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Greetings from Laurel Canyon!

Found money and fame / But I found them really late / So in my mansion I’d sit / Waiting for it all to end / My material, my friends / My material, my friends / I made lots of friends / I made lots and lots of friends / And on me did they depend / And on me did they depend / See the horror on my face / I can finally leave this place / Over blue star moonbeam trace / I can’t remember my address…

Bradford Cox, Jagger, or Dylan? My wife only wants to hear Deerhunter or Atlas Sound. Wow OK, that’s a trip I can live with.

Last week and continuing into today, the internet has been filled with predictions of a catastrophic earthquake in Los Angeles. The weather last week was breezy, very hot and dry. For all my years in LA such weather is referred to as “earthquake weather.” This said, when the Northridge quake hit I can’t recall the weather.

I do remember standing in a parking lot only hours before “Northridge” with Pretender Chrissie Hynde and animator Mike Judge (Beavis and Butt-head). We talked about Ohio and thought Mike was cooler than expected. As the quake hit, I was alone and jolted, thankful for my ex-wife’s dog. And it was dark. VERY dark. I was talking to that lil’ dog all night long. I think Bizou and I were forever bonded that long night.

I spoke to my dad this evening. He lives in a high-rise in Miami Beach. Some say evacuate, others say stay. Old Kenny is 82—where the fuck is he running to? I guess some days (as I mentioned on last week’s IH) I prefer a warning. Today those warnings are making me nervous. I don’t know—is it shake or storm?

For now, that’s quite a muse in the canyon. I guess I’ll play a few tunes and ease through the night. (Always with a flashlight, my friend.)

Next week we’re off to Joshua Tree for our version of a “desert trip”…

The Idelic Hit of the Week: Brian Jonestown Massacre – Playtime

It never rains here. Well…..

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