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Greetings from Laurel Canyon!

Arms never get on top / You heed that notion and you’ll drop / I will not be one of the watchers / I will not disappear / Time gets to me and I / Wonder how to simplify / You know you should be blushin’ / To a hue of Robitussin / Flow / Men are scum, I won’t deny / May you be shitfaced the day you die / And be successful in all your lies / In the winter time (in the winter time) / When you get down to it / You wanted to / Do you think you got the nerve? / It doesn’t take much nerve / Just kiss yourself metaphorically / And open the door and piss if you need to

I’ve always joked that bloggers have the Devine Right to make best of lists. For my second to final show of the year, I spin my best of—and declare an “Idelic Hit” of the year.

Although it’s often both a group and a song, I define these “IH’s” more of an “act of rock ‘n’ roll cool” than a best of. For 2018, I’m giving it to Steven Malkmus. It’s not that “Middle America” is just a great and timely song, but it’s the kind of song that has “lines” for the ages. In a year of catch and phone screens, thank god we still have a master of the songwriting who is still writing and singing brilliant words. I mean read ’em.

“Men are scum, I won’t deny, may you be shitfaced the day you die…”

“Just Kiss Yourself metaphorically…”

There you go. That’s what I’m gonna do “metaphorically” right now!

Hope you enjoy my Top 25 Idelic Hits of 2018. I sure as hell did. Tune in next week and we’ll say goodbye to 2018. Pete Shelly RIP!

Idelic Single of the Week: Stephen Malkmus

Idelic Hit for 1978: Long live Pete Shelley.


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Long live #peteshelley long live #IdelicSounds

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