TVD Live Shots: Sufjan Stevens at Hollywood Forever Cemetery, 7/20

The four talented musicians in Sufjan Stevens’ band were joined by a variety of additional performers on string and wind instruments for their Los Angeles show at Hollywood Forever Cemetery—the third of the four shows scheduled. The ensemble took the large crowd of humans scattered along the vast lawn on an otherworldly journey.

Stevens walked on stage covered in glitter and wearing clothes with a hodgepodge of patterns that were almost as colorful as the extravagant light show that accompanied the performance. He discussed science, the chaos of the universe, and human existence in between songs. Stevens reminded us all of what’s really important in this life following their song “Sun,” being that “the center of all things is light and love.”

As the band explored infinity and the universe, one couldn’t help but take note of the irony of the venue for their thought-provoking performance. The surroundings were none other than the cemetery of Hollywood Forever, reminding us all of our limited time here on Earth. Despite the exploration of the entire solar system, Stevens claimed Earth is his favorite planet and called upon everyone in the audience to do their part in taking care of it. “We need to do the good work we were called to do.”

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