The Best of The Idelic Hour with Jon Sidel

Greetings from Laurel Canyon!

It makes a long time man feel bad / Yeah, it makes a feel so bad / Sometimes I hear you call my name / In the dead of the night, yeah

Yep, some days I feel like a “long time man.” Well, that’s because maybe I am, or soon to be. I’m not a prisoner, as referred to in the old prison song, but there’s a saying, “the road narrows.”

Today marks several occasions and “road signs,” a couple of which I will not write about. I have my superstitions. All I will say is one is a miraculous accomplishment and the other one is a bit touch and go. One thing I will mention with great joy, today in this canyon and much of LA—it’s the last day of school!

Yep, school’s out! FUCK YEAH to that!

I hope I never lose the DNA of that feeling I experienced on of the last day of school. Even after 30 years from my “last class,” I can still rub my fingers and release a sense of youthful freedom.

As a ritual—call it a rite of rock ‘n’ roll passage—Alice Cooper’s song and album has ALWAYS been part of my soundtrack for today. I guess years down the line, we still have a “Long Way To Go.” Alice and his band nailed it. I’m gonna take the day off with my son Jonah and feel the freedom.

No more pencils no more books / No more teacher’s dirty looks / Out for summer / Out till fall / We might not come back at all / School’s out forever / School’s out for summer / School’s out with fever / School’s out completely

Second grade…it’s been grand, but—see ya!

The Idelic Hit of the Week: Whitney – No Woman

Essential soundtrack for the last day of school.

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