TVD’s The Idelic Hour with Jon Sidel

Greetings from Laurel Canyon!

So future boy where are you from my time machine crashed over yonder / Syphillis is a bitch but contracting HIV is much worse. / Why are you pushing info into me, / I have no need for it, I’m from the stars. / I thought you’d like to know the scoop / I’m taking babies back with me, yeah. / I’m taking them back home / so they can see there’s a much better place. / I’ve got a sister with an open mind and my friends are all junkies / But there still my friends, as long as they don’t use monkeys, / We enjoy the heat of stolen days in the summer of ’93. / Well the future boy said I’ve got friends but you know sometimes / it all depends on how tall they are against yourself. / I am the future boy / My friends have all gone and left me / so I decided to come here and see myself as a baby, / but it looks like I? stuck here this time, oh shit, /I’m gonna miss my friends. / No you’re still the future boy, / Yes I’m still the future boy / We’ll build you a time machine to get back home. / Still the future boy. / Well I’m still the future boy

Fall has always been a time of new bands and new music. This week’s Idelic Hour plays like a 2017 fall preview from the golden age of college rock. Maybe this weekend some of us will take a night to a see a band or catch a cool flick. I woke up thinking of those dreamy days when friends grabbed electric guitars, got loaded, and had some fun.

Although “I can’t understand the news,” Fall ball and Cal jams ahead. If you’re in Highland Park or at the Tucson Film Festival, check The Icarus Line Must Die. It’s a cool rock ‘n’ roll film.

RIP: Alvin DeGuzman, Jim Walrod, Tom Petty.

The Idelic Hit of the Week: Big Search – Can’t Understand The News

Check out this flick @hpifilmfest @tucsonfilmfest @joe_cardamone

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