TVD’s The Idelic Hour with Jon Sidel

Greetings from Laurel Canyon!

Hot thoughts all in my mind and all of the time, yeah / I’ll tell it to your soul / I want you to know / Hot thoughts all in, all in my mind all of the time / Took time off from my kingdom / Took a break from the walk / Took time off from my kingdom / Raise up my creatures / Diamonds from space / Pure…

A trusted friend told me that his key to happiness was to express gratitude for all the things in life you’ve lost. Lovers, jobs, guitars, and cars—thanks for sharing yourselves over the years.

Oh well, on occasion I miss a random “bit.” Like those big brown tortoise rimmed shades I use to wear back when I was in a band. It’s true, along with Jim Morrison I always wanted to look like Ian Hunter. How fucking cool was Ian? I would be grateful to have seen Mott, but I only got to see Hunter and Ronson. Those two were way cooler than the summer of 2017.  “Holy smokes!”

I’m daydreaming, fuck it. I’m enjoying the heat and summer this week. We even went to Zuma Beach last Sunday.

Take some time off and enjoy it!

The Idelic Hit of the Week: The Clientele – Lunar Days

Enjoy your weekend #idelicsounds

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