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Greetings from Laurel Canyon!

See the drunkard of the village falling on the street. / Can’t tell his ankles from the rest of his feet. / He loves his old laughing lady ’cause her taste is so sweet. / But his laughing lady’s loving ain’t the kind he can keep.

There’s a fever on the freeway, blacks out the night. / There’s a slipping on the stairway, just don’t feel right / And there’s a rumbling in the bedroom and a flashing of light / There’s the old laughing lady, everything is all right.

Grammy week Friday is always a challenge for me. Dig this, although I want the year’s best music to honored, the “view” for me is alienating. I guess being in the music business and having “Idelic” taste does not go hand in hand with having a blast at a Grammy party. I do show up, make a claim, be beautiful, and hand out a few business cards.

Who uses business cards in 2017?

Then there is the weird twist to the Grammy Awards show itself. As a former committee member, I know a huge focus is creating TV with high ratings to draw advertisers. In comparison to the film industry’s Academy Awards, the Grammys lean toward cheesy pop culture and Twitter feeds. This would be unforgivable except that proceeds from the show fund NARAS, who in turn fund Music Cares. That’s a cool thing—Music Cares really helps artists in need. But what about the awards? Why can’t our musical institutions reward talent, beauty, elegance, and grace. Doesn’t anyone have dignity in the world these days? Grandmas do, but Grannies are old.

Or, do I just like to make sarcastic play on words—and the “Granny goes to…not me!”

This weekend I’ll take it all in with big grains of sea salt. I guess I’ll be rooting for 21 Pilots! I mean what’s more alienating than emo kids from Ohio trying rap?

When they win and cash in their millions, do you think they’ll build a walls around their houses?

Oh, and Jack White…congrats dude. You jamming with the Pilots?

The Idelic Hit of the Week: Annie Hardy – Want

#WhiteStripes 1st gold record lives in my #idelicsounds bathroom congrats on Grammy, #jackwhite

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