absolutely different. Listen up bands because this is a career maker—this is the thing that brings people back over and over again—you’ll most likely never hear a song played the same way twice, nor go and see the exact same set list.

Not only do they do this for your aural delight, but playing the same songs over and over again at just over two hundred shows a year would become monotonous…you gotta do something to keep the daily grind from well, being a daily grind.

White Denim is a timeless material that will never go out of style. Enter to win the tickets, poster, and signed LP in the comments below by citing one of your favorite bands named after an article of clothing for your chance to win. (Some of my favorites include Sneaker Pimps and Suede.) We’ll choose one satorially savvy winner at noon on Monday, 10/20 who will be notified directly via email.

Tickets are still available for purchase!

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