TVD’s The Idelic Hour with Jon Sidel

Greetings from Miami Beach!

Sunshine, sunshine is that a cloud across your smile
 / Or did you dream again last night / 
It’s best you rest inside a while / 
As blue doesn’t seem to suit you right / Things ain’t what they used to be
 / I say pain and rain and misery
 / Illness in the family / 
And sunshine means a lot to me, I say sunshine

This Friday finds me in the “Sunshine State” visiting my dad Kenny who recently lost his sprawling New York City apartment only to be trapped by the heat and humidity in a condo surrounded by prescription pills and luggage.

It’s not bad or depressing here but it will take your Idelic host this hour of song to shake my blues. The truth is that I’ve never been a Miami kind of guy. I don’t sniff white powder, wear white shoes or shirts, and I don’t understand spanish soap operas.

Este lugar no entiendo?

So god willing, a great big, packed jet plane will carry me back to California shores tomorrow. Until next week this show is dedicated to my old man, Kenny Sidel. I can tell you one thing, he let it all ride.

Dad, may the “Sunshine State” bring you health and happiness. Love ya man.

The Idelic Hit of the Week: Ethan Burns – Homeward

Let the sunshine in.

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