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Greetings from Laurel Canyon!

How “mad” can a guy get? Today I find I find myself stumbling into St. Patrick’s Day and on “the floor” for the first Friday of March Madness. Anywhere there’s a jerk off, a bar and a beer, you’ll likely find a drunk wearing a green paper hat.

Growing up in New York City, St. Patrick’s Day was notoriously dangerous. Our apartment was near the parade and because we rode the 86th street crosstown bus, mom always kept us home. We could only watch the mayhem from our lobby or 12th floor windows. It was a different era when ethnic nationalities in the city proudly paraded their traditions. The Irish wore green and got shit faced in the street. On that day, “the green” proudly stumbled with pride and taught us New Yorkers the extent of what being drunk was all about.

Today’s “green folks” are nothing to get shitty about. This said, I’m quite happy to avoid anything St. Patrick’s Day—which brings me to my current state of my mind and the topic of SXSW.

In some ways I’m saddened that I’m not down in Austin for SXSW. What’s sad is SXSW no longer feels like a must attend event. It’s not that I’m over it, but for this weekend…I’ll pass on the lines on 6th Street, green beer, and Bailey’s.

And now for something completely different—the good news. I’m doing OK today. The weather in the canyon has gone from piss to bliss. After a month of boiling personal frustration—a break in the action, a change in color and mood. Flowers are blooming, and I even got to my Idelic daughter for a lunch. It’s not like I’m saved, but I’m allowing myself to be cool. Even happy.

So this week’s playlist is actually from the week before last. So a playlist I made when I was pissed …call it, from flipped off—to flipped.

The Idelic Hit of the Week: Bas Jan – No Sign

Happy dad

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