TVD’s The Idelic Hour with Jon Sidel

Greetings from Laurel Canyon!

There’s something about the quality of the darkness. Certainly tonight could not be as dark as the darkest nights of winter?

The second half of October is a magical time in California. While the east coast has the color of the changing seasons, the west coast has the “light.” Maybe it’s just me getting used to the transition from the westerly summertime sunsets to a quicker nightfall, but the nights this time of year seem darker.

And as all hallows rolls into the canyon, the psychedelic creatures of the night begin to emerge. It’s a wonderful time to have a party of the psychedelic kind, and for the next two weekends southern California is hosting two Psych Fests.

“…when your head is feeling fine/ you can ride inside our car/ I will give you caps of blue and silver sunlight for your hair/ all that soon will be is what you need to see, my love/ won’t you try/ won’t you try/ I do care that you do see/ Is it time to leave, my lady/ yes it is I know/ round about and everywhere sunshine instead of snow/ times can’t change that what I say is true…”

To go with the flow for this week’s Idelic Hour, I’ve decided to spin my own brand of psychedelic festival.

Here in my garage I’m having a “black moon party” this weekend. Yeah, that’s exactly what we’re gonna fucking do…

The Idelic Hit of the Week:
Little Children – Hey Hey

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