TVD Live Shots: Corey Taylor and Friends at
the Garden Grove Amphitheatre, 5/19

Corey Taylor may be one of the most versatile vocalists on the planet today, and he exhibited that once again on rainy Sunday night in Southern California. From The Damned to Prince to Boz Scaggs, Taylor slayed an incredible 18-song set of rock and roll classics that had fans from all walks of life out of their seats and rocking. 

When most think of Corey Taylor, minds immediately race to bands like Slipknot or Stone Sour where for years he has demonstrated an incredible vocal prowess along with a song-writing ability that few (if any) can match. His music is powerful, his vocals are solid, and his following is enormous. Few, however, know that Corey Taylor also tours solo from time to time. These are usually intimate performances where he can branch out into different types of music that helped shape the musician he is today. A Corey Taylor and Friends show typically covers classics across multiple genres and are done so in a way that pays tribute to the very artists he has come to know and love.

Kicking off Sunday’s show were Southern California heart-throbs, the Cherry Bombs. This uber-talented dance troupe are considered the Darlings of Rock & Roll and captivated the near-capacity crowd with a super-sexy performance that I’m sure most in attendance would not have expected. The Cherry Bombs’ show was a combination of Cirque de Soleil, the Seventh Veil, and Home Depot all rolled into one. Whether you were into pole dancing, fire, or hula hoops, this one had it all and then some. It was the perfect way to get Sunday’s party started, and a party it was.

Now on to the main attraction, Corey Taylor and Friends. It’s not everyday that one of your favorite metal vocalists decides to perform a solo show, and even more rare when it’s literally miles from your home. Well, the stars aligned on Sunday at the Garden Grove Amphitheatre for what turned out to be a ridiculously fun show in front of 500 or so of Corey’s most loyal fans. What was more amazing is that it rained for nearly three quarters of this show—and the sometimes torrential rain didn’t detract one bit from what turned out to be one kick-ass performance.

If you were coming to the show in hope of catching your favorite Slipknot or Stone Sour tune, you would have been highly disappointed. This show was one of covers, and the setlist of 18 classics was as eclectic as it gets, featuring songs by beloved artists such as ZZ Top, Asia, and The Beatles. Listening to Taylor shapeshift his vocals throughout the diverse set was incredible to hear and demonstrated just how talented a vocalist this guy truly is. Toss in the masterful guitar work of Zach Throne, Jason Christopher’s bass prowess, and Brandon Pertzborn’s dynamic drumming abilities, and you were literally off to the races. It was the perfect band to bring this diverse set to life and they all did it in fine fashion.

Bottom line, if you get a chance to see Corey Taylor and Friends in one of these intimate settings, make the call and buy those tickets. Shows like these are special, and don’t come around all too often. Taylor may go down in history as one of the most well-rounded and dynamic rockstars to ever pick up a mic, and with performances like these, its easy to understand why. And as he covered so eloquently on Sunday night, “Don’t Change!”


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