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Greetings from Laurel Canyon!

Never liked nobody / That’s been mean to me / I’ve got a heart full of stone / And I hate the misery / Then you came along / Into my life / Destroying my mind / Mounting up the toil and strife / But I’m a fool for you / I’m a fool for you / But I’m a fool for you

Tomorrow is April Fools—an obvious and wonderful muse for which to make a playlist of music. Although 16th Century Shakespearean England was likely the era of “the fool,” we sure sung about a “chain” of them in the late ’60s. Now, in this here millennial, another “chain of fools” is on parade—so let those tunes fly.

I don’t have much to say other than I really enjoyed listening to the records on this week’s playlist. Maybe this is because I’ve been meditating of late. Nothing too radical. Five or ten minutes of clearing my thoughts each morning. Hey, sometimes when you clear shit out—new ideas, people, places, and things can enter. I guess today’s new thought is don’t be a fool and enjoy shit while you can. Am I just playing a little April Fools prank on myself? Why not?

Also a black raven has been showing up the last couple evenings as I’ve arrived home. I’m taking that big bird for a sign of good luck.

Fuck it! Enjoy the fools!

The Idelic Hit(s) of the Week: The Moonlandingz (ft. Rebecca Lucy) – Black Hanz & The Strangle Of Anna

My good luck bird

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