The Best of The Idelic Hour with Jon Sidel

Greetings from Laurel Canyon!

As I often note, The Idelic Hour—this hour+ “mixed” playlist of songs and this little column—is what I consider my “living diary.” As my wife and likely Jon from TVD knows, I often finish my “thoughts” early morning. Many Fridays I have nothing really to say—after all I’m really trying to connect to the universe through DJing an hour of songs, so often I just post some lyrics and fill a few lines. (Hey, that works.)

Today feels slightly different. Not because Chicago finally won a World Series. I mean, it was a great game, but I’m from “the coast.”

This morning feels slightly different. I’m waking up slightly optimistic and with the need to share that the last few months has found me irritable. Well, I’ll call it “salty.” Much has likely to do with changes in my career and yes, everyone getting old(er)…but I’ve come to the conclusion that it’s more of an inside job. I’m actually working around much cooler people in a way nicer environment.

But rather than analyzing my situation, I think I’ll just keep moving on and let “TIME” do its thing.

It’s time. Well, for a lot things—for daylight savings to kick in so we can wake up to a touch of light. (Fucking dark in the canyon these this morning!) Time for this fucking election to done and a some kind of order to be restored to the universe. Time to heal myself. Time for the country to heal itself. Time for 2016 to leave us and time to say…

“Right on…time”! Do your thing.

And with that said, let the music do the talking—and please do vote.

The Idelic Hit of the Week: Marching Church – Heart of Life

“right on, power to the people”

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