TVD’s The Idelic Hour with Jon Sidel

Greetings from Laurel Canyon!

Or AM I in Laurel Canyon? Now you see me now you don’t. Hey—after all, school’s out. (Remember that feeling on the very last day of school? I can barely taste it but I’m sure as hell gonna try.)

For “fucking off” for the summer, I’ve created a little hour of music to blast off to. My Idelic muse was the romantic plan I held as a young man—to graduate college and make my way to Pamplona, Spain to “run with bulls.” Then to eventually settle in Barcelona to make art and exist like my heroes, Picasso, Pollack, Hemingway, and Morrison. Never did make it to Pamploma…

After my last day of school, it took me 10 years to get out of the Hollywood club scene before making it across the Atlantic. Espnana, what a dream!

School’s Out! Not much more to say except “adios for now…”

The Idelic Hit of the Week:
Unknown Mortal Orchestra – Can’t Keep Checking My Phone

One more #bulletproof coffee for the road.

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