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Greetings from Laurel Canyon!

This is how the world will be / Everywhere I go it rains on me / Forty monkeys drowning in a boiling sea / Everywhere I go it rains on me / I went down into the valley to pray / Everywhere I go it rains on me / I got drunk and I stayed all day / Everywhere I go it rains on me

On last week’s show I played a bunch of records about “darkness,” and spoke about voices in the wind. I’ve said it before and still I have to say it again—I kinda like talking about the weather. Some days that’s the best we can muster.

After the excitement of Tuesday night, trick o’ treating with a pack of boys and watching the LA Dodgers make it to a game seven of the World Series, Wednesday was a bummer. Los Angeleno families were let down hard by the World Series outcome. It’s not just that the Dodgers lost, it was a dreadfully boring and hopeless defeat we suffered through. We even hear a Dodgers player’s house had been burglarized during the game. Thursday I woke horribly drained, negative, and grumpy.

Thank god for talk of the weather. It just so happens there are many songs about the wind, rain, snow, fog, and sunshine. I guess the weather will always be there to talk about?

Speaking of … shit, winter is coming. They say it’s gonna be a warm one this year in the canyon but “All Saints Day” and “All Hallow’s Eve” will be cold here in canyon.

Say a prayer for long gone friends and lost dogs.

The Idelic Hit of the Week: Avi Jacob – New England

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